The emotion, each drop of water, each spray, a thought escaping somewhere. The Lord of the Sea, counts the droplets each day, waiting for a number, has anyone on the planet been able to do the same, no one but the Almighty can do that, stuff we see and hear each day, it begins with a thought, I will or I wont or I wish, or I am like this, because, because because of some thoughts. How to change the thoughts?.

The first thought, the addition of more, then the cross examination of other thoughts, thoughts imposed on you, from the library of experience, daily reminders, so long as the thoughts make you a good consumer, it appears to be okay, if your thoughts get you to question what is going on, your a threat to the thoughts of others, and so on. Are you afraid to stand out form the crowd, he is on the wave, catches it, then slides all the way to the beach, the various droplets, built up, the coves where they are kept, free from interference.

The wave of your life, a well known person you admire is on the band stand, a lover or a friend, the welcome wave, your safe in the company and indeed glad of the welcome, no one trying to bludgeon you with rules, that’s not the wave you are seeking, more a wave, that dispels all doubt about your well being, amen.

The boy watches a horror movie on Friday night, spends the month frightened. We are all prone to influence. The words of the Gospel, made real, is it joy or worry we feel, amen.


Going Out

The experience, told in stories and in humor, the Indian chief to his son, take your time, it’s all yours anyway, the story of life, what you put in. The bird is in great form, the advent of spring, the cheerful sounds, the songs on his list, he hopes they will hear them, the lady birds, he practices, the mating time begins, that interest represented in nature. The hold on your existence, the fate of mother nature, what happens when she weeps, can’t do much, her news reaches the birds. then seasons begin to change, as if, she is losing her vigor, stop, what if. Put the thought into how you appreciate nature. Anyway, Mr Bird is singing his songs, the tress are putting on baby leaves, flowers tell the time of year, a time for everything as the old words tell us, the time is near, then he hears the response, a calling song that is in tune with his, lights are up, the stage is open, he prepares himself, washes regularly, it’s not a case of calling a taxi and seeing who will come along, he is not dosed on chemicals, only those in nature, amen.

She goes out dressed to allure, he goes out with his needs to be fulfilled, it’s off balance. Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Bird to be, are nest builders, preparing for what will happen, the foundations.

We help the situation when we see how it’s done in nature, in terms of preparation, it’s all prepared, as if to say, this is God’s way of showing us, that it’s been set up for you, follow the instructions in the manual, and when in doubt, re read the manual.

Faith Matters

Jesus, is a shield, the audience listen intently. No voices trying to take over, or catch the mind, his words, are like walls, when you listen, they don’t try to overcome you, and when you apply them you get access to more freedoms. It’s a shield he repeats. The mind is bothered, you can’t escape, the phone rings, that voice you don’t like, the anxiety, that threat, fear, that stuff, listen he says out loud, think Jesus, the words act like a shield, they are like ducks on the water, see how he sits on the freezing water but does not freeze, think, who keeps the bird warm how is it possible, you’d not survive if you tried it yourself. the words of Jesus, change the meaning, they provide, shelter, the worry stops, you got a big provider, it’s continuous, it works, hold to your faith, it’s a shield, it wont be penetrated, amen.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

How do we break the code, what is it, the experts, it’s not human, it’s a faith system they linked to their God. No signal, can’t get a reception, the usual connections don’t apply, the requests flow to far off places.

Solomon watched the signs, so many, the stories of old, living words, it was daily, how you interpreted them, moving words not slogans, amen.


I found peace. The neighbor smiles at the fence. The claim is over, my space. The ire that was there, each time they saw each other, the old stiff, what your grandfather did to mine, the old history, they can’t hide their wounds, time and space. The world super power, the thorn at the border, what if it was happening elsewhere, this is nuclear territory, this is not funny either. Can you imagine it. There has to be a resolution, what is the next six months, angst and distraction, the environment needs attention. A short term fix, sighs the Prophet while the people get to understand themselves, a buffer zone, twenty miles either side, and why not, the notion of containment, does this mindset need to find spaces across the earth. Imagine the Great U.S., guns at every residence, what if the agitators got a wind up there, the outcome, more disastrous than a Stephen king outline.

The peace is agreed, of course there are difficulties. But the emotions go back generations. It’s important to be part of, but what you hate, is something you don’t pass on, you fix it, why.

Freud at his office, years before. The early start is good, how it erodes past hates. These nationalistic types, do they recall, there is one world, not theirs, amen.

The Womb

On the run, space, they are on high pursuit, she is tiring, ducks into a shed, holds her breath, no fear, no fear, they can smell that, the hounds pass by, she waits, waits, the space she found, in the womb, Overnight, I’ll over night. The morning, peace calm, she is relaxing, has not had that feeling in ages, a weight off her back, she decides to wait longer, the peace. The day follows into night, more peace, no one seeking from her, finally, finally, I have time to think.

He is in his office, his warden of horror at his side, where is she he demands. He has sold his soul, it seemed like a good idea, he inherited an army of undesirables. The only way he can survive is too keep them busy, pursuing the angels, the divine sentinels. A button is pressed, in walks a clique version of a look alike diva of another age.

In a harsh voice that is belying her looks,

“no signal, no signal, we can’t access her Sir!”

In the womb she is at peace, no harm can touch her, Christ Jesus, thank you, amen. She looks about for a distraction, she is regaining her strength, the mental abilities she needs to defend herself and others, from the thought police, those that insert into heads all sorts of vile thoughts, based on an algorithm, devised by a deranged drug riddled genius of old who is now quarter dead.

This is a sanctuary she says.

Back in the office, his head steaming, the thoughts waiting to plunge into a life, those in his head, he summons the slave.

Well, any signal yet

In other places, the walls are falling. While she is free they have no protection from the One above. It’s now a permanent condition.

Is the space ship ready he asks!

Solomon sighed. The struggle, the thought might have been ironic, but on this day, when the effort was made to eliminate the earth of it’s Jewishness, a day that is down in history, the worst of efforts to machine the human to death, and the dependency now on the machine, who’d believe the savior would come and deliver God’s people, amen.

Peace Awards

News Flash… the protesters are at the wall, the soldiers are not stopping them, the wall is down, there is a new feeling on the ground, old friends who haven’t seen each other for years, embrace, they hug, the women weep, we are one again, while the soldiers wipe tears from their eyes, a new beginning for humanity, the hawks complain, why didn’t the Russian leader intervene, this is unprecedented… so the story goes, the years of isolation end, the story continues, today, a rather different mind set, the day also, a reminder of previous times, when the notorious death camp was attempting, the beginning of the end of the Jewish population, the gypsy population and all those they felt were different to them…

What would the prophets ask, some would point to the apostles, who complained, to Jesus, when they saw others do as they did, point others towards the eternal truth. (The gospels are proved true in these days, and that’s not a peace tip, it’s called, guess who is in charge).

Jesus complains to them, stop this bickering among yourselves, the harvest workers have always been scarce, and if worried about being contradicted, count all the types of flowers there are, imagine yourself among them, what sort would you pick for yourself, well. A small hand is raised, can we choose the color we like, or do we all have to have the same…

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize to Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union, for his leading role in the peace process which today characterizes important parts of the international community

The survivors, all of us, but those closest to the hurt, don’t forget, there were many with differences to the then regime of terror, who also suffered, many trying to change the direction of the then war, but the survivors, they recall the horror, it happened, the recall a painful memory, why why why, the question on many minds.

Solomon saw the mass of immigration trails, many fleeing regimes, many seeking release from constant enforced thinking, the refugees, the great acts of courage some leaders have taken, the German chancellor, Mrs Merkel being a leading light, she drops the barriers and invites in, over a million, while the hawks, who live on conflict anxiety, swore she’d have trouble, there were none, just teething problems, while the EU space, remained a haven, where does the modern human being find space in all of this, I’m confused says many, who would not be, last week it was environmental stress and the hope that the leaders of the world nations would finally act, children and their anxieties, news stories, have to deal with this lack of doing as far as peace is concerned, surely we have learned, they said that after each great conflict, the current situation, to some, biblical prophecy, to others, a step towards our own destruction (death is the train station that leads to the eternal connection).

Testosterone fueled, hero worshiped, pride at stake, words harsh, no call for peace, the extremists enjoy the moment, they have at last got a chance to imitate all those war games they have being dieting on for years, (they forgot there is “G-D”), the rush of blood, two sides of opinion, while the ordinary folk are forced to duck and dive, amen.

Then Gorbachev emerges, October 1989, change that is dynamic, a bridge between the East and the West, great hope, the spirit moving, the feeling, There is someone up there watching all this.

Solomon sighed, the prayer, don’t forget the peace makers. There was an Iron curtain, there is no Iron curtain today, why allow the triumph of that era be wiped out, by today’s tragedy. The skies opened each time there was great need, Allied war support, the weather, so many examples, as for those who try to take control of G-‘d’s planet, you are seriously undermining yourselves, Moses and the 23,000 come to mind, set aside your vanities, show respect for love and peace, (Jesus has words for this and what you ought to do), he also has advice for those who attempt to import dark thoughts into fertile minds, serious warnings, do we listen to them at a time when all that Gospel stuff is true, or wish we had done different, knowing that, eternity lasts for ever, in short, it’s hot down there and the water carrier has not been seen for ages, amen. Does geography teach you anything, well, I’d prefer to live there, says the young girls who are drained from being measured by the pleasure they give or others can achieve, etc etc… do angels..

No, they smile with delight knowing that others are getting a great joy from their presence?.


The sight of the first snowflake, the child in her, smiles, the last time one landed in the palm, a awhile ago. The story of snow, how it covers the landscape, takes us to a different world, the new times, this is now the past, how long will it last, that peace filled feeling, not worried about the practical, leave it to others, the snow, the shepherd comes down from the mountain, the change in living arrangements, everyone puts on a new garment, there is that time in the heart, the last time, old loves, the friends, family, that’s the feeling, the fire is lit, the warmth in the house, the listeners, the start of that time, amen.

The signs pointed to changes, the reality of the Gospel, what a revelation, at the time it was most needed, amen.

The Other Way

I didn’t think it was wrong, it was the way they reared me, i though it was normal, the way they praised me, the treats that i was given, i thought they respected me, then, well, one day they threw me out on the street, as if they let their dogs on me, it was horrible, the normal that i knew, was the normal they thought me.

The stenographer tries to keep up with the testimony. The boy man re tells the story, how he was used as bait, to trap others, his head down, he recalls the signs, told what to look for, the courtroom drama, the silence in the court, this scheme, was it all over the place. They were looking to convict an innocent man, but the Lord of the Almighty had sent along his Holy Spirit, the game was up, but the story has to be told, as it was a common trick, to gaslight people, a game children were playing on themselves.

So entire nations were in the hands of these men and women, asked the prosecuting counsel, the tone of voice, a slight on the words, as if anyone, or any spying agency, would be so audacious as to expect to get away with it.

Well, when you see them, they are just like us, it’s what’s behind, they only could do it though, when they had you subdued, that was their thrill, domination. The jurors are spell bound, could this be true.

Solomon thought of Albino Luciani, the man whose was the key to so many profound revelations, the bright beaming hope, who smile lit up the hearts of all he met, and how that joy, was taken away, just as hopes were rising, what a legacy, whose smiling now, amen.

Whom should you fear, was the question, Moses is on the way back from the mountain, it was time to out the deceivers, demon and beast, amen.


Good for the digestion, inside health, the green ways, a little patience required, the taste, worth it. I can’t help the environment, why should I, a thousand I can’t helps, add it up, and the changes just multiply. The council votes, the stage is balanced, another vote needed, the deciding vote comes in, more, the changes are there, inside, be green, every tree counts, amen.