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Everyone has friends in the addiction department, everyone wants to help, everyone knows the directions, but too few take the advice. Rushing around, as Lady Gaga sings, you have to fill the void, what is the void, but the hole in your foundations, that needs a good patch up.

Mother on the pills, the lawyer with the powder on the table, the deal with the short cuts, that sudden feeling of exhilaration, and the demons who play catch with you, when you give them too much space in your life. A Father pleads, his daughter is anorexic, his tears, dying before his eyes, she appearing helpless, who can save her from this terrible fate. Many suffer from image problems, their vision of success, how others see them. if only they knew the real person, they would soon change their stuff. Addiction. the harmful habits, the pastor looks at the near empty church, when years before they were full, he asks himself, why.

In these times, ancient words are being proved to be true. Meaning, that in these times, there will be many who will try to fill your head with thoughts of hopelessness, not because it is, it’s because those who have offended intentionally, understand why the change has come, and what it means; Before you give up, before you feel there is no way out, recall the words of Jesus, whom to fear, only the God of eternal life, who is able to determine the fate of the soul, even when the body has passed on;seriously, who wants to rush to the judgement, amen.

Don’t Hurt Me…

Mothers try to protect their children, a safe place to grow up, good Samaritans about, not those who try to exploit. Dangerous times for the heart, so precious the contents, so hard on them, those early mistakes. Driven by the news, the papers, sensational news stories, editors chasing the ratings, not common sense, their thoughts far from those they claim to protect. Solomon sighed, no one fools the Almighty God, and while children are allowed their mistakes, those who plot and plan evil, be warned, those you hurt, add to the pain in the heart that loves, eternally amen.

It’s strange the times, the suddenness, so many complained for years, we will never be able to change things, their frustrations taken out on anyone who upsets. Where does the rage find roots, the eternal challenge, men and wars, women and their children, the effort to remove the loving spirit from the hearts of men. Jesus told his early apostles, the pain of every crime, a jolt in the heart that loves. Do we ever take those divine words seriously.

The prophet was told, many years ago, and parables were told long ago, that there is a time when the words of holy scripture will be made clear and understandable, the meaning of life, not the plans we make for ourselves. So while this group is devout, while that group reacts, while demons mix among the hurt, raising the inner temperature, take note, the words of Jesus, Men and Women, are two sides of the same story, there is no difference between them, it’s just the severity of regulations, not of God but of man, that creates the great divide amen.

How there are those who try to harm the spirit of others. Through schemes made up to deceive, often approved by people of goodwill, who allow themselves to be deceived, while supposing to serve the common good. This error, is the closed minds at work, who in their ways, never acted out the parable of the good Samaritan in their lives, amen. In times of divine intervention, who would even dare try to harm the Heavenly Spirit, that some try vigorously to defend, against the tide of hate, that has been trying to take over Heaven itself, amen.

Thinking Like a bird

No flight plan, no plan to build an empire, just trust in what it’s supposed to do, fly. A new born, inside the shell, the time is right, the shell begins to crack, the light enters, the new fledgling works to make it’s way to the light, much like the beginning of a new life. You are that bird. The head is up, your direction set by the light, no baggage yet, those tiny brains don’t remember, they are birds. In human terms, the baggage is the inability to forgive, the drama you bring with you, the habits you are predisposed to. In olden times, there was a great mystery as to why Jesus, could do what he could do, where his power came from, some assumed he had a demon in him, that being the source of His Power. The fact that the demons in those times, had names, should serve as a warning to all, if they were about then, imagine how they have developed networks the world over ever since, trying to thwart the power of the Eternal One. Just imagine it. But like the bird on it’s first day, the time is right when the time is right, the God of Eternal Glory knows the time of day, and can see through everything, even the confusion sown into the hearts and minds of everyone who has that Spiritual Spark; as everyone knows the mind can only absorb so much before going off key, or in musical terms, you need to re-tune the instrument if you want that old sound, amen.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, he watches the lost sheep struggle down the street, the little one following seeking to go another direction. Alone and not sure, the lamb follows the lost ones, the comfort being, we all need to be with someone. Imagine the daily trek of the lost, but they are not lost, they just got pushed off the path, with the words of Jesus in their hearts, they will soon find it again, same way that bird will return to the nest, amen.

From the nest, there are predators waiting. Some might find it hard to understand why the most horrible things happen, why they wonder is it allowed to happen. Perhaps these tragic events are reminders to what is at stake, when you lose the connection with the Most High God, and the warnings of Jesus, over 2,000 years ago, the same warning applies today. There are those who appear to be light, but are in fact demons, listen if you have ears, amen.


Titles, with mobile telephony, it’s also a destination. Titles, according to God, it spells responsibility. The more talent, the greater the scrutiny. I’m a this person,i’m that, esteem, i’m poor, we don’t want to look at that. Passing along, I’m an accountant, no, I’m a lawyer, I’m a believer, according to God, your deeds will explain that. I’ve a vital meeting, I’m important, off in a hurry, i’m a Thursday, Thursday last week says, I was Thursday back then. I’m a confused person, i’m what exactly.

What sort of world sets out to confuse children, while pretending not to. Solomon sighed, advice from an old friend. There has never been a greater need for Jesus, today, amen. Who else will bring clarity to the chaos so many live with, amen.

Vanity and the Demon

How often does it go on. The growing number of narcissists across the world, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The confusion that is caused to garner support for extreme white minded thinking, even the fear that’s caused, to create a feeling of insecurity. The union official is causing trouble, he is given a support job in Government that is supposed to help him, with his so called principles, years later the results clear, the world on the brink. Does the promise of a pension seal the ear, at least i’m looked after. The reality of divine power,showing across the world, backed up, by reference to early prophecies, and proof that the gospels of Jesus, can be shown to be true, should be enough to remind all, to adjust their ways, while the reality continues to play out.

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The way we see the world, has to change, and it’s proper, we remind ourselves, of the 11th hour promise of Jesus, it’s like the circle of life, your never too late to join, apply the teachings of Jesus and read the warning of the prophets,amen.

False Teachers

Preacher enters the stage, an audience of sheep before him, what are his thoughts, enlightenment or his own reputation. it’s easy confuse the two. Does the preacher view the followers as meal tickets, or boosts to the ego, is he aware that the truth of the gospels have been found to be true and proven beyond all doubt. Has he made himself aware of the warning of Jesus, about those who mistreat the flock, does he know of the extra special judgement, awaiting those who lead the sheep astray.

Many play the role of preacher the same way a professional net-worker builds up a following, don’t fall into the trap, for many false teachers have already fallen in, and no one, wants to come before the Lord of All, for he judges those who mislead same as those in authority, more severely, so Jesus says in old scripture. Now that the ancient scriptures have been shown to be true, why make life harder for others as well, amen

The Diet of Fear

The creation of the illusion of safety. In roman times, the well organized army seized the hearts of the early believers, imprisoned them, then reminded them, those held captive, that there is safety in us, in us, those who hold you prisoner, modern day philosophers call it the Stockholm syndrome. This diet of fear, grows, as others fall under the control of the tyrant, they even call the tyrant a god, and after awhile, the diet becomes so normalized, it becomes the way of life; well, who can stand against it and survive. Jesus arrived at that time, when the early Hebrews were expecting their Messiah to arrive; because they were used to being oppressed, they assumed, that their deliver, would be a strong man, with power to destroy the occupiers, so they didn’t recognize their deliverer. The rest is history. God allows us to make mistakes in the hope that we will learn and correct them. It happens all the time.

Jesus came with Power from on high, that had to be nourished with the gifts of the Spirit, Human kind, just forgets sometimes, same as we all get muddled, when there is too much confusion around. Whom to fear Jesus says, His words being eternal, as alive today when first spoken; Fear only your Heavenly Father, and when you do, all other fears will simply vanish. For what sort of Spirit is going to make a fool of the Most High God, amen, or even try to lead His children, astray, amen.