Who owns the earth, to whom are we responsible, what does a mother wish for, what are the new roles of women, what will the world cup do for Human relations, why are there different practices in different parts of the world, can an addicted world cope with change, and will the world of the Ancients, be the return to the Rule of God on earth. Questions Einstein might have asked.

The JFK attitude to the notion of the expert needs re examining. In his opinion, most of them were simply bought, amen.


The Living Words of Jesus

its easy to allow words flow from the heart to the page, it’s easy to sound smart, it’s easy to appear wise, it’s easy to mislead, but there is no fooling, when it comes to the words of Jesus, and why He explained to his disciples, that the words He spoke, were life giving, as in living words. Living has many meanings, but in the context of Jesus, the words life giving, mean exactly that; they give life, in that they are actions not mere words, amen. How to apply Jesus’s words, is to do, amen.

Lessons in Healing

The news, a friend is ill, the news is terrifying, it doesn’t sound good, the fear, the opportunities, better them than me, the visit, the mandatory chat, duty done, have you seen what he looks like, amen. Jesus entered the room, the patient sat up, noticed a different energy about, something higher, forgets about the ailment, is delighted at the change in atmosphere, anything is possible now.

Lying in the bed, the talons are no longer fierce, decaying is better word, the use of those tools, well, doing nothing hanging there, they are just tools, no longer scary. He tries to hide behind a reputation, the front, but the emotions are near, a daughter has come to visit, what is there to hide, your unwell she says while fixing the pillow, thanks he replies, thinking, did i i ever do it for you he asks himself.

The body is just a body, it wont be long, the procession is relentless, visits from friends he hasn’t seen in years, everyone wants to show their face, what timing, the body nods, it must be bad he sighs to see these crowd around. At last, a face that holds no surprise, a straight talker, no hidden ideas, no pretense, a friend, the patient perks up, his life begins again, while in the company of a real friend.

Noah, the great prophets, they all prayed for the well being of those who had passed on, their God, being the God of both the living and those who passed, their God having dominion over all. In a nutshell, did you ever consider, how your actions today matter in the lives of those gone ahead of you,; lessons in healing, amen.

Human Cost

A father takes a risk, the education prospects never good, you need quite and patience when your young and learning. It’s hard to concentrate when there is background news and those who are wanting to distract you. Sean are you coming out. The friend is stuck in a book, he likes history, likes learning, likes the potential, that could be me one day.

The father gets two years for a little theft, he is not on big money, and his family live with all that advertising too. He didn’t intend it to go wrong, insurance, the industry is a racket in itself. The child watches his father,down and tired, going away, the boy is downhearted, he will miss his great defender and friend. A rich man steals, he has a mental condition, was suffering from stress, lost a family member,so argues the barista. The rich man walks free, the judge does not see him as a threat to society.

The boy is alone, in a world going mad. There is a yellow lunatic on TV, calls everyone liars, when the boy tells a lie, he gets a clout, while this yellow fella, only gets richer. Where do I stand, the boy hasn’t a clue, just that, they are all madly stupid, and he hasn’t even grown up yet.

Solomon sighed, if only they saw the cloud, amen, they’d think very differently, amen.