We are all the same?

Her first night, marriage, an arranged one, unknown, she has heard the story, the pain, men they say, are all the same. There is a drink beside the bed, to relax her she assumes. Tense, will it be bad, the fear, they are all the same, the stories they shared, she wishes they were happier ones. The door opens, she see’s a smile, he doesn’t move heavy, light on his feet, the bathroom flushes, he is now dressed in a robe. The room is beautiful, flowers on all the tables, windows that open to the sea, the noise of waves, a perfect setting, he is pleased with what he sees. His face then fixes on the bed, his beloved lying there, prepared for him. How are you my dear he says. She is slow to reply, he asks her again, more gently this time. A faint reply, he asks again, a third time.

Treasure Box

The bride is nervous, the husband is kind, there is understanding between them, and most importantly, there is no barrier between them, they are souls about to converge into one, no one of them owns the other, just as Jesus reminds us all, amen. Her fears flee, amen, they are not all the same, amen.

Great Grand Father

A smile on his face, aged with years and experience, near the journeys end, he sighs, and says, it’s Grandfather he says. The others wonder, they know the soul in the bed, they know his strength of belief, I’m going he says, then he slips away, taken to the world above, by his eternal grandfather, amen.

Solomon sighed, what a beautiful way to move on amen. Then he thought, what is it that awaits us, are our deeds enough, room for improvement he said, then jumped up out of the bed, work to be done, amen.

Don’t be complacent, Love until the end, wait for the wonders that wait for you, don’t sow any dread, amen.

My Ideas

Where did you learn that, the ideas, where did that come from, the habit, the needs, the reminders, perfection, the impression made on you, the drive, the fear that is pushing you, the desire to love, the feeling within you, amen.

Solomon sighed. Little wonder Jesus needed to do the miraculous. There were competing spirits, vying for control of the earth, while Heaven was a thought away. But the amount of news devoted to the material was so overwhelming, that Spiritual renewal was vital. Ever wonder why, the stories the wars the upheavals, the effort to change our thinking, as if a dark force had grabbed us, and taken control of our very lives.

In bed, the thoughts, the worries, the dread, the sleeping tablets, the growth in addictions, the need to slowdown, the time to find ourselves one more time, amen.

Head space

Right thinking person encounters ill thinking soul, dropped into their life scene. The harmony that was, is turned upside down, the right thinking person is grabbing for the oars to escape the intrusion. He finds his solace in the words of Jesus, and is soon in command of himself again. I thought that was a friend, but he soon realizes, she was an attempt to unhinge his well being, no friend at all.

Solomon wondered if those who encouraged such intrusions in life had any idea of the Heavenly power that exists, or the reality, that the Kingdom of God had arrived, why else would they be trying to disturb the spirit. On a global scale, it made him wonder at the propaganda poured into the minds of millions daily. It’s easy to upset those already hurting. Turn them into babbling fools Dear Father, those who try to disturb the Spirit.

Like Isaiah, Solomon’s prayers reached the heavenly powers. He hoped those who upset the spirit had read about the Golden Prophet, whom Jesus referred to regularly, amen.

The Journey

He sits in the back of the sanctuary, listens, hoping to hear, some telling words. The preacher is old, and has been doing it this way for years, the ritual, the reading, the blessings, words, but our visitor seeks to be inspired, isn’t that what preaching is, lifting us to new heights, leading us to new insights. How did they do it in olden times, he decides to find out, he needs more, then he sighs to himself, is this the Almighty God challenging him; so you need the light inside, then search for it, your not a child anymore.

later that evening, he picks up his old holy book. There has to be words on how early believers did it, worship together. Did they listen to one man speak, watch the time, then disappear, their duty done, there has to be more, God is not a cloak you wear and then discard when you feel like it, it’s supposed to be lasting.

Finally, he reaches the spot, where an early prophet is explaining his contact with the angel Ariel, and the insights given. Ezekiel, he reads the bit. The prophet is anxious, the news from the angel, says that God Most High will bring the world back to His ways, and will not change his ways, Mercy thinks the pilgrim, who is searching for wisdom. There is so much in here, the books, who has the time to read them all.

Interesting, I never had that explained before. He is reading how the prophet prayed for his people, seeking mercy and blessings for his people. Then he reads, that the ancient prophets prayed for the souls of the dead, why he wonders, then thinks, yes, the God of Jesus, is the God of the living, and those who believe in Him, never die. As for the prophets praying for those who had gone on ahead, what did it mean in reality. He tries to figure it out. So our conduct on this earth, can help the journey of the souls that have passed on, eureka, the Spirit of God is living. If only those who sat in the pews realized this; their behavior today matters immensely to all our loved ones gone ahead, wow, he wished he’d heard it sooner, part of the journey, it’s continuous, amen.

Teaching children; why do they focus on prohibitions and rules, when they could be telling the story of the Good Samaritan, Solomon sighs. They are supposed to inspire the flock, not control them, amen, darn politics, little wonder the Spirit has had to fly at times, where in the world can it find rest, eureka, wasn’t that what Jesus said, he smiles, amen.

Seeking Perfection

Zealot, dedicated, hard student, becomes a preacher, want’s to direct his flock to the heavenly highway, blasts the audience with words of damnation, repeats again and again, where sinners end up, enforces the word with a thump of a gavel, as if he is the judge. It’s a thrill when they listen, he gets high. Eat this, do that, say this, don’t do that, avoid sinners, that’s asking a lot, in a nutshell, you have to be perfect if you are ever going to reach heaven.

In the back row, a simple believer, a visitor from afar. In the middle of a sermon he stands up, had raised, the audience turns around when they notice the attention of their preacher, his eyes aimed at this intrusion, is he drunk they ask, probably Satan in the form of a man says another.

and who are you the preacher asks, his hands raised above his head, about to judge the nuisance, while not wanting to lose the attention of the audience.

“I wanted to Find Christ Jesus, but you are preaching hatred” the visitor says.

Jesus didn’t walk with those who valued themselves as perfect citizens, and Jesus didn’t expect perfection from anything human, he understood the struggle. There were those who coveted human praise, who ignored the gift from above, and those who worked to kill the belief of those, who encouraged others to believe in His father. It was a spiritual war he was involved in. A journey that lasted to the very end, amen. Endure, how often did Jesus go through trials in order to inspire us all.

The Mental Toilet

” everything that came out of her mouth was fit for the toilet”

Solomon wondered how this saying would apply today. He was practicing addiction to the social pages, there was so much stuff going into the head,thank God for the delete button. But the stuff some mouths were coming out with,was startling. addicted to the cult of celebrity is one thing,but when you think your worth celebrating and …well, the mental toilet must be blocked to overflowing, such is the garbage being pumped into vulnerable minds. Has anyone seen the signs from Heaven, or the clouds. Solomon shook his head; it would only stop them from shopping, a non runner, amen.

What do you pour into the world?

sensitive lives

Preacher looks down on the audience,it’s filled with familiar faces,he knows their secrets,has heard them in private, has to be sensitive, doesn’t want to alarm anyone,or feel that they have been betrayed. He has to chose words wisely. He clears his throat. There are anti social issues that have to be spoken of. As for the signs from above, even he finds them heavy,even if privately, he is delighted, the long term wait is over. But there is a job to do. In a moment of inspiration he finds the source, laughs out loud. The gathering chuckles. Suddenly the penny drops; Jesus used parables so that the teachings would last for all time, amen.

There are poor,rich, ugly, and horrible people down in the pews. My charges he tells himself. He has to lead them to the light. If he says anything out of kilter or unusual,he’ll be reported, he has to be sensitive, he knows they are sinners, and wants to encourage. He laughs a second time, the audience chuckles again, this time he explains. Jesus is the greatest teacher there has ever been he says, I was stuck on the subject matter of today, and was wondering where to start he says, I thought of Jesus, and immediately came up with the answer,amen.

Needy People

panic attack, no clean underwear, but you have clean shirts, you are rushing. The girl next door smiles at you, assume your a hunk and she fancies you, it will take up your mind space while you wait to get a tooth extracted, apart from when your in traffic, thinking anything new is not your strong point, too much already you need to forget.

Do I smell, you reach for the spray, you douse your clothes, you suddenly smell like a garden full of flowers. Why do they put scent into the sewer systems; too many pinched noses wouldn’t impress, that’s our stuff you are smelling. A shower, just to feel clean, the feeling of cleanliness, the water cascades off the shoulders, and while standing in the heat there is no need to think of anything else.

Inner cleaning, a shake of the head, there is too much in there already. So many crevices, with dark secrets, the human mind. Well, do we need to recall all those awful deeds carried out in the Holy Name,we can never explain them. We need to be busy inside. Walking down the street, a dream on it’s way, our lives. Food is enough of a focus when you have nothing to eat, a friend passes, the heads nod, a short few words, an event in the past, smile and move on,does anyone really know anyone else.

A seat at a table, phone on table, the new stuff your sent everyday fills the head swimmingly.In the beginning it was clever, handy, great, as time passes, it has a hold of your life, can’t escape it, like a marriage made in hell. A wave of the hand, an acquaintance, relief as the trouble passes, won’t be having a night like that again, you think, blame the drink. Faces, hopes, plans pass you everyday, the going to and from, a continuous flow, is this what they called the rat race; your glad to be alive, anything is better than dead, your thinking positive.

Afternoon, a new person, a new set of circumstances, what are you to day, whom are you anyway, needy people. Passing the bookstore, another guru has the answer, you try to read the fly page, the buzz words, personal transformation, new reality world, off time opportunities,what do those words mean, the jacket says the book sold millions already,so the cover tells you, but you never heard of the book or the writer before, odd, but your curious.

In a nutshell, Jesus tried to explain it simply, it’s inside you, the space where the Heavenly Spirit resides, therefore says the writer; you need to have the space ready, otherwise, the worries of the world will overwhelm you. To say we are needy as people is the greatest of understatements.

Religious leader, trying to impose his will on dwindling flock. Targets the weakness in human nature, has no shortage of topics for discussion unfortunately. Original artists put words on the drama the leader is facing; The almighty sends the help, even while the demon is trying to control everything.

The more needy we become, the more we need inspired help. amen

Respect for God

RFG for short, how do we measure up, it’s a very practical ask given the times. Do we try to form substitutes, boutique religions that appease us,make us feel good, probably. Does the latest guru grab our ear, that sounds bearable; Jesus never said it was going to be easy, it’s work but not impossible. The signs are sent from above; do we respond to the hints, make others aware, or pretend,that never happened.

The toes move seamlessly, the fingers are formed perfect, the eyes can see, the body functions; the harmony of the human body. When something isn’t right we are quickly aware. In the bathroom, all functions, when it doesn’t we are in a panic, call the doctor. Spiritually when it goes wrong, what do we do?.

The signs arrive, the world is turned upside down. The evil deeds become heavier with each passing day, and as more signs arrive, the feeling deepens, a new way of doing things, we won’t escape so easily when the great return happens, what are we going through, is it the great reset many ask. The old gray haired men long for earlier days, days when they ought to have spoken up.

The baby is laughing, everyone chuckles, how long a baby though. There are vultures ready AND waiting to take up any opportunity, how long are you baby. Respect for God usually means respect for signs, and a willingness to make the changes. In some places, the family is sacred; what happens when that relationship becomes toxic, do we need outside help?.

Treasure Box