Papal Call

Times are changing, the faces, a renewal, the call goes out, what will replace us?. The gray hairs, looking tired, the new strategy, did he ever let us down they ask, how often have we let Him down, they wonder, the call goes out, we will meet, we will discuss. In islam, the Holy words, ancient hidden made real, the gospel of Jesus a key factor, a new understanding, a wider way to interpret, Jesus Christ, follow his ways, use those words as a filter, it will open your heart and widen your understanding.

The bishop shakes his head; we have always done it this way. A young curate opens his mouth, didn’t Jesus say something similar all those years ago. The Bishop shrieks. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, is that all you can say?.

Solomon heard the call, the world was going through a change, in space too, planetary changes, magnificent changes, the bishop still shrieks, what will we do?. Solomon sighs, the cloud and multiple others signs, they should look up now and again, amen.


Insects bugs worms food

The swallow swoops down upon the river, grabbing tiny flies as it goes, it’s mouth open, the flies where they are supposed to be. The spider feels the web shake, another meal has been caught. The worm is caught in the flood, a meal for a trout, and it goes on and on. man comes along, doesn’t like those insects that like his corn, decides to do away with them. The poisoned insect is eaten by the bird, who dies from poisoning, and this is repeated the world over. Years later, there is an outcry, the insects are dying, the water isn’t clean, the birds are getting smaller, Mother nature is loosing strength.

The mirror, that’s you, no escaping it’s human thinking that has driven us to this state of affairs, and it’s Godly thinking, that will point us in the direction of healing it, amen. A tiny virus that is only visible under microscope, brought the world to a halt; Those little insects, that food chain, it all adds up, and when there are gaps in the chain, there is only uncertainty, amen.

The Victory of Saint Michael

Old legend, the soul warrior angel, who decapitates the demon, the influence that draws us to trouble. How is it possible, these legends, what do they mean,and why are they put in words, is there a tip there you ask. Well, since Jesus says, and says, his words being eternal are lasting, all time for ever words, in a nutshell, think this out. If you only imagine the power that the Holy Spirit gives out, and how you can add your own righteous thoughts to the collective, imagine the results. Only two people have to agree, AND the demon is history, just imagine it, the answer is already inside you. Now, you wonder what talent is for. Well, there were those who assumed, that days like these would never materialize, even in the holy books, where is he, you understand what I mean. Now, you can send your demons to the thrash, and begin living freely, amen. As for those who were talking the big talk,the welcome for Jesus and the Holy Messengers, mostly babble, they calculated that they would never face times like these, hurrah, they are here, amen.

The Lightness of Being

The life of a tiny insect, can twist turn roll over fly breath and navigate all at the same time, how is it so light inside, what distractions has it to deal with, apart from the chemical threat. What does the bee have on it’s conscience; the well being of his queen, nothing else occupies his time. Does the bee carry the troubles of the world, does he wake every morning seeking revenge,does he wake angry, amen.

How can the inner Spirit fly,if it’s weighed down by the troubles of the world, even of the heart. What does it mean to having a conscience,for many,it’s avoiding it. What does the arrival of the Spirit from on high, have on the human mind, provided you have space for it, to reside inside you, you got it, lightness of being,amen.

There are those who seek to undermine the wellness of being, creating crisis after crisis, so many in fact, they can think of nothing else. Is there a cure for this, many ask. Seeking the light, in the words of Jesus, that peace is already inside you, amen. Jesus sent a mob of demons into a herd of pigs, there were so many of them. Join the dots, make space for Jesus Christ in your life, and free yourself from the demons, amen.

Lessons in Time

How could it have been allowed, the thoughts, the millions who had their lives taken in the second great war, how do we explain the bloodshed, the loss. What is the lesson. The people devoted to God are rounded up, transported, mentally broken down, freedom, the space they have inside, so little of it, they accept death easily. What is the lesson?.

Spirit breaks down, the body worn down, no outlets for escape, the pain continuous, how do you deal with it all and remain sane. Eternity, is the answer. There is the Kingdom of God, there is the book of the living, there is the book of the dead, there is wisdom and truth in the old writings, it wasn’t arranged to fool anyone. As the prophets said, they will curse you, hate you on account of your belief in the One above. But the reality is, those that make such threats are not of God, so don’t fear death itself, it’s just part of the transformation of the soul, amen.

Testosterone Super Highway

The TSH, could be a new short text, code for a night out, code when you don’t want everyone finding out, given the propensity of everyone wanting to know everything there is to know. TSH, is there too much out there, urging’s from the lower region, they can dominate relationships, so we can get used to something that steals from our inner selves.

Do young bodies need to be over reminded of the natural resources within the body. Wars too, are related to this over emphasis on the macho side of life, while those of a sensitive nature are deemed to be weak minded, if they don’t show the macho side. In times when new ways of doing things is a very urgent matter, the less of the macho is needed when you need to use your brain. Yes, there is pressure applied when your very young, boy girl, and with so many potential forms of identity being thought about, isn’t it reasonable to suggest, that those who are very young,don’t need too much confusing advice, as it’s so easy to pressurize them.

No one complains, whatever your interests, your mind will form interests, but if we over bombard the tender minds still grasping for identity, if your not that, then this is your choice. But when you put confusing advice before young people, you force them to choose,it’s like a divorce, which parent do you choose. Lately there is talk of over use of sexual identity, the list of choices mind boggling, and since children pick up the example around them, society has a duty to put children’s interests first, so we should hope.

A boy is twelve, the parents have his future decided, the topics of study, well, this is what you have to do if you want to get to university, three years later, the boy who wanted to please his parents finds out he is artistic, wants to change his preferences. In a nutshell, we are forcing the process, that only time can decide on, and surely, that should also apply to those who have difficulty with their identity, well, the ugly duck became a sparkling bird, but you would never have thought it, when you first saw that chick.


In the beginning, it was simple, social distractions were minimal, then as time passed, our laws and customs developed, along with our confusion. Now we have a world, where many are totally confused, many rational people acting very strangely indeed, as evidenced by the news, and the uttering’s of some. Children pick up the habits they are around,and when there is little guidance, confusion reigns, this is well known. But Most importantly, whatever way you love or who you love, it’s perhaps that this is an opportunity for people to unite in loving fellowship, rather than in personal fellowship, meaning, acceptance of our differences.

Never forget, there has been the color bar, which many are working on, the gender war, women and their second class status in the minds of some, religions that scorn the active woman preacher, men only for so long, it’s changing too, then you wonder, how did I come to think this way, who influenced me, add in the love of the ego, and those encouraging too much that way to love, which isn’t healthy without balance, add in the protesting nature of young people getting their influences from strangers online, many of them malicious minded as all the bullying can prove, ask a school principal, then, your own position in that great mess, further emphasized by the natural environment and it’s potential collapse without drastic consumption changes, who wouldn’t be confused, and seeking solace, amen. Finally, the survivor gene, that forces us to change internally, amen.

When children are small, you give them milk, they grow, they eat more fibre, and with more and more children reared without the full parental allotment as they say, important in the context of how we were made, all those chemicals in the diet too, too much sugar, over emphasis on sexual matters, when too young, who wouldn’t be confused,even trying to work it out, the combinations, a new input ever other week, what was easy, once, birthing, the record number of women needing fertility treatment, etc etc.. who can make sense of it, amen.

Treasure Box

A Proper Charlie

He was a proper charlie, what does that mean, can anyone explain what that means. No, not the 100% cocaine you only find in the jungles of south america, no, not that, if that is all you can think of, well, you must be a proper charlie then, well, it sounds appropriate, amen.

Is this stuff real, the money man has a briefcase full of cash, he wont hand it over until he has the stuff tested. His accomplice in the deal, assures him, pharmaceutical grade he says, as if they can make unlimited quantities, at any time they want. Is that not reassuring, they can make it in any lab too, it’s just a chemical formula. But its not proper charlie.or Charles as some say.

What is real that is left in the world,no,this is not a Jewish sense of humor, whatever. This is the story of the zealot minded, who wanted to appear perfect in the eyes of men, the type that would turn over anyone, on a notion, the person who over buys insurance, in order to assure those close, it’s all covered, the work bench, tidy, tools in their original casts, perfection, the approval of men, and the more authority they have, the bigger the smile, a proper charlie in other words, amen.

The faithful friend stands by his pal, there isn’t much time,but their relationship is unique. His friend is a sheep, his is a sheep dog, over the years they became great pals. Let out in the morning, lassie as we’ll call our dog hero, he went looking for his pals, a few fields away. Hearing faint bleeps, lassie rushes to the field, what he see’s is devastation, wounded bodies,dead ones, his old pal one of them. Lassie sides up to his pal, his breath faint, there is not much time, he does his best to ease the pain, rests his paw on his pals side,dirtying himself with the blood on the wool,and decides to remain there, until the close pal expires, his close friend.

A proper charlie of a farmer is out in his tractor, spots the carnage,sees the dog biting into his pal he thinks, well, sheep are friends to everyone. In a mad rage, he rushes home, gets the shot gun, hurries back to the field, hoping, yes, hoping, that the dog will still be there. A more compassionate farmer might have got off his tractor and tried to do something useful, but our other world hero type,only wanted revenge. He smirks when he sees the dog beside the sheep,an opportunity.

The end of the story does not need telling, too many gloat over the wretched details, the press for one, and how they think sometimes. Jesus was lucky that there was no newspapers first time around,imagine the bad press they would have gladly written,purely for the approval of men, and we know that type,don’t we,amen. Proper charlie, amen.

Life After the Virus…

Can it ever be the same, after the lock-down, will you view the world as having gone through the blip, as easy as it is, to forget, well, there are serious questions to answer, the signs themselves, did they arrive to fool us all, did the findings in deep space, not just in the world over us, but the new space we found for ourselves during lock-down, the opportunity to really know yourself, it’s a rare opportunity you’ve been given. Our previous lack of compassion has found fresh roots, and new voices are being heard, not the usual clap trap of those who used to run to the micro phone,my turn next, no more of that uselessness hopefully, amen.

As Solomon would ask; will they turn towards God, or will it be business as usual, the questions that have to be addressed, amen. Put another way, will the sign giver rollover and ignore the mess, it’s not our property this world,even if we hang onto it, as if it’s all that matters.

The wise man said, we do the same as before and we sink further.

Jesus remarked, the topic was faith, so Jesus told those listening, will there be any faith left, when the great return happens. So many were too interested in pleasing men, the approval of others, all that occupied them, what others thought of them. Jesus called those people,children of the demon, amen.


Jesus spent a lot of time changing plans,on account of the inordinate amount of spying he had to deal with, is was as if He was dealing with a cult. Trying to trick him out was almost a daily experience,and all his habits were reported on, in order to dismiss his credibility with those following, same as goes on in modern life. If you want to harm someone,seek ways to cause damage, amen. So from the start, there was trouble, even as a small baby, the lengths his parents had to go, in order to protect Him. If there is one word that sums it up, they made it difficult for Him from the beginning until the end, amen. They hoped it was an end, but happily for the world, it was only the beginning before the great return.

How will religions fare on the spying front, how will God Most High treat those who undermine Spirit,as those who spy, are generally, very wicked, amen. Considering the times, and all those wonderful signs, maybe all the religions need a big clean up,amen.