Awareness of Jesus

There is hardly anyone alive on the planet, who is not aware of Jesus. There are many, who live the words, the words of Jesus, are living, they are alive, as in, you practice them, it’s not complicated, and the image, that accompanies these words, were the results of, well, belief is a gift, and when you are ill, or under duress, you move from the lower spirit to the upper Spirit, immediately you begin to feel better. Jesus does not curb ambition, Jesus points you, to life giving ambitions rather, amen.


Size Matters

Hilarious, the lady laughs, I can fit into the size 16, it’s just a number, nothing more, a pointer to other, more pressing matters, and the need to have an awareness, that there are issues, depending on the size of a nation or an ego. yes, it sounds like a male thing, it sounds like a man thing, but when it comes to cleaning up, clearing the debris of your life’s existence, when you will have to contend with the eternal stuff, the size matters thingee will really matter, did i really do all that stuff, great if the account is the right one, and not the other.

Examples are all over, the ease of which, what might seem appropriate in one place, might be altogether out of context in another. The size of the nation, the wider the thinking, the more dangerous it can become, depending on what your resources are, the steady hand at the tiller. As evidenced in places, as displayed by some so called politicians, the ability to apply, what you do at home standards, to what happens in others places, is often the coming together moment, that leads to extremism finding roots, that are usually, a disaster. Take the chief of a ntion, where there is a movement towards a more liberal set of freedoms, how those on the extreme, try to exploit the opportunity, and there are examples of it everywhere.

So size matters, your at the shop, you have been on the exercise bike, the jeans look swell, there is a smile on the face, the accessories that you can use, the stuff in the closet you can take out to wear, in short, the options increase. Size matters.

In terms of Spirit, where there is much of it, the options are equally there, the choices, good ones, exist, like the car in the car park, sometimes, smaller is better, as to say, you don’t have to squeeze into the space, and more room for others to exist. In Spiritual terms, when you widen the definition of “The Almighty God”, in that there are many versions of it, depending where you live, the wider the definition in terms of compassion, the easier it is for life to exist, in peace, so to say it in short terms, size matters amen.

A Father with many children, has to think of the welfare of many, the person thinking of themselves, well, is not thinking of others, so the size of the ego matters too!..In this time, when conflict appears to happen in bunches, think before you take advantage of the situation, the cloud with the picture is real, amen.

You won’t talk?

She is handcuffed, tied, tortured, beaten, you won’t talk, he owns her, you won’t talk, he screams even louder, her face one of terror, he is trying to break her, he screams, another blow, he holds up the cords, another whipping, her eyes slips, bruised, swollen, her mouth, audible sighs, her face all red, you won’t speak he screams, he begins to tire, looks at the others, giving them the nod, the sigh to ..

The angels look on; sentence, the conscience marked for life, the mark, the fear ends; the schemes of the evil ones and the demons implode on themselves alone, all the fear they sowed, rebounds on them, they now fear only God, amen.

Fear not those who can kill the body, fear not them, Fear only God, who has dominion over the soul, in life and after the passing, and can do anything, amen.

A bed for the night

My head, space, freedom at last, sleep, rescue from the night, a secure place to rest, the stress, how can I explain myself, the inside burns, my limbs ache, and I need to see a friendly face, one whom i can trust, everywhere there are doubts, the niggling anxieties even when it seems right, the stories, some made up, but they frighten people, is it true or not, can I afford to take the chance, will someone, just give me a bed for the night. Solomon sighed, the peace of sleep, the freedom spot, the cares of the world dissolve, the body recovers, daily light,I can face the world. How dark thoughts can control the world.

Solomon was praying peace for the tortured soul, the part of you that tries to remain united to God, the space there is always security, where no doubts exist. The thump at the door, the sudden alert, the anxiety returns; there are masters of anarchy who know how to press the buttons, Solomon was reminding the eternal One, the children need help, cut those of the extreme off from any harm they can do, they fill the world with doubts, while the anxious are shaking their heads, asking, where do we find peace. Peace sighed Solomon; look up at the Sky, see the changes, in God you trust, with God you rest, amen.

Her head on the pillow, she breathes in breathes out, harmony in the heart, no fears, true rest.

The Victory of Saint Michael

Old legend, the soul warrior angel, who decapitates the demon, the influence that draws us to trouble. How is it possible, these legends, what do they mean,and why are they put in words, is there a tip there you ask. Well, since Jesus says, and says, his words being eternal are lasting, all time for ever words, in a nutshell, think this out. If you only imagine the power that the Holy Spirit gives out, and how you can add your own righteous thoughts to the collective, imagine the results. Only two people have to agree, AND the demon is history, just imagine it, the answer is already inside you. Now, you wonder what talent is for. Well, there were those who assumed, that days like these would never materialize, even in the holy books, where is he, you understand what I mean. Now, you can send your demons to the thrash, and begin living freely, amen. As for those who were talking the big talk,the welcome for Jesus and the Holy Messengers, mostly babble, they calculated that they would never face times like these, hurrah, they are here, amen.

Mental Destruction of the world…

Sexuality, a shopping experience, confused, the first seven years, the foundation. The little eyes, imitating, their confused parents and their failing relationships, record breakdown rates, while the parents argue, the child insecure,grabbing at anything firm, how this has been allowed to happen, we did this to our selves, and now with prophecies on the radar,the anxiety many feel, why you wonder, did we thrash the world our children and mother nature with it, from a distance, so it seems.

Rivers clean, run like muck, sludge on the floor, where no one can survive, then the misinformation wars, the deliberate harm, while those in position hid their misdeeds, while their sycophants said yes, and nodded, never able to question their boss, why you ask. Truth will be hidden, then when the revelation of God is made read, all the truths come tumbling out,yes, all those horrid habits, known to the Most High God, yes, all that weird shit, all known, and now, we all have to account for it, maybe.

As those on the edge for a long time tried to say; you are all being duped, but you eat it up, whatever it is, just to survive. Well Solomon encountered the Spirit, the real one, not imaginary,and once you realize, that as sure as Heaven exists, so does hell, who needs reminding, when you see it nearly every single day, amen.


Fashion, the habits you acquire, how others do it too, the influencers, celebrity wears yellow, the next week, more yellow on the street, influences, it used to be mainly money, but that has altered some, maybe there is more out there, career changes, the family feeling, time with those you care for, long time since you felt that, long time since your last drink.More quality time, even women are been given maternity leave as a right, children need time, now the fathers time is needed, they get time off too, to look after the new born, only right of course, we are fragile emotionally.

Real emotions, do we fake what we used to admire, do we grow old, laden down with health issues, who has time to think of anyone else, another funeral, more tears, after awhile the loss eases, what was that for, then a celebrity with esteemed reputation, and they are crying for weeks, not even related, but you claim ownership, well, it’s only right, their dreams yours too perhaps, you watched their career like they were your children, in a nutshell, you invested your emotions in a stranger, one you wanted to live eternally,then gone, the grief hard to overcome.

How did they do it, can you hear the wailing, the women crying silent tears, their Messiah on the cross, and the reaction of those nearest to Him, they only killed a prophet of God at the best anyway, and since, the number of wars fought trying to enforce what was based on eternal love, as if it would work.Then the emotional downturn, as hopes are beaten back, a descent into the emotional cavity.

Now, busy, over worked, stressed, any number of health risks, you will get reminders of them all, there is always another trying to profit from your fears, well insurance issues are growing, as if we had enough already, cyber security with a broker now, another reason for a sleepless night, are we safe,the thought next morning, another worry to add to the regular list, then a crazy world leader, who gladly incites, it’s better to share by the way,it makes you feel better, it wont turn you into a tiger and reckless lover, but it will bring inner calm, worth it you suppose.

Real emotion, how many times we see the figure first, we judge,was it really a terrorist act or was it random, another reason to worry, and we wonder why the spirit sinks, we just drown in with your stubborn natures, and then we wonder where our emotions went, or how we used them.

Why does our emotional heath matter so much, the question many ask, then the news story, the mad uttering of so called rational people, who when they lose, will cause mayhem, regardless of the affect it has on everyone else. And its on TV most nights, amen.