He’s not one of our’s!

What, Solomon was reminiscing on the differences between people and religions, and how the mountain was climbed from many different directions. The words of the early apostles came to mind, they complained to Jesus, he does what we do and he is stealing our thunder was the gist of their inquiry, he’s not one of us, Jesus of course sighs, if he’s doing good, he’s a friend of mine.

So much was made of them and us, from the clothes you wore, to the car you drive, to the different versions of success, mostly material, practically, all material, fine. What difference did it make what level of the titanic you sailed on, nothing in the end, amen.

World War two?

transports to the death camps,

far more that death trains,

far bigger than anti-Semitism,

far greater than you could imagine,

the penny dropped for Solomon,

he saw the biblical references,

years before,

the transports represented,

the direction of humanity,

wasn’t a Jewish issue,

though they suffered greatly,

was the ultimate warning,

to a world gone wrong,


A thousand anti war movies wasn’t the issue, the death of humanity was at the core of it. Solomon had a dream, he was a character in a real love story, and dreamed and slept sweetly, despite the angst his brothers and sisters were feeling, as his mother fought for her life, she wasn’t going out of business, her spirit would never die, like her Father before her. But the wisdom that flowed answered all the issues. The death of humanity was presented to him on a plate. Society treated everyone as simple cargo, were you worth something or not. His eyes were teary he being very human, but the revelation confirmed what he’d always believed, it was all about dehumanizing society. God Most High was rooted in his spirit, the same one that his mother and grandfather filled him with, no one else no other, he was 100% sure and he knew it.  regardless of the depth of his worries, not that he was worried, when his mother passed whenever the day God chose, one of the finest souls of the generation, would pass from the earth, and it wasn’t cargo, it was gilt pure and so very loving, the quality that the world was missing. If …had they any heart, trying to change his Spirit into one like their’s, not in his lifetime he sighed, never, amen.

my mother passed away two hours after I wrote this, after a long well lived love filled experience, and to Heaven she is heading, of that i have absolutelyche2IMG_5757ghandhi no doubt. but when there was need anywhere, like her Father before her, a man of the Spirit, she was first to help, and it was a legacy that has bore fruit everywhere, the real mc coy as they say.

and she approved of marijuana too!


Solomon’s Battle Royale…

Solomon lost many friends, victims, and his heart bore it, rather than retreat and feel sorry, he swore to His God he’d do something about it, How he wasn’t sure. the experience of being pulled alive from a deadly encounter reassured him, his plans were not far fetched as others would have liked to assume. He’d seen how others had been condemned to a life in mental institutions, saw that it too would happen to him, so he had to wait it out.

In preparation, he sought wisdom,  from as many sources, and wrote it down, in case anything could go wrong. The day the light came through, the heavenly intervention, was the signal, the day the cloud arrived, made it certain. All he did was stay grounded, something he’d prepared for. No overnight pilgrim on the road, his family history of old, going back a generation or two, further persuaded him. The night the Holy Spirit came into his life, as described in Old Scriptures, didn’t faze him, frighten. It put him at ease. He’d the divine promise of help, and that power from above, awakened in hearts, would be the answer to every prayer.

He never let on, always assuming that there were those, active in the destruction of any soul with such potential. If they did not get to him, they’d try to get to those close to him. So he remained distant, until the happenings beganIMG_5757 to re occur with some regularity. He’d to leave all his cares to God Most High. A battle royal was about to begin, as he drew up his list. And the precedent of what happened to others, reassured him. he made the world his neighbour, via the new method of communication, the internet, and if precedent was precedent, they could complain all they liked, but in affect do nothing about it, as Love is the divine sword and Solomon was full of it. amen…

cosmic overhaul

not fare, emotional trauma, gateway to addiction, rehearsed and planned, reload, aim at children,  they will tantrum,  get what you want, mom dad hurry, been going so long, no one notices, God Most High wonders, starts in the morning, continues day and night, who isn’t, work, medication, booze etc, set to addict, control of this, how little they think, of me and you, system needs, the cosmic overhaul, new mindset new hearts, new light,che2 amen.

The Witness

Fixer rainmaker opportunist,

spin doctor lobbyist,

terms of endearment,

terms of destruction,

they sow the seeds of corruption,

enjoy special privileges everywhere,

the men and women who get things done,

admired for deviousness and rewarded accordingly,

something you are told to get used to,

as you learn and deal with life,

read true stories of their achievements,

horrors they caused throughout the world

 can state with the utmost certainty,

multiple wars and murders their actions caused,

the lives and hopes of  generations dashed.

Slavery racism illegal wars arms industry,

religious abuse of women the list is endless,

and the excuses where do you start,

story of the apple one bad one destroys the entire

wisdom of God story of the garden of Eden,

talents misused blessings abused,

where do you want to stop then,

if you ever had emotion or empathy,

don’t mean the need to travel to far off places,

the local stuff everyone passes over globally,

understand what I mean,

story of your neighbour and bible of course,

just stating the obvious,

someone had to put it down on paper,

i guess I’m a witness,


The Scream


The Scream


Screams and roars it’s another goal,

supporters go crazy with glee,

they are in the best of company,

far away a small boy is distraught,

his life over his life complete, j

just seen his father butchered on the street,

he’s crying in despair wonders no more,

heart broken for ever more,

hates the world and what it stands for,

this is not a lament or complaint,

just the telling of an awful ugly secret,

woman and children flee in fear and desperation,

world leaders so called conscience of the world,

they are working on a plan,

the same one they worked on years ago,

same faces same reasons same conclusions,

the ball hits the net the crowd screams,

another child screams there’s blood around his feet,

but no one hears his cries of despair,

God Most High isn’t watching the football,

his mind is with the innocent victims elsewhere,

he’s wondering about all the talent given,

the times they are a changing and it’s clear,

time we put aside our pleasure pursuits,

and focused on  this terrible state of affairs,

one week of effort is all it will take,

if Mrs Merc Mr Obama The Sheiks wake up,

and put the foot down for the sake of that kid,

what a difference it would make everywhere,

when the world is in jeopardy  we pray,

we better show some mercy fast before it all disappears,

The picture of the man in the clouds,

is not a work of fiction, amen.

Joy of Love

Ready, the mirror, lines, too much, too little, final pout, then out, heart racing, love inside, excited and it’s real, he’s waiting, she’s late, it’s unusual, it wasn’t internet, evening melts into night, the dinner the conversation, the real exchange, no checking the mobile, switched off, nothing to interfere with, the gentle flow of love, that’s what love is, wanting to get to understand without having to own, a process of steps that lead you home, resting place for your emotions, the safe harbour you dream of, free of fear and anxiety, a place distant from this world, well Love is heavenly, amen, wish the children of Syria had it a little easier, so many never speak up, so few stand up, sometimes that’s what love is, amen