Question: When George Harrison was singing, “My Sweet Lord,” who was he singing to?

Answer: No one Yesterday, I wrote about the Hindu god, Ganesha, being worshiped in a Roman Catholic church. See here. Really strange stuff. That got me to thinking a bit more about Hinduism. Readers of this blog know I was a big fan of The Byrds rock and roll band way back in the day. […]

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Turn it around!

Moses is getting seriously anxious, he is approaching the river, what am i going to do if this don’t work, he looks at the wife, honey are you with me dear, she see’s the anxiety in his eyes, she pats him on the back, He never let you down before. The refugee cross’s the desert, there is water a half day ahead, he has a gathering with him, he is their friend and guide, they are depending on him. Moses stops at the river, turns around, the crowd is enormous, what now D

ear lord, what am i supposed to do, he has a semi panic attack, then hears the voice, just do as i instructed you to do, remember. The rest is history, David took on Goliath, what is that fool doing, who does he think he is, it will be entertaining at least says some of the others, i give him five minutes, can the giant run, maybe not. Sowing doubts, the mind was full of the threat of failure, failure. Solomon listened to the news, the risk of flooding in far off places, then sighed, storms were regularly turned around, you just had to have faith on a Jesus scale that’s all.

Were all these events warnings of the future, lessons in faith, lessons in reform, probably, well, he encountered the Holy Spirit, and he had never been let down himself since, well..only when he thought that he himself was in charge, pride i suppose, amen.

Where do their ideas come from?

His fingers are tight on the controls, he’s fidgeting with his fingers, it’s getting intense, the bad guy has been spotted on screen, he twists the hand held device, misses the object, his character dies, he loses, begins to cry, tosses the gadget across the room, gives his granny who is minding him an awful fright, where do the ideas come from. She waits till he goes to the bathroom, examines the box, over eighteens only, violent scenes, unsuitable for children under the age, he re enters the room, is a little calmer. She wants to raise the idea with his mother, but is afraid to open her mouth, they might send her away, well, that’s what they do these days when the elderly interfere, well, she’s getting doddery they say.

The twist before the mirror, she pouts, is my ass big in that, her friend just laughs, they are both under ten, but they are getting in on the act, their mothers call it confidence, it’s what the experts say, a good impression of one self is so important, what do the hungry children think of that, impressions. The response from mother, their confidence they say, we can’t do anything to undermine it. It’s the repeat dose, so repeated, everyone has the exact opinion, leaving no doubts, giving comfort to all and sundry, at least your getting that bit right, while they reach for their tranquilizing medication, only three left, must get a prescription for the weekend, suppose it’s the same as the junkie, just a little neater and more respectable, the prescriber wore a suit and had credentials on the wall, while the other dealer, well, in the dark light it was hard to read his face, where do they get their ideas from.

Solomon sighed, they said the same in Rome all those years ago, this God thing is just another of their helpless idols, look what he has done for them, filled them with hope, nothing more. History proved otherwise, but at least we have the remains of the old empire, reminders of their follies, imagine it, they had it all once, now they have nothing.

Wouldn’t it be so cool….

the year is 2017, the hopes of divine help rise, signs in the sky, upheaval in the old seats of power, change and challenge, old prophesy comes through, Ezra and more, blessings being poured out, and the Spirit of God gets stronger as faith rises. In the corner, extremists with serious business interests scent opportunity, they plan to harm people, privately they are trying to encourage misguided terrorists to act, do their bidding for them, upset the masses, get them to run to us for cover. Imagine it, God Most High gets word of the extremists true intentions, and turns their plans in on them. While in a church a group of ill people gather for a healing and a blessing, and when they get home, they find they are getting cured, would it not be cool. Imagine the affects the one event would have on the entire world, breath taking, amen.

old man

old man sits alone drinking his cans till their dry to the bone,

he reflects on his life and his service with the vets,

forgotten and alone we waits and waits for hours alone,

his chest full of medals brocades from numerous wars,

there was no point in all the killing and bloodshed,

his mind scarred and his life disturbed for many years,

there is is no winner in his story and not much good,

he drains the end of his last can and sighs heavily,

his arms worn his heart torn he wonders about it all,

the day they sang loudly the day he signed on for war,

old man still sits alone and no one listens,


Patience of a Fisherman

Understanding Evil (patience of a fisherman)Image


It’s a spirit, it’s given life, when we leave voids on the heart, when we don’t forgive. It’s given life when we hate, whatever the reason or the excuse we use to justify it. Evil waits for every one, the silent assassin, chasing the entrance to our minds and heart. Storing up resentment is a sure way to invite it in, as it never gives up, as evil needs to find a rest, from where it can harm any one. Once you understand it’s complex ways, you can set traps for it, then it’s dead.

It trawls your mind, searching you out, locates your weaknesses and desires, then mines you the way a parasite does, till there is nothing left in you to find out. It feeds on the energy of resentment and hate, can masquerade as anything, practically impossible to locate, but when you do, it’s a turkey, cause you can summon the good spirit, that will relocate it permanently until judgement day, this is what the good spirit does, actively searches to destroy evil and hate.

Evil minded people blinded by power love to hate, they do anything to control all around them, the polar opposite to the rule of God Most High love, it’s why addiction is so widespread and difficult to move, it lingers inside you and tempts you when in the wrong mood, governments and corporations are infected with the evil seed, it’s pointedly clear, from the actions they tae and their excuse of fear.

The great deception spoken of in the holy scriptures, was a warning to all who sold out love for greed, the need to have power over others is a version of envy and hate, it’s the reason the commandments were given to us, an opportunity to safeguard ourselves and our families before it’s too late, the current deceivers are all in disarray, their long term plans, have been put in the spot light and into God’s hands.

As a wise man said, many years ago, in order to defeat the evil ones you must first study their ways, it’s a time consuming process and it’s a game of chance, many have taken the risk very few with any great success, stealthily you wait and watch the way a fisherman eyes a salmon, you wait till they see the bait, wait till they have it in them, them you strike, and when that happens you have them, amen.