Jesus spent a lot of time changing plans,on account of the inordinate amount of spying he had to deal with, is was as if He was dealing with a cult. Trying to trick him out was almost a daily experience,and all his habits were reported on, in order to dismiss his credibility with those following, same as goes on in modern life. If you want to harm someone,seek ways to cause damage, amen. So from the start, there was trouble, even as a small baby, the lengths his parents had to go, in order to protect Him. If there is one word that sums it up, they made it difficult for Him from the beginning until the end, amen. They hoped it was an end, but happily for the world, it was only the beginning before the great return.

How will religions fare on the spying front, how will God Most High treat those who undermine Spirit,as those who spy, are generally, very wicked, amen. Considering the times, and all those wonderful signs, maybe all the religions need a big clean up,amen.

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