The Lesson

Jesus taught us the ways to God. What is the lesson. How we treat others, how we judge others is how we ourselves will be judged.Those that have contempt for the ways of God, have to be certain, of what fate awaits them. The lesson goes further than that; Jesus used the words of the prophets, to emphasize His teaching. In a nutshell, there are no idols,only God. Do we have work to do, the lesson from all the signs, amen.

Ruination of souls, what is their fate, those that allow themselves to be used….

Harm, God’s Kingdom, there are those who try every day, to destroy the spirit of all those who believe in the Most High God, it’s a daily experience. Now that the signs from on High are visible to all, matched by the efforts of many concerned souls, who daily try, to improve the lot of those most disadvantaged in their communities, so what is their fate? Tampering with the will of God, surely they didn’t think it would be allowed to continue, the inner bullying, the fear spread, so what is their fate, and are there any precedents to refer to?.

The condemned are always given a chance to improve their prospects, Jesus, and the 11th hour promise, there is time, if you amend before having to. No Father can send another to do their bidding either, yet, its written, by the prophets of old, you can assist the fate of those gone before you,by your good works, so the prophets of old said and prayed. Is there a future for those who intentionally offend God or His servants. Thinking about it, could turn your thoughts to jelly, just imagine it,the eternal power, who would dare offend it, amen.


Human frustration across the globe, is there one honest government out there, or have you given up hoping, it’s not a time for cynicism, but it’s a time to listen to history, not the spin they sell,next time we will get it right, stuff you want to believe, you hope, and they let you down again, and the dose is repeated, perfect for those who don’t want to imagine, the world to come, meaning God.

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Not one government free of this disease, the reigns of power, deemed to be the right to steal, with no shortage of helpers, who will stuff their snouts into the trough, knowing they will never get caught, or so they think. Is there a country free from the hand out, with a greasy palm the permission arrives, without, you are left to hang, until you pay up, the pressure on those who try to abide by decency in their dealings.

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Corruption, it’s written, the time of our Lord, corruption will recede like the flood in Noah’s time, truth will find an outing, religion will not be necessary, as God’s light will be all that is needed, this is written, the ancient prophets tell us.

The company boss, he was always a hoarder, greedy in other words, will such a man act with integrity, form says no, but that’s why he became the boss, the promises he made.

She doesn’t have the social skills, but she has the attractive legs. Their minds are so soaked in the image,they can’t get it out of their heads, that desire,a right they feel. She will be so corrupted in so short a period of time,she will not have time for anything emotional, amen.

Solomon cried out, Dear Father in Heaven, your children are calling out, enough is up,they are not going to be able to withstand much more abuse, and they cling to their faith like drowning sailors, can you do anything they ask. Every day that passed was a lost opportunity, many were getting lost in extreme nationalism as a result, scurrying for help, wasn’t it time to remind those corrupt in positions of authority, that this world is yours, and not their possession, as they try to insist, by violence and other means amen.

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There will be more disclosures, but how will the news affect you. Remember, this is written, times such as these are meant to happen, hold tight, your faith will sustain you if you remain in God, amen, the eternal promise, amen. As Isaiah said, words will be written, and justice will prevail,amen. And Jesus, always referred to Isaiah, amen.


It starts with a phone call, another is abused, a half message passed on, how they hide their arrogance, no surprise, he had the same call before. A political party, the arrangement of people, does anyone out there understand, all the mentions of mistrust in the press, the reactions of men and women of sound mind before, acting as if hypnotized, or in a cult or otherwise. He listens to the madness,its’ madness, makes plans, gets on with life. For reasons he understands clearly, it’s not for mention, the strange going on’s

Jesus warned everyone, in his group of followers, there will be man fakes,and as regards demons, they are plentiful, but hold onto your faith regardless of what great promises made, for the Kingdom is inside you, amen.

Solomon read the words of an esteemed teacher; the subject being, the well being of Spirit,and how a dulled spirit affects you. It will be tough says Jesus, but once you make the grade, you will be eternally rewarded.

An email from an unknown source,will you trust it, can you trust it, feelings you’d imagine an old lady would have when opening the door to a stranger late in the evening, that doubt, how it can slip into other aspects of your life. And you wonder where doubt came from, amen.