Collection of words

Inside, good feeling, words, they send you somewhere, bill, who do i owe this time, the bell, what time is it, the words, great to the mood, poison to another, mood, words, the birthday, presents, well being, me, words,all about myself, words, the feeling, putting words on it, words, did i arrange them, words, do i really feel them, the meaning, the luster, deep seated, so deep, the words, words, the power of them.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the Gospel of John, and the living words of Jesus, amen


What’s Happening

So much about identity, what am I, where do these emotions come from, who is trying to confuse, can I just be allowed to be, the drama, the day begins, the wonder of what my life is about, what am I, the lord, The story of Jesus, the healing in private, don’t say anything, this is news, and the people have been starved of hope for a long time, yes, God does exist, so if challenged, ask, find a quite spot, and explain it, you’ll find respite. Not everyone has the ability to know what to do in crisis, but we understand the emotions, not always how they are interfered with, that’s another days story, but the charged world, the energy that we meet, the pace that is frantic at times, the rush, the need to stay in touch, up to date, trying to sound okay, afraid to speak up at times, we all need encouragement.

At times, the world feels unnatural, and how you are supposed to react, is often how you do, without understanding it. We all want to fit in, but we also need space. Where do you find time, free time, that does not intrude on your life, free from too many opinions. The old books give insight, they are slower, they don’t move that fast, they paint a picture without overdoing the emotion, the modern overdoes the emotion, often forgets the story, and then attempts to focus on the juicy parts of life, the stuff that everyone appears interested in, thus, painting a lie, for a story begins, has actions, then moves on, it’s not dessert without dinner, amen.

Solomon sighed, the crisis in faith, the need for clarity, the intrusions, slow down he thought, there is so much going on, how do you find peace, the answer, the solace, the ancient words, Be Healed He said, the cripple got up and walked, who needs to have doubts, amen, when the same spirit is about, amen.

The Needy and the Love

The journey of the life inside and those voids that must be filled, and how the fear pushes, how the devious use it, and how the self is undermined, is there a cure for this. Solomon sighed, the story, it is a parable for want of words and explanation. How do you get across the point, the gap that has to be filled, how those with a void inside, those from the start, how easy it is to condition the mind, same as hunger is a need, amen.

Treasure Box

The devious eye, spots the weakness, the effort, and soul, unaware, that those who have sway with the inner angst, same as any one addicted, recognizes the void to be filled. The woman is vulnerable, she gets the help, she is out of reach, her problems behind her. Those that persecute her in the past, have no control over her, the soul safe, she no longer in the claws of addiction, how some try to undermine her, a neat trick, create a need or tempt, how Jesus reminds us, that this is a daily exercise, and as with sound advice, there are people places and activities you need to avoid, where hope is not readily available, and where your self worth to others, is the weakness inside. How is this played out in real life, and what can you do to help yourself.

Fear only God, for one thing, as all accounts are settled, when the time is right, hold on to the hand that never fails to love, and place your trust in what is eternal, and not in the hands of those, who aim to control you. The wide eyes of the happy child, the sense of wonder, the emotional needs met, doesn’t stare with a feeling of need but with a feeling of wonder. Take the deprived child, seeking deliverance, is this good for me, and the need to have that inner gap filled. In short, it’s easy to deprive a child emotionally, and then to make it needy, and vulnerable. As said, Parents are custodians of their children, not their owners. And as with the signs, the truth of ancient prophecies, when these signs appear, it’s a reminder to all, that the days of judgement, are not just a written set of words, but the effort by God, to remind people, that the harvest, is the fruit of your labor’s, and that is your children too.


is the misuse of chemicals at the heart of our problems. Other than the normal use of chemicals, which is bad enough,but what happens when that chemical change is added to the chemical imbalances, the mind is suffering in more and more places. In other words, if we took on board the warnings of Jesus,would we be in this state of distress globally. And before you say, it will never reach you, do you drink out of the tap or buy bottled,amen, lucky you.

Respect for God

RFG for short, how do we measure up, it’s a very practical ask given the times. Do we try to form substitutes, boutique religions that appease us,make us feel good, probably. Does the latest guru grab our ear, that sounds bearable; Jesus never said it was going to be easy, it’s work but not impossible. The signs are sent from above; do we respond to the hints, make others aware, or pretend,that never happened.

The toes move seamlessly, the fingers are formed perfect, the eyes can see, the body functions; the harmony of the human body. When something isn’t right we are quickly aware. In the bathroom, all functions, when it doesn’t we are in a panic, call the doctor. Spiritually when it goes wrong, what do we do?.

The signs arrive, the world is turned upside down. The evil deeds become heavier with each passing day, and as more signs arrive, the feeling deepens, a new way of doing things, we won’t escape so easily when the great return happens, what are we going through, is it the great reset many ask. The old gray haired men long for earlier days, days when they ought to have spoken up.

The baby is laughing, everyone chuckles, how long a baby though. There are vultures ready AND waiting to take up any opportunity, how long are you baby. Respect for God usually means respect for signs, and a willingness to make the changes. In some places, the family is sacred; what happens when that relationship becomes toxic, do we need outside help?.

Treasure Box