The Fisherman

The rod is assembled, the flies attached, he chooses a stretch of river, lets the line out, waits, draws, pulls it in, casts again, the line ripples, something, wait, the line returns, the process is reported, the process is repeated, the fisherman casts again, the line is out, the eyes on the line, any movement, wait, a bite, something there, he will try that spot again, there is a fish waiting to be caught, so the fisherman dreams.

The bait, the fish can spot the disturbance overhead, wiggles about, goes to the surface, has a closer look, not real, the fish goes back to the bottom, waits until he is more secure and certain. Testing the Spirit, the fisherman is getting on, three hours, the waiting continues, another bite, the line snags and releases, the fish took the bait, but the way he took it, nibbled it, not into the mouth.

The fisherman, the evenings end, the light is fading, the water darkens, nearly time to go home, one last cast, the line on the water, more flies on the hatch, the fish getting ready for their midnight feast, this time. A rise to the left, before him up river down river, the plop, the plop, a jump, a splash, the fisherman looks about in wonder, so many fish to catch, he decides to leave and have a good night’s sleep, thinking, fishing, with the clean water, it’s always worth thinking about, amen.

Sensitive Habits

The sages report, the angels sigh, the changes on high, the new life, the potential, possibilities. The child, the boy, the girl, the habits they are adorned with, the effort to imitate, the learning, the school teacher, the method, the preference, they, the way they dress, the changes, reasons to see things differently, the harboring of grudges, the old war wounds, the anthems, the hope of changes, what do they all mean, these sensitive habits. The cold weather on the arctic shores, the warm weather in the Azores, the habits the food, the timing, the days long and hot, the days short and dark, why is the earth so sensitive, so many seasons and types of weather any given day, a one degree increase in temperature, the need to seek help, the body temperature goes above a number, and the doctor came, what makes us so sensitive.

Solomon sighed, the foundations, the gaps, the pot holes that need to be filled out, how sensitive we are when we put our foot in it, and the tale to the environment, and the tiny increases, what a difference they make. We are sensitive to changes.

The headline was a little confusing, what will we do, our church needs to adapt, what will happen, Solomon sighed; work to increase the well being of the Spirit, it always works out.

Our Struggles

One, our world One, the options, to care for it, the reasons, it’s written about, it’s Jesus, it’s the divine truth, amen. The troubles you endure in the name of Faith, the welcome, after the journey, the joy, it’s not been easy, many live with great difficulty, but don’t be fearful, the proof of the Almighty, is written in lives every single day.

Lost Heart, the fear that many have trouble dealing with, whom to fear should be the issue, Jesus says it very clearly, trust in the Heavenly Father, help is at hand. The memory of sheer terror, in the heart of a little one, it blanks out so much, the heart by passed, the willingness to reach out, restricted, as if out of breath.

How do you live they say, does not the Redeemer answer, the God of Abraham, the prophets, come to the rescue of His children then, the taunts, why look at them, don’t respond to fear, think of Jesus, David, Goliath, there is a world that has peace in it’s heart, it belongs to those of God Almighty, so relax, learn the ways to the truth.

The trouble in the world, alarm to some, anxiety, opportunity to others, when you know it’s written, times such as these, don’t fret or worry, this is just as the prophets wrote about, and if the signs remind you of other times, think of the world ahead, and the great reward waiting for you, amen.

The child is at the machine, the nature of our addiction, how imitation works, so practice the habits that bring life, and pray more often, you will soon feel the positive affects, amen. And when in trouble, or feeling harming or in doubt, call out to the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, it will summon the help, amen. Jesus complained many years ago, the need for the Spirit, in short, the meaning of Faith, how it connects to the light, amen, and brings healing, and say thanks more often.


This is how we see it, the voice is calm, the discussion, the roads to enlightenment, who is correct, how can we amend and made one of our faith, what is it, there is so much confusion, all the old arguments, mostly within, the pompous and the ego, of course we all are right, who climbs the mountain using the same set of steps, it’s about timing, where did you start the climb. The scholars are listening intently, news of divine revelation permeate the minds, a vibration, where does it come from, no answers, the heads are sky bound, where else do you look.

The street is busy, the bodies ski through the traffic, many colors, my wife he thinks, my partner she thinks, husband wife, the normal thoughts occupy the mind, the chores of the day, what will we have for supper, ordinary stuff, another turns the corner, the eyes look up, the gaze, they follow the form, all thoughts of the other half having slipped the mind, the cause and the affect, how easy it is to be distracted, how some rules imprison us.

Our God, the voice begins, another voice, Our God too, another voice, what about us, the voices begin to merge, the wisdom is lost for awhile, everyone tries to gather their thoughts, the conversation begins again.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the many communications people have on a daily basis, trying to distinguish themselves from others, as if there were a slew of God’s waiting to be satisfied, when the prophecy is clear, One. The voice opens up again. This is going to take time to understand, a body passes by, the heads turn left, the old sage shakes his head, can’t they concentrate, he continues.

One Heaven, the way, the beginning, the middle, the stream of wisdom, how are they all connected he says, the others listen.

The revelations, the hidden meaning, brought about by a greater understanding of the Gospel, Jesus in a nutshell, connects the streams of divine revelation. The Green goblet of wisdom, the understanding of Jesus, the roots, the first books, are all connected, and designed to bring us into a relationship with the eternal God. Once this is made clear, why the arguments over who is this or that, as you can only follow in Spirit, by having the Space inside, amen.

What are you saying they ask, their heads shaking.?

Ours is the same as the others, it’s the practice that is missing, read about Jesus, listen to the teachings, all praise to God, amen.

My Pedestal

Be my idol, the praise, the trust, he is the living truth, she dreams of the man, the pedestal, he’s on a plinth as regards her emotions, thoughts of him make her high, her mood lifts, no gloom when he is around, both a drug and a rescue in one, someone you can trust in, he commands respect. The higher the achievements, the awards, his standing grows, others join in the praise, the success overwhelming, his emotions a magnet, almost controlling, she follows every action, the plinth grows higher.

The effort to discredit Jesus is a lesson to all, not that those who tried to discredit Him, did themselves too many favors, they only confirmed the greatest of truths, and possibly felt great despair, at what they were trying to do Him, they were in truth doing to themselves, denying their own belief, amen. As for those they assumed to be friends, they soon found out, a truth many have to endure; there are many who are deceived and are glad to be deceived, and they then find themselves, trying to get back to their roots.

The tree and it’s fruit; the truth of some, our faith, our way, we lead you to God, we are true; these words on many lips. The river has flowed, the waters mix, and years later, the great understanding is reached, through the gospels of Jesus, that reveals the great truth about God; you can only be of God by worshiping, in the Holy Name, by living in deeds, amen. How so many are put on a pedestal, and while they inspire us for a time, inevitably, they are replaced in our emotions, for very few endure to the end, love that is. Therefore, says Jesus, worship only God, who is and will always be the same, and so in trust, you can believe in Jesus and have no doubts, and in trust your deeds show, amen.

Jesus, Today, following, the outcome…

He stops, in the past it would have caused upset, he does nothing, lets it pass, we are different now, the couple have overcome the individual, they are in a relationship, in short, sharing, not being first either, not me, or you, it’s a new relationship. The old person is now part of the new relationship, and since the Gospels of Jesus, have been proved true and reliable, and because all holy verse is based on what went on before, the teaching of Jesus, can’t be ignored, no matter how you worship, it’s a case of, do you practice it, amen.

How do you interpret scripture in the context of Jesus, and his teachings. How do you interpret Jesus, when he plays such a role in all who believe, how can you ignore it, and say you trust in the Most High God, it’s impossible.

Solomon listened to the voices, our way, the right way, this is how it is, the voices of the disciples when they came in from a day’s preaching; they encounter Jesus, and tell Him what they encountered; there was a man who was preaching but he was not one of ours they say to Jesus; Jesus replies, if he is leading others towards a greater understanding of God Most High, you must welcome him, he is not a threat but a helper, amen.

So what happens when all agree in the wonders of the Most High God, what is the outcome?

My Roots

The prisoner sits on the bed, head down, the preacher in attendance, the hour of execution near, the man weeps, the preacher listens, waits, what words can he use, he thinks to himself, the weeping continues, the whimper of a child, perhaps a child hiding in a corner, about to face punishment, the child though, does not understand, just waits. The weeping eases, the preacher asks, anyone you want to pass on last wishes to, family friends or others, roots maybe.

Roots, how do you have roots if you have never filled out, if life is cut short, the vitals missing, nice thoughts for a professional therapist, but on the verge of execution, who worries about the roots. The prisoner says nothing, fate has been accomplished, the teachers said he’d reach a bad end.

Solomon sighs, the age expectation cut short from the start, the snide remarks so many have to put up with, the down looks, you deserve to be down there, what do you expect, considering where you come from, all the jibes, never given the notion of great expectation, like an annoying sound in the ear, will it ever go away. Solomon wondered at the mind set some have, how it’s constructed, and how it’s a weight on the shoulders, having to justify oneself, then thought of Jesus, the everyday test, the everyday tricks, trying to catch him up. No one is immune from the human psyche, and the thoughts stored in there, even the Great One had to put up with it. Solomon was building a bridge of understanding, well, trying to explain how we come to hold differing opinions, where do they come from. It’s in the Holy Books, the descendants of Jesus, all written out, to explain the spiritual journey, the passing down of the faith, so by the time of Jesus, there was a solid foundation of faith on which there was building ground.

The prisoner, on his feet, about to take his final steps in the flesh, the pastor behind him, two wardens in front and behind, the prison governor leading the parade, the mood solemn, a flotilla of news people waiting, a mob outside chanting, is he dead yet, a total circus, while the family of the prisoner pray for a miracle, a last minute reprieve, hoping. My roots my roots he thinks, while he shuffles along, feet in chains, as if he could escape, dear Lord he says, you dealt me a strange hand, from the start.

The phone rings, the procession stops, it’s the presidents office. Trust in God, amen.

The Cloud

Appeals to the people of the world, help needed, the rewards, eternal, how we treat others, compassion, do we try to cause disruption, what is the cost to the innocent, those they actually harm, are there consequences, AMEN. Truth, playing politics when the power of the ALMIGHTY is obvious, why do we bother to decorate the lie, why do we dare put God to the test, what do we expect in return, a blessing?

The appeals go out, there is chaos, confusion, people call for leadership, so many waiting on spiritual developments, does the help arrive?. Many signs, too many to mention arrive, consistently, to wake up the people, the hand of God, a warning and a blessing, even great results, even clouds. Are Spiritual leaders responsible for making their flock aware of the news, what else are they supposed to do, build a network, hardly?

Solomon sighed, apart from the usual interference, as casual as rain in winter, he recalls the day the cloud arrived, and the chain of events ever since, a great source of help for those who want to have their heart filled appeals to be heard, just pass it on, amen.

350,000 children face death from famine…

The world in crisis, talks of wars, famines, unstable leaders, confused thinking, the food basket of the east held back, while many innocents face the threat of famine, 350,000 of them children, and soon, if help doesn’t arrive, while many of the signs from above, continue to arrive, and testified in prophecy 3,000 years old, while the world itself depends on the mercy of God for it’s very survival, lets not waste time, for all of the above is very true. If needing clarity, read the prophet Ezra, the second book, where the prophetic messages are written, to remind us of the day, when God Most High, will bring judgement on the world, should we be aware of this, or do we prefer ignorance.

Leaders in high places, their fate is mentioned by Jesus, their higher office, their higher responsibility, towards The Most High, may they focus on bringing peace to the world, and practice the compassion they seek from their own people, by being compassionate in their policy decisions, for who on earth, can withstand the Fury of the Most High God, no one can.

Solomon sighed, the Monday morning feeling, the news strong, the blessings of the Most High evident, with great signs and results, just as Isaiah wrote, the very prophet Jesus refers to regularly, well, if Jesus reached for the words of Isaiah, is it not a pointer to other events, events that are revealing, the truth of prophecy from times of old. How do we turn to God many ask; Jesus, the gospels shown to be true in these times, provides the answers, amen. Yes, the words of Jesus, are the gateway, amen.


Mind thoughts, the phone, the spying, the habits, the taunt, extremism, there are many forms to it, and as souls seek comfort, there are many who are extreme waiting to take advantage, it’s the numbers, the online voice, the more hits the greater the reward, the more extreme their thoughts, the better they feel, but how will such thinkers fare, when it comes to divine intervention, what do their thoughts gain for them; the Ire of God for one thing, harm to the lost, anxiety for the young, disruption of society, their goal.

Solomon sighed, the victory of Jesus came with major benefits, and it’s written, the old books bare this out. so no matter how extreme it may appear, stop, don’t allow your time to be stolen, there are many just causes out there, remain focused, the Spirit from on high, is spreading everywhere, and nothing of man can oppose it, amen. How to make good on your eternal promises, how do you improve your community, do you appease or do you talk up, can you put on one face, that says all the right things, or do you privately enjoy the harm your life creates for others, does anyone understand the consequences.

The gospels are proved true, the words of Jesus, life giving, time to readjust the heart, time to start sowing all that is good seed amen.