Testosterone Super Highway

The TSH, could be a new short text, code for a night out, code when you don’t want everyone finding out, given the propensity of everyone wanting to know everything there is to know. TSH, is there too much out there, urging’s from the lower region, they can dominate relationships, so we can get used to something that steals from our inner selves.

Do young bodies need to be over reminded of the natural resources within the body. Wars too, are related to this over emphasis on the macho side of life, while those of a sensitive nature are deemed to be weak minded, if they don’t show the macho side. In times when new ways of doing things is a very urgent matter, the less of the macho is needed when you need to use your brain. Yes, there is pressure applied when your very young, boy girl, and with so many potential forms of identity being thought about, isn’t it reasonable to suggest, that those who are very young,don’t need too much confusing advice, as it’s so easy to pressurize them.

No one complains, whatever your interests, your mind will form interests, but if we over bombard the tender minds still grasping for identity, if your not that, then this is your choice. But when you put confusing advice before young people, you force them to choose,it’s like a divorce, which parent do you choose. Lately there is talk of over use of sexual identity, the list of choices mind boggling, and since children pick up the example around them, society has a duty to put children’s interests first, so we should hope.

A boy is twelve, the parents have his future decided, the topics of study, well, this is what you have to do if you want to get to university, three years later, the boy who wanted to please his parents finds out he is artistic, wants to change his preferences. In a nutshell, we are forcing the process, that only time can decide on, and surely, that should also apply to those who have difficulty with their identity, well, the ugly duck became a sparkling bird, but you would never have thought it, when you first saw that chick.

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