they didn’t try to sound funny, they didn’t dare use spin, they weren’t bought, they passed on, the news that needed saying. Social climbers or ambitious, their efforts were aimed on high, the light that so many today have been hiding, that is now, but before, the ancient ones that is, they lived in times of active demons and angels, they witnessed much of what is written in those old books. They didn’t offer material riches, only demons offer such dreams,certainly not those of God, amen.

Now that so many across the world are literally and physically on their knees, many asking for help from the eternal source above, some this minute surrounded by fire, others about to be raped, mentally and physically, to whom do you turn to for help, amen.

The prophets make it clear. There is the way of living that leads to inner destruction, and there is also, the Eternal God. To encourage us to read the prophets, Jesus referred to them, Isaiah in particular, why. Well, if we say we are of Jesus thinking, then, we ought to read and study, the texts he referred to. This sounds very logical, but you’d be shocked to learn, how few of those who claim to believe, actually have.

Now as time seems strange, so many going mental,so much garbage in the mind, the mindless use of the internet, how greed seemed to overcome so many, and voices out there, still trying to exploit the vulnerable, politicians included, it appears wise indeed, to study the lives of those, who might save us all, amen. These are the prophets, amen.

If you have children, it’s a huge emotional worry, these mad times. Countries invaded, populations deserted when the need arises, discarded like dirt, and evidence of God all over the place, who wouldn’t seek a safe refuge. Those of the demon are in a proper Irish stew, and that’s not a good place to be, same as those preachers who use wealth traps to gather followers, they are even in a worse place, to actively use God’s ways to steal, a poor decision, shows how little they really know, amen. What did Jesus say about false teachers who lead the people astray, it must be a tight one those folks are feeling right now. Learn from the prophets, why else would Jesus remind us of this, ask yourself, amen.

A Mother’s Despair

Desperate for her child’s safety, is there any place safe anymore, is there?. She looks up at the Sky, and says, did I raise her for this. She is just one of many millions. She despairs, while others boast about their wealth,teasing anyone within hearing distance. The mothers sigh, what am I supposed to believe. Leaders everywhere, stash as much as they can off shore, shoring up for their futures, sad fools, had they not seen the signs everywhere. Not surprisingly, those that report the news,never mention the prophecies of old,afraid they will upset the viewers. How much more can they take, they only see their lands on fire, while the planet heats up. What Mother wouldn’t feel despairing.

Millions willingly sacrifice, so many you can’t count, no accountants for this, kindness is not part of their job description. But there was a time when there was working hearts, but now they are few. An elderly holy man sighs; will there be any faith left when the return happens,and right it is, that he should wonder. He shares the mother’s despair.

Light, the Spirit of God, the names of the prophets, on some lips, hurry up Lord they pray, we can’t take anymore. The Lord through his Holy Prophets, has warned, times such as these must happen,while the weeds are separated from the harvest, amen, do not despair mothers.

Those who live the libertarian lifestyle, avarice, selfishness, and all that is base, have a hold in positions of power, but have no power, when faced with the power of God,and this is there time,to be judged. One word, can turn them into baffling fools. So Mothers, do not despair.

The Victory of Saint Michael

Old legend, the soul warrior angel, who decapitates the demon, the influence that draws us to trouble. How is it possible, these legends, what do they mean,and why are they put in words, is there a tip there you ask. Well, since Jesus says, and says, his words being eternal are lasting, all time for ever words, in a nutshell, think this out. If you only imagine the power that the Holy Spirit gives out, and how you can add your own righteous thoughts to the collective, imagine the results. Only two people have to agree, AND the demon is history, just imagine it, the answer is already inside you. Now, you wonder what talent is for. Well, there were those who assumed, that days like these would never materialize, even in the holy books, where is he, you understand what I mean. Now, you can send your demons to the thrash, and begin living freely, amen. As for those who were talking the big talk,the welcome for Jesus and the Holy Messengers, mostly babble, they calculated that they would never face times like these, hurrah, they are here, amen.

THE Fireman

Watching TV, feet on stool, mug of coffee before him, mid thirties, phone rings, he jumps to his feet, doesn’t run, collects his thoughts,prepared, is there anything missing, he thinks back, then gets into active mode,mind clear, he is a professional after all, the fireman. Society provides the machine, pays the wages, maintenance too, training,it’s more than it looks, how that money held off shore would help, those in need of the fireman.

We will all die it’s said, but there is the little matter,of the legacy you bring with you, that matters even more when your close to passing, whats on your mind, a clearness you hope, amen. God does exist, there is too much proof of it, smile, cringing won’t help, amen. The fireman rushes into the burning building,mask on, just doing a job, a brave one.

So, quite at home, no major crisis, calm, everything in the right place, a knock at the door, your in crisis suddenly, just like that, or how can the world come to a halt overnight; it ALREADY happened, the last sixteen months. In crisis, lost, seeking direction, you haven’t prayed for awhile, attendance matters, how do you get out of this, then it happens.

Time invested in matters of the Spirit, are invaluable in a crisis,before not just afterwards,amen.