8 Billion Persons

That’s a lot of mouths to feed, that’s a lot of rethinking, that’s a large number, and given the environment, changes are much more meaningful, and that’s not just politics. The story of the lady who campaigned for the welfare of women, the problems in the Spiritual business, the women who had large families, wondering where the food will come from, the talk of the priest, as if the inability to feed your family is sacrifice, as if the earth didn’t provide for it, the failure to apply wisdom, but insist upon the old ways, same as when Jesus arrived, and the plot to deny the truth, 8 billion is rather a large number.

The first words from the mouth of Jesus, the girl recovers, feed her, give her bread. The loaves and the fish, feed them, it does not sound as if the notion of food is just a current issue, it has always been an issue. What do they feed the minds with, what sort of compulsions do they breath into people, the needy concoction, it’s all about me, me never figured in the Gospel of Jesus, now shown to be true, delivered.

The woman in the story, Vicky, she has a dream, the fate of women, don’t allow it to pass, Solomon wondered about the issues women face. Raising a child should be trouble enough, but add in the stress that they are surrounded with, the knock on affect, and the mantra of before, things never change, it won’t be repeated again, and as for the men, with an abhorrence to the standing of the female, they are lesser than men some seem to imagine, as if we lived in the prairies of the 1800’s and surrounded by hostiles who were trying to steal them, when the enemy is already within, we gave birth to children, we endure the pain, we take care of them, and we don’t forget, would it not be great if men were so dedicated, rather than having to be brought to the brink, before, well, maybe, well, but, that’s cute, it’s time to rethink the game of life, amen.

The invasion of the space inside, one way of looking at the issue raised, what sort of stress causes such harm, why do we have to raise the issue, did the souls of the earth not recognize the growing issues. Now we have 8 billion souls, prophetic signs, and telling changes, amen.

Solomon sighed, the schemers and the triers. Imagine getting to the pearly gates, the load of your existence with you, this is what you take with you, and allowances for the start you had, some had it easy, there is a parable on this, Abraham and Lazarus, but to get to the finish line, and explain yourself, a thought worth thinking about. Jesus raises the Spirit, amen.


Albino Luciani

The 33 day pope, the reasons, perhaps pointed, referring to another, at 33 years, who made the world think of the world above. God acts in mysterious ways, and when it comes to change, usually sends the reminder, like the tax returns, you better see the accountant, as to what the bill is going to be.

Solomon sighed; there are those who seek to subvert, the ways of the evil ones. Getting the boxing term right, when the other fellow has a longer reach, you need to get in close to change the result, it’s not all bad news, but the ways of change or those that claim to be changing, can often be misleading, like the story, the real identity comes to mind, often too late, so the story goes. Perhaps, there were those who were encouraged to serve, same as those that go into marriage, for fear of saying no, or being unable to say no.

The world is at the point of population rush, the need to curb the produce, its not an effort to curb the spirit, despite what some may think. The victim in all of this, is Mother Nature, who had to extend herself in order to provide for her children, the lack of resources, leading to ways that were perhaps not good for the long term, same as those who pick the words from the holy books while ignoring the entire, it can lead to much that seems correct but is in fact misleading.

Now, as we look back, at the characters, it’s easy to see abhorrence in some parts, while making hero’s out of those, with no heart in them altogether, may we be guided by the Holy Spirit, and not the material spirit, that can be so absorbing, that we forget about God entirely, amen.

Solomon sighed, he recalls the day, the cloud appeared, and how the world had changed ever since, as if we are ever alone, amen.

The 33 Day Pope

The story, a tale of Hollywood intrigue, the reality, such timing, the man who wanted to give back freedom to the soul, not one of those that wanted to dampen the output of the soul, or needed to control, the shepherd is not there to control the sheep, protective, like a loving mother or guardian, the story of Albino Luciani, the humble smiling pope, who had radical thoughts for the day, say the population issues, the strange attitude to normal human relations, and the lack of God in those who were supposedly the servants of God, then dies in strange circumstance, interesting, the story, the results though, seen years later, show the true depth of the man, given the issues facing the world, amen.

It’s not a witch hunt, it’s not a blame game, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s the human folly, trying to delay, the obvious, the stuff we want to put off, the Story of Albino Luciani, is a story worth recalling, the current Pontiff, trying to bring about change, would do well to re read the story, it will give one, an insight, remove many of the prejudices, and allow for greater harmony and understanding in the world.

Solomon sighed, we need to think of the past to understand the now. Jesus is in his home town, they hear news of his abilities, they expect to see the same, he asks, the question is posed in the gospels, now shown to be true in real time, how do you connect to the healing spirit, why does the truth matter, what does the truth do to the spirit inside, what is the meaning of a true confession, how it removes the tension inside, and the freedom thereafter, as the baggage is set aside while the lessons are learned. Jesus fell three times on the way up the hill, it wasn’t automatic, he ate he slept had brothers sisters, was very much like us, and gave entire credit to the Father, never taking the plaudits himself, and gave promises, of the Holy Spirit, and that spirit, where does in find rest, does in not require the truth, amen.

She looks across the room, the party in full swing, she is not there to fill the place, she enjoys making friends, friends, those that like to know people not take advantage of people, it’s more stressful the more material the world becomes, do you love me or like me because you like people or what, in the material world, what is material matters most, who has time for the unseen, the Spiritual well being inside.

Albino Luciani , had radical views in the 1970’s. Jesus was considered a radical, 2,000 years before, mind the gap, what was it that lead many away from the eternal truth. She is ill, her mind is plagued by doubts, the worries, she can’t find rest inside, the crisis, what is it, where do you find that inner peace that finds your sweetest feeling inside, that now is the time and nothing else matters, in the company that does not drag you emotionally.

He takes her out for coffee, does not charge in, the talk is simple, easy, the ego has been set aside, it’s nice to be seen as the person you want to be, no one seeking from you, just enjoying the being you are. She wants more, he is patient, it can wait, she is annoyed, she is used to having it her own way, her mind becomes a wandering machine, all over the place, he watches her, what is inside her, can’t you relax. Stop, she stops, no one talks like this to me, what, stop, do you ever listen he asks. Honest with yourself, the thought, well, the pause.

Solomon sighed,.a lesson, the days of old, there is conflict in the head, the advice, stop, let the moment pass, stop, the thoughts will settle, calm yourself, the tension passes. Jesus advocated turn the other cheek, and while this is upsetting to those who seek revenge or getting easy, the pause in hostilities, eventually leads to peace, mine the gap.

Luciani Albino saw the gap that needed to be filled. Today, there are many who have tried to fill that gap, with their own version of the truth, while ignoring the truth of Jesus Christ.

The spies stopped, this is frantic, they try to listen, to take ownership of what is not there’s. God will settle the accounts, don’t bring the hatred with you, amen. Learn from the mistakes, that lead to the passing of Luciani, and recall, there were those who helped the allies defeat the dark axis, in the time of the second war.

The Cloud

Head for the clouds, the radio call out, the little spitfire is being pursued, colleagues look on, two enemy swoop down, the only chance, hide in the clouds, the only chance, he zigs and zags, the cloud is close, another five seconds and he is fine. Solomon sighed, find a friend that gives you cover in times of need. He thought of one option.

The crows hark and squawk, one of their own is on the ground, temporarily unable. A stranger is on the avenue, they holler out loud, trouble maybe, Solomon sighed, how the birds, Mother Nature, gives out the distress call long before the trouble arrives, amen.

Jesus said a long time ago, those is positions of authority better wake up, with responsibility, comes expectation, as with talents, not foreign hiding places, amen.

News of Wars, strange leaders, confused thinkers, ..

Don’t be anxious, just be aware, this is the story of Ezekiel, an old testament prophet, servant of God, in conversation with the angel Aerial, news such as these, are reminders, the world is not the place so many feel fearful in anymore, it is becoming a place, where only fear of God will exist, amen.

Solomon sighed, the struggle of the early believers, news of Jesus Christ, the awakening of the soul, new meaning in the Islamic tradition, the early believers, those of the real light, all coming to the conclusion, it’s the same eternal God they worship, so don’t give up. A day is the same as a thousand years to the Almighty God, so practice what is life giving, amen.

The Children of The Almighty, come in many shapes and colors.

Domestic Freedom

From behind, the ribs, she feels the pain, falls over, he kicks her on the ground, she tries to cover herself, wants to scream, the children, she fears for them, his face flares, he is all red, the intend meaner, he is getting his kicks, has a, then the door bursts in, caught red handed, he looks at the uniforms, we have him cold they say, while she whimpers in a heap, am I saved she thinks.

The charge sheet, the daily rounds, who has been at it, the fear some try to sow, is about to rebound on them, the eternal chief is not surprised, it’s been a long time coming, freedom from domestic violence, and fear ends, good night.

Solomon sighed, what a boat full of news, what a delight, this is wonderful, apart from the heavenly truth, the Gospels shown to be the map of discovery too, proof of Jesus and the Holy words, imagine those who will inflict harm on the Spirit, let the righteous be successful amen.

We need more love cries a voice, the crowd looks around at itself, love, where is it gone, gone shouts another, what shouts the others, Love, only a sneering man laughs in the corner, love he screams, then his voice cracks up and he falls over, a woman shouts, I found it, they look, a light filled Jesus comes down the path, amen.

Help Now?

The playing field, the game is on, the play is swift, the tussle, the crowd on their feet, the ah, the ooh, the young fan looks up, come on God she says, we need you now, the hope of a little one, why not, they are told to ask, and nothing pleases the almighty, like happy content children, so ask. The patience of Moses, that was then, we are smarter now, there is so much that has been learned.

The grandmother wails, the nephew last year, shot down, another grandchild this time, is there no end to it, help now. The wails are loud, the community leader, trying to be both helpful and appeasing, tries to rally the youth, we’ll protest, they stiffen up, the words from their mouths harsh, is this the way you pursue peace, help now.

The field, the day, the signs plenty, can this be real, we all are asked to question the Spirit, for their are different types. The prayer is made, the help arrives, again, the prayer is made, the help arrives again, the prayer is made, the help arrives again, repeat, repeat, the officer on the ground shouts, repeat repeat, is there a prayer request in asking for help.

Solomon sighs; everyday examples of intervention, everyday examples of expert opinions trying to change your mind, even in the times of Jesus, 2,000 years ago. Repeat, repeat, help now, help now, the dispatcher sends reinforcements, the problem eases. Help Now, the spirit needs help, the Heavens send the signs, but how do we use them, amen.

My Roots

The prisoner sits on the bed, head down, the preacher in attendance, the hour of execution near, the man weeps, the preacher listens, waits, what words can he use, he thinks to himself, the weeping continues, the whimper of a child, perhaps a child hiding in a corner, about to face punishment, the child though, does not understand, just waits. The weeping eases, the preacher asks, anyone you want to pass on last wishes to, family friends or others, roots maybe.

Roots, how do you have roots if you have never filled out, if life is cut short, the vitals missing, nice thoughts for a professional therapist, but on the verge of execution, who worries about the roots. The prisoner says nothing, fate has been accomplished, the teachers said he’d reach a bad end.

Solomon sighs, the age expectation cut short from the start, the snide remarks so many have to put up with, the down looks, you deserve to be down there, what do you expect, considering where you come from, all the jibes, never given the notion of great expectation, like an annoying sound in the ear, will it ever go away. Solomon wondered at the mind set some have, how it’s constructed, and how it’s a weight on the shoulders, having to justify oneself, then thought of Jesus, the everyday test, the everyday tricks, trying to catch him up. No one is immune from the human psyche, and the thoughts stored in there, even the Great One had to put up with it. Solomon was building a bridge of understanding, well, trying to explain how we come to hold differing opinions, where do they come from. It’s in the Holy Books, the descendants of Jesus, all written out, to explain the spiritual journey, the passing down of the faith, so by the time of Jesus, there was a solid foundation of faith on which there was building ground.

The prisoner, on his feet, about to take his final steps in the flesh, the pastor behind him, two wardens in front and behind, the prison governor leading the parade, the mood solemn, a flotilla of news people waiting, a mob outside chanting, is he dead yet, a total circus, while the family of the prisoner pray for a miracle, a last minute reprieve, hoping. My roots my roots he thinks, while he shuffles along, feet in chains, as if he could escape, dear Lord he says, you dealt me a strange hand, from the start.

The phone rings, the procession stops, it’s the presidents office. Trust in God, amen.


The healer wakes, light is showing, the curtain slightly off, a bar of sun runs through the room, five minutes the healer says, then time to get up. Stretch, thought, the day, what’s in store, the to do list, a run through of what is basic, before the serious business of healing. The kitchen side board is cleared, the area cleaned, the mixture assembled, the cake, so many ingredients, once together and in the right oven, the results are assured. The cook prepares the cooking tray, greases the base, the implements are cleaned a few times, after each use, the cook is busy until the area is cleaned again, while the cake matures in the oven. Two hours later, the oven door opens, a plume of smoke escapes, along with the sweet aromas of cooked fruits, a prick with a needle, ten minutes more. Three hours later, the cake is sliced while the tea is poured, then everyone digs in, the cook just smiles.

Healing sighed Solomon, you need to be prepared. You would not attend a wedding looking like a tramp, in the same manner, when you seek healing, you must prepare and believe from the start, amen.