What, stop that, the radio, the month of November, the souls, listen, where do you think your influences come from, the young minds are discussing the radio, the padre is with them, he is supposed to lead them not indoctrinate them, the gardener is at the door, listening, Jesus he says, what is he doing, trying to corral them, the gardener shakes his head, the use of cult thinking was supposed to have been dealt with, he shakes his head, there are autumn leaves to gather. Cults, what is the meaning of free will, what is reasoning, why did it take being re born to be of the light, had anyone of them listened at all.

Later that evening he is at home, the smell of soup, freshly made, the odor caresses his nose, tickling him. A full thick broth, lots of chunky bits, a distant memory, the state of the soup. Those days, he hopes they will remember, the pacifier, food in the belly, the odd leather shoe thrown into the watery mix, any form of nutrient added, their rations so poor, as they were slowly degraded, while their Spirit held on, and ..he stops, a spoonful in mid air, she says nothing, those days, she found it hard to believe, then the stories are confirmed.

In another part of the world, there is denial of the cruelty, not through ignorance or anything of the sort, but the imagination, no one could imagine the lengths those people went to, in order to get rid of the divine influence, or whatever they thought it was. Yes he says, rubbing his chin, it’s hard to forget those who laid the path we are all on, so much to give thanks for, and she smiles, it’s not a breakdown, it’s the month of November, time to recall, take a time out, consider the consequences, how did we get here.

The lost numbers have brought a new drive in the local church. The need to communicate, new ideas, interesting ways of explaining things. Solomon smiles, I will explain he thinks, time takes him back. Imagine a reversal of roles, turn the experience upside down. The role of the oppressor way back then, the oppressed now, the role of women, the womeneen way back then, the boss now, the children, the little ones way back then, now the decision makers, on account of the habits they haven’t ingested yet. Remain a child in the eyes of the Father, you will be happily surprised, amen. Just like Jesus says..Solomon sighed, how that name rocks the boats and calms the storm at the same time…who can do this they asked?

Later, Solomon sighed, the use of modern day propaganda, the emotional traps, that drive top form hot spots of opinion, then the harvest of ruin. They will come to listen, then the welcome. In parts of the world, food was still a war front issue, amen.

“there was a time, when food was used as a religious weapon of influence”


The Women

In the Church they fought for rights, the Spirit in decline, they tried to assert their rights, continually denied, the men, who tried to own them, the mothers who were farmed for their Spirit, while the environment was going into a tailspin, and now Iran, and many other places. God Most High, the cloud with this blog, is a very real one, and there is so much evidence, to prove this, that is cannot be denied. It’s time to listen.

Solomon sighed, the words of Jesus, men and women equal, while the hidden meaning in the Islamic code, is shown, liberating many hearts, while the People of Palestine, wait for their release from their bonds. With prophetic signs appearing, change going on everywhere, there comes a time, and this is it, to sit up and listen, to the words of Jesus Christ. Without mercy, where do you go, or as the King said, as in the words of Jesus, the judgement of the people, what did you do for Love, etc…

The Cloud

Appeals to the people of the world, help needed, the rewards, eternal, how we treat others, compassion, do we try to cause disruption, what is the cost to the innocent, those they actually harm, are there consequences, AMEN. Truth, playing politics when the power of the ALMIGHTY is obvious, why do we bother to decorate the lie, why do we dare put God to the test, what do we expect in return, a blessing?

The appeals go out, there is chaos, confusion, people call for leadership, so many waiting on spiritual developments, does the help arrive?. Many signs, too many to mention arrive, consistently, to wake up the people, the hand of God, a warning and a blessing, even great results, even clouds. Are Spiritual leaders responsible for making their flock aware of the news, what else are they supposed to do, build a network, hardly?

Solomon sighed, apart from the usual interference, as casual as rain in winter, he recalls the day the cloud arrived, and the chain of events ever since, a great source of help for those who want to have their heart filled appeals to be heard, just pass it on, amen.


Freedom, freedom, the song fades out, the play list, it’s on automatic, she is immobile on the bed, hasn’t moved her head for an hour, an assistant comes in regularly to move her, the threat of lesions, it’s her experience, her life, freedom she pleads, her head a minefield, the music keeps her distracted, but it never lasts, more more more, the song intro, she likes the beat, old times, and old tune, those were the days, glad for the distraction, momentary peace in the head…

Freedom, will I ever meet someone who loves me for being me, why do I have to change all the time, these thoughts enter her head while she gets made up, another show as they call it, hours away. What is the choice today, she glances at the box of pills, three of those and she will be her other self. Freedom, to be accepted for who you are, including the pain inside.

She waits for him, what will he want today, the disfigurements, he likes me like this, he likes me like that, what will work the best, she wants to please. The radio comes on, did i push that button, the voice captures her attention. It goes like this…

“the problem with men and women is not that they are men and women, it’s that they have differing emotional needs, it’s been too much one way traffic in favor of the lower love, while totally disregarding their inner spiritual self, they have to give themselves away to be loved, it’s how they framed the world, they presented children as being the property of the Father, when that is formed in the head, men are led to assume, they hold sway over women, hence their aggressive attitude, where does a woman go to find true love, rather than the attitude of a cat walk model, he picked me, when it’s like holding out yourself to be sold..Many even believe and have been told, as shown by society too, that money power and sex is what controls the world, check the newspapers, it’s full of that message…

She continues to dress, money power, that she could do with, the other part, she would like to meet a friend when she goes out, rather than one of those, who have one mind set, the magic between men and women. Freedom, what is it?..

He’s on his way, the Jewish people hear the news, great events are being reported, a messiah has arrived, so the feeling goes, freedom thinks the farmer, amen. She is listening to the audio book, Jesus, what can he do for me, what was he. So she hears a voice, a sweet sound, she begins to relax, she has never heard this before, relax, don’t you know, this life is a journey dear, there is a great reward at the end, what she sighs, freedom. Allow the Spirit that brings the healthy fruit to enter your heart, build up a treasure of good works, the Lord above hears the prayer of the contrite sinner, amen, freedom she sighs at last, amen.

Solomon sighed, the gospels had been shown to be the conduit, that holds the gate open for the sheep to enter into the higher world, live the word, be a living witness to the wonders of God, how to start was the issue for most, so many burdened from their sin, afraid to accept, the reality of their divine potential. A gift from above, peace in the heart, those that endure, will save their life eternal, amen.

Habit Forming

Threat, fear, violence, intimidate, the example, the entertainment, the harm to the Hearts that truly love, crimes against the Holy Spirit of the eternal God, the daggers, those acts that, that continue to pierce, the gnawing, how the hearts bleed, the breathing startles, the horrid reminders of a previous fate, and they do this in the sight of the Holy sentinels that report to the Most High God.

Solomon sighed, why be alarmed, much confusion and chaos was written about a long time ago, unstable leaders, truth near extinct, before the revival and the birth of the new earth, amen. Habits, what is it that they want to encourage, what sort of fear do they have in mind, don’t they know that the Almighty God can turn their schemes on those that plan and carry them out, have they not seen the cloud.

Isaiah wrote about how God wished for all who wanted to be saved and healed, just to turn towards His ways, while Jesus regularly quoted the same Holy Prophet, so those words of Isaiah, ought to be listened to, amen.

Is every act against the Almighty God a needle, a challenge to the divine authority, the Egyptians were stubborn to the end, the roman empire was defiant to the end, and while these Kingdoms have disappeared, the Kingdom that Jesus taught about, is the one and only, and still being discussed today, amen. What habits are you passing on?


female voices, God, we only want to feed the children, we want them to grow up safe, we want leaders whom to trust in, we don’t need all that much. Across the world, men try to dominate as if they have superior wisdom about them,even though the times show their superior thinking to be, leaking to say the least. Who gave man power over women,the holy books, gave them responsibility, same way a bank manager minds the cash in a bank, the money is not the bank man’s, same as the Spirit belongs to God, it doesn’t work otherwise.

Color so what, who created the white super stuff, as if it came from the mouth of Jesus. Solomon sighed, he was doing a lot of it lately, darn stuff, the revelations that come upon you, unnoticed, like a car accident. He was watching old TV, listening to the voices, soft toned, none of the modern day anger you hear all the time, what was it, that turned people to anger, he reflected. The angry faces of today, had to have their roots in the past. A renowned singer, Louis Armstrong, maybe Nat king Cole, it could be anyone else, but it was the round appealing smile of these black stars, humbly asking, with love in their words, and from their voices, tenderly asking, no pain lines even if they had been thrown out of restaurants cause of the laws, and had good reason to hate,they chose to offer love as the solution to our issues, they were not trying to wind up the hate, so many today seem to get applause for, why, and they thought that the end of the second great war, would bring about AN inner change in the mindset of folks who looked down on them, because of color, why those angry faces today, when it should have been different, amen.

Lessons arrive every day, that try to free us, from the traps we make for ourselves and others, free, from what the sinner asks, well, those who offend the most high God what is it they do, to cause mistrust, lessons, mistrust is the daily diet of the demon, no one else, cause confusion, upset, annoy,after awhile, no one knows what to think, and we wonder where our issues come from; the closet we hide our stuff in. Open sesame is the times we live in; sigh, doesn’t the notion of forgiveness make a sigh now, amen.

narcissistic mind

horror story, the woman is broken and damaged. Her other half, the one she thought loved her, mocks her in private when with his buddies. I got rid of her cheap he says,got her to run off, his friends laugh, no, they sneer, how they admire that mind that turned a woman into a raving lunatic. Accomplished with reputation, no one doubts the good decisions,but he had a past, some very dark impulses, undermining women of course. What damage has he unleashed into the world;does he not know, that he will be held responsible when it matters, for the wave of pain she suffers and passes on to another.

Father has been unfaithful, meaning,another has been unfaithful,both married. Children are born, by different fathers with the same mother, imagine the confusion as the children get older. Solomon sighed, there were rules in times of old about appropriate behaviors in marriage. I guess it’s important to know, where you came from, amen.

There was a lot that was not being said. Time to read between the lines. If chemical misuse had the planet on it’s knees, what was the confusion caused, by having unknown relationships, amen. Does the chemical imbalance in relationships lead to confusion. Well?

Insects bugs worms food

The swallow swoops down upon the river, grabbing tiny flies as it goes, it’s mouth open, the flies where they are supposed to be. The spider feels the web shake, another meal has been caught. The worm is caught in the flood, a meal for a trout, and it goes on and on. man comes along, doesn’t like those insects that like his corn, decides to do away with them. The poisoned insect is eaten by the bird, who dies from poisoning, and this is repeated the world over. Years later, there is an outcry, the insects are dying, the water isn’t clean, the birds are getting smaller, Mother nature is loosing strength.

The mirror, that’s you, no escaping it’s human thinking that has driven us to this state of affairs, and it’s Godly thinking, that will point us in the direction of healing it, amen. A tiny virus that is only visible under microscope, brought the world to a halt; Those little insects, that food chain, it all adds up, and when there are gaps in the chain, there is only uncertainty, amen.

The Vineyard Owner

In trusted hands, the care of the flocks. Content as to their intentions, the vineyard owner leaves, a holiday and a rest is needed. The lease, proper use of the talents given, which will yield a harvest, the conditions are not hard, when the time comes, produce the harvest. In the harvest, there is the yield from the vineyard, which are deeds that lead to a Spiritual return, that will in time, lead to further yields, as others join in the harvest. The vineyard owner sends his servants, to collect the harvest.

Jesus told the parable, to remind us all, that a time will come, when we have to make a return. The words of the ancient prophets, tell us of the times, when we will be close to honoring that contract. Signs and great events point to days such as these.

Have we been good shepherds in this life. What marks have we left behind us,of our good deeds. Why is it important now.

Solomon was recalling the life of a great servant of the Most High God. Many blessings are connected to this fine soul. Of the Spirit from on high, not of this earth, this Spirit had a great yield while walking the earth. After his passing, when the Spirit of this person went home, the story of the life lived, was read. There was a fine yield.

Those who came along from the same family, added further to the yield. A continuous return. What will the vineyard owner make of your contribution to the harvest, amen.

Why disasters happen…

A question many ask; why did God allow this and that happen. The Spirit, is lacking, our compassion is non existent, while the Most High God wants all to be saved, how do you turn people, souls in other words, back to the path. God is the eternal Father. The God of the living not the dead, as the Heavenly Spirit is eternal. Disasters happen, we show compassion, a true believer has trials, while those who have no compassion, appear to sail on, this isn’t fair you say, but the words of Jesus make it clear. Those first now will be last, while those who suffer oppression, and hold onto their faith, have eternal happiness to look forward too, while, we don’t need to go there. Even the scriptures tell us; they ignored the ways of the Most High God,and that’s that. Why do God’s people suffer, amen.