There are so many ways to describe beauty; to some it’s the reflection in the mirror, how perfect we feel when compared to others, there are many ways of seeing it. But do we take into consideration the inner beauty, that goes deeper than mere physical aspects. It’s easy to throw out comments, but as soon as trouble arrives, a different version of ourselves arrives, in a nutshell, we like our comfort zones, and don’t like those who remind us of our failings; Jesus made this clear when he came upon the earth; He reminded the Spiritual leaders of the day, how they gave attention to those that were wealthy in preference to those that needed help. They praised the material world over the Spiritual, so Jesus told them.

Solomon sighed; we all have failings. Our world pushes the perfect figure, the perfect life, political correct thought too, but is any of it real, or just the way we have been led, amen. Imagine the reality, that one day all will face. A perfect day, the visit to the doctor, the diagnosis, the change in plans, the new expectations, a new life ahead. All the so called problems are no longer problems, what is important changes overnight, and all you are left with, is your conscience. To find beauty in those times, is priceless. Given the changes going on, it was wise to set aside time, regarding your relationship with the Almighty God, amen.


compassion, no cult leader, simply, the space you made for others. It wasn’t for your gain, as many behave, helping, Jesus pointed towards stories, the easy way to get them to listen, they were all children in his eyes. The good Samaritan wasn’t a spy, didn’t have an agenda either, did what was correct in the heart that loves. In a nutshell, you can’t love God if you hate the things He created.

Treasure Box

eating foods, washing this way or that, it wasn’t too important, some put emphasis on rituals, fine for keeping communities together, helping to know each other, but real love, is what you do for others, not your friends, it’s called spreading the Spirit of well being, amen.

Wonders and miracles, they were not for show, they were to teach, life is eternal for those that hold firm in faith. And if Heaven is not in doubt, neither is hell. Even the demons were named, in those times, by the early pharisee’s, they even accused Jesus of having them inside him, so strong was His power, now and always.

Stone Her

The young woman is tied to the pole, they are preparing to stone her, according to the law. A man reads out a proclamation, the verdict has to be read, a large crowd has assembled. Today we caught this woman talking to a married man, in a private location, you know how dangerous that can be, we must have standards. A young prophet is in the crowd, listening. The speech ends, the men chosen to do the stoning pick up stones, their arms arched, waiting for the final salute, before the sentence is carried out.

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The man pushes his way through the crowd, stands in front of the gathering. The judge in charge of proceedings smiles, are you another of her lovers he says. Of course he says, isn’t it written in the law, that we must love what God has created otherwise we don’t love God. Insolence says the Judge, and who are you he asks, while trying to rouse the crowd into a frenzy, they gathered to see blood flow, nothing else.

Arrest him says the judge, let him join her, the crowd yells, praise to God they shout and no other. But this is not what the law says, the young man pleads, haven’t you heard of Jesus, it’s compassion and kindness that God seeks from us, not cruelty.

The man is bound to the girl, the stoning is about to begin. It will be all right he says to the young girl, just trust me. There is another prophet in the crowd, an older man, as he makes his way forward through the crowd, they make a way for him to pass, there is energy about him. He emerges from the crowd, the judge looks at him, immediately he is taken back, remember me brother says the old prophet, i appeared to you in a dream, the judge is speechless.

Treasure Box

Haven’t you heard says the prophet, the battle is not with others, the battle you have to worry about is the battle within. You can’t blame others for your own failings, amen.

Selling the Soul

How many have turned away from the loving way, how many sell themselves, in order to get ahead, how many endowed with talents, have seriously abused them, what excuses can they offer,Solomon sighed, he heard the words as he passed the bench, someone was being quoted, lower body stuff, amen. Who sets such an example, how the demon smiled,while so many fell from grace, more company in the abyss, for the demon, and those who worshiped him. Many souls were asking, is this the time, they have been through so much sighed Solomon, they need respite, amen.

Toe rags, a word he heard used, to describe some, as disposable as a used condom. The memory, an old one. Those who assist, putting on the serious face, as if they were helping them, while stealing what they made, poor souls He sighed, and this example widely encouraged. Our choice they say, he could hear the voices, their choice, not those who were trafficked, and hidden.

Dear Father prayed Solomon, in these times of uncertainty, strengthen the hands of your loving servants, the demon and his acolytes are heading for the lake of fire, they have venom in them, as poisonous as snakes,trying to infect your children, remind the world Dear Father, turn these evil souls into fools, remove any threat they may appear to have. Your children struggle to hold on.

His prayers heard, Solomon smiled, that will put them in eternal chains until the judgement comes, amen. The Mighty prophet Isaiah, the Prophet to whom Jesus referred to regularly, on account of His standing and powerful words, was also being asked to rally all the other prophets, to petition, the Almighty God, amen.

Church Leaders Worry…

Where have all the vocations gone, was it something we did, are we guilty of pointing towards others while burying our faults. Grey hairs, too many of them, have they strayed from the wisdom of Jesus, have they catered for the needs of the Spirit?….

Have they preached too much doom, when Jesus did not preach doom, but freedom, freedom from the traps this world sets for so many.

Solomon had the words in him. The Spirit from above does not discriminate, it seeks rest. Has there been a failure to preach the doctrine of Unity of Spirit, what do you think. In olden times Jesus encouraged all, to ask questions. He could read minds, knew the thinking, the uncertainty. One thing that cannot be contradicted. It wasn’t about gathering a huge number of followers in your group, that’s number crunching, we have more than you. Since the world claims to have more than a billion or three believers, what does the state of the world mean in that context; numbers can be very misleading, amen.

Gambling Store Fever

The staff, the warnings, the tips, the phone ring tone, the movie, the trap, and the schemes. It’s a set up. How the real stuff has chastened the mighty. The fix it types have no control over the higher power, none at all, it’s just staged to appear as if they do. The Spirit wonders, there is news that is universal, and ought to be known. The huge numbers of signs, that point to old scripture. The fall off in those offering their services to God, the grey haired men who seem lost, what are we going to do. What will our judgement be, amen.

The cloud arrives eight years ago, the request made in utter seriousness. The thought being; they are so addicted to the material we need the assistance of old, signs and more. In that eight year period more signs have appeared than in the previous fifty years. Why so many signs in a short time space; God is a fair judge, and wants all to be made aware, His Children most importantly, of the future changes. And Godly change is here and now; it has never left us. Today there are more eyes looking for the signs, same as those early grail seekers of olden times. They don’t have to look anymore. Are they prepared though. Can your heart hold the hearts of others inside you, is it safe inside you, or do you need a clean up.

The Father Struggles

A trek through the jungle, not an expedition or extreme sport, the difficulties people put in their way, calling it sport, while others struggle to escape real life tyranny, that is no extreme sport, but a daily reality. The ooh’s and aah’s, exactly, their choice, but reality is somewhat different. The image of the party of migrants, trekking through wild jungle, children on the back’s of their father’s, if they are lucky, all of them praying; just get us to a safe destination, nothing more. Please.

The expression on the faces, the strain in children’s eyes, the painful reminder, of how life really is, for many on the planet, while the few stash as much off shore, is hard to stomach. The images of the jungle,dense, untapped, families seeking a way across the border, risking it all, could there be another way of interpreting the dire images.

The father’s struggle could be many things. Trying to make up for time not being there, failure to curb a habit, failure to encourage enough, failure to spot the potential others saw, failure to believe in them all. The Father’s struggle, the struggle through the problems of life, are mirrored in the struggle of the father, who is trying to bring his children to freedom, it’s the struggle of those of the Spirit, trying to survive in a material driven world, an awesome struggle it seems, as desperate as the father, carrying his son through the merciless jungle, to safety.

Holding onto the Spirit, requires vigilance. But Jesus tells us; struggle to the end, it will be worth it. Solomon sighed, he had seen the Spirit, the clouds, halo’s, and more. Have no doubts, hasn’t the last five years been five years of epic change, amen.

noble lady

Her love has left her, not that she does not love. She gave her love a long time ago. She will not accept less. Her head held high, she is not as trim as she used to be, but that is fine. How she carries herself, her ways, how she deals with others, she is calm and sure, this noble lady.

Her friends, wonder. This is not happening. What has she done with her life; they wonder. Sacrifice was never their way. They refuse to understand. Like the widow who gave the two bits all those years ago, she is remembered, unlike those who chose comfort instead. Lucky woman, our noble lady is, amen.

Solomon sighed. He was on a visit with an old friend. He encounters an ageing woman, full of the steel of life. There is a twinkle in her eye. How did she remain single he wonders. he steals a glance at his older friend. So this is why you brought me here; to understand.

Jesus said it was not going to be easy. It will be tough at times, you will be oppressed too. Solomon smiled; those words are so true. How the eternal God loves eternal love, why not, if eternity is the end destination. Solomon watches her move. She is graceful and polite. She moves like a premium race horse, has style. The noble lady will live long in his memory, unlike others he will soon forget. Lucky the woman Jesus spoke about, when she put her two bits into the coffers, amen.

women in love

the young girl, she has read the words, Islam is a peace loving world, she believes. She has read the words of Jesus, she has faith, and the almighty God of Abraham approves, this is the faith I am seeking. Against all odds, she holds firm her truth. Why shouldn’t she, she has heard the holy words all her life, and the return of Jesus, is a major part of her faith. The mullah agrees, the time is coming he says. His words reassure her.

In the media, all fears are magnified. The old story; those that have no faith are trying to rubbish her beliefs. Why she asks, her face towards the Sky. I put my trust in you.

The media frenzy intensifies. The worst case scenario is retold and retold, reinforcing the old views. Hate those who are not like us, who spreads such a vision. Only those who do not want the Spirit from above to take root in the hearts of all.

Solomon sighed. There have been many changes. Freedoms have been found, a new way of understanding has taken hold. Who fears God, only the wise,amen.

The truth about western excess?

Rabid growth, off shore islands to hide the gold, laws to trap people, pilling the truth into places almost impossible to find, pornification of the world, the reduction of everything to price, anywhere for the Spirit to find rest, much as Jesus wondered about, will there be faith left when the time comes; the truth about western excess.

Maybe it explains, why there are those who take their relationship with God seriously. Even those who are slow to accept western progress, are considered, outsiders, anyone who takes a stand.

Western excess; paying mean wages in cheap economies,while charging first world prices to those willing to pay, undermining their own work forces, while the government works to support those who have excessive wealth, the very contradiction, when it’s those who are weakest, they are supposed to protect. See the signs, there are so many it’s too much to write them all, but as Jesus says, his words eternal; those in positions of authority, will be treated most harshly, if they miss treat, the people of God, amen. Listen if you believe.