The Aged

Getting closer to the check out, the mind plays games, the thoughts so long submerged, the welcome at the gates, room for thought.

The younger set

The statistics don’t lie, the habits are there before you, the stuff that tickles the heart is rare, while the below stuff is common enough

The deniers

The rate of interest in that which is godless, those huge statistics, not the strange stuff you hide from, get with it.

In olden times, the believers, were extorted from, forced to flee, threatened with death, and all kinds of other things. When Jesus came back, the fear of death was cancelled, God being the God of the living not the dead, never forget it.


My Community

Healthy the hope, not taking advantage of people hopefully, setting down the seeds that are life giving, not thinking of exploitation, not trying to harm, not encouraging addictions, not hoping to take advantage of the vulnerable, some of the ways to help the community. Solomon heard the sighs of those seeking social justice; now they demanded, end the harm now, we want peace now, the community is under attack, the influences that need stopping, can’t anyone help, the continual prayer, Solomon sighed; The Higher Spirit was spreading, reaching out, changes were coming, the righteous were having victories, evil was being suppressed and ended, the heavens were speaking, stay firm in your Faith in God Most High, all credit to the one who passes out the talents, for without newness what is there, amen.

extremism was trying to anchor itself to normal daily issues, on top of a people, weighed down with the worries of the day, and the influences from outside, that were difficult to deal with, the anxieties that were adding up daily, some panic, what do we do they ask?.

Jesus is the living word, the gospels are true, hold your faith, it will all be okay. The man in the boat, the storm is about to overcome them, the sea calms, the weather eases, what power can do this they asked. Jesus said to them, have you any faith?.

My community, under threat, our minds under stress, our thoughts fear filled, the prayer constant, Jesus sighs, look up, this life is just a stage in the process, Heaven is real, stay the course, it will always work out, amen.

Talk of Wars and The Book of Revelations

The folly sighed Solomon. Those who were trying to divide a united Europe, and those trying to impose Military control, how they echo the warnings in the living words. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, compassion, understanding, charity, kindness, peace, the qualities that need to be practiced more. The outcry of those losing control, the God, their money, the talk, well, if you can’t help your own and their issues, why try to sort out the bigger problems. What did the parable say, and the King, who gave responsibility to his servants, according to their stewardship of small things.

So Solomon prayed, that peace might enter the hearts of the cold minded, and not this word war, that had driven the minds of men to a state of fear, fear of other men, when the Only One to fear, was the Almighty God. Of course demonic pride pushes many to do very unholy things. The signs, may they give comfort to the truly righteous, amen.