Experiment Experiment Experiment

The readers of thoughts, the monitor of movement, the pawns on the street, the meddlers of hope, transgressors, the mind machine, the invasion of the mind, what the blazes, they control everyone, so they thought, until the word reached the Heavens, and now they are rowing for their lives, it’s that simple.

The lone sailor across the Atlantic, the loneliness of the long distance runner, the metaphors, this need for space, even on TV, it’s shown to us, the mind game experiments, there is evidence, the mindlessness, we are only trying to improve humanity, their excuse, what did they think of Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God, and the host of souls that stood against such roman minded control, well, the ruins were left on the streets of Rome to remind all, God loves his Children, amen.

As the parables say, if only, as Isaiah says, if only they turned to the Almighty instead, how their troubles just ease.


Luciani The Great

Not that lucky luciano, the other, not that unconnected either, considering that the luciani without the “O” was bumped off during the night, 33 odd years ago, but timely is the matter, the lessons he left behind, this chosen servant of the Almighty, and how his reforms back then, would have had such an affect one would think, if they had then been implemented, that’s the news, amen. Reformers, zealots, thieves, dissenters, cheats, the usurped, the list is long, and the progress that we call progress, has brought us to the tip of the iceberg, the ease of use of drugs, the break-up of family life, the community that has broken down, the irreverence for the Almighty, and the stress mother nature has had to endure, this is just a cheap account of the current situation, even though, there are green stems of hope sown in places, still the question is what if?

Who sold out the Pope, who sold out, who was bribed, why were they bribed, why was Latin america so dominated by an extreme right wing think tank, why the slurs against certain countries, why have women had to stress that much, and why do men complain when women toughen up, and say they have had enough, even if it costs them their core nature of nurture at times, the quest for survival, amen, how in these times, the Gospel of Jesus has been shown to be 100% true, what is the fate of those who stand against G-D’s Holy People, do they think they can succeed, or did they think they could succeed, amen.

The original kindness that was an every day affair, the common greeting, the welcome that was a given, the community issues dealt with, without the usual angst, now it’s a crime to complain, there are those on the other side who go for the jugular at the first chance, as if to say, how dare you for an opinion, and the others, the by standers who watch, wondering which horse to back once the race commences, what sort of world do you want?

Eight Billion Reasons, what was the population in the early seventies, can the world live like it did in the past, given the pressure on resources, the need to slow greater now, while more children scream to be fed, well, the economist in his cosy office, or the intellectual in hiding, might cling to issuing great advice, but the advice that has lead us to this great conundrum, well, it’s the emperor’s clothes syndrome, they are naked for ideas when it comes to recovery, amen, allow the new ideas in, amen.

Treasure Box

The word is the power, according to the Gospel of John, and the flow is vital, and since there are those, who interfere in the normal thinking and the use of wisdom that flows from it, as Luciani would say, if at the keyboards, change is not just the weather forecast, it’s the future, amen.

Solomon wrote, the rescue was written a long while back, the issues identified, the runway identified, the troubles identified, another luciani, had the second effort to avert the rescue, not been a second attempt to thwart the will of the Almighty, amen, when the issues going forward were clear to the prophets, amen. Or worse, men trying to act like as if they were of G-D, the truth probably, let them continue with the clean up, amen, while the people of the Almighty enjoy their time, amen.

8 Billion Persons

That’s a lot of mouths to feed, that’s a lot of rethinking, that’s a large number, and given the environment, changes are much more meaningful, and that’s not just politics. The story of the lady who campaigned for the welfare of women, the problems in the Spiritual business, the women who had large families, wondering where the food will come from, the talk of the priest, as if the inability to feed your family is sacrifice, as if the earth didn’t provide for it, the failure to apply wisdom, but insist upon the old ways, same as when Jesus arrived, and the plot to deny the truth, 8 billion is rather a large number.

The first words from the mouth of Jesus, the girl recovers, feed her, give her bread. The loaves and the fish, feed them, it does not sound as if the notion of food is just a current issue, it has always been an issue. What do they feed the minds with, what sort of compulsions do they breath into people, the needy concoction, it’s all about me, me never figured in the Gospel of Jesus, now shown to be true, delivered.

The woman in the story, Vicky, she has a dream, the fate of women, don’t allow it to pass, Solomon wondered about the issues women face. Raising a child should be trouble enough, but add in the stress that they are surrounded with, the knock on affect, and the mantra of before, things never change, it won’t be repeated again, and as for the men, with an abhorrence to the standing of the female, they are lesser than men some seem to imagine, as if we lived in the prairies of the 1800’s and surrounded by hostiles who were trying to steal them, when the enemy is already within, we gave birth to children, we endure the pain, we take care of them, and we don’t forget, would it not be great if men were so dedicated, rather than having to be brought to the brink, before, well, maybe, well, but, that’s cute, it’s time to rethink the game of life, amen.

The invasion of the space inside, one way of looking at the issue raised, what sort of stress causes such harm, why do we have to raise the issue, did the souls of the earth not recognize the growing issues. Now we have 8 billion souls, prophetic signs, and telling changes, amen.

Solomon sighed, the schemers and the triers. Imagine getting to the pearly gates, the load of your existence with you, this is what you take with you, and allowances for the start you had, some had it easy, there is a parable on this, Abraham and Lazarus, but to get to the finish line, and explain yourself, a thought worth thinking about. Jesus raises the Spirit, amen.

Advertising and the Prophets

No, it’s not the name of a band, trillion, a number, the expectancy, advertising and the prophets, the reason, why did we have Holy Messengers in the past, why were certain people em bowed with spiritual power, why was it necessary, the advertising and the prophets concept. The two young people are talking outside a cafe, they are interested in the U.S. elections, the bible and the babble, their confusion apparent, neither of them sure of their own sexuality, so they have a common interest, same as those who have encountered terror in their lives, the connection, advertising and the prophets, who said it was necessary to get back shopping after the 9/11 tragedy, why were consumers thwarted in their normal routines, why do the nations over react when a person of renown passes away, is it not perfectly simple, the same reason, stress is the most common cause of illness and disease, and with knowledge, we know, that there are those that intentionally make others ill.

The ticker tape is on the up, the seats at the desk, checking their retirement bundles, over joyed, the ride is getting higher, they imagine their dreams, their fantasies come through, those things they could never imagine, their heads all over the place, like a hungry child in a sweet shop, what else is there to try, advertising and the prophets, that’s the issue, it gets in the way of consumption, lack of inner well being, leaves you needy, and there are those that exploit it willingly, and well, the more there are involved, the more secure the feeling, the gathering of polar bears on the block of ice, cheering on, while the ice beneath them melts, the feeling does not last, but try telling the polar bears out of their heads on all sorts of excess, and if the bears have demons in them anyway, it’s the same as those that care nothing about anyone, but have sufficient resources to buy everyone off, have you done this yet, the story written, why was there the picture of Jesus and the Sacred Heart on display in most houses a long time ago, it’s because advertising works, reminders, even if those doing the spiritual guidance in those times, were acting in the opposite way, a segment of them, who were barred from revelation on account of dreamed up laws, some for the best of reasons, but abused the way a lawyer seeks legal ways to thwart the law, while doing what the lawyer does, advise the individual not the population, or in the case of the selfish individual, helping themselves.

The way it works, the turn around, love is a front issue, the up front, honest enterprise, the reason I like you, not what I can expect from you, it’s the reason, our material worries often cloud our thinking, or the reason you have doubts, well, is it me you are liking. Advertising works, the movies tell this story, the blockbuster, the big return, the thrill, what happens when it disappoints, the use of other means to acquire success, and this is not about decent ordinary folks, but those who go to any source to achieve their goals, while telling themselves it’s just a thing or call it something, they take home from the experience, those cling on matters, that give space for other callers to find refuge. Jesus in fact tells us in story, this truth, advertising works.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the day was a great day, the today is now, there is that feeling, the best is still possible, the feelings that peel anxiety from the thinking, like a great warm clean up, the time spent listening to music, the effort, timeless, as the future improves the more you put in. The days may have been difficult, but the outcome glorious, amen. To imagine, 2,000 years ago, they lead a man up the hill, they jeer and taunt, while the women mostly weep, their man gone up to the end those before him faced, but he is still remembered, and even more so, the words and wisdom’s are now the live giving force, that endures forever, despite the efforts of some, to use that reputation, amen.

Bringing Glory To the One

The life lesson, the words of Jesus, the savior of the world, in times of doubt, what is it that is important, what in life matters, do you value your reputation with men, or do you worry about your relationship with the Almighty. Jesus issues strong words; those that were leading the flock at the time, they were going astray, had taken a view, that was going to lead the people astray, so he makes the appeal, think of the Eternal Destination, words of wisdom, Fear Only God, amen.

The issue of the day, the world needs intervention, the hearts must unite, the need to think as one, who can provide the wisdom to make this a reality, is it those who divide people or connect, the lesson is simple, The Almighty rescues His people, amen.

Where Do I begin…

The autopsy, all that ash, I want everyone identified, fifty million cold cases, that’s the crime of all time, time to begin. The Mission, well, where. what, stop, well, the growth in extremism, what have we been doing, seduced by sweet argument.

Mass Graves, the thought of having to account for it all, and at a time, when prophetic signs are clearly appearing, a thought, the journey to the Eternal way, laden with good intentions, where do I begin. The wars suddenly all stop, the focus on the one, the internal truth, who are you, amen.

A huge mass of souls, dragging their lives after them, all of it, Solomon smiles, where is the baggage handler?.

The New Environmentals

The whale is on a new diet, fresh cod, but the addition of that stuff, plastic is upsetting the stomach, making the whale anxious. The children have changed their diet, back to the old stuff, fiber is fashionable at last, less of the sugary stuff. A TV show is on, the man with the crown on his head, that’s Prince Charles says the older person, who is that with him asks the boy, i don’t believe it says the father, that’s Al Gore, an environmentalist. The two heads are banging out ideas, on how to correct the imbalance in nature, as Charlie calls it. Al smiles, it’s easy for you to be patient Charles, living in such comfort and never having to worry about the elections or those trying to deny the truth. Charlie smiles, patience, was I not by my mother’s side all my life, waiting to prove my point, the environment. Al laughs out loud.

The father goes to switch off the TV, does not like the politic. His son calls to him will you stop he says. He does not vote for us, the father says. The boy drops his head, the environment belongs to us dad, he gets up and leaves the room, amen.

November Memories

The recall, the story, the lesson, thinking of those that lay the path, memories. The laughing stock, no, it’s humor, fun, just a day, the writer recalls, those days, the car that broke down, those that sabotaged the jalopy, the meetings missed, the near misses, the strange events, we all love a good laugh, these wintry nights, the spring is not far off, the growth offensive, when Mother Nature comes to life, in the meantime, a chance to reflect, put down strategies for the coming season.

Solomon sighed, a close memory, the story of despair that was not despairing, the tenacity of the souls, how they are remembered, as are those other souls, many feeling lost, thinking of them, it’s easy to forget, but then again, maybe, just maybe, that’s why we need the dark so as to recognize the real light.

A parable of sorts, imagine the Eternal Fisherman, out on the seas, he comes home, the catch is fine, leaves the fishing to others, and after awhile he returns to the seas, not as it is supposed to be, so he sets them top work, those that interrupted the Spirit, or to put it mildly, those that put their talents into the material only and forgot about the talent giver. Solomon asks, how would you deal with the situation. How many have used the divine connection to overcome the minds of others, a typical case, a politician who gains the trust of the masses, and then when power gets to the core, deserts them for the material gain he frowned upon, a common ailment, ailment meaning, there is always a cure.

To this issue, the writer puts down the idea, of the lake of despair, not that it’s a lake of despair, it’s only a despair when it comes to cleaning up the mess, so how do you put words on it. There is talk of the prophets on the news, a strange affair, almost comedy, a wolf dressed as a lamb, the barrier is waiting, it’s a common theme. But the Great One in the story, hands a fishing rod to those who abused their talents, and points them to the pit of despair, their ambiguity caused, asks them to fish out the harm.

Everyone knows of such occasions, no one is ignorant of betrayals, and while their causes are masked in many different ways, the threads are there, there is the power of God that is permanent, not that we ignore the other reality, while at the same time, the gospel truth is played out. So as the great teacher says, get to your roots. Where do you come from,. recall what the old prophets say, whatever about the teachers of those laws, don’t worry if they don’t follow them, accidents happen all the time, just don’t get there too fast, limit the harm, learn what happened to others. In short, think of Abraham.

Years have passed, but the memory remains, that life helping events, and the choices that changed the world, the weather report on the day it mattered, there are many such events. The bag was stashed under the stairs, the clothes were added with time, the help was there when needed, it was her way of life, some great memories, amen. Did they really put all those people in there and torch the place, it happened, in places, let the call of the heart, be one you can dream sweetly with, amen.

Jesus on Piety

Beware he said, it’s not always what it looks like. The warnings were issued 2,000 years ago, not yesterday, but those who influence people in that “Spiritual” sense, seem to have hijacked the Spirit in others, by chaining a lot of good people to rules, that are not healthy. Same as divorce, and other things, 2,000 years ago, Jesus issued reminders, in short, not all marriages worked out. Perhaps it was advice for those in the “Spiritual” advice service, to think of ways of helping the marriage or the conflicts therein,. to come up with a fair way of dealing with the break ups, rather than imposing fear on the lives of children, trapped in violent relationships, be it mental or physical.

One Bet that made it?

It’s the will of God the preacher said. It was her third time in the asking. Meanwhile, her children were being made vulnerable to so many threats, many impossible to overcome, habits passed on to others, self harming, amen on a global scale.

But so and so said this?… What was the Pharisee’s name asked Jesus.