Papal Call

Times are changing, the faces, a renewal, the call goes out, what will replace us?. The gray hairs, looking tired, the new strategy, did he ever let us down they ask, how often have we let Him down, they wonder, the call goes out, we will meet, we will discuss. In islam, the Holy words, ancient hidden made real, the gospel of Jesus a key factor, a new understanding, a wider way to interpret, Jesus Christ, follow his ways, use those words as a filter, it will open your heart and widen your understanding.

The bishop shakes his head; we have always done it this way. A young curate opens his mouth, didn’t Jesus say something similar all those years ago. The Bishop shrieks. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, is that all you can say?.

Solomon heard the call, the world was going through a change, in space too, planetary changes, magnificent changes, the bishop still shrieks, what will we do?. Solomon sighs, the cloud and multiple others signs, they should look up now and again, amen.


Jesus, Today, following, the outcome…

He stops, in the past it would have caused upset, he does nothing, lets it pass, we are different now, the couple have overcome the individual, they are in a relationship, in short, sharing, not being first either, not me, or you, it’s a new relationship. The old person is now part of the new relationship, and since the Gospels of Jesus, have been proved true and reliable, and because all holy verse is based on what went on before, the teaching of Jesus, can’t be ignored, no matter how you worship, it’s a case of, do you practice it, amen.

How do you interpret scripture in the context of Jesus, and his teachings. How do you interpret Jesus, when he plays such a role in all who believe, how can you ignore it, and say you trust in the Most High God, it’s impossible.

Solomon listened to the voices, our way, the right way, this is how it is, the voices of the disciples when they came in from a day’s preaching; they encounter Jesus, and tell Him what they encountered; there was a man who was preaching but he was not one of ours they say to Jesus; Jesus replies, if he is leading others towards a greater understanding of God Most High, you must welcome him, he is not a threat but a helper, amen.

So what happens when all agree in the wonders of the Most High God, what is the outcome?

The Cloud

Appeals to the people of the world, help needed, the rewards, eternal, how we treat others, compassion, do we try to cause disruption, what is the cost to the innocent, those they actually harm, are there consequences, AMEN. Truth, playing politics when the power of the ALMIGHTY is obvious, why do we bother to decorate the lie, why do we dare put God to the test, what do we expect in return, a blessing?

The appeals go out, there is chaos, confusion, people call for leadership, so many waiting on spiritual developments, does the help arrive?. Many signs, too many to mention arrive, consistently, to wake up the people, the hand of God, a warning and a blessing, even great results, even clouds. Are Spiritual leaders responsible for making their flock aware of the news, what else are they supposed to do, build a network, hardly?

Solomon sighed, apart from the usual interference, as casual as rain in winter, he recalls the day the cloud arrived, and the chain of events ever since, a great source of help for those who want to have their heart filled appeals to be heard, just pass it on, amen.

Vow to serve the Almighty God

Man offers up his life, the promise, to serve the will of God. Many have made this promise, that this man makes this day, how have they fared, what has their harvest achieved, did they serve man or God. Solomon was watching the signs; words of prophecy of the ancient scribes, Isaiah, Ezra, Daniel, and others, on many minds.

The will of God; Jesus told the early believers, sacrifices they offered, animal sacrifices, no, it’s compassion that is sought, kindness, the work of the Samaritans, not the brand you wear, it’s deeds that count, amen. How many put the organisation ahead of all other interests, not unlike the pharisee’s, who preferred the approval of men.

Whom do you serve?

Parkinson’s disease, and a real life story.. healing

The shake is impossible, the spoon wonders as he raises it towards his mouth, the diagnosis, that’s the progression of the illness, it’s only expected to worsen. Many with such conditions accept the version of the diagnosis given, the mood is set, the decline is expected you better get used to it. The picture, a very real one, the sturdy hand now can’t control the shake, those looking on, the mental struggle of the patient, how others see them, adding angst, it’s the look that deepens into depression, but that can all change, and simply too. Suffering is what makes us human, how we deal with it, that’s the inner stuff, where do you find it, who gives it freely.

Solomon watched the decline of a close friend, and saw the symptoms disappear over a short period, yes, the symptoms went, the hand no longer the struggle, what happened. The inner spirit of the friend connects with the true Spirit, a level that is not material in thought, but thinks of the higher realm. What do you mean, the patient wonders, how can it be eased, the carer asks, is there anything i can do to help, is this a false promise. Solomon sighs, the lesson is a very simple one, written thousands of years before, one that Jesus told his early followers. He stops, this is a story of the Spirit, and where it comes from, not man, but from God, listen and see how it can be applied to you. The lesson is simple, whom do you trust in, what is the state of your spirit. So many carry bias inside them, old hurts passed on, fear, the legacy of a lack of forgiveness, in short, the mental baggage you acquire, cuts off the dwelling space for the true spirit to find roots inside you, so you want to feel better, imagine Jesus going town to town, doing what no ordinary person can do, then giving all credit to the One in Heaven who gave him His spirit, so that he could heal, like the eternal father, recall, the ego of a human being has zilch to do with it, that’s vanity personified, lead by the Spirit. no one else,we are told, The Great one is a jealous God, you can’t take credit for what the Spirit from above allows, that’s stealing from the source. So, the first question you have to ask, what is the status of your faith, in whom do you trust, this is the start of the recovery. You will not be disappointed, firstly, you will come to realize, that whatever happens, you found the road to eternal life, and that’s a huge win. The next step, read the stories of Jesus, or listen it, read Ezra, his predictions for these times, the prophecies, they will inform you, that what is going on, was recognized a long time ago. So you discover the eternal truth, bit by bit, your spirit will expand, and the heart will open to the Spirit from above, and then, you will be at ease. Little by little, you will begin to notice, the inner well being increases, you start to feel better, it becomes a progression, and when you feel better within, you will pray with a heart, that believes, not one, as Beckett wrote about in waiting for Godot, you don’t need to wait for someone to tell you, you believe before you hear you are getting better, try it out, and if in doubt,send the writer here an email etc, and He will get back to you with more advice, cheers, always put your trust in the One True God, it works for ever, amen.

Vanity and the Demon

How often does it go on. The growing number of narcissists across the world, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The confusion that is caused to garner support for extreme white minded thinking, even the fear that’s caused, to create a feeling of insecurity. The union official is causing trouble, he is given a support job in Government that is supposed to help him, with his so called principles, years later the results clear, the world on the brink. Does the promise of a pension seal the ear, at least i’m looked after. The reality of divine power,showing across the world, backed up, by reference to early prophecies, and proof that the gospels of Jesus, can be shown to be true, should be enough to remind all, to adjust their ways, while the reality continues to play out.

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The way we see the world, has to change, and it’s proper, we remind ourselves, of the 11th hour promise of Jesus, it’s like the circle of life, your never too late to join, apply the teachings of Jesus and read the warning of the prophets,amen.

angels follow him…

being blessed, it’s the heavenly radar. The road,where to lead them, we all need a work out. The underground world, angels don’t often visit, it’s usually a clean up. Slaves of a kind, under the threat of violence, removing their underwear, no choice, filling up inside,those who visit them, must be aware, who would be there by choice. Solomon takes the reigns;if the angels follow, they won’t leave his company uneducated, he intends waking them up, a real insight into the real world, not the rose tinted idiocy, that others fawn about as the norm. On a heavenly jaunt, they will report what they encounter,and have to explain; Solomon thought about it very seriously. Those that tend to lecture the rest of us, are off to bed early,they eat safely,and never put themselves into the shoes of those they lecture to. Well history shows us; those in comfortable situations rarely go outside the comfort zone, apart from the few.

Imagine, your life under the divine microscope, visible to the eternal power, all those connections under the same microscope; he was delighted he made the world his neighborhood, just in case, as the demon was always playing games with the Spirit, follow that he smiled, amen.

To summarize, the Holy Spirit does not come from man or demon, but from Heaven, and in the places where the Spirit is harmed, it’s acknowledged in Heaven, amen.