Sensitive Habits

The sages report, the angels sigh, the changes on high, the new life, the potential, possibilities. The child, the boy, the girl, the habits they are adorned with, the effort to imitate, the learning, the school teacher, the method, the preference, they, the way they dress, the changes, reasons to see things differently, the harboring of grudges, the old war wounds, the anthems, the hope of changes, what do they all mean, these sensitive habits. The cold weather on the arctic shores, the warm weather in the Azores, the habits the food, the timing, the days long and hot, the days short and dark, why is the earth so sensitive, so many seasons and types of weather any given day, a one degree increase in temperature, the need to seek help, the body temperature goes above a number, and the doctor came, what makes us so sensitive.

Solomon sighed, the foundations, the gaps, the pot holes that need to be filled out, how sensitive we are when we put our foot in it, and the tale to the environment, and the tiny increases, what a difference they make. We are sensitive to changes.

The headline was a little confusing, what will we do, our church needs to adapt, what will happen, Solomon sighed; work to increase the well being of the Spirit, it always works out.

My Roots

The prisoner sits on the bed, head down, the preacher in attendance, the hour of execution near, the man weeps, the preacher listens, waits, what words can he use, he thinks to himself, the weeping continues, the whimper of a child, perhaps a child hiding in a corner, about to face punishment, the child though, does not understand, just waits. The weeping eases, the preacher asks, anyone you want to pass on last wishes to, family friends or others, roots maybe.

Roots, how do you have roots if you have never filled out, if life is cut short, the vitals missing, nice thoughts for a professional therapist, but on the verge of execution, who worries about the roots. The prisoner says nothing, fate has been accomplished, the teachers said he’d reach a bad end.

Solomon sighs, the age expectation cut short from the start, the snide remarks so many have to put up with, the down looks, you deserve to be down there, what do you expect, considering where you come from, all the jibes, never given the notion of great expectation, like an annoying sound in the ear, will it ever go away. Solomon wondered at the mind set some have, how it’s constructed, and how it’s a weight on the shoulders, having to justify oneself, then thought of Jesus, the everyday test, the everyday tricks, trying to catch him up. No one is immune from the human psyche, and the thoughts stored in there, even the Great One had to put up with it. Solomon was building a bridge of understanding, well, trying to explain how we come to hold differing opinions, where do they come from. It’s in the Holy Books, the descendants of Jesus, all written out, to explain the spiritual journey, the passing down of the faith, so by the time of Jesus, there was a solid foundation of faith on which there was building ground.

The prisoner, on his feet, about to take his final steps in the flesh, the pastor behind him, two wardens in front and behind, the prison governor leading the parade, the mood solemn, a flotilla of news people waiting, a mob outside chanting, is he dead yet, a total circus, while the family of the prisoner pray for a miracle, a last minute reprieve, hoping. My roots my roots he thinks, while he shuffles along, feet in chains, as if he could escape, dear Lord he says, you dealt me a strange hand, from the start.

The phone rings, the procession stops, it’s the presidents office. Trust in God, amen.

A bed for the night

My head, space, freedom at last, sleep, rescue from the night, a secure place to rest, the stress, how can I explain myself, the inside burns, my limbs ache, and I need to see a friendly face, one whom i can trust, everywhere there are doubts, the niggling anxieties even when it seems right, the stories, some made up, but they frighten people, is it true or not, can I afford to take the chance, will someone, just give me a bed for the night. Solomon sighed, the peace of sleep, the freedom spot, the cares of the world dissolve, the body recovers, daily light,I can face the world. How dark thoughts can control the world.

Solomon was praying peace for the tortured soul, the part of you that tries to remain united to God, the space there is always security, where no doubts exist. The thump at the door, the sudden alert, the anxiety returns; there are masters of anarchy who know how to press the buttons, Solomon was reminding the eternal One, the children need help, cut those of the extreme off from any harm they can do, they fill the world with doubts, while the anxious are shaking their heads, asking, where do we find peace. Peace sighed Solomon; look up at the Sky, see the changes, in God you trust, with God you rest, amen.

Her head on the pillow, she breathes in breathes out, harmony in the heart, no fears, true rest.

The Lady loses her creativity…

Where does it go, the inspiration, the ego, stop thinking too much, pause, it’s just a break, stop, the world is just a day, one starts up, it’s going to happen again, do you need to cure depression, are you too much into saying, nothing will ever change, what will i do with life, it’s too much, the head is full with darkness, to whom do i go for help. Feeling lost at times is being normal, you lose yourself, you find, the little upsets, stop, how do you cure mental unwellness, can i help myself. Here, begin with a story, meaning, start to listen, amen.

The day is only a lesson, your the pupil. The mood fills the head, help you want, listen, by the time you read the lesson, you will begin to think, another thinks of me, that’s empathy, become emphatic, you will start to listen closely without prejudice, thinking of others basically.

The more you listen, the easier the self feels, your helping another. There are many days ahead of you, practice the habits that bring life internal to your spirit, the darkness does not live in the light, it’s practice, amen.

Reasons to be cheerful

Spring time is here, the summer is near, the day is all you have, the worries of tomorrow, leave them there, troubled, talk to a friend, the way to ease into the day, a good nights rest, one can only eat one meal at a time. Solomon sighed, anxiety, the news, waves at sea, a storm approaches, the sailor experienced, has been in rough seas, it’s the being there moment. Jesus so impressed his followers, they gave their life, second time around, the story is reversed, eternity, reasons to be cheerful, don’t let news of wars or anxiety, or leaders in confusion annoy or upset you, it’s written, and remember, while your emotions are being fished, there are so many out there, who simply don’t care, so relax,. don’t be overwhelmed, there is plenty to worry most souls, with the new media, it’s a total impulse, the mood fished, so turn off the news, turn off the phones, stop, ignore the constant news, simply stop, abide in the eternal words, read them out loud, stop the fashion contest, that’s just annoying you, think of those who gave their lives for a better world to come, and watch how others treat others, it’s how they will treat you.

Solomon sighed, the world is at a moment, they come and pass, the inner cleansing is what matters, not what is put before your eyes, that’s simple distraction, amen.

The Women

Solomon was rethinking the influences in his life, those that brought him comfort within, was it, those that lived by regulation, that favored men over women, no, was it those that acted like the pharisee of old, who preferred the approval of men, instead of the Approval of God Most High, no, it was a combination of souls, the true followers of the word, through the practice of their love, in the love they share, the music, the words, not those who say one thing and do the opposite. Who loves the most, what is the meaning of the metanoiia, the inner transformation of the soul, where the heart of woman and the heart of man, join as one, a difficult feat, given the bias that is sold into the world. Take heart, the Galway Girls, the welsh friends, those that gave advice and support, when most needed, the old time friends, that pass on good thought, real love stirs the heart, and when its eternal, it lasts for all time, thanks to all who I met along the road, from all experience good and bad, there are lessons, there are those who fool you, those who use you, but when you are in the Service of God, as all vocations are, be it rearing a family, or doing an honest Job, there are always great difficulties, this is what Jesus said to His followers along time ago, so don’t be put off, by those who try to curb the message, or try to harm the Spirit, in times such as these, it happens, even by friends, who are supposed to know better, so rejoice, the words of the Gospel of Jesus, have been shown to be true. What this means for those of faith, or people of the book, is simply this. To be of God, you have to apply the living words of Jesus, as you understand them, to how you interpret the book, meaning, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and the other graces of the Holy Spirit, apply them, to gain, a better understanding of your relationship with the most high, regardless of color, race, or where you come from. This 9th anniversary, is the culmination of many signs, that have been on the way, for these last number of years, as is the cloud, that accompanies this blog, an answer to a request for a sign, granted on the 27th day of a month, over eight years ago, listen if you have ears, amen.


Need help, feeling oppressed, tired, under strain, nowhere to run, feeling helpless, and no one to listen with, where do you go, to whom do you turn, mentally traumatized, hurt from the past, your feelings all over the place, your hoping things will work out, to whom do you turn, or who won’t take advantage of me, you carry baggage, old worries, you’ve read the headlines, they make you feel blue, the answer, well, there are safe places, but who touches the heart, and here is the healing advice, stop, what is it your running for. Inner fear, that’s the old stuff, hold on, violent action, the memory too sharp, hard to breath when he is about, hold on, the answer is near, who said it with words, why words, who is the living word, whom, but the one who promises eternal life, the one who calms storms, the one who puts leaders in a spin, the one whose words have been proved to be, a 100% true, none other, stop, can you pay the rent this month, stop worrying, the one and only, what, politicians make promises all the time, what, the man you need to listen, the one who warns others, don’t allow people to lose their trust in others, what, stop, the heart is listening, the prayers of anxiety, the one, what, this is taking for ages, this is like waking up, hurry, the bus in on the way, will you hurry up, what, the heart begins to ease, feeling better already, yes, the rhythm, the soothing pour of words, slowly now, don’t be so much in a hurry, put the needle down, that’s a crutch, this is not fake, listen, everyone has to account for the habits they encourage, it’s God’s truth, so don’t worry, the signs, they are all over the place, distracted, stop, you have too much to worry about, seriously, are you going to tell us at last, well, it’s not the name, it’s the practice that counts, stop, this is confusing, what, there are easier ways of saying it, but there is only one way of doing it, you have to show it live, amen.

Trust in the Name of Jesus Christ, in fear, frightened, no space inside, terrified, frightened, this name is the Name you have to remember, read the gospels, all of them, don’t stop, say the name, and ask for help, your heart will be at ease, and those that make you fearful, will hear it too, the signs are all over the sky, this is 100% real, hold firm.

Solomon sighed, those confused, mentally tired, those in need of inside ease, had to find space inside, the one name that put the Fear of God into the hearts of all evil men, Jesus Christ, the panic they cause, will rebound on them, so Solomon wrote, Dear Children, rely on your divine friend, amen. Start online, the gospels, the old words, it’s the living word of God, never panic again.


The ability to forgive is difficult, but if we don’t forgive we bring harm with us, and this we pass on to others, in our attitudes. We are reminded to forgive continuously, in order to keep the Spirit inside free and healthy, since we pass on the Spirit, in how we live. Bitterness is a wasted exercise, it only creates more harm, and no good can come, if we harbor bitter thoughts inside, amen.

Closed Loop Thinking

The voice is not heard, why are you praying. The jailer is trying to be kind. The voice though, has repeated again and again, and like a bird, it escapes on the wings of a dove, and reaches the gates of heaven, Where is this coming from, who is the voice, the rhythm is so sweet, has a note of grace. Solomon sighed, never give up, the Almighty knows everything, and as the old prophets wrote; it’s important to remind all of their divine hopes, in the hope they turn their lives around, so it’s written in various forms, amen.

Your never alone, amen.

Through the lens of Jesus

A microscope, the scientist admires the creation, the geometry perfect, only seen under the magnifying eye, the perfection, unseen to the naked eye, reveals a much wider dimension, same as the world, as seen through the lens of Jesus. Man made rules, that stifle, promises made that remind, there are few to trust in, the opportunity for mind thieves, to steal from all the broken hearts, their zeal undiminished, waiting for the time, and the return, when a new light will shine upon the world.

Treasure Box

The revelations, point to old times, reminding us, there is a Spirit on High, behind all of this we call life, and the signs sent, a heady reminder, of the choices made, the inner conscience essentially. How does the average believer feel, when the Gospels of Jesus are shown to be real in truth and wisdom, and since all the words of eternal life, the words of Jesus, being living words, you have to act them out daily, or apportion time accordingly, to the needs of others, not just yourself or your family, for it’s in the reaching out, the Spirit is passed out, no wonder the words, The son of man has no resting place, the Spirit is active, and lives not in hate, but in love and space, where it is welcome. How welcoming is your heart then?.

Why words, why poetry, we need inner space, away from the ways of the world, that has a material edge, that can be so blinding; did you see my car, the looks, the envy, the pride, it sounds simple, too simple in fact, but you need time away from the normal worries, amen, so He says, the words eternal, the burden I give is light, it won’t weigh you down, but lifts you up, amen.

Solomon sighed, talk of wars, the angst, fear, lives lost, homes destroyed, a pointer to the times, the sadness of it all, if only they saw through the eyes of Jesus, and believed it, amen. All through His walk on earth, persecution, His death, shameful, and then the signs thereafter, and the joy of the early apostles, He is alive, and so are His words, 2,000 years later, amen.

She reads the words, her heart at ease, the pain in the joints disappear, the daily anxiety lifted, as she thinks of the time, when she was really loved, and not this world, where talk of war and worse in on so many minds, peace for a few moments, lets hope it lasts, amen.