Great Grand Father

A smile on his face, aged with years and experience, near the journeys end, he sighs, and says, it’s Grandfather he says. The others wonder, they know the soul in the bed, they know his strength of belief, I’m going he says, then he slips away, taken to the world above, by his eternal grandfather, amen.

Solomon sighed, what a beautiful way to move on amen. Then he thought, what is it that awaits us, are our deeds enough, room for improvement he said, then jumped up out of the bed, work to be done, amen.

Don’t be complacent, Love until the end, wait for the wonders that wait for you, don’t sow any dread, amen.

Sweet Child in Time

The wonder, the open eyes, the hope filled surprise, that amazing moment, when your looking into your own eyes, the wonder of a mother, the hopes of a father, yes, those are mine, those eyes. The arrangement of the habits, she got them from you, that stubbornness, does she remind you of granddad, all those traits, that are recognizable in us.

Imagine this, imagine being created in the image of God, imagine those habits passed on, or traits. all of them. Jesus spoke forgiveness for a variety of reasons, in particular, imagine the harm we pass on, those malicious thoughts, that grudge, the deep seated hatred, do you remember the war, it was over a hundred years old, but the scars remain, even the children are named accordingly.

Treasure Box

In the image of God, in the thoughts, what are we passing on, if we don’t forgive, what you ask. She hears the wrong words, shuts out the news, I only want to hear what is good for me, so she thinks. Jesus explains clearly, how it’s tough, shows us how its tough, but also showed the wonders that could be made real, when trust in the Father is absolute, amen.

So what habits are you passing on then?

No Panic

What’s there to matter about, there is no where for you to go, no panic dear he says, his voice threatening. No panic, the numbers living in fear, they have learned to live with it, panic, it’s an everyday experience. No panic, where does all that violent thought come from, no panic, what is your DNA made up of, no panic, only your experiences and habits passed on, the sins of the father, no panic, they are just passed on, no panic, until God Almighty comes along, then it’s time to panic, amen.

Solomon looked at the cheap headlines, an effort to pour scorn and hurt on those who believed, did those doing the taunting not realize, the gravity of the harm they were trying to cause, while the signs from above continue to arrive. It brought back the parable of the log and the splinter to life, no panic..

The Great Rescue

Deliverance from the fear within, how the heart sighs, for so long, the feeling, how can I escape from this, how often do we allow hopelessness to define our station in life, leaving us vulnerable to all sorts of circumstances, and those whose thoughts for us, are not so kind. The young lady is lost, she is nervous, looking around her, a face, someone friendly. The watchers of doom, read her face, they know the scene, they know the commercial value of what they see, it’s there time to get to work. Do we treat everyone as money, or as Jesus would say, how can you serve money and God at the same time, think about it. Another is watching the vulnerable girl, whose intentions are with the most high, she escapes the trap set for her, amen.

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Solomon was recalling earlier times, how the smallest act of kindness can have lasting affects, while acts of continuous harm, can leave another, totally, soulless. Jesus and the story of His times, tells us, that there will be difficulties in life, that’s the way things are, but if you persevere in Faith in the One True God, how your days are made lighter, invisibly so at times.

A man is walking the streets on a freezing night, dressed in rags, going door to door, not seeking charity but a place to sleep. It could be the story of Les miserable s, by victor Hugo, it’s a story told over and over. The man is about to give up, even though he has the money for rest, his appearance puts off many, for many reasons, fears etc. He smells, it’s dirty, it’s hard. Along comes a naive believer, asks the man to come with him, and thinks, well, if it was me there, you’d like someone to take an interest in you.

Years later, the man has a rescue few thought possible, and so the drama begins. From the foundations of what seemed destruction, a new branch is added to the tree of life, and who could imagine that, only the One who gives life to everything, amen. Never give up is the lesson, no matter how difficult it may seem, words used by Jesus, to encourage all, not to be beaten down by the life experience, for what He says is so true; at the end of the Journey, you will look back with gladness, at all the pot holes you managed to avoid, amen. The power from on High, always overcomes the spirit that comes from below, amen.

old man words

The cigarette, the horse, the weathered face, and the pursed lips, when he won a bet. 2 euro max, passing the time, no big plans, an extra few bits, but what was in his head, anyone’s guess. A man who loved to live, and was he some mechanic, plenty made use of him, and obliging too, how he loved the brandy and chat, the knock hill cavalier. Late in the night, the three of them would converse, Solomon always seeking wisdom, and where else, than is those who lived rather than just books. The personal insight from the man on the spot, priceless in all sorts of pursuits.

He lived among men, did his work simply, an observer of human traits, well, a man is supposed to be as good as his word, so he lived simply, this old friend. About to set off on a journey; Solomon was putting his reputation on the line, so he asked his old friend for some sound advice. Old man words carry instinct and experience, it wasn’t political news or what to buy for christmas, he was too simple for that. He gave Solomon a list of people who turn on people, the old man could read human nature behind those fat welcoming smiles.

Solomon listened to the advice he was given, not for sharing, personal. Took the wisdom with him, and sighed, well, if they recognize the light from above, surely they will understand, the gift he was taking with him, a gift he wanted to pass on; thanks old friend, amen.


female voices, God, we only want to feed the children, we want them to grow up safe, we want leaders whom to trust in, we don’t need all that much. Across the world, men try to dominate as if they have superior wisdom about them,even though the times show their superior thinking to be, leaking to say the least. Who gave man power over women,the holy books, gave them responsibility, same way a bank manager minds the cash in a bank, the money is not the bank man’s, same as the Spirit belongs to God, it doesn’t work otherwise.

Color so what, who created the white super stuff, as if it came from the mouth of Jesus. Solomon sighed, he was doing a lot of it lately, darn stuff, the revelations that come upon you, unnoticed, like a car accident. He was watching old TV, listening to the voices, soft toned, none of the modern day anger you hear all the time, what was it, that turned people to anger, he reflected. The angry faces of today, had to have their roots in the past. A renowned singer, Louis Armstrong, maybe Nat king Cole, it could be anyone else, but it was the round appealing smile of these black stars, humbly asking, with love in their words, and from their voices, tenderly asking, no pain lines even if they had been thrown out of restaurants cause of the laws, and had good reason to hate,they chose to offer love as the solution to our issues, they were not trying to wind up the hate, so many today seem to get applause for, why, and they thought that the end of the second great war, would bring about AN inner change in the mindset of folks who looked down on them, because of color, why those angry faces today, when it should have been different, amen.

Lessons arrive every day, that try to free us, from the traps we make for ourselves and others, free, from what the sinner asks, well, those who offend the most high God what is it they do, to cause mistrust, lessons, mistrust is the daily diet of the demon, no one else, cause confusion, upset, annoy,after awhile, no one knows what to think, and we wonder where our issues come from; the closet we hide our stuff in. Open sesame is the times we live in; sigh, doesn’t the notion of forgiveness make a sigh now, amen.

King Lear

How evil interferes with Godly intentions, or deeds that are life giving and Spirit enhancing, the pain that is unleashed and felt generations later. The resentment sown into hearts, the way those who hold the Spirit of God as treasure in their hearts, become neon targets, because of the way they shine. The demon uses all the devises possible, in short, the hatred inside, which gives us insight into why things go wrong. Someone close to you is targeted, the pain you feel,same as that of a mother who loses her child or has some great tragedy incurred. Malfeasance is intentional harm, misfeasance is unintended. Or put another way, when it’s a stranger who inflicts the harm, you can easily get over it, when it’s someone close to you, the cut is so much deeper. Imagine the pain Jesus Christ felt, forced to carry the cross, the jeering crowd, so he wasn’t a prophet of God they huffed, same as those who gloat, when those with strong social standing, are reduced in stature, how their small hearts fill up with all the wrong stuff, how dark those hearts, amen.

Solomon was taking example from the past, and the lessons written, not just stories,but real lessons, same as Jesus did, when he used parables to explain the ways to the Holy Father; how lost we’d become, if we didn’t have these sources of help, and then consider this, as a wise man once said; History is written by the victors, amen, and it’s never the truth. The balanced view; maybe old shaky wrote those stories, to secretly remind us, to read between the lines. Well considering the deviousness of the demon and that army of well resourced supporters, the proverbial Eagles Lair, high in the mountains, away from all threats, who can touch us up there.

But don’t allow the bad stuff drown you internally. Those who take pleasure or any joy in the fall of others, will have to answer to the highest power in the universe, reputation or not, it’s the same for everyone, apart from those taken directly into the heavenly realms,amen. Jesus tells his followers to forgive, not once, not twice, but many times, because if you can’t forgive, what is it you carry inside you, or pass on to others, it’s the law of physics, amen, the rock being, well, if you need to know that, you got reading to do, amen.

So many souls have had to deal with enormous grief and pain, how can you survive it they say, it’s too much, impossible the apostles say. Then Jesus says, when you have the help of God, nothing is impossible,amen, never give up,eternal life with the living God is the greatest of all rewards, read Ezra the prophet, he explains the seven joys, awaiting the souls, that return to their Heavenly home, be part of that team, start loving today, ignore those who sow hate,their fate is fixed, amen.

emotional damage

dreams, the goals of millions,thrashed by corruption, the choices sickening,join in or your next into the coliseum, the clever spies, the spirit they interfere with, the ways of God they have no time for,bought,sold, their gains stashed off shore, does it need to be said,the meter of emotional damages arrives at the Holy Door,the howling wind,the storm,the strange events, God loves his creation much more than anyone living, why those corrupt men,they never thought the day would arrive,when signs from the heavens could clearly be seen, to investigate, those, who do emotional harm. Why, well, that’s for your head to wonder on, amen.

I don’t need God, your breath fails you, your heat beat changes, your fear internalizes, and whom do you ask for help, the number of times, who can keep count.

The child loses the smile, is not cheerful, has become snide, has seen his dreams disappear, and we wonder why horrors occur; those who harm the spirit do so much harm, and while the lawyer might give you advice,he or she can never forgive you, that harm.

Solomon watched the dreams pass his eyes, the hope, there was real hope in many eyes, and small children were more alert, all knowing it seems, as written in olden times. And we need to provide space, for those lights.

Solomon heard the rantings of a so called preacher type, you can’t impress the Almighty God, little did the man know, was he trying to be the wedge between man and God this man, farming them for his own good, probably, amen.

The Needy Princess

That feeling, wanting to speak up but having no one to listen to, well no one who will really listen, not those who dismiss your emotions, another one they say, as if it’s all their empathy rolled into one word, them. The patience isn’t earned, it’s practice, the listening is earned, its practice, it’s what we do most, that we become. Aloof in the castle, so few around, the dreams, your not allowed have them, you have a duty, you feel taken, predisposed to a way of life, that has always been destructive, its like being part of a criminal world, you just can’t leave it, so you become, the needy princess.

In the beginning you get what you want, there is nothing you can’t have, intuition, you can have what you want now, the patience others have annoys you, you will never be like that, why should you wait.

The needy people, the button, the response, the thrill, another like me button hit, the feel good, same as any addict, you want more. From the time you wake, the day is a cake filling, the morning the sponge, the evening the sponge, in the middle, the events of the day, which you will revolve in your head later, how did you fill the day. A clean bed, says the homeless man, a dry pair of shoes, asks the orphan, just breakfast shouts another, so one by one, they set out to make sure it happens or hoping it will happen, we are all needy.

Solomon sighed; he was watching the dreams pour down the street, every hand every leg, all of them going about the needs of the day, some busy, some hoping to meet a friend, some hoping to find a smile, some just glad to be able to work. The dreams that pass you everyday, the rucksack on the back, the wandering eye, the small head on it’s way from school, wondering about the shop, wondering if they will afford a shop, the rustle of coins, never enough, the long trudge home, then the beginning of a new dream.

Many people were suffering from mental un wellness, trying to cope, so much going on, too much for them to handle, getting depressed or hiding it, afraid to appear weak, how do you handle it, how can you cope, the daily barrage, can’t even get out of bed. As for the idle mind, there is nothing to free yourself from worry, and the med’s only tire you out. How do you handle it, there has to be a way.

Everyone needs a back up plan, a source that never lets you down. It could be a long term project that you have had on your mind, that you give time to, when your confused, or about to be; just the space for a time out without worrying. In olden times, children had many hobbies. A child without friends is very lonely, and it shows. Solomon was reading the article, mental health awareness week, how so much harm is locked hidden inside us. He read some, then thought about the words he spoke with a friend. How the demon plays with our idle minds he said, then thinking about it, he imagined Jesus, encountering the demon, who offers him control of the world, provided, Jesus worship the demon, which of course he couldn’t, no matter how attractive the offer.

In tough times, hold onto your inner being, amen. Think of the gladness of those who lived in ancient times and encountered Jesus, first time around, how their hearts still glow, amen.


the beginning, the gift, the beginning the spirit, the rebellion of the people,we don’t need God,the disasters, the beginning again, the rebellion again, the disasters, amen. This story of rebellion is told in ancient times, then the call of the prophet, before the return, before history repeats itself, we have no time for those things, and we have more freedom too, away with God, then disasters. The world has been one long roller coaster ride, in terms of it’s relationship with the Father Eternal. Sounds unsettling, this see saw approach, happy then wanting more, the fall, then happy, then still wanting more.

While this action has been going on, the souls have been maturing, the numbers of righteous dead, growing, until, as the prophets tell us, it reaches the tipping point. With the signs of the times indicating ancient prophetic warnings, what sort of people should we be, amen.