The Victory of Saint Michael

Old legend, the soul warrior angel, who decapitates the demon, the influence that draws us to trouble. How is it possible, these legends, what do they mean,and why are they put in words, is there a tip there you ask. Well, since Jesus says, and says, his words being eternal are lasting, all time for ever words, in a nutshell, think this out. If you only imagine the power that the Holy Spirit gives out, and how you can add your own righteous thoughts to the collective, imagine the results. Only two people have to agree, AND the demon is history, just imagine it, the answer is already inside you. Now, you wonder what talent is for. Well, there were those who assumed, that days like these would never materialize, even in the holy books, where is he, you understand what I mean. Now, you can send your demons to the thrash, and begin living freely, amen. As for those who were talking the big talk,the welcome for Jesus and the Holy Messengers, mostly babble, they calculated that they would never face times like these, hurrah, they are here, amen.


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