The Pharisee’s and Jesus

The year is 2023, and the signs are appearing, there are those who have been thwarting the flow of Spirit, many have been misled, how would Jesus deal with the issue, the vineyard story is well known, there are two versions, the second relates to the gentiles, those who were outside the law as it was known way back then, but whose habits made them worthy of being children of The Almighty, the prophet sighs.

The evening before, he recalls the story, the life of Christ, and the time of the second coming, what is expected to happen, what is the fate of those who harm the harvest, to whom can they appeal for help.

The cloud arrives many years ago, ten to be approximate, with signs from the heavens, many of them, so many, they arrive on an almost daily basis, played out in the words of the prophets, so who would dare attempt to thwart the harvest, questions that are vital to those, who appeared to be lost, what are the consequences, what would Jesus say, amen.

The notion of the age of corruption running it’s course, is a scene many see happening across the world today. The errors and deliberate efforts to thwart the spirit, the imposition of great burdens on those, attempting to pass on the Spirit, their lives interfered with, what sort of person would you want to be, in times of global change, amen. A man who wanted to address the issue of population control, and the stress it was bringing upon the resources of the earth, the church of the people that had turned into a cash cow for the select, this man, is 33 days in situ before being removed from office, now all these years later, there are fresh anxieties in high places, surrounding the removal from office, of many just leaders, what would Jesus say in the circumstance, and how would those who intentionally created confusion, to thwart the changes, that were sign posted many years before, room for thought, amen.

Solomon sighs, they can read the weather, can they read the signs, amen.


Jerusalem 2023

The peace of the world, the favorite city, according to the Holy Books, the space, why in the world, would extremism raise it’s head, at a time, Gospel Truth is in abundance, backed up by ancient prophecy, why the dissent among the Jewish people.

A land grab, is a land grab in whatever language you use, and fears can be raised, but to imagine the needs in other places, a time to show compassion, would appear to be a wise intervention, if the issue of extremism is to be dealt with, in the Home Land.

Solomon listened to the dissent of others, the reasons to change opinions, the pressure to have an opinion, the press on the eternal heart, as those that were lost, find themselves, in no mans land, unsure about what to do.

Revelations in these times, supported by signs, great tribulations and chaos among world leaders, predicted by Ezekiel, who in conversation with the Angel, Uriel, explains the struggle within, the battle superior for want of words, have you lived life that you can be proud to explain, to the Most sacred of All Hearts.

The parable of the rich fool, who builds larger barns to store the wealth, thinking he is safe, while ignoring the needs of others, and how the Almighty, subdues such people, at the appropriate time. In other words, even with confusion on matters you have to deal with daily, trust in the God of Abraham to sort things out, and as for yourself, create the space for others, for their Spirit to rejoice, as to what the Almighty has done for them, amen.

The eternal loving heart, is mentioned in the words of Jesus, how each bad thought, or bad action, adds to that suffering heart, and in times of divine intervention, the prophet would advise against adding to that pain, amen.

Faith Matters

Jesus, is a shield, the audience listen intently. No voices trying to take over, or catch the mind, his words, are like walls, when you listen, they don’t try to overcome you, and when you apply them you get access to more freedoms. It’s a shield he repeats. The mind is bothered, you can’t escape, the phone rings, that voice you don’t like, the anxiety, that threat, fear, that stuff, listen he says out loud, think Jesus, the words act like a shield, they are like ducks on the water, see how he sits on the freezing water but does not freeze, think, who keeps the bird warm how is it possible, you’d not survive if you tried it yourself. the words of Jesus, change the meaning, they provide, shelter, the worry stops, you got a big provider, it’s continuous, it works, hold to your faith, it’s a shield, it wont be penetrated, amen.

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How do we break the code, what is it, the experts, it’s not human, it’s a faith system they linked to their God. No signal, can’t get a reception, the usual connections don’t apply, the requests flow to far off places.

Solomon watched the signs, so many, the stories of old, living words, it was daily, how you interpreted them, moving words not slogans, amen.

Thought Police 2

The contestants gather. The game, what is in the eternal safe, it bleeds life. The trust that is diminished, maybe for other reasons too, there are those with treasured secrets, they need to be mindful, remembering the thought police. The A.I. man, the artificial method, or the artificial mind, regardless, choices made for us, the directions, now mental, the mood game is played. Loosing your vigor, that’s tired, your old, that’s downing, your better off keeping your mouth shut, the threat, after awhile there is so much of it, and so many wonder.

The game is on, the contestants prepare, they think, they are the game. The news, the mood raisers, the doubts, the mind is agile but can it be so fresh, it will fail, it’s proven, what pressure can it endure. The Holy Spirit is planted into the field, and when it’s caught, it will lead them all, back to the thought police, interesting.

Sexual Identity

rights, this is me, the clock bounces forward, the time for the divine evaluation arrives, compulsory, it’s how you leave the body for the next destination. The form does not have any sexual identity question, some are confused. A button is pressed, eventually an angel arrives, the voice asks, you forgot to put in the sexual identity question I’m before she has time to finish the sentence she is cut off. The angel tells her, it’s not that kind of place, your identity is how you treat others, amen.

Old Soul

Dear Old Friend,

To those you assist while on your earthly journey, consider how very lucky you are, to have given, those daily reminders, that is your life, and may I say proudly, like the widow in the temple whop gave the two bits, you are remembered too, and not imaginary either.

Against the odds, he listened to the story of Dr.Noel Browne, a man who was a humanitarian to the end, and was courageous to the end, in his defense of the vulnerable woman and child, a very Jesus thing to do, while stymied by those who were to protect the woman and child, as part of their spiritual duties, amen.

The Queen’s Table

The svelte surroundings, the guests, a servant to attend to each, the entertainment begins, the playwright, a confidante of the queen, her privilege, her husband away somewhere, another country to invade, well, in her private world, she puts on the show, the play, living entertainment for her friends, and her rebellious spirit, that she hides.

They laugh and blush, the chuckles of laughter, they respond to the entertainment, images of themselves in truth. Imitation sighed Solomon, one nation says this, there is going to be this, the others usually think, how will it affect us, the sands have shifted though, though it’s not bad news, the usual influence that one had, has shifted in time, the lessons you were handing out, you never practiced them yourselves, can’t you see what has been happening, or are you living in the past.

The covenant between God and His people, the different times, the relationship breaks down, the prophets tell us this story, then time and humanity repairs the situation, and so we get another chance to fix things, while the blessings return. Maybe you lose your influence, when you refuse to take on board the higher teaching, and same way, nations lose their privileged position, when they go beyond the norm in order to impose their opinions, amen.

A friend comes up to the prophet, something askew the pupil asks. The cursory shake of the head, not at all he replies, just mussing over the way we think about ourselves, nothing more.


The head has no space, the crown explodes, the depths of despair, is there a cure. That feeling, no space in the head, how it deforms our thinking, leaving us rudderless, at the mercy of those around us. She thinks, where do you find space. Her illness is getting worse, space, to heal, just have the mind, to trust in the Almighty and the tools you are given. The more you think good of others, is a great first step. Migraine, when the head does not have worry, the pain eases. She needs love, not pity.

Solomon was laughing loud. The butterfly came back to life, who, what when. Then he recalls the story of Jesus. They only wanted to touch his cloak, to feel that loving energy. What’s the issue some ask. In olden times, sexual activity was the by product of love, it was not the love. In the modern world, the love that many seek, is based on the self, not in the giving. Great examples in time, he watches the world famous leader, push his wife in her chair, their tenderness on view. It wasn’t the case of what you can do for me, it’s why do you love me, amen.

In short, you can’t love God unless you love what the Almighty created, amen.

It’s getting late, the time to go home. She is in the company of a friend. There is nothing to be concerned about, when with a real friend, amen.

The New Environmentals

The whale is on a new diet, fresh cod, but the addition of that stuff, plastic is upsetting the stomach, making the whale anxious. The children have changed their diet, back to the old stuff, fiber is fashionable at last, less of the sugary stuff. A TV show is on, the man with the crown on his head, that’s Prince Charles says the older person, who is that with him asks the boy, i don’t believe it says the father, that’s Al Gore, an environmentalist. The two heads are banging out ideas, on how to correct the imbalance in nature, as Charlie calls it. Al smiles, it’s easy for you to be patient Charles, living in such comfort and never having to worry about the elections or those trying to deny the truth. Charlie smiles, patience, was I not by my mother’s side all my life, waiting to prove my point, the environment. Al laughs out loud.

The father goes to switch off the TV, does not like the politic. His son calls to him will you stop he says. He does not vote for us, the father says. The boy drops his head, the environment belongs to us dad, he gets up and leaves the room, amen.


What, stop that, the radio, the month of November, the souls, listen, where do you think your influences come from, the young minds are discussing the radio, the padre is with them, he is supposed to lead them not indoctrinate them, the gardener is at the door, listening, Jesus he says, what is he doing, trying to corral them, the gardener shakes his head, the use of cult thinking was supposed to have been dealt with, he shakes his head, there are autumn leaves to gather. Cults, what is the meaning of free will, what is reasoning, why did it take being re born to be of the light, had anyone of them listened at all.

Later that evening he is at home, the smell of soup, freshly made, the odor caresses his nose, tickling him. A full thick broth, lots of chunky bits, a distant memory, the state of the soup. Those days, he hopes they will remember, the pacifier, food in the belly, the odd leather shoe thrown into the watery mix, any form of nutrient added, their rations so poor, as they were slowly degraded, while their Spirit held on, and ..he stops, a spoonful in mid air, she says nothing, those days, she found it hard to believe, then the stories are confirmed.

In another part of the world, there is denial of the cruelty, not through ignorance or anything of the sort, but the imagination, no one could imagine the lengths those people went to, in order to get rid of the divine influence, or whatever they thought it was. Yes he says, rubbing his chin, it’s hard to forget those who laid the path we are all on, so much to give thanks for, and she smiles, it’s not a breakdown, it’s the month of November, time to recall, take a time out, consider the consequences, how did we get here.

The lost numbers have brought a new drive in the local church. The need to communicate, new ideas, interesting ways of explaining things. Solomon smiles, I will explain he thinks, time takes him back. Imagine a reversal of roles, turn the experience upside down. The role of the oppressor way back then, the oppressed now, the role of women, the womeneen way back then, the boss now, the children, the little ones way back then, now the decision makers, on account of the habits they haven’t ingested yet. Remain a child in the eyes of the Father, you will be happily surprised, amen. Just like Jesus says..Solomon sighed, how that name rocks the boats and calms the storm at the same time…who can do this they asked?

Later, Solomon sighed, the use of modern day propaganda, the emotional traps, that drive top form hot spots of opinion, then the harvest of ruin. They will come to listen, then the welcome. In parts of the world, food was still a war front issue, amen.

“there was a time, when food was used as a religious weapon of influence”