Freedom, freedom, the song fades out, the play list, it’s on automatic, she is immobile on the bed, hasn’t moved her head for an hour, an assistant comes in regularly to move her, the threat of lesions, it’s her experience, her life, freedom she pleads, her head a minefield, the music keeps her distracted, but it never lasts, more more more, the song intro, she likes the beat, old times, and old tune, those were the days, glad for the distraction, momentary peace in the head…

Freedom, will I ever meet someone who loves me for being me, why do I have to change all the time, these thoughts enter her head while she gets made up, another show as they call it, hours away. What is the choice today, she glances at the box of pills, three of those and she will be her other self. Freedom, to be accepted for who you are, including the pain inside.

She waits for him, what will he want today, the disfigurements, he likes me like this, he likes me like that, what will work the best, she wants to please. The radio comes on, did i push that button, the voice captures her attention. It goes like this…

“the problem with men and women is not that they are men and women, it’s that they have differing emotional needs, it’s been too much one way traffic in favor of the lower love, while totally disregarding their inner spiritual self, they have to give themselves away to be loved, it’s how they framed the world, they presented children as being the property of the Father, when that is formed in the head, men are led to assume, they hold sway over women, hence their aggressive attitude, where does a woman go to find true love, rather than the attitude of a cat walk model, he picked me, when it’s like holding out yourself to be sold..Many even believe and have been told, as shown by society too, that money power and sex is what controls the world, check the newspapers, it’s full of that message…

She continues to dress, money power, that she could do with, the other part, she would like to meet a friend when she goes out, rather than one of those, who have one mind set, the magic between men and women. Freedom, what is it?..

He’s on his way, the Jewish people hear the news, great events are being reported, a messiah has arrived, so the feeling goes, freedom thinks the farmer, amen. She is listening to the audio book, Jesus, what can he do for me, what was he. So she hears a voice, a sweet sound, she begins to relax, she has never heard this before, relax, don’t you know, this life is a journey dear, there is a great reward at the end, what she sighs, freedom. Allow the Spirit that brings the healthy fruit to enter your heart, build up a treasure of good works, the Lord above hears the prayer of the contrite sinner, amen, freedom she sighs at last, amen.

Solomon sighed, the gospels had been shown to be the conduit, that holds the gate open for the sheep to enter into the higher world, live the word, be a living witness to the wonders of God, how to start was the issue for most, so many burdened from their sin, afraid to accept, the reality of their divine potential. A gift from above, peace in the heart, those that endure, will save their life eternal, amen.

The Believers

If there is a sense of insecurity about,worry not, this is normal when change is about, and that anxious feeling, is a combination of emotions. Many have been waiting for the change to come, and your Holy Father, to ease these anxieties, sends the signs, to put the heart at rest, your anxiety, is the same anxiety a child feels when it’s christmas eve, it’s nerves, what good things are coming my way, this is it, presents and rewards. However, don’t allow the negative fears others try to plant into your mind, with all the down talk,who are right to be afraid, well, those signs, what do they mean, anxiety, have you stored up barns of good works that describe your journey, amen, given the eternal life that awaits, amen.

as for those who harm the flow of the Spirit, let them count the harm they have accumulated, those who have no time for the ways of God Most High, might just want to make the effort, amen.

The Actors

The court of the Almighty God, the actors are led in, all in chains, their fate decided,the God of Mercy, wants to hear from their lips, their excuses, it’s looking like a long afternoon. You imitated the Spirit, you misled my people, you intentionally led them to harm, you even tried to steal their souls, so what have you to say for yourself, muted silence, eyes dart left and right, no words can defend their actions. …

Solomon sighed, the year 2021, the year 2022, it could have been 2,000 years ago, when does not matter, the consequences are the same. Little wonder, the prophets were sent to each generation, amen. When the curtain comes down, what will be your tale, amen. Are all the signs just accidental?….

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The Present

In a hurry, the package, clear instructions, it has to be given to someone, no one else, he listens to the instructions again, finally he says okay, off. Only a gift, why the hassle he thinks, i will leave it there, they will give it to him, his thoughts a flurry of snowballs, people pass him on the street, trailing bags, he arrives at the door, takes a deep breath. Wait for the man in the green coat, wait if he is not in, wait, this he thinks while waiting for the door to open, hurry up, there is shopping to do. Nice coat, they must have cost some, he watches the passing traffic, nice shoes too, hurry up, the door is still to open, he waits. Checks his watch, ten minutes, silly, to even wait this long. At last, a shuffle of feet, he hears the dragging of feet, the gift is thrust before him, just hand it over and be gone. A woman in black is before him, no sign of the green coat, was it supposed to be a man. I was looking for peter he says. She eyes the package, i’ll take that she says, her lips forming a slight grin, he toothless gums showing, pink still, quite a contrast with her aged face. I was looking for the man in the green coat he says, trying to follow instructions. He explains himself, departs with the gift in tow. He returns to the giver, explains what happened, awaits further instructions. Go back the next day and wait until you meet the man in the green coat, called peter.

After two more tries, Peter gets the gift, the courier gets paid, the giver gets his confirmation, and the waiting proves to be worthwhile. Solomon sighed; there are many gifts. He recalls the story of the priest and Gandhi years ago, the message being, right introductions matter. Patience. The story of Cinderella, the story of the child looking for the most beautiful woman in the world, who turns out to be his mother. There are many ways to define a gift, amen.

We are all the same?

Her first night, marriage, an arranged one, unknown, she has heard the story, the pain, men they say, are all the same. There is a drink beside the bed, to relax her she assumes. Tense, will it be bad, the fear, they are all the same, the stories they shared, she wishes they were happier ones. The door opens, she see’s a smile, he doesn’t move heavy, light on his feet, the bathroom flushes, he is now dressed in a robe. The room is beautiful, flowers on all the tables, windows that open to the sea, the noise of waves, a perfect setting, he is pleased with what he sees. His face then fixes on the bed, his beloved lying there, prepared for him. How are you my dear he says. She is slow to reply, he asks her again, more gently this time. A faint reply, he asks again, a third time.

Treasure Box

The bride is nervous, the husband is kind, there is understanding between them, and most importantly, there is no barrier between them, they are souls about to converge into one, no one of them owns the other, just as Jesus reminds us all, amen. Her fears flee, amen, they are not all the same, amen.

Spare me a thought?

Bamboozled, over worked, children that need routine, a partner that demands more attention than a new born, dirty laundry, is that a stain on the carpet, another bill drops in the letter box, the phone rings, the child is crying, another bill, the letter open, the threat of a law suit, the pressure mounts, she flips back a long string of hair, the dishes are in need of a wash, the children in school will be home soon, the spuds needs to be on the pot, and her hair is streaking grey, a wry smile, she will enjoy the visit to the hairdressers, amen, busy woman.

Food on the table, cutlery set, better off doing it herself, they will only argue, she opens the fridge door, no milk, who will she send for it, the youngest is four, the eldest in eleven, three in between, it’s constant work, she rushes out the door, it’s a five minute hop, back in five minutes she says, they all ignore her, Out the drive a swift maneuver, she is careful, no sudden accidents, she recalls pissing in the back seat of a taxi, once, but she has never forgotten, it was a joke he was telling her, the taxi man, she parks, runs in runs out, back in the door, as if she never left, going strong but under pressure, amen.

Pressure, its a constant; what you haven’t got you want, you have enough, you want more, a big thrill, does it go higher, more, the buzz, don’t feel it anymore, more buzz, the pressure, that void has to be filled, how else can I forget.

Solomon sighed; the struggle to hang onto the Inner Soul, the demands from outside, the anger we store inside, like tenants waiting to get an audience, waiting for the right opportunity, more pressure, its constant. Jesus and his life, tells us of this constant pressure, and also reminds us, of the reward that awaits those who hold onto their faith, amen. It may seem a struggle, but eternity is a very long time; save some for later, amen, you will feel less pressure too, amen. patience helps?

The Living Words of Jesus

its easy to allow words flow from the heart to the page, it’s easy to sound smart, it’s easy to appear wise, it’s easy to mislead, but there is no fooling, when it comes to the words of Jesus, and why He explained to his disciples, that the words He spoke, were life giving, as in living words. Living has many meanings, but in the context of Jesus, the words life giving, mean exactly that; they give life, in that they are actions not mere words, amen. How to apply Jesus’s words, is to do, amen.

Lessons in Healing

The news, a friend is ill, the news is terrifying, it doesn’t sound good, the fear, the opportunities, better them than me, the visit, the mandatory chat, duty done, have you seen what he looks like, amen. Jesus entered the room, the patient sat up, noticed a different energy about, something higher, forgets about the ailment, is delighted at the change in atmosphere, anything is possible now.

Lying in the bed, the talons are no longer fierce, decaying is better word, the use of those tools, well, doing nothing hanging there, they are just tools, no longer scary. He tries to hide behind a reputation, the front, but the emotions are near, a daughter has come to visit, what is there to hide, your unwell she says while fixing the pillow, thanks he replies, thinking, did i i ever do it for you he asks himself.

The body is just a body, it wont be long, the procession is relentless, visits from friends he hasn’t seen in years, everyone wants to show their face, what timing, the body nods, it must be bad he sighs to see these crowd around. At last, a face that holds no surprise, a straight talker, no hidden ideas, no pretense, a friend, the patient perks up, his life begins again, while in the company of a real friend.

Noah, the great prophets, they all prayed for the well being of those who had passed on, their God, being the God of both the living and those who passed, their God having dominion over all. In a nutshell, did you ever consider, how your actions today matter in the lives of those gone ahead of you,; lessons in healing, amen.


Hair too long, too much weight, drooping cheeks, a figure out of shape, and a mouth missing bits, how can you look at that, the comment of one who adores the image, the color of the car, not how it works.

Jesus reminds us, of the angels we sometimes invite into our homes, who later bestow help upon us. The glitter is attractive, the boobs are shaped, the walk is a twist, even when she bends, she does it with style, and all the while you are getting more interested. The taxi never arrives, the bed has to be made up, the combinations, the possibility, who thinks about what it will feel like in the morning; another stranger another thrill, another memory that will replace itself with something similar. No one is thinking compassion, it’s all about me, how ugly is that?

The money is short, there are ways. The neighbor across the hall has everything but appears to do nothing. You struggle to get the bits you need, there are others who have no such needs, you struggle to raise your children, the neighbors children raise themselves, and no one cares. The effort you put into living; years later your schooling is rewarded; you see them graduate, their choices widen, while your neighbor remains the same, was it worth it, amen.

As in the days of Noah

Be on guard Jesus said, says and will always say, be aware of those that undermine the inner Spiritual Space, those that try to lessen your connection with the Most High God, it won’t be easy at times, but there is a great reward for those that continue the trek. Jesus was simply reminding us, that there is another world, where peace reigns, that the troubles we encounter, are just hurdles we have to cross. Those addicted to the material, don’t want to know the truth about Jesus; his teaching inhibits those that have set their personal desires as the only goal that matters. Those that hang onto hurt don’t want to let go, therefore they don’t choose to forgive. But as in the days of Noah, the day of the Lord will come upon us, almost unnoticed, just as the flood overcame the people living in those days.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed; the signs were arriving, the connection to the gospels made real, no longer doubts, but choices to be made; Whom do you serve, amen.