The Surveillance Experience

Do you remember, the effort to spy, the effort to listen, the effort to stall, the embassy, it’s the constant interference with the mind, that is the new playground. Blasting energy, it used to be a medical procedure, those kidney stones, now it’s the mind and the body, that they assault, experimenting, what would the Most High God think of such activity, what would the thought be, a careful consideration on where to store these evil minds when the time is ready, not a reaction, the image of the Mother Earth, a what, pushing a hos pipe into the earth, filled with all sorts, in order to get energy out, what are they thinking, the verdict, well, what did Esdras and Uriel discuss, it’s all in there, those who have those dark ways, amen.

Solomon smiles, in words, the news gets back, what they are doing to others, do you need to ask, amen.


Les Miserables

Timeless classic, the words, a parable, the ways of the world, described in words, brought to life, in musical form, the Crawford experience, the tenderness of the voice, the vocal harmony, how it lifted everyone, hearts that were lost, found again, how Victor Hugo, gave life to so much hop in words, and Lloyd Weber, the music of the night, how it soothes the aching heart, recall the great composers, where they came from, the experiences they went through, trying to bring the world together, how they Honor the One who gave the talents out, think of the harvest, when you listen and or read the words, amen.

The effort to keep us connected to the light, so many out there, on a daily basis, trying to hold onto it, that inner feeling, while others try to tear you away from believing. The Prophet sighs, the trials of Jesus, under constant scrutiny, they, the spiritual guides of the times, looking for holes in the argument, like torpedoes trying to sink the boat of hope, and what does Jesus say of those that oppress you, for having Faith in Him, and The One true God, you are blessed in other words, hang on, the reward set out for you, is eternal, amen.

The apostles are on the lake, a storm arises, the boss is at the back of the boat, trying to get some rest, what are they worrying about, the sleep broken, would you have faith, the storm, slows, wind calms, and they wonder, who is this, the power of words and music, that calm the inner self, listen, amen.


Whats on the mind, the policy maker, says jobs. The poverty index, the direction it goes, a talking point and reasons to be angry, or an excuse. What sort of minds use bad information on certain people, to coral them, into a united voice, or how they use the rage they themselves planted, for their own evil uses.

Thinking, the town is turned around, the combination, is it spirit, is it money, what is behind it. Well, the signs have been coming from a heavenly source, which some are trying to claim credit for, this is written, in times like these, where there are changes outstanding, there will be those, who will be misleading and confusing, in order to remove the faith of many. Why are we warned about this.

In short, if the truth was written so long ago, and with no doubts as to the Gospel of Jesus, it follows, that the teachings of Jesus, are the ones that shine a light on our current situation, amen.

Solomon smiled; the stories that teach us. The child, early fifties, or sixties, the TV a new affair, entertainment wholesome family affairs, the policy safe guarded, nothing over the top until after the late hours, not for children in other words. Years later, its as if its all grafted into one, and with so many dependent upon it, the screen, can we do anything about it.

Solomon sighed, it’s the car in the early stages of use. After many years and after much destruction of the environments, we now are going electric, clean energy in other words, amen. As for those who want to see a world that is on the recovery trail, lucky those, who have leaders who point them to the ways of the wise, amen. And the children in these places, their trust in the future, makes them keen to learn all about it, great foundations for a future world.

The transformation

In therapy, the mind is not what it is, the continuous glum news, save me, what can transform me. The people pull their thoughts together, there is a national tragedy. The act as one. The mood within is part hope and sad, part joy and despair. The overall feeling, glad it wasn’t me in there. A hand emerges, the body follows, there is a heart beat, the crowd cheers, good news at last.

The anguish so many deal with, that is not recognized. Women and their identity, the youth, we are good for two things, think it out, the lesson is learned young, they are sold and sold, the emotions, somewhat strange, they get used to it, while they look up, wonder, where are you, why does it take so long, those that still manage to hang on ask.

The door opens, the friendly voice. She is gladdened inside, a friend. Ageing is not easy, and the community is not as solid as it was. The friend is full of joy, happy, light, not trying to undo her, there to help and cheer up. Life and the troubles are forgotten for a while. The transformation, I can let myself relax awhile.

Lovers meet, the chemical changes, the energy of lightness. Jesus enters the temple, what is he going to say, it’s always enlightening. The need to listen not a strain, the only ones who oppose him, those that want you to cling to the old ways, not the transformation you feel.

It’s my island and I’ll do what I want with it?

Sounded good when you didn’t have to account, her life with him was an Island, and she a prisoner thereof. You’ll behave like this the wave machine was set in place, he gave the order wanted to see, that look on her face, she’ll fall into my trust and will be my whip, I’ll tell her the consequence if she dare not, my children children that emotion that is forever, that’s the impression dear of your disorder,. the visitors limited they appeal to her senses, like a princess cut off but with unlimited resources, she thinks they think they agree she releases, that’s my Island, then it all changed.

The boats arrived, the cargo human, led in chains, they dismounted slowly, amazed, where are we the look in their eye, a mixture of hope their childish faith hard to undertand, were these the great whites they were told to understand, written in all cultures, the story of salvation told over generations, one day there will be a great return, was that a mixture for interpretation or was it, let me explain said the chief to the youth that did not understand, the meaning of a title or the length of a rein.

Her age is not a secret she holds it in, how ungracious she thought after all she has done, to put that thought into the eternal fold, how your time is used against you as you get old…

Solomon sighed, it was the end of winter as per the calendar, the hope, was real, and the changes hard to understand, no times like these, he thought of those off shore havens, how limiting they are, they store up resources for the well being of all, well, why would you do the darnest thing said Jimmy Stewart in that western movie, he is leading the trouble back into their pen, he being, Jimmy, the god fearing type, could not understand, so Solomon imagined, the signs appear, that’s that, the revelations occur, that’s that corner done, the alignment of the stars, another peg in the ground, the argument for religious wars, undone, amen.

For the angry. imagine Mother Nature, and her charges, the creatures of the entire earth, complaints, she has heard them all, a break, tell her something positive instead, amen.

The Womb

On the run, space, they are on high pursuit, she is tiring, ducks into a shed, holds her breath, no fear, no fear, they can smell that, the hounds pass by, she waits, waits, the space she found, in the womb, Overnight, I’ll over night. The morning, peace calm, she is relaxing, has not had that feeling in ages, a weight off her back, she decides to wait longer, the peace. The day follows into night, more peace, no one seeking from her, finally, finally, I have time to think.

He is in his office, his warden of horror at his side, where is she he demands. He has sold his soul, it seemed like a good idea, he inherited an army of undesirables. The only way he can survive is too keep them busy, pursuing the angels, the divine sentinels. A button is pressed, in walks a clique version of a look alike diva of another age.

In a harsh voice that is belying her looks,

“no signal, no signal, we can’t access her Sir!”

In the womb she is at peace, no harm can touch her, Christ Jesus, thank you, amen. She looks about for a distraction, she is regaining her strength, the mental abilities she needs to defend herself and others, from the thought police, those that insert into heads all sorts of vile thoughts, based on an algorithm, devised by a deranged drug riddled genius of old who is now quarter dead.

This is a sanctuary she says.

Back in the office, his head steaming, the thoughts waiting to plunge into a life, those in his head, he summons the slave.

Well, any signal yet

In other places, the walls are falling. While she is free they have no protection from the One above. It’s now a permanent condition.

Is the space ship ready he asks!

Solomon sighed. The struggle, the thought might have been ironic, but on this day, when the effort was made to eliminate the earth of it’s Jewishness, a day that is down in history, the worst of efforts to machine the human to death, and the dependency now on the machine, who’d believe the savior would come and deliver God’s people, amen.

Saint Francis and the Sultan

Eight centuries ago, St. Francis of Assisi took a risk when he crossed the battlefield between Crusader and Muslim forces near Damietta, Egypt, desiring to meet Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil and preach his faith in Jesus Christ.

At the time – 1219 – Christian forces were in the midst of the Fifth Crusade, which was eventually repelled by the sultan’s superior army near the town that was a centre of trade and commerce on the Nile River where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

The future saint readily put his life on the line so he could witness his faith to the famed Muslim sultan, and in doing so both men came away with a new respect for the faith of the other

800 years ago, or thereabouts, the celestine report, the appeal by the then Pope to all the people of the world, all of them, acknowledge the world belongs to The Almighty, never forget it.

Solomon smiled, the convergence of the divine truth. Through the words of Jesus put to life, by living them, revelations come into the world, with revelations in the Talmud and the Koran, leading to the light of “Jesus Christ”, the savior of the world. The title, Jesus Christ, is shared by all the main faiths, while the truth of the gospels has been shown to be true in these times, played out live, with no doubts whatsoever, making the words of Jesus, the living word of the Almighty, how great it is when we reach out, amen.

27th Word

The remembrance date, the genocide, the war, do we really need them, the thought of past horrors, the effort to save the national reputation, the meaning of the times.

The war stopper sighs, what if, the arms and legs of all those taken in the current conflicts, were used to help those limbless, now that science has found a way of re connecting lost limbs, a thoughtful moment, the hair is shaved, faces clean, a point to another time, the bodies line up, each awaiting their turn, surely this is a transition nothing more. The lesson, why do neighbors turn on their own in times of severe depression, what allows it, what has been learned. Do we have to account for the past.

The 27th, the anniversary moment, 80 years since, its’ not a long time, as old as grand dad, like yesterday, do we need to be reminded where it went.

The prophet sighs, what if, the soul is on a journey, and has to wade through many human states, all the anxieties, all the troubles, the inconvenience, what if, it’s all a test, that suffering you perceive to be forever, will end, the journey continues after you pass from the body, another set of challenges to overcome, or, those that speak up for you, the hidden truth that only the Most High knows about, the legacy of the hope you have sown.

The 27th moment, there is a long list of artists who passed at that age, it’s well noted, and it also reminds the writer, of the day the cloud arrived, the 27th of the 7th, a few years ago, so there has to be meaning.

Lets reflect on peace, amen.

New Zealand Premier Decides to Move Over…

I cannot give it all, it’s better to allow another in, the time is important, I have a life to live too, and this trolling, mental assault is bad enough, but when you have your own children to look after, and they need the time, (think of those left to their own devices), my time. The lady explains, you need to be authentic, real to yourself, it’s not easy having to worry about the children of the country, when you don’t have time for your own, it’s not good for you, amen.

Solomon reads the story, the young female leader, her children young, trying to fight the good cause while keeping the spirits up. He is reminded of others, surrounded by all sorts of interests, each one trying to be the favored child, it’s not easy.

The young professional enters the office, out of college, degree’d, status, has a secretary appointed, is treated like one above others, the power gets to his head; they will do anything, so long, his education and training make him curious as to how far he can push the power button, and with that curiosity comes the other fixtures of life, the ambitions rise, so does the nefarious thinking, has dreams of being a political leader too, more deviousness required.

Into the cauldron steps the inexperienced mother, experienced, what a word, she is committed to mothering, it’s natural to be, and the problems everyone else skims over, she is willing to expose, in times of change, she gets the popular vote, the new times begin, while our narcissistic hero, the office pro dreams of having her job, for reasons, would we all not like to know.

After bickering, and rantings, as most politicians are forced to deal with, the lady Premier, has time to consider, her spirit drained, she needs to step away, she decides to step down, was there any other way.

Solomon sighed, the notion of twin leaders; why do you have a deputy, unless it’s to fill the position when you want some time off, amen.

Davos 23

Meeting in the alps, to discuss the latest, what ever it is, they call it, they might look back on the last 25 years and measure the output, a review of the thinking, since anyone with a deep pocket gets an inside seat at the new proposals, so the Davos way suggests.

The items on the agenda, which plague are we dealing with now, the years supply their own, how are we going to deal with this, any voices, the “23” davos, the opinions of whom you ask, the first task, where are the signs coming from, where is the threat some ask, the honest volunteer replies, it’s ourselves mainly, we are the ones.

The polar bear delegation arrives, they have their own igloo, fresh water supplies from the arctic, fish even, caught the old way, (seals), they have their future to discuss, more ice for the pina coladas, can anyone find a waiter around here, the polar bears laugh, one of our jokes, they have been waiting awhile for change, and the latest rescue option, men in leotards pulling at oars attached to a lump of ice, populated by a new colony of polar bears, seems a bit far fetched, to which a davos expert replies, “if it was good enough in roman times it ought to be good enough today”, a comment at which they growl, as if to say, you mean you believe all that stuff?.

The “23” davos, where is the boat leaking, or where are the holes in the boat, before the water gets that high. The inner well being of the attendees should not be the reason we call it success, they were smiling when they arrived, and joyfully recalling all that network duties they attended to, see you next year stuff, that’s success to some, but the inner feeling; what kind of world creates stressed people, a very stressed one obviously, same goes for other issues, says the polar bear commission.

So the meeting commences, a guest chair, well, what have you achieved the last 25 years, a lot says the world. In the short term, the polar bears are quite, the future promise of free food for the next ten years is an easy sell to those who have to work harder at getting the basics, as for free, the fish were always free, it’s just the numbers, while the stressed want an emotional easing, a less tragic world based on communion, amen.

In the long grass, the heads watch, readers of the sky, that news, ought to have a bearing on Davos, amen.