The Other Way

I didn’t think it was wrong, it was the way they reared me, i though it was normal, the way they praised me, the treats that i was given, i thought they respected me, then, well, one day they threw me out on the street, as if they let their dogs on me, it was horrible, the normal that i knew, was the normal they thought me.

The stenographer tries to keep up with the testimony. The boy man re tells the story, how he was used as bait, to trap others, his head down, he recalls the signs, told what to look for, the courtroom drama, the silence in the court, this scheme, was it all over the place. They were looking to convict an innocent man, but the Lord of the Almighty had sent along his Holy Spirit, the game was up, but the story has to be told, as it was a common trick, to gaslight people, a game children were playing on themselves.

So entire nations were in the hands of these men and women, asked the prosecuting counsel, the tone of voice, a slight on the words, as if anyone, or any spying agency, would be so audacious as to expect to get away with it.

Well, when you see them, they are just like us, it’s what’s behind, they only could do it though, when they had you subdued, that was their thrill, domination. The jurors are spell bound, could this be true.

Solomon thought of Albino Luciani, the man whose was the key to so many profound revelations, the bright beaming hope, who smile lit up the hearts of all he met, and how that joy, was taken away, just as hopes were rising, what a legacy, whose smiling now, amen.

Whom should you fear, was the question, Moses is on the way back from the mountain, it was time to out the deceivers, demon and beast, amen.



Good for the digestion, inside health, the green ways, a little patience required, the taste, worth it. I can’t help the environment, why should I, a thousand I can’t helps, add it up, and the changes just multiply. The council votes, the stage is balanced, another vote needed, the deciding vote comes in, more, the changes are there, inside, be green, every tree counts, amen.


Books, the essential, books, bucks, no matter how you spell it, books, the people of the book, more bucks, books, the banning of books, risque books, books for this, books for that, books, more books, libraries full of them, books, books what are they about, books, did you read that one, books, more books, books burned in the bonfire, more books, we all have a favorite, books, why the books, is there a reason, for all these books, and what are in them, the pause, whats in the books of eternal life, books are they the same, some just excite, free the mind, send you on a trip, books, the way to ease the mind, books, the simple matter, the space inside, while you read them, amen. In world too technological at times, the need for books, read them, use them to concentrate, sacrifice time, use it as a penance if you want, but read them, your mind will be glad of it, and that’s the way to get really relaxed, turn off the stress today, read a book.

Is the mind tired, are you in pain, can’t get over it, the mind gnawing away, rest in the words of a great author, the apostles, John,. by words, listen to the word today, amen. How can you form a relationship with someone, without trying to read about them, the Holy Books.

Reasons to be cheerful

Spring time is here, the summer is near, the day is all you have, the worries of tomorrow, leave them there, troubled, talk to a friend, the way to ease into the day, a good nights rest, one can only eat one meal at a time. Solomon sighed, anxiety, the news, waves at sea, a storm approaches, the sailor experienced, has been in rough seas, it’s the being there moment. Jesus so impressed his followers, they gave their life, second time around, the story is reversed, eternity, reasons to be cheerful, don’t let news of wars or anxiety, or leaders in confusion annoy or upset you, it’s written, and remember, while your emotions are being fished, there are so many out there, who simply don’t care, so relax,. don’t be overwhelmed, there is plenty to worry most souls, with the new media, it’s a total impulse, the mood fished, so turn off the news, turn off the phones, stop, ignore the constant news, simply stop, abide in the eternal words, read them out loud, stop the fashion contest, that’s just annoying you, think of those who gave their lives for a better world to come, and watch how others treat others, it’s how they will treat you.

Solomon sighed, the world is at a moment, they come and pass, the inner cleansing is what matters, not what is put before your eyes, that’s simple distraction, amen.

Heal Me

The words Jesus heard, the words he replied to, the Spirit in the one seeking, an honest call, made the healing easy, same way a kind voice reaches the ears of the compassionate. How the world needs to heal thought Solomon, instead of building all forms of barriers between men women and hearts. The call was on many lips, the images many had seen, simply horrendous, was this the image of the world many wanted to see, but then again, so much harm had been hidden, while so many hearts were trapped within.

The old man is weak, the spirit is down, the usually worries, a former career and family, how will they live, what are the options, can i solve this on my own, the continual worry. He hears a familiar voice, the ear tinkles, that of a friend. The warmth in the gesture as he lowers his head to the sunken cheek, then the swell of color, as life begins to fill him again.

Healing, the simplest way to heal, was to offer your suffering as a pledge to the Almighty God, not as a condition, but as a thanksgiving, for all that is good, well, Jesus carried his cross, and it’s so well written, it’s worth thinking about, the drain on the Spirit we face each day, the worries we are reminded of, if only we could think, of the light from above. The more empty space inside, the more light you can be filled with. Healing begins within, when we think of Good, not the problems we allow ourselves to drown in, amen.

Recall the story, the boat is going to sink, the apostles are frantic, what’s going to happen to us, they shake Jesus from his sleep, and then, he looks at them, just imagine it, what, what are you worried about, then the storm calms, the wind eases, the rest is in the Holy works. To encourage healing we must learn from the master, amen.

Walking in the Steps of Jesus

Kind, patient, compassionate, forgiving, and not a case of self idolizing either, with all credit to the Holy Father, amen. Why, why does it matter in these times, how can we help ourselves, how can we find peace, and appeal to the Holy heart, especially, with so much confusion, and many wondering, what the current events mean, how can we help ease that feeling inside.

It’s not possessions that you bring on the eternal journey, it’s not pride, it’s the heart, and what you have stored in there. Troubled, as all us sinner are at times, many distracting themselves, how do we ease that pain or feelings of isolation. Kind, start to listen without judging, only God should judge. Compassionate, sincere thoughts that help those that listen to you. Forgiving, why so, the notion is simple, what you can’t forgive it becomes a means for the dark side of you, to vent other feelings of anger, as you try to overcome, the dark thoughts inside you, that others can latch onto, in short, your lack of forgiveness becomes the means for your inner angst, and it spreads. Also, when you forgive, or turn the other cheek, you dampen the effort of those against you, who after a short while, fill with shame, when their efforts to undo you fail, or the response they expect fails to materialize, amen. The best lessons in life come from your failures and failings, while the person who never seems to make mistakes, often falls over, when later in life they are faced with difficult times.

As for the need to love, it’s not a question of preparing for the end, there is no end, so in order to retain a healthy position internally (the errors of others is no credit to your own good deeds, it’s their mistake that’s all, judge yourself by God’s High standards and improve) but as for those that willfully try to bring harm such that, they think they are doing others a favor by bringing judgement to a closer position, that’s trying to be as God and foolish, they should set their goal, so as to encourage others to believe, by the way they live their lives, as how they treat others, outside their own interest group, again, why so?

Since the Gospels of Jesus are true and proven, and as such, the conduit through which revelation should be understood, it’s pertinent to practice the eternal living words. This eases the pressure on the Eternal Holy Heart, that has had to suffer much, so easing that heart, brings about blessings, while asking the Almighty One, to show mercy to the planet, in order for all, to get their house in order, rather than, being one of those, that increases their opinion of themselves, based on the errors of others, amen.

Solomon sighed, there was much going on, and too much confusion, the people needed clarity. To love to the end was a prerequisite condition for those seeking the eternal promise, and loving, was not self love, but love for what the God of Abraham and the holy prophets loved, which was what God wants, love for creation, while hating only what is evil, amen.