The Pharisee’s and Jesus

The year is 2023, and the signs are appearing, there are those who have been thwarting the flow of Spirit, many have been misled, how would Jesus deal with the issue, the vineyard story is well known, there are two versions, the second relates to the gentiles, those who were outside the law as it was known way back then, but whose habits made them worthy of being children of The Almighty, the prophet sighs.

The evening before, he recalls the story, the life of Christ, and the time of the second coming, what is expected to happen, what is the fate of those who harm the harvest, to whom can they appeal for help.

The cloud arrives many years ago, ten to be approximate, with signs from the heavens, many of them, so many, they arrive on an almost daily basis, played out in the words of the prophets, so who would dare attempt to thwart the harvest, questions that are vital to those, who appeared to be lost, what are the consequences, what would Jesus say, amen.

The notion of the age of corruption running it’s course, is a scene many see happening across the world today. The errors and deliberate efforts to thwart the spirit, the imposition of great burdens on those, attempting to pass on the Spirit, their lives interfered with, what sort of person would you want to be, in times of global change, amen. A man who wanted to address the issue of population control, and the stress it was bringing upon the resources of the earth, the church of the people that had turned into a cash cow for the select, this man, is 33 days in situ before being removed from office, now all these years later, there are fresh anxieties in high places, surrounding the removal from office, of many just leaders, what would Jesus say in the circumstance, and how would those who intentionally created confusion, to thwart the changes, that were sign posted many years before, room for thought, amen.

Solomon sighs, they can read the weather, can they read the signs, amen.


Les Miserables

Timeless classic, the words, a parable, the ways of the world, described in words, brought to life, in musical form, the Crawford experience, the tenderness of the voice, the vocal harmony, how it lifted everyone, hearts that were lost, found again, how Victor Hugo, gave life to so much hop in words, and Lloyd Weber, the music of the night, how it soothes the aching heart, recall the great composers, where they came from, the experiences they went through, trying to bring the world together, how they Honor the One who gave the talents out, think of the harvest, when you listen and or read the words, amen.

The effort to keep us connected to the light, so many out there, on a daily basis, trying to hold onto it, that inner feeling, while others try to tear you away from believing. The Prophet sighs, the trials of Jesus, under constant scrutiny, they, the spiritual guides of the times, looking for holes in the argument, like torpedoes trying to sink the boat of hope, and what does Jesus say of those that oppress you, for having Faith in Him, and The One true God, you are blessed in other words, hang on, the reward set out for you, is eternal, amen.

The apostles are on the lake, a storm arises, the boss is at the back of the boat, trying to get some rest, what are they worrying about, the sleep broken, would you have faith, the storm, slows, wind calms, and they wonder, who is this, the power of words and music, that calm the inner self, listen, amen.


Whats on the mind, the policy maker, says jobs. The poverty index, the direction it goes, a talking point and reasons to be angry, or an excuse. What sort of minds use bad information on certain people, to coral them, into a united voice, or how they use the rage they themselves planted, for their own evil uses.

Thinking, the town is turned around, the combination, is it spirit, is it money, what is behind it. Well, the signs have been coming from a heavenly source, which some are trying to claim credit for, this is written, in times like these, where there are changes outstanding, there will be those, who will be misleading and confusing, in order to remove the faith of many. Why are we warned about this.

In short, if the truth was written so long ago, and with no doubts as to the Gospel of Jesus, it follows, that the teachings of Jesus, are the ones that shine a light on our current situation, amen.

Solomon smiled; the stories that teach us. The child, early fifties, or sixties, the TV a new affair, entertainment wholesome family affairs, the policy safe guarded, nothing over the top until after the late hours, not for children in other words. Years later, its as if its all grafted into one, and with so many dependent upon it, the screen, can we do anything about it.

Solomon sighed, it’s the car in the early stages of use. After many years and after much destruction of the environments, we now are going electric, clean energy in other words, amen. As for those who want to see a world that is on the recovery trail, lucky those, who have leaders who point them to the ways of the wise, amen. And the children in these places, their trust in the future, makes them keen to learn all about it, great foundations for a future world.

I need to start healing

Choice, gift, entitlement, mercy, hope, another chance, time to get prepared, a spirit lift, a bounce to the heart, a rebirth of faith, i need to start healing and fast. The penitent, or one close, makes the plea, an intervention is called for, the circumstances are rare, the ask is important, the times are changing and the request has a long reach, there are others, who are getting the message, in times of old, intervention was allowed, the times now, are deemed equally needy, so the request goes.

He’s not entitled, it’s called a gift replies another, he didn’t even believe, the voice replies, it’s why God is called merciful. the arguing continues, until the plea is awarded, the voice continues.

Is it that obvious; you believe before you receive, why, well, what is it you fear, death, why, it’s not the end of things, so fear someone else, the message is simple, the less we are of this world and it’s worries, the more of the eternal we assume in life, or the course we lead ourselves to and others.

Afterwards, recovery, the plan has to be all there, you can’t believe otherwise, you plan to put to use, the wisdom you gained, the help you can provide to others, in short, in reply to your thanks, you give as you receive, and in the meantime, while awaiting your turn, your mind and heart are filled with the positive, amen.

Sexual Identity

rights, this is me, the clock bounces forward, the time for the divine evaluation arrives, compulsory, it’s how you leave the body for the next destination. The form does not have any sexual identity question, some are confused. A button is pressed, eventually an angel arrives, the voice asks, you forgot to put in the sexual identity question I’m before she has time to finish the sentence she is cut off. The angel tells her, it’s not that kind of place, your identity is how you treat others, amen.

Benedict’s Withdrawal

After many years, tough leadership models, unrest in the world, the fear of change, Benedict goes to his eternal rest, seeking forgiveness for his errors, we all are under a form of pressure, and the rules, well when we enact them, we put chains on the heart and thought, well, they are the rules you suppose, or imagine this..

Treasure Box

Failing in the number of Spirited Personnel, the new entrants seeking that fire of old, while those in the long grass, the ancients tied to the past and tradition, and they blame the Taliban, they ought to consider themselves, whatever, the decision has to be made, and the changes that are prophesied have to come in some form, imagine the troubles for those bound to the old ways, the mobile phone arrives, email, what, the old form of communications is gone, but the sensitive nature of the person holds firm, what do you fill the gap with, in short, who has time to think on the issues while in the middle of the inquiry?

The withdrawal of Benedict, not the first, but very open, leaves the door for Francis to take on the job, the pontiff from the ends of the earth, an address, a reminder, that a great future remains for all who turn to God, in short, as Isaiah says, if only we turned to God to heal and protect us, as we withdraw from our old ways, amen.

Happy New Year, amen.

Pain Relief

Too much to endure, the reminder, pain, some can be psychological, we don’t allow ourselves to forget, or we are surrounded by those, who constantly remind us, this is your pain and don’t you forget, a bit like the roman enforcement in old biblical times, you only need us, we will protect you, we are what you need, you reach for two more tablets, it’s the time, says the doctor, four hours later, another two, and the pharmacy is open all night, your in safe hands, thinking about the pain, it controls you, and while there are excuses, experts in pain, there isn’t enough pain relief, why would they point to the heavenly healer, that heals. How is it possible, you are in an exam, the weather is not important, your current mental health, can you answer the question, did you try the healer.

Treasure Box

The thought in the bed, is there anything to take me out of this, have i made pain a feature of my life, why not do something with it, what, is that possible too. The effort is made, pass the idea on, the new thought, you are walking with the healer, he only has to touch you, there is excitement, feelings of freedom, are you brave enough, to accept this, she goes further, thinks of other times, less effort, no ailments, happy thoughts, when you could stride out normally, the walks you took, the lingering feeling, happy times, then the next day, the first morning, your away, the dreams are awake, what is this pain thing, momentarily forgotten, back, is it time for the medication, you stop. The more you feel good, the less unwellness you feel, is there a connection, why do the living words of Christ work so successfully, the prophet replies, give it a chance, you won’t have any regrets, amen.

Who was on the phone she asks, hearing him hang up.

Solomon asked, what is the attraction of Jesus. The class pause, thinking it out. Anyone, asks the prophet. A time passes, the class pensive, this is a serious question. Was it the healing, the wonders, the signs, the fearlessness, what was it, so many events come to mind, they continue to think about it. Finally Solomon replies, when in the mind, Jesus takes control of the situation, you just want to hear what he has to say, amen.

The Queen’s Table

The svelte surroundings, the guests, a servant to attend to each, the entertainment begins, the playwright, a confidante of the queen, her privilege, her husband away somewhere, another country to invade, well, in her private world, she puts on the show, the play, living entertainment for her friends, and her rebellious spirit, that she hides.

They laugh and blush, the chuckles of laughter, they respond to the entertainment, images of themselves in truth. Imitation sighed Solomon, one nation says this, there is going to be this, the others usually think, how will it affect us, the sands have shifted though, though it’s not bad news, the usual influence that one had, has shifted in time, the lessons you were handing out, you never practiced them yourselves, can’t you see what has been happening, or are you living in the past.

The covenant between God and His people, the different times, the relationship breaks down, the prophets tell us this story, then time and humanity repairs the situation, and so we get another chance to fix things, while the blessings return. Maybe you lose your influence, when you refuse to take on board the higher teaching, and same way, nations lose their privileged position, when they go beyond the norm in order to impose their opinions, amen.

A friend comes up to the prophet, something askew the pupil asks. The cursory shake of the head, not at all he replies, just mussing over the way we think about ourselves, nothing more.

The New Field

There was talk, the women huddle, the expression on their faces, he is at it again, the stress on their faces, was it a warning, the prophet asks, the peace at this time of year and all year round too, freedom from fear at home, it was a never ending request, why did some of us have to put up with it, when would it end, this anger, the rage, where does it come from they ask. Solomon sighs, they are talking about it, that’s news, that’s help, the voices listen to the anxious, it’s that time, and the witness to the gospels are right, it’s real, there is help, be calm the voices say.

Solomon was trying to explain the new meaning, or the “re understanding” of the old words, not in their meaning, but in their application. The argument, was an old one, what was it we had to do, to gain the approval from on high, or steps leading to that way of thinking. It was a fair question, how would you put it, it began with the spirit. It’s like the parable told of the pharisee’s, and their application of the rules, the double speak, that left you confused, on account of their private ways, it was not that we get it wrong, it’s that we continue to mislead, and that applies to the home feeling, the wellness of home, it’s where it all begins, home.

They wondered, how big is home, in short, the new pharisee was themselves, and how they lived their faith, was their actions, in short, time for the new field to show some green, amen.

Human Rights and the Alternatives

Great name for a band, the rites and the alternatives, is that copyright she asks looking over her shoulder, her friend at the blog machine, sounds groovy, who could forget a name like that, so popular. Young, enthused, hormonal, going natures way, thinking the way the female bird thinks when trying to select a mate, the dance he has to put on, the number of changes, those colors, that feathery dance, while she swoons at all the attention, not even having to put on a new dress, she the prize, in the children, the new life she will carry, amen.

Now, the proof of Jesus and the Gospels is beyond all doubts, there are none. This is not a question, it’s the reality, and those beautiful flowers, those clean fresh waters, that healthy air, those clean fields, the condition of the car before it came out of the showroom is on, you thought you owned it, but it’s only on lease,, so you have to return it, and you are worried about the excess charges, you even take a picture of the car when you get a foreign rental for fear of being charged a few extra in cash, in order not to be ripped off, imagine, then response, when you try to bluff your way past security at the gate, think about it, so human rights and the alternatives, is it all about your personal freedom, as the song book screams, so sexy too, lets join in, they will share with you, but the yacht is off limits except for, well, the guff and the gaff is fine, but the personal is fine too, but you live in a community of others, and at no time in history has it been made so clear, amen.

Who would plot against the Holy reality, amen? Luciani smiles, someone is thinking of me.

So human rights, and the alternatives, can you ignore the One who made the entire possible?