The Vineyard Owner

In trusted hands, the care of the flocks. Content as to their intentions, the vineyard owner leaves, a holiday and a rest is needed. The lease, proper use of the talents given, which will yield a harvest, the conditions are not hard, when the time comes, produce the harvest. In the harvest, there is the yield from the vineyard, which are deeds that lead to a Spiritual return, that will in time, lead to further yields, as others join in the harvest. The vineyard owner sends his servants, to collect the harvest.

Jesus told the parable, to remind us all, that a time will come, when we have to make a return. The words of the ancient prophets, tell us of the times, when we will be close to honoring that contract. Signs and great events point to days such as these.

Have we been good shepherds in this life. What marks have we left behind us,of our good deeds. Why is it important now.

Solomon was recalling the life of a great servant of the Most High God. Many blessings are connected to this fine soul. Of the Spirit from on high, not of this earth, this Spirit had a great yield while walking the earth. After his passing, when the Spirit of this person went home, the story of the life lived, was read. There was a fine yield.

Those who came along from the same family, added further to the yield. A continuous return. What will the vineyard owner make of your contribution to the harvest, amen.

Why disasters happen…

A question many ask; why did God allow this and that happen. The Spirit, is lacking, our compassion is non existent, while the Most High God wants all to be saved, how do you turn people, souls in other words, back to the path. God is the eternal Father. The God of the living not the dead, as the Heavenly Spirit is eternal. Disasters happen, we show compassion, a true believer has trials, while those who have no compassion, appear to sail on, this isn’t fair you say, but the words of Jesus make it clear. Those first now will be last, while those who suffer oppression, and hold onto their faith, have eternal happiness to look forward too, while, we don’t need to go there. Even the scriptures tell us; they ignored the ways of the Most High God,and that’s that. Why do God’s people suffer, amen.


Our moment, lets tare down those images those people of yesteryear, they only remind us of our suffering. global reminders of injustices past, and those who feel most hurt by the reminders, lose another opportunity to remind the global community of what happened to them. You can’t ban history; dictators have been good at denying the truth, but for those who want to burn down the memories, what are they saying. Do they not realize, that the very thing they wish to be known, their actions abolish, amen.

Treasure Box

In these confused times, there are many taking advantage of the hurt suffered in the past. At least those statues stood as reminders,of where we don’t want to revisit again.

Little Friend

The miracle of your birth, so soon forgotten. You become part of the laundry, something that has to be dealt with. I saw you take your first steps, the look in your eyes, the wonder you felt. It was a gift you gave me. To be able to watch your personality come to life. The habits you gathered, the little twists of the head, am I doing this right. So many times, i wondered, will this world ever wake up, and think, to imagine those eyes, being polluted, that early wonder ignored, while those that take advantage of the vulnerable, have their way. Many times I had to be silent, I had to be a witness, for a witness for God I am, amen.

Solomon sighed; how beauty is so easily tarnished while those in positions of responsibility think only of their reputations. Little friends, take heart, The God that made everything good is watching so closely, amen.

Have you the Heart…

Inside you, there is a sacred space. It holds all there is. A visitor is after arriving and seeks a place inside, is there room to accommodate, this visitor brings the promise of eternal life. What, you mean I have to have space inside. The thought process starts to jump, I haven;t lived in the heart for awhile, it’s a very delicate space. I prefer to reside in the head, that I can deal with. Well, can you bring more into the space then; what you ask. Well, are you able to love fully, are you able to clear the head for a start. God can’t live in a place infected with malice,hatred, fear, bias,selfishness, and there is more. You got it, there is a big big clean up needed. Ever wonder why the world closed down for 16 months, amen.

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Films and stories over time, ask the same question, have we room. Have we time. From the story of the birth of Jesus, the room at the Inn, the non welcome given to the savior. Heart seems to be at the heart of it all, does anyone have a full version of the original, or a close fit, anyone?.

Jesus taught the power of the Spirit, and repeated and repeated, no idols. Credit the Father in Heaven and no one else, amen. And who travels across the desert to visit the new King. yes, the wise men of the desert, who were guided by the star, amen.

The Wolves are set free…

We will get to the bottom of this. Demons and their assorted armies, converge on God’s people, ground hog day, this has happened before. The Almighty crushed them, and then the Kingdom was made safe. Words spoken against the Holy Spirit, is an eternal sentence, Jesus’s warning.

Angels and those of Spirit,come under assault. The demon mind gamers, seek leverage, a trouble spot inside those, committed to God’s way. It’s hard to sleep, when you have fear inside you residing. It’s not fear, its anxiety on account of those you know well, whom you hold dear in your heart. Spying and undermining, Jesus had to deal with it regularly. So, imagine, what it has been like for those who try to follow in his steps.

Help, Jesus wove power in His words, and gave all credit to another, humble too, to the Father. So, what you might say; Think of the seventy two that went out and came home rejoicing. We gave commands to demons, and they obeyed us. Think yourself a follower of that divine source of power, amen.

The arc of the covenant…

Under man’d, short of equipment, frightened, the Israelite army walks onto the battle ground. A vastly superior army is ready to slaughter them. DON’T LET BIAS CONTROL YOU, THIS IS WRITTEN ANCIENT HISTORY AND A LESSON TO ALL.

The arc of the covenant, the tabernacle of the Almighty, accompanies the Israelite army. The rest is history. When the power of God is with you, what is there to fear.

The covid crisis changed lives, but it also came with blessings unseen, until the crisis became manageable.Space inside which isn’t a wasteland of poor choices is priceless, when it comes to finding a lodging space, for the Holy Spirit to dwell. Pharaoh all those years ago, had to go through many forms of plagues, before they set God’s first chosen people free. In short, produce the fruit that nourishes and encourages Holy guests, amen.

Narrow Margins

The darkness has tried to take over the world, for many it has already happened. They have given up on their faith, have doubts where there was once certainty. What is the lesson here, how can you avoid falling into the pit. Judging others cuts off many sources of wisdom. There are many who have misjudged others, there are stories that tell us this, same as films, that remind us of those who outwardly appear to help, but who intentionally undermine. A lesson in the light and dark that the world provides.

For those seeking succor, recall the words of Jesus. When the Holy Spirit is undermined, the almighty God of Abraham and the prophets, understands, the damage that is being done. If surrounded by mobs that try to pull you there way, relax, once the Spirit is with you,they have absolutely no power, amen. To be precise;making room for that Holy Spirit, is the best advice you are likely to receive, amen.

Jesus warns the teachers of the law

Jesus didn’t save his opinions, didn’t go around with his head bowed down, wasn’t meek, and came to give life, eternal life, to all who were justified, by their deeds. For those who taught the law, he had severe warnings, and this is well recorded. Those in positions of authority, were also given the Jesus treatment; those who abuse their power beware, for Jesus, who through the Spirit of the Father, could do what the father allowed, knew the depth of that power and how all are treated fairly come judgement day.

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For those who taught the law, he was scathing. Many times those that seek help are left in a worse state than before, having had the teaching. Were there many today misleading intentionally, trying to build kingdoms for themselves at the expense of their community. What would he say to those who peddled wealth with faith, an anathema. Looking around today, the warnings of Jesus are timely indeed, amen.

Someone has to imagine it…

hold the tears, your not going anywhere, you were just an existence, you were, you are, a mixture, a combo, a yard brush, shovel, scalpel, an ear, you were just an instrument, that’s it, either useful in the service of light, or just dark with dark filled thoughts, no visibility. The function, your purpose, it could have been one of thousands, you aged along, fitted into different strata, you became rich with experience, then given choices, the selection box, you dipped into this and that,had your escapes, and now, near the end, you realize, you have to return the car to the rental company, and there is a scratch on the drivers door, does the excess cover get you out of paying more, this is going to cost you, then you transfer your car, turn it into your soul, your inner self, the scratches on it, can you see the original paintwork, another layer, how will you pay for it, someone has to imagine it, amen.