Seeking Mercy…

You might call the early martyrs odd, why give your life up, given the obvious hatred of the roman army, the threat from the Jewish community; it wasn’t the course that many followed, but they went the distance. Having hard core proof of concept was very liberating, what was there to fear when you were witness to the miracles of Jesus, this life is temporary, who do you fear, who do you pray to in times of great stress, who do you ignore when times are good, what do you serve when things look up, the ego mainly. It’s not hard to work out. Jesus knew our nature, underwent constant spying,was surrounded by those who tried to drown the message, who wanted the status quo to remain as was, same as politicians in power, their seat is all that matters. So we cheat regularly, fewer and fewer live in secure homes, sound bytes are taken for news, while children are so confused, even their identity is in doubt. It’s not supposed to be easy, it never has been, the life of Jesus tells us. We are more keen on money and sex than anything else, our thrills.

So with signs, and efforts to sow discord, potential crisis’s in most directions, should we be seeking mercy, or should we roll along with the mediocre, amen, as if we are all powerless. This mercy course of action,will demand fierce changes, spin doesn’t work with the Almighty, amen.

Like a thief in the night, the change comes,amen.

My Refuge

Cold dark night, the street lit by the occasional lamp, an old man tarries at a doorway, dressed in worn cloth, hunger about his face, he turns from the door of the B’n’B, rejected, he paws his way down the narrow path, exhausted, a bed for the night, or death in an alley, it’s bitter, the wind is cutting. It’s terrible when you have to depend on someone taking pity on you, in order to find relief.

He bumps into a Samaritan as he exits through the small gate. It’s a well to do neighborhood. Ten minutes later he is in a warm bed. He found his refuge.

Solomon is having an emotional moment, sprouting off on the blessings he is receiving. The weather is turning dank, the sky darkening, there is a lot to be thankful for, ignoring the weather. He enters the sanctuary that never fails, the holy place. it’s wise to remind yourself of who is in charge. No one will steal this, and the comfort you find,particularly in a storm, whatever the storm is, there are many ways of describing one, a failed life, a great loss, or fear, inside this sanctuary there is never any fear, even if those of the demon sometimes try to intimidate those inside;they are never successful, while marking themselves in the eyes of God.

The wind blows, rain batters the roof, but the air inside is calm, stronger than any rock. Solomon sits, there is always things that need a mention. In times of trouble the apostles only had to ask Jesus, the harm runs, the waters calm, the wind fades away, it’s written. The howling intensifies, its nearly closing time, the kind face of One of God’s chosen emerges,a glad smile on his face. He has to close up, its late in the evening. The weather outside is bad, wait awhile he says, then retreats to where he emerged from. Thoughtful man sighs Solomon. In a minute or two the weather will ease, as sure as sure is, the Most High God hears the prayers of this humble community.

Five minutes later, Solomon emerges into the night, the wind calm, the rain gone. He walks the street, wondering where to get a takeout. She is behind the counter, a neighbor, has a peaceful countenance. How ordinary people do small things that make a great difference. The refuge that God provides sometimes goes ignored,but it’s always there for those who actually believe, thanks.

Back to the old man, next day he is having breakfast in the kitchen, regaling another of Gods chosen with stories of old. Is it not wonderful, God never forgets those small acts of goodwill, amen. on the other side, what does He think of pure meanness.

When the lights are dimmed within…

Open your eyes, where are the eyes fixed, what do you think, do you become all self conscious, do you suddenly look inside when you are supposed to be looking out, why are tyrants so bad, it’s the light they extinguish. They leave everyone in the dark.

I run down the stairs, imagine, you are of one purpose, friends. When you see the light return to the impish eyes, you know something good is going on, you can sense it. On the street, children are naturally brash when they have no one to fear. Brazen some call it, they don’t distinguish between boys and girls, and when they blush, it’s over something simple, yet beautiful.

Then gripped by fear, they become pensive, young worriers, they protest, I’m not putting up with this, their attitude.

Why worry about dimming the Heart, that’s life. So was paradise once, and the signs above, which no human force can alter, is telling all, you better put a light back, from where it’s been stolen, the prophecies of old are coming through, and many have seen it, and they are thinking, it’s a new world that’s happening. As Jesus warned all, it’s not recommended to put the lights out, particularly,when it turns children away from God. And to rub lots salt into the mixture, you have to be as children in order to enter the Kingdom of God,amen.


Tap on the shoulder, she is in the line, has been selected, everyone knows what that means, this life is over, the others look on her with pitiful eyes, hoping not to draw attention to themselves. Head down she joins the others selected, their figures,waif thin, not from dieting or the model runway, this is the real stuff, no food, starved, over worked, and then finished off like a wounded animal,when no longer useful. Is this a description of euthanasia you wonder, the fate of caste women and children, it could be the last war, it could be the martyrs, whatever, how would you feel, tap on the shoulder, amen.

Humans do horrible things, it’s been going on a long time. So the angels come every generation, hoping to fill us with new ideas and hope, raising the awareness of the Holy Books, while some get visions, warnings. Another fruit cake, you throw the paper down, where is the coffee, you hold out your cup, your on the stock pages, you never think of what the end will be, it might usurp your confidence,reign in the ego and stuff, you know what I mean.

Here is another load, the welcoming committee, death is never the end, something that is undeniable, why though, do we ignore it though. Hand back the Mercedes, the house, the pension fund, the paintings, you can’t lug it into Heaven if your called. well…

What will you do, amen

Time Patience and Guidance

TPG dudes, what do you mean. Time, if you are not in a rush, you might learn something, Patience, sometimes you have to wait that’s all, ever hear of child birth, guidance, did you ever see how a small child imitates, it’s how they learn. Solomon sighed, there was so much vitriol on the screen, anger, violence, from men with so called civil manners, who were thinking of the impact their words were having on the audience listening. Solomon wondered, what did the God of the Holy Prophets make of them, deliberately inciting hatred, in order to gain popularity. He recalled the days of Moses, and how the chosen heirs, had lost their divine protection, when they returned to worship the God of the Material only. Patience, Time and Guidance, it needs to be put in motion, not just spin.

The old lady hasn’t the speedy recall of days of old, it’s just a case of having a lot of memories in there, and as the total builds up and the pressure is applied, its easy to get confused; often it’s just a case of patience. Same as the old horse who set records when in his full health, the legs are there, the tail wags, the oats taste sweet, it’s just that the hips are a little sore, time.

We lived in a world, where it was all push, fast, now, no tomorrow, results today, no time to pause, same as on a busy street during rush hour, can’t stand still, and then having to contend with bullying in your work place, little wonder the world had gone out of sync. More time, more patience, better guidance, amen.

REASON IS HOLDEN FABLE — Marlovian… re blog.. worth reading…

Geoffrey Chaucer was possibly born in 1342/43 in London, but then again, no one can be certain, and died October 25th, 1400, in London, and received the singular honour at the time, of a commoner being buried in Westminster Abbey. He was the outstanding English poet before Shakespeare, and has always been described as “the […]


Red Hot Chilies For Fear


I am still young…..

On the streets, she is in her twenties, she is young for sure. Watching it all, for ever aware, it’s how she feels secure, getting over it has not been easy, she is trying to play it safe if safe is possible. The memory of that night, the lasting impression, not the one she wanted to store, it has forced itself inside her like a thief, unwelcome, but there. In her side pocket her hand, which is wrapped around, a small bottle of hot chili pepper spray, a concoction she prepared herself, by adding a few heavy peppers to the original spray, she wants it to stop a horse, she has tried it on her cat, and it worked. The cat stayed away for a month, sorry puss. The sudden noise of a car startles, she recoils from any loud noises, her inner calm, she was strong she thought, not strong enough to fight the pills they gave her; she has nightmares wondering what they did to her, the only scars, a large bruise spot, the real scar, the fear they left behind. Was that the reason she joined the pioneers; never going to trust alcohol again or anyone using the stuff. Who knows why, it happens, the therapist told her she’d get over it, words that came all to easily to mind, experts are supposed to know. Paddy, so polite in the beginning, never wanted much, was it all an act, years later, perhaps it was she doing the acting, she doesn’t enjoy the thought, he might have been happy with a go to woman, mentally he was never a challenge to her, is it all about my life, is the today me the real person, or is it a return to who she was before. Dreaming, did she dream. When did it stop, was it the bout of depression, no she sighs, that was after the first beating, at least she saw it coming.

Her head in her hands, she twists her vision towards the bottle, a sly glance. You, she reaches for it, examines the label, her vision is improving, she can read the small print, she lets out a laugh, what a sense of humour, she imagines God to be a comic somewhere, taking the piss with us, allowing us thrash the party, then like an absent father, returns out of the blue, not as a rich man, but as an extremely happy man, who wears a permanent smile, takes a can from one of the party goers while exclaiming, there will be a clean up she, or he says, to which all at the party nod approvingly, relieved to hear, that while the party is over, it’s not the end of all parties, a break in the contagion, slowdown time, as if the jet that is carrying his baggage is about to come into land, presents for the children, stiff warnings too, behave yourselves he says, play safe, a phrase everyone smiles at, especially Amy, who had her first close encounter of the intimate kind, with her boyfriend, love connection with play safe top of the priority list. Well, if you are provided with the means of spiritual well being in it’s fullest, you have to take into account the assets you are born with. Is that wishful thinking, she is young, how else can you survive, doom and gloom ignores the beauty of art, not everyone went to Amsterdam to view available women and cheap sex, not forgetting the other; there are museums as well.

The Residue

Leftovers on the table, he eyes the last two roast potatoes, if they are all ignoring it, that means none of them wants it, they taste great, he scans the plates on either side, all he can see is the conversations going on, the lick of gravy on the side of the mouth, clean it will you, it’s sticking out, across the table, a fork in the air, moving left and right, almost with the skill of an orchestral director, still he has his eyes on the prize, those last two golden crisp potatoes. Will I be brave and reach out.

What are you waiting for William she says, catching his eye, he dips his head, a smile on his face, he slowly reaches in, got you he thinks, he has one of the potatoes on the big spoon, he is moving it carefully to his docking station, his plate. No one said a thing, will he be brave enough to take the other, go for it he tells himself. Eight years old, it’s awhile before you learn about the etiquette of eating in a group. She gives him a re assuring nod, the second potato is on the spoon. You are not eating both of them another diner calls out, as he drops it onto the messiest part of the plate, where old flecks of gravy and a white sauce have mixed into a brown mulch, he does it deliberately, no one will ask for the potato back now, too late, all that residue.

Solomon sighed, we learn hopefully, we lean on the past, we see how nationalism becomes a movement of hatred, the wars across the world, home led, the same causes, repeated again and again, too much power in the same closet, time to get angry, time to get rich, we will sort them boy. The world had enough of all that argument, it was well past it’s sell by date, same as those religions, who intentionally miss quoted the old words, in order to divide opinion, and what was their residue; the incitement of hatred.

Surely they believe in God he hoped, and as such, put their efforts into rising spirits, rather than renovating old organisations.

Stop Stop Stop

What, I can’t hear you, she shouts, he can’t hear that well, he is always complaining, if this was like that, the old days, the future days, all he does is complain. Stop, you are doing my head in. Who needs to hear about it every day, it does her head in. She raises the volume on the TV, it dims his words, why worry she thinks, her favorite character in the soap is about to propose to her love sweet heart, her eyes are glistening, the semblance of tears, the feeling you get, when the emotions are on the rise. Go on she says, ask her, shut up will you, If only I had ear phones, she wouldn’t have to hear him complain, she’d be able to focus on the moment, yes she says, good on you girl, it’s the first time she has seen a woman get on her knees to propose. Soap opera’s, they get you to focus on the now.

Jesus said the same, it starts today. There were many burdened by their past, carrying loads, they did not know how to unload. Jesus reminds us; put your trust in the Holy Father, learn his ways, and he will take all burdens off your shoulders, amen. When you are at your weakest, God is stronger inside you, amen.

The Great Escape

Awake in a dream, Solomon listened, what sort of party was this. A young girl and boy were calling for help. This is my life, this is what I have to go through, is there any way you can help. The Father is a tyrant, screaming, roaring, the windows are broken, the authorities are afraid, they do nothing, the children listen to this regularly, God they say, why don’t you help us. Solomon is led through the maze, a rambling house, the only comfort, their bedroom, where they have a little set up, the usual game boy, nothing else, the screens, 20 inch,

not the big screens we are all used to. Can you help us Lord. Nooks and crannies, isolation, can you Help.

Solomon sighed, the issues that lead to mental health breakdown, and those who stay behind to assist their young siblings, while corrupt men Boast in far off places, their private planes, their private yachts, their network of corrupt friends, the smug voices, and the fake charities they set up, to enhance the reputation.

God knows everything, and as Ezra wrote all those years ago, there was an abundance of Wisdom sent into the world and plenty extra, to solve all problems, it was just misused. As Jesus said then and as Jesus would say now, his words being eternal life, there is no hiding place from God the Father, there is patience though. May we all inspire patience from God almighty, by amending for our errors, and quickly, amen.

King Solomon encountered the Great Spirit, his words were heard. Other Hearts lived through him, many petitions were heard. Don’t give up he sighed, the Kingdom of God is coming, it’s here, see the signs. Amen