Insects bugs worms food

The swallow swoops down upon the river, grabbing tiny flies as it goes, it’s mouth open, the flies where they are supposed to be. The spider feels the web shake, another meal has been caught. The worm is caught in the flood, a meal for a trout, and it goes on and on. man comes along, doesn’t like those insects that like his corn, decides to do away with them. The poisoned insect is eaten by the bird, who dies from poisoning, and this is repeated the world over. Years later, there is an outcry, the insects are dying, the water isn’t clean, the birds are getting smaller, Mother nature is loosing strength.

The mirror, that’s you, no escaping it’s human thinking that has driven us to this state of affairs, and it’s Godly thinking, that will point us in the direction of healing it, amen. A tiny virus that is only visible under microscope, brought the world to a halt; Those little insects, that food chain, it all adds up, and when there are gaps in the chain, there is only uncertainty, amen.


There are so many ways to describe beauty; to some it’s the reflection in the mirror, how perfect we feel when compared to others, there are many ways of seeing it. But do we take into consideration the inner beauty, that goes deeper than mere physical aspects. It’s easy to throw out comments, but as soon as trouble arrives, a different version of ourselves arrives, in a nutshell, we like our comfort zones, and don’t like those who remind us of our failings; Jesus made this clear when he came upon the earth; He reminded the Spiritual leaders of the day, how they gave attention to those that were wealthy in preference to those that needed help. They praised the material world over the Spiritual, so Jesus told them.

Solomon sighed; we all have failings. Our world pushes the perfect figure, the perfect life, political correct thought too, but is any of it real, or just the way we have been led, amen. Imagine the reality, that one day all will face. A perfect day, the visit to the doctor, the diagnosis, the change in plans, the new expectations, a new life ahead. All the so called problems are no longer problems, what is important changes overnight, and all you are left with, is your conscience. To find beauty in those times, is priceless. Given the changes going on, it was wise to set aside time, regarding your relationship with the Almighty God, amen.


compassion, no cult leader, simply, the space you made for others. It wasn’t for your gain, as many behave, helping, Jesus pointed towards stories, the easy way to get them to listen, they were all children in his eyes. The good Samaritan wasn’t a spy, didn’t have an agenda either, did what was correct in the heart that loves. In a nutshell, you can’t love God if you hate the things He created.

Treasure Box

eating foods, washing this way or that, it wasn’t too important, some put emphasis on rituals, fine for keeping communities together, helping to know each other, but real love, is what you do for others, not your friends, it’s called spreading the Spirit of well being, amen.

Wonders and miracles, they were not for show, they were to teach, life is eternal for those that hold firm in faith. And if Heaven is not in doubt, neither is hell. Even the demons were named, in those times, by the early pharisee’s, they even accused Jesus of having them inside him, so strong was His power, now and always.

Stone Her

The young woman is tied to the pole, they are preparing to stone her, according to the law. A man reads out a proclamation, the verdict has to be read, a large crowd has assembled. Today we caught this woman talking to a married man, in a private location, you know how dangerous that can be, we must have standards. A young prophet is in the crowd, listening. The speech ends, the men chosen to do the stoning pick up stones, their arms arched, waiting for the final salute, before the sentence is carried out.

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The man pushes his way through the crowd, stands in front of the gathering. The judge in charge of proceedings smiles, are you another of her lovers he says. Of course he says, isn’t it written in the law, that we must love what God has created otherwise we don’t love God. Insolence says the Judge, and who are you he asks, while trying to rouse the crowd into a frenzy, they gathered to see blood flow, nothing else.

Arrest him says the judge, let him join her, the crowd yells, praise to God they shout and no other. But this is not what the law says, the young man pleads, haven’t you heard of Jesus, it’s compassion and kindness that God seeks from us, not cruelty.

The man is bound to the girl, the stoning is about to begin. It will be all right he says to the young girl, just trust me. There is another prophet in the crowd, an older man, as he makes his way forward through the crowd, they make a way for him to pass, there is energy about him. He emerges from the crowd, the judge looks at him, immediately he is taken back, remember me brother says the old prophet, i appeared to you in a dream, the judge is speechless.

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Haven’t you heard says the prophet, the battle is not with others, the battle you have to worry about is the battle within. You can’t blame others for your own failings, amen.

Selling the Soul

How many have turned away from the loving way, how many sell themselves, in order to get ahead, how many endowed with talents, have seriously abused them, what excuses can they offer,Solomon sighed, he heard the words as he passed the bench, someone was being quoted, lower body stuff, amen. Who sets such an example, how the demon smiled,while so many fell from grace, more company in the abyss, for the demon, and those who worshiped him. Many souls were asking, is this the time, they have been through so much sighed Solomon, they need respite, amen.

Toe rags, a word he heard used, to describe some, as disposable as a used condom. The memory, an old one. Those who assist, putting on the serious face, as if they were helping them, while stealing what they made, poor souls He sighed, and this example widely encouraged. Our choice they say, he could hear the voices, their choice, not those who were trafficked, and hidden.

Dear Father prayed Solomon, in these times of uncertainty, strengthen the hands of your loving servants, the demon and his acolytes are heading for the lake of fire, they have venom in them, as poisonous as snakes,trying to infect your children, remind the world Dear Father, turn these evil souls into fools, remove any threat they may appear to have. Your children struggle to hold on.

His prayers heard, Solomon smiled, that will put them in eternal chains until the judgement comes, amen. The Mighty prophet Isaiah, the Prophet to whom Jesus referred to regularly, on account of His standing and powerful words, was also being asked to rally all the other prophets, to petition, the Almighty God, amen.


These times, so many violent changes, so sudden, they can’t be forecast. Deluge, villages disappear, politicians acting foolishly, rubbish emerging from their mouths, children with access to all the porn you could imagine,all of them with phones, millions daily, the environment itself, beyond help, it’s now a slowing policy, nothing more, men more confused than ever, they just need sex it seems, young people unable to decide on their sexuality, a mad president acting like a mafia don, clean water, almost extinct, and when God sends the help and the warnings, what is the reaction, the price, just as Oscar Wilde said all those years ago. The cloud with this blog, is real, arrived just over eight years ago, and came with the promise of the Holy Spirit too. It brings the words of Isaiah into play again. The prophet Jesus referred to again and again,and still is, amen.

God and our relationships

Through compassion and kindness, is how you will know the people of God. Jesus saw how the devout offered animal sacrifices, while failing to show compassion and kindness, so he abruptly cut them short: If you knew the Father he said, it’s kindness and compassion that is sought. Ritual might remind you of your faith, but it’s compassion and kindness that feeds the spirit, amen.

Why are these words important today, when so many are reading of the plight of immigrants, when great signs are being poured into the world. In a nutshell, we are all being reminded; what is our relationship with God is being tested. In Afghanistan, there is anxiety, the rights of women and girls are under threat. In this time,when God is all powerful, it’s proper to remind all people, all people of the book, to reread the old scriptures, as all Holy Scripture, is based on the original truth, amen.

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When Jesus arrived, he scolded his own disciples, when they complained about his relationships with those considered to be of the lower professions, women included, Jesus was angered. There is no difference between men and women, and this point, is one point, most often complained about, when those who are of God, complain about the acts of others, who believe in their way, while giving ammunition to those, who want to rubbish the very existence of God.

What is your relationship with God then?

Have you the Heart…

Inside you, there is a sacred space. It holds all there is. A visitor is after arriving and seeks a place inside, is there room to accommodate, this visitor brings the promise of eternal life. What, you mean I have to have space inside. The thought process starts to jump, I haven;t lived in the heart for awhile, it’s a very delicate space. I prefer to reside in the head, that I can deal with. Well, can you bring more into the space then; what you ask. Well, are you able to love fully, are you able to clear the head for a start. God can’t live in a place infected with malice,hatred, fear, bias,selfishness, and there is more. You got it, there is a big big clean up needed. Ever wonder why the world closed down for 16 months, amen.

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Films and stories over time, ask the same question, have we room. Have we time. From the story of the birth of Jesus, the room at the Inn, the non welcome given to the savior. Heart seems to be at the heart of it all, does anyone have a full version of the original, or a close fit, anyone?.

Jesus taught the power of the Spirit, and repeated and repeated, no idols. Credit the Father in Heaven and no one else, amen. And who travels across the desert to visit the new King. yes, the wise men of the desert, who were guided by the star, amen.

The Modern world and God

Some places are experiencing blessings while others are in free fall. The weather changes on a whim, sudden storms,thieves in the night,sweep away villages, while refugee’s seek refuge, while the under fed,starve for want of what, food?. The lesson is simple; the Spirit of God is back on earth, and demands on the conscience are heavy and very real. Is there a fairer way to judge the nations you ask. In a nutshell, it’s your conscience that will lift you or drown you.

Jesus asked a very long time ago’ will there be any Spirit left when the great return happens. Solomon sighed, the prayers of the righteous are being heard. There have been so many signs, too many to write,apart from children and their angels, who quite rightly, are telling their parents, some of whom are stupefied. Is this real, why do some places avoid trouble, while those who show contempt for the Higher Love seem to be in a permanent state of confusion, is there an answer.

Meanwhile, those crying out for justice are having their moment. Rapid,sudden, impossible to imagine changes are happening. The closet folks blame the global warming thing; to imagine something else, is a step too far. Then you wonder at the words of Jesus; will there be any faith left when the great return happens, well, that’s everyone’s struggle, amen.


The old and the new, their times and ours, grandparents, we all have them. Do we need their help today, how would they deal with the confusion sown in these changed times, don’t you ever wonder. No money in looking back, the mortgage has to be paid, and the last time I mentioned love to a bank manager, as if it was important, they look in his eyes, why would you think like that, love, what, money is more important. The words we are forced to endure.

The epic pace of life on the planet, the old folks neatly kept in houses of their own, while many wait for their journey to end, well, we all must pass, why waste time on the past. The old sages, or prophets, were frantic in their efforts to warn their people; you can’t live like this, offending the nature of love, ignoring the One to whom all is indebted to. Grandparents, the advice they tried to pass on; you can’t be greedy, otherwise you encourage more of it.

Throughout the world, new relationships are being formed, new ways of understanding needed now, the concern, the dissolution of the Spirit within, our lifeline to eternal help. So what would your grandparents think; have we pushed it too far, have we ignored the voices of those who have been warning us of these tough times. You should have listened to your elders, those trying to put you on the right track.

Solomon had the dream years before; a mission of escape, the great calamity, and the threat to children. There were more than one way to interpret the dream. The shepherd leads the children of God from destruction. A return to spiritual thinking, rather than exploitation, which had for many,become the norm, and led to the current environmental crisis’s, amen.