My Community

Healthy the hope, not taking advantage of people hopefully, setting down the seeds that are life giving, not thinking of exploitation, not trying to harm, not encouraging addictions, not hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable, some of the ways to help the community. Solomon heard the sighs of those seeking social justice; now they demanded, end the harm now, we want peace now, the community is under attack, the influences that need stopping, can’t anyone help, the continual prayer, Solomon sighed; The Higher Spirit was spreading, reaching out, changes were coming, the righteous were having victories, evil was being suppressed and ended, the heavens were speaking, stay firm in your Faith in God Most High, all credit to the one who passes out the talents, for without newness what is there, amen.

extremism was trying to anchor itself to normal daily issues, on top of a people, weighed down with the worries of the day, and the influences from outside, that were difficult to deal with, the anxieties that were adding up daily, some panic, what do we do they ask?.

Jesus is the living word, the gospels are true, hold your faith, it will all be okay. The man in the boat, the storm is about to overcome them, the sea calms, the weather eases, what power can do this they asked. Jesus said to them, have you any faith?.

My community, under threat, our minds under stress, our thoughts fear filled, the prayer constant, Jesus sighs, look up, this life is just a stage in the process, Heaven is real, stay the course, it will always work out, amen.

Reasons to be cheerful

Spring time is here, the summer is near, the day is all you have, the worries of tomorrow, leave them there, troubled, talk to a friend, the way to ease into the day, a good nights rest, one can only eat one meal at a time. Solomon sighed, anxiety, the news, waves at sea, a storm approaches, the sailor experienced, has been in rough seas, it’s the being there moment. Jesus so impressed his followers, they gave their life, second time around, the story is reversed, eternity, reasons to be cheerful, don’t let news of wars or anxiety, or leaders in confusion annoy or upset you, it’s written, and remember, while your emotions are being fished, there are so many out there, who simply don’t care, so relax,. don’t be overwhelmed, there is plenty to worry most souls, with the new media, it’s a total impulse, the mood fished, so turn off the news, turn off the phones, stop, ignore the constant news, simply stop, abide in the eternal words, read them out loud, stop the fashion contest, that’s just annoying you, think of those who gave their lives for a better world to come, and watch how others treat others, it’s how they will treat you.

Solomon sighed, the world is at a moment, they come and pass, the inner cleansing is what matters, not what is put before your eyes, that’s simple distraction, amen.

Turn the other cheek

In old times, the people of the day, found it hard to understand the deeper meaning of the words used by Jesus, particularly when it came to peace, and how to stop the violence that war ultimately brings. What happens when you stop fighting back, and allow the person hitting you, or harming you, to continue with it, against a defenseless soul. The peace that is needed today, needs to find a safe harbor. Inside, the peace begins, and when we allow this peace to become part of us, we shame the enemy who is attacking us, particularly when the world is watching. What sort of war is this, if only one side is fighting. past writers have tried to explain it, those words, turn the other cheek. Peace protesters who are sitting in protest, and removed, who offer no defense, are seen as beacons of hope, even if they appear to suffer, their effort, our reminder of the need for peace. Gandhi did it successfully in India, and others across the world offered the same. Regardless of the times we live in, we need to give children, the example of peace and peace making.

Solomon sighed, the world was in a state of change, hope was needed, and the signs said, that whatever the time of day, we needed to follow the principles of Jesus, the true principles, forgive, offer an ear, patience, and give all thanks, and offer all thanks, to the One who made the world for us, even if as custodians we have a lot of work to do, to improve on the past. Revenge only leads to more violence. And as everyone knows, there are enough extremists out there, encouraging all that is bad, amen.

Heal Me

The words Jesus heard, the words he replied to, the Spirit in the one seeking, an honest call, made the healing easy, same way a kind voice reaches the ears of the compassionate. How the world needs to heal thought Solomon, instead of building all forms of barriers between men women and hearts. The call was on many lips, the images many had seen, simply horrendous, was this the image of the world many wanted to see, but then again, so much harm had been hidden, while so many hearts were trapped within.

The old man is weak, the spirit is down, the usually worries, a former career and family, how will they live, what are the options, can i solve this on my own, the continual worry. He hears a familiar voice, the ear tinkles, that of a friend. The warmth in the gesture as he lowers his head to the sunken cheek, then the swell of color, as life begins to fill him again.

Healing, the simplest way to heal, was to offer your suffering as a pledge to the Almighty God, not as a condition, but as a thanksgiving, for all that is good, well, Jesus carried his cross, and it’s so well written, it’s worth thinking about, the drain on the Spirit we face each day, the worries we are reminded of, if only we could think, of the light from above. The more empty space inside, the more light you can be filled with. Healing begins within, when we think of Good, not the problems we allow ourselves to drown in, amen.

Recall the story, the boat is going to sink, the apostles are frantic, what’s going to happen to us, they shake Jesus from his sleep, and then, he looks at them, just imagine it, what, what are you worried about, then the storm calms, the wind eases, the rest is in the Holy works. To encourage healing we must learn from the master, amen.

Fear of War or Fear of God

Is the threat of war the real fear, or is it the threat of judgement. Solomon sighed, there was much being said and not said. The thought of having your affairs investigated from on high, was a startling thought, for those who tried to control the minds of so many. While the half truths only compounded the situation. The signs though, were from ancient scriptures, as written by the prophets. Does anyone take them seriously. amen

Women of the Spirit

Saint Brigid’s day, a time for reflection, not only on the life of the saintly, but on the hearts of all women, those souls, who hold so much love in them, but often find it hard to let it out. With so much love untapped, the hearts need to open, and the fear needs to subside, vanish, how often do the prophet’s say, pray for those gone ahead, their journey is in the hands of the Great Merciful lord, who has dominion over everything, even when we see the material world trying to dominate internally, amen. Love, that added grain of it, given to those whose right it is to bare children, that compassion, that nurture, that ability to care, not just for one’s own child, but the children of others, is rooted deeply in the hearts of women, as reflected by those women who stood at the bottom of the cross while their Messiah hung from the cross, women go the inch further when it comes to love and compassion, while also acting harshly, when that love is depressed in them, and has to hide.

To those who suffer, be it domestic violence, imprisonment at home or at work., those who feel cheap about the way their bodies are treated, those whose hope it is, only to find true love, rejoice, there is a Spirit from above that is travelling the earth, reminding all, of the Heavenly Help, that is on the way. Turn to the compassion of Jesus.

Solomon thought of the great teachers of compassion in his life, those that listened, those that care, those that put others ahead of themselves in many ways. To have such example, is the creation of foundations that can’t be erased by doubt or anything else, regardless of the schemes and traps that lead to so many to confusion, rejoice women of the Loving Spirit, through the pain we encounter, we encourage others to care, if that is there way, amen.

The Believers

If there is a sense of insecurity about,worry not, this is normal when change is about, and that anxious feeling, is a combination of emotions. Many have been waiting for the change to come, and your Holy Father, to ease these anxieties, sends the signs, to put the heart at rest, your anxiety, is the same anxiety a child feels when it’s christmas eve, it’s nerves, what good things are coming my way, this is it, presents and rewards. However, don’t allow the negative fears others try to plant into your mind, with all the down talk,who are right to be afraid, well, those signs, what do they mean, anxiety, have you stored up barns of good works that describe your journey, amen, given the eternal life that awaits, amen.

as for those who harm the flow of the Spirit, let them count the harm they have accumulated, those who have no time for the ways of God Most High, might just want to make the effort, amen.

Mental Well being…

Well being, the new buzz word,well being,not yourself, others, same way Jesus taught about love and prayer, be wide, think of others, well being, the one word on all the to do lists of policy makers, human capital now seen as the essential, their well being,more than a word, but a better outcome for all, as for those handling social media,will they have to deal with predators, or will the tech companies finally get it together, or just plug the holes,the same way a road engineer fills in pot holes, knowing the problem is there for all time. Mental well being, will the Spiritual leaders finally come together and agree on the signs that aim towards Heaven, at least enlightening their people about what is actually going on, amen?

We are all the same?

Her first night, marriage, an arranged one, unknown, she has heard the story, the pain, men they say, are all the same. There is a drink beside the bed, to relax her she assumes. Tense, will it be bad, the fear, they are all the same, the stories they shared, she wishes they were happier ones. The door opens, she see’s a smile, he doesn’t move heavy, light on his feet, the bathroom flushes, he is now dressed in a robe. The room is beautiful, flowers on all the tables, windows that open to the sea, the noise of waves, a perfect setting, he is pleased with what he sees. His face then fixes on the bed, his beloved lying there, prepared for him. How are you my dear he says. She is slow to reply, he asks her again, more gently this time. A faint reply, he asks again, a third time.

Treasure Box

The bride is nervous, the husband is kind, there is understanding between them, and most importantly, there is no barrier between them, they are souls about to converge into one, no one of them owns the other, just as Jesus reminds us all, amen. Her fears flee, amen, they are not all the same, amen.

Spare me a thought?

Bamboozled, over worked, children that need routine, a partner that demands more attention than a new born, dirty laundry, is that a stain on the carpet, another bill drops in the letter box, the phone rings, the child is crying, another bill, the letter open, the threat of a law suit, the pressure mounts, she flips back a long string of hair, the dishes are in need of a wash, the children in school will be home soon, the spuds needs to be on the pot, and her hair is streaking grey, a wry smile, she will enjoy the visit to the hairdressers, amen, busy woman.

Food on the table, cutlery set, better off doing it herself, they will only argue, she opens the fridge door, no milk, who will she send for it, the youngest is four, the eldest in eleven, three in between, it’s constant work, she rushes out the door, it’s a five minute hop, back in five minutes she says, they all ignore her, Out the drive a swift maneuver, she is careful, no sudden accidents, she recalls pissing in the back seat of a taxi, once, but she has never forgotten, it was a joke he was telling her, the taxi man, she parks, runs in runs out, back in the door, as if she never left, going strong but under pressure, amen.

Pressure, its a constant; what you haven’t got you want, you have enough, you want more, a big thrill, does it go higher, more, the buzz, don’t feel it anymore, more buzz, the pressure, that void has to be filled, how else can I forget.

Solomon sighed; the struggle to hang onto the Inner Soul, the demands from outside, the anger we store inside, like tenants waiting to get an audience, waiting for the right opportunity, more pressure, its constant. Jesus and his life, tells us of this constant pressure, and also reminds us, of the reward that awaits those who hold onto their faith, amen. It may seem a struggle, but eternity is a very long time; save some for later, amen, you will feel less pressure too, amen. patience helps?