Turn the other cheek

In old times, the people of the day, found it hard to understand the deeper meaning of the words used by Jesus, particularly when it came to peace, and how to stop the violence that war ultimately brings. What happens when you stop fighting back, and allow the person hitting you, or harming you, to continue with it, against a defenseless soul. The peace that is needed today, needs to find a safe harbor. Inside, the peace begins, and when we allow this peace to become part of us, we shame the enemy who is attacking us, particularly when the world is watching. What sort of war is this, if only one side is fighting. past writers have tried to explain it, those words, turn the other cheek. Peace protesters who are sitting in protest, and removed, who offer no defense, are seen as beacons of hope, even if they appear to suffer, their effort, our reminder of the need for peace. Gandhi did it successfully in India, and others across the world offered the same. Regardless of the times we live in, we need to give children, the example of peace and peace making.

Solomon sighed, the world was in a state of change, hope was needed, and the signs said, that whatever the time of day, we needed to follow the principles of Jesus, the true principles, forgive, offer an ear, patience, and give all thanks, and offer all thanks, to the One who made the world for us, even if as custodians we have a lot of work to do, to improve on the past. Revenge only leads to more violence. And as everyone knows, there are enough extremists out there, encouraging all that is bad, amen.

Walking in the Steps of Jesus

Kind, patient, compassionate, forgiving, and not a case of self idolizing either, with all credit to the Holy Father, amen. Why, why does it matter in these times, how can we help ourselves, how can we find peace, and appeal to the Holy heart, especially, with so much confusion, and many wondering, what the current events mean, how can we help ease that feeling inside.

It’s not possessions that you bring on the eternal journey, it’s not pride, it’s the heart, and what you have stored in there. Troubled, as all us sinner are at times, many distracting themselves, how do we ease that pain or feelings of isolation. Kind, start to listen without judging, only God should judge. Compassionate, sincere thoughts that help those that listen to you. Forgiving, why so, the notion is simple, what you can’t forgive it becomes a means for the dark side of you, to vent other feelings of anger, as you try to overcome, the dark thoughts inside you, that others can latch onto, in short, your lack of forgiveness becomes the means for your inner angst, and it spreads. Also, when you forgive, or turn the other cheek, you dampen the effort of those against you, who after a short while, fill with shame, when their efforts to undo you fail, or the response they expect fails to materialize, amen. The best lessons in life come from your failures and failings, while the person who never seems to make mistakes, often falls over, when later in life they are faced with difficult times.

As for the need to love, it’s not a question of preparing for the end, there is no end, so in order to retain a healthy position internally (the errors of others is no credit to your own good deeds, it’s their mistake that’s all, judge yourself by God’s High standards and improve) but as for those that willfully try to bring harm such that, they think they are doing others a favor by bringing judgement to a closer position, that’s trying to be as God and foolish, they should set their goal, so as to encourage others to believe, by the way they live their lives, as how they treat others, outside their own interest group, again, why so?

Since the Gospels of Jesus are true and proven, and as such, the conduit through which revelation should be understood, it’s pertinent to practice the eternal living words. This eases the pressure on the Eternal Holy Heart, that has had to suffer much, so easing that heart, brings about blessings, while asking the Almighty One, to show mercy to the planet, in order for all, to get their house in order, rather than, being one of those, that increases their opinion of themselves, based on the errors of others, amen.

Solomon sighed, there was much going on, and too much confusion, the people needed clarity. To love to the end was a prerequisite condition for those seeking the eternal promise, and loving, was not self love, but love for what the God of Abraham and the holy prophets loved, which was what God wants, love for creation, while hating only what is evil, amen.


female voices, God, we only want to feed the children, we want them to grow up safe, we want leaders whom to trust in, we don’t need all that much. Across the world, men try to dominate as if they have superior wisdom about them,even though the times show their superior thinking to be, leaking to say the least. Who gave man power over women,the holy books, gave them responsibility, same way a bank manager minds the cash in a bank, the money is not the bank man’s, same as the Spirit belongs to God, it doesn’t work otherwise.

Color so what, who created the white super stuff, as if it came from the mouth of Jesus. Solomon sighed, he was doing a lot of it lately, darn stuff, the revelations that come upon you, unnoticed, like a car accident. He was watching old TV, listening to the voices, soft toned, none of the modern day anger you hear all the time, what was it, that turned people to anger, he reflected. The angry faces of today, had to have their roots in the past. A renowned singer, Louis Armstrong, maybe Nat king Cole, it could be anyone else, but it was the round appealing smile of these black stars, humbly asking, with love in their words, and from their voices, tenderly asking, no pain lines even if they had been thrown out of restaurants cause of the laws, and had good reason to hate,they chose to offer love as the solution to our issues, they were not trying to wind up the hate, so many today seem to get applause for, why, and they thought that the end of the second great war, would bring about AN inner change in the mindset of folks who looked down on them, because of color, why those angry faces today, when it should have been different, amen.

Lessons arrive every day, that try to free us, from the traps we make for ourselves and others, free, from what the sinner asks, well, those who offend the most high God what is it they do, to cause mistrust, lessons, mistrust is the daily diet of the demon, no one else, cause confusion, upset, annoy,after awhile, no one knows what to think, and we wonder where our issues come from; the closet we hide our stuff in. Open sesame is the times we live in; sigh, doesn’t the notion of forgiveness make a sigh now, amen.