The CuldeSac

High pursuits, the chase, the speeding wheels, the turn down the dark alley, fleeing, the approach, the noise, the reverse move, the drive in the lane, slowly, your hiding in the rubbish, breath shaking, the steps get closer, the door of the car closes, the click of the pistol, is it your time, then you suddenly wake up, sigh, the sweat on your face, the deep breath, still there, alive, another day ahead of you, you don’t want to dream like that again, but it wasn’t a dream. The terror, the inability to sleep, how can you find rest, where do you escape to, your not able to do anything on your own, the thought, and then the relief, it was only a nightmare, the hands have feeling, your spine in tingling, your surprise at that, there is supposed to be no feeling there at all, is something happening, the angst turns to joy, it’s going to be alright.

Powerlessness, having no point of view that’s listened to, your opinions, well, fodder really, unless someone ahead of you has need for it, the promotion, always given to those who do the organisation thing,. play by the rules, your inner well being, undermined, soul destroying, is there any relief from this inner tyranny your experiencing. Even the phone is no longer the friend you thought it was, those numbers, you begin to doubt everything, and when your loaded with interests adds, the habits of your phone, it’s no getaway either, as if your life has been planned for you, is there no escape.

The hospital ward, the smell of disinfectant, the leather shoes on the tiles, the clickity clack, the sound a familiar one, the patient waits for the door to open, the mood begins to cheer up, someone who will treat you like a living human being, not someone they are making arrangements for, when the life on this earth ends, no, your Spirit friend treats you like your living, your useful, worthy in other words. Spirit to Spirit, a different dialogue takes place, no thoughts about illness or cure, no whispered words in the ear, no, you are treated like a Spirit, the Spirit that lives for ever, and you respond accordingly, amen.

Those who believe in the Eternal world, are not thinking about passing from this life to another, this is life, today, today matters, today. With choices, we go down culdesac’s, or we chase others down culdesac’s, we get stuck, we have trouble turning around, apologizing, we sometimes prefer to remain stubborn, for any amount of reasons. In short, there is only the teaching that leaves you wanting more, and that is the words of Jesus, living words, why so, because you have to live them, they are alive, and when you speak in terms of that Spirit, you bring with you life, amen. not a culdesac.


The Fate of Those Who offend the Spirit from above…?

My God, did we do that, the frog in the throat moment, what excuse can you offer. Every time you harm another,it’s another stab at the heart that loves, another cry heard. Why in these times, is it important, to recall, the One who made it all possible. Should we ignore the warnings, or should we spin them away, the way politicians do.

Jesus was very clear on this, the room for maneuver, very limited, no deals for those who deliberately do so. Solomon was recalling the light shone from certain lives on their communities,and how corrupt men, wove schemes, to get rid of them. Apart from the Spiritual free fall, the legacy is never enchanting, it’s usually domineering by a few,what is the fate of these few, who oppress the Holy Spirit,even the games they play, using others like chess pieces, where will they go, when their time comes, Heaven is real, the signs tell us this, Solomon sighed, it can’t be a happy feeling inside,but a hollow one indeed, amen.

Refugee International Day…

Neighbors, the lesson of the refugee, fool yourself but you can never fool the Almighty, it’s inside you, same as those refugees tonight, waiting for someone to show mercy to them. If we are sincere, well, if your reputation is all that matters this does not apply to you, caring for others, demands less of the self and more of the we, it’s not important the group your in, many are misled, but your ability to have empathy is something we all need to put work into and fast. The prayers of the oppressed are heard,and with the signs from above, and we all know this, making it a safer journey for the refugee, is important. Jesus lived as a refugee too, and it’s to Him you will have to make your appeal, so if we have a chance to help the oppressed,and they are in every news story today, we can’t claim ignorance anymore, that excuse is done and dusted.

World leaders, living in five course meal and avarice company, listen to the words of old, as Spoken by Jesus Christ. Those in positions of authority, will have to account for themselves, and if Jesus spoke it, well, it’s gospel, amen.

Jesus has very harsh words for those who mislead the people and lead them astray, and while he spoke words such as these when speaking of the pharisee’s, he included those in positions of authority, as the Children of the Father, and their eventual inheritance was being endangered, as was the harvest itself, the return of the Spirit to the Father.

So, the issue has to be addressed, and it’s not for under the carpet anymore. The attempt to hide atrocities does not work either,as revelations have shown, so what are we going to do about this, how can we improve the focus, on our caring ways, that actually achieve and are not more spin stories, that is dead too, as social media has shown. Do we need a move away from nationalism to a more generous mind set. If there are those who want to be extreme when it comes to their borders,remember this, the owner of the vineyard thinks different, amen.

A more thoughtful attitude, might be helpful in so many ways, amen. The pictures in this blog, were the result of a prayer for assistance from the Most High. amen


Jesus spent a lot of time changing plans,on account of the inordinate amount of spying he had to deal with, is was as if He was dealing with a cult. Trying to trick him out was almost a daily experience,and all his habits were reported on, in order to dismiss his credibility with those following, same as goes on in modern life. If you want to harm someone,seek ways to cause damage, amen. So from the start, there was trouble, even as a small baby, the lengths his parents had to go, in order to protect Him. If there is one word that sums it up, they made it difficult for Him from the beginning until the end, amen. They hoped it was an end, but happily for the world, it was only the beginning before the great return.

How will religions fare on the spying front, how will God Most High treat those who undermine Spirit,as those who spy, are generally, very wicked, amen. Considering the times, and all those wonderful signs, maybe all the religions need a big clean up,amen.

The Fourth Wife Syndrome

Desolation,the carnage, what,thinking of others,with number four it’s hard to remember the name of the first, the leavings, he only walked out twice, did they make college, one of his ex’s had two children by another,how were they faring, was he expected to remember them, the number of birth days, you’d need a secretary, number four, much simpler. He will never go astray again, he made this promise so often, this time he is sure, as sure as all the other times. commitment, if it works out fine, who wants you to suffer. One last gamble, the current arrangement, wife number five, a little more exotic, earns money on the quite, has put thoughts into his head, he will go legit, this girl works, amen.

The weight some women carry, the inner kind, Solomon smiled, with all the signs,they will hopefully be treated better, amen. Destiny with the light, who can pass that app, amen.

Later,wife number six was very understanding; she met him on a prison visit, she being on the committee, he serving six for slavery, amen.

Apartheid and Israel

The United states, medical apartheid, female wage levels, financial apartheid, apartheid, we do it every day of our lives. It’s the buzz word of the moment. It’s not the Israeli People who are causing the problem with the distressed Palestinian people as awful as it is. It’s fear, fear. When the fear levels are rising, thank Donald and many others, they have been fanning the flames of hatred, the only apartheid worth fighting, is the apartheid of Honest people in politics globally,amen.

The right wing extreme thinkers, the remnants of Adolf Hitler, who push the negative and the fear, its called voting for security. Every reasonable soul knows this, but they feel powerless. So what is there to do, the questions on many lips, particularly those directly involved. Well, what is the outcome of peace; a more prosperous society and international help, amen.

You’re Welcome in This Place re blog…

Is the heart open, are you cold to the needs of others, do you put money before friendship, are you constantly seeking the edge, is your ego all that worries you, are you seeking the approval of mere men or God, questions we all have to answer.

In your heart, inside you, is where God dwells, hope the space is clean and ready. Amen

Lazarus and Jesus

Lazarus features quite a lot in the life of Jesus. He is in Heaven, he is deemed to have passed, he is brought back to life, and is called a friend of Jesus, lucky Lazarus. Why does it matter, what today. The plane recovers after loosing an engine, those on board prepare for the so called end. The plane lands safely, no injuries anywhere. It’s as if we are being told, never give up believing.

News gets out, Jesus can do what no other can do. Many try to touch his cloak, energy is flowing from Him. Meanwhile, the local religious people are upset.Their complex rituals can’t compare with the simplicity of His teaching.

2021, the year, after the 2020 year of clear vision, so how should those of the religious behave today, in relation to the wonders of all the revelations, that have been coming, like a woman in the throes of child birth, what attitude should they possess. Should they try to force their opinions by stealth, as they tried to do all those years ago, or try a kinder approach,given the Power of the Father, and the need for mercy, on a universal scale.

Would harming the Spirit be a wise activity to engage in. And if so, how would Jesus categorize them. In a nutshell, what sort of Spirit would encourage that activity. Hardly from God, but from man, seems the correct answer.

Comfort Zone

Safe opinions, no out of the way comments, they love gossip, stray, get back in line, the world and it’s picture of itself, far away fields, the images in the head, what are you doing they ask, if your up there they want to aspire, if your down there, they want perhaps to change you, if your career choice isn’t outwardly rewarding, they want to warn you, and if you have lofty expectations, they want to drown you, what is the comfort zone.

Choices are tough, and making ones that are outside the comfort zone, it’s even harder. In the unrealistic world that was, the over consumption of resources that are finite, the wasting of an environment that was struggling, it’s easy to hide among the crowds, and believe there is nothing you can do about it, your just one person, fall into the line, do as told, you don’t expect us to help you, do you?

The early martyrs faced the same predicament, and chose to believe in the God of Jesus, he did miracles after all, and taught wisdom with authority, not as a mantra of prayers, rather simple, the Spirit inside you, don’t let it become depressed, and don’t let your conscience over power you.

Times of great difficulty, there are changes afoot, everyone is being asked to think before they act, unusual advice, consider others, don’t be critical. If you read the parables of Jesus, this is explained clearly, your brothers and sisters of faith, don’t attach themselves to religions, they live the words, and leaving your comfort zone can help. When the Spirit is with you, you are never alone, despite the skepticism of friends and those that think they know you, sometimes they are too anchored to the past, amen.

Spirit Calls…

The voices are calling, the days of old, how those of God called out, how they were delivered, because the Spirit was strong in them, and they respected the word and promise of God. How Goliath laughed at David, a mere weakling, who does he think he is, imagine the snide faces, watching this man, how dare he, even the act of walking onto the battlefield, how they mocked him fool they said to themselves, but the Great God of Heaven had other plans. Same as the widow who gave two bits all those years ago, more than all the rich men, what she did is recalled to this day, the Spirit never forgets.

Solomon sighed, he recalled those whose love he had been given, and how that love had sustained him, he never forgot either. There are those who follow with pride what rich men have to say, it gives the inside knowledge, so they think. Little do they know they are worshiping demons most of the time, money and pride, amen. God seeks kindness tenderness and love, the very currency most of the rich always seem to lack, amen.