Whats on the mind, the policy maker, says jobs. The poverty index, the direction it goes, a talking point and reasons to be angry, or an excuse. What sort of minds use bad information on certain people, to coral them, into a united voice, or how they use the rage they themselves planted, for their own evil uses.

Thinking, the town is turned around, the combination, is it spirit, is it money, what is behind it. Well, the signs have been coming from a heavenly source, which some are trying to claim credit for, this is written, in times like these, where there are changes outstanding, there will be those, who will be misleading and confusing, in order to remove the faith of many. Why are we warned about this.

In short, if the truth was written so long ago, and with no doubts as to the Gospel of Jesus, it follows, that the teachings of Jesus, are the ones that shine a light on our current situation, amen.

Solomon smiled; the stories that teach us. The child, early fifties, or sixties, the TV a new affair, entertainment wholesome family affairs, the policy safe guarded, nothing over the top until after the late hours, not for children in other words. Years later, its as if its all grafted into one, and with so many dependent upon it, the screen, can we do anything about it.

Solomon sighed, it’s the car in the early stages of use. After many years and after much destruction of the environments, we now are going electric, clean energy in other words, amen. As for those who want to see a world that is on the recovery trail, lucky those, who have leaders who point them to the ways of the wise, amen. And the children in these places, their trust in the future, makes them keen to learn all about it, great foundations for a future world.


High Noon…

1950’s america, the communist witch hunt. 2020, and socialism is now deemed the only rescue route left,the over consumption of the last sixty years, having exhausted the planet. Can you imagine any civilization encouraging such excess. Back to the fifties, the film industry is a mix of responsible writers, those who express what needs to be said. Then the witch hunt, not dissimilar to the burning of women in the great wrath the church of the time, brought down, on anyone who had other thoughts, other than the dogma they were told to ingest. So half of the thought provoking writers for the screen, and other artists, their careers ruined, their families left in great difficulties, because their ideas contradicted the ways of progress. Seventy odd years later, how they miss those souls, amen.

The character in the film knows that evil has to be confronted. The business people of the town are half hearted. The cash flowed when the lawless were in control is all that they can focus on. Seventy years later, off shore scams,theft of resources, the gap between rich and poor, as big as the crevice that divides the believer from those who think only of themselves.

Many people wonder,how it came to this,the mess so many are in. Watch the movies, high noon, all the answers are in that story, amen.


The old and the new, their times and ours, grandparents, we all have them. Do we need their help today, how would they deal with the confusion sown in these changed times, don’t you ever wonder. No money in looking back, the mortgage has to be paid, and the last time I mentioned love to a bank manager, as if it was important, they look in his eyes, why would you think like that, love, what, money is more important. The words we are forced to endure.

The epic pace of life on the planet, the old folks neatly kept in houses of their own, while many wait for their journey to end, well, we all must pass, why waste time on the past. The old sages, or prophets, were frantic in their efforts to warn their people; you can’t live like this, offending the nature of love, ignoring the One to whom all is indebted to. Grandparents, the advice they tried to pass on; you can’t be greedy, otherwise you encourage more of it.

Throughout the world, new relationships are being formed, new ways of understanding needed now, the concern, the dissolution of the Spirit within, our lifeline to eternal help. So what would your grandparents think; have we pushed it too far, have we ignored the voices of those who have been warning us of these tough times. You should have listened to your elders, those trying to put you on the right track.

Solomon had the dream years before; a mission of escape, the great calamity, and the threat to children. There were more than one way to interpret the dream. The shepherd leads the children of God from destruction. A return to spiritual thinking, rather than exploitation, which had for many,become the norm, and led to the current environmental crisis’s, amen.

Narrow Margins

The darkness has tried to take over the world, for many it has already happened. They have given up on their faith, have doubts where there was once certainty. What is the lesson here, how can you avoid falling into the pit. Judging others cuts off many sources of wisdom. There are many who have misjudged others, there are stories that tell us this, same as films, that remind us of those who outwardly appear to help, but who intentionally undermine. A lesson in the light and dark that the world provides.

For those seeking succor, recall the words of Jesus. When the Holy Spirit is undermined, the almighty God of Abraham and the prophets, understands, the damage that is being done. If surrounded by mobs that try to pull you there way, relax, once the Spirit is with you,they have absolutely no power, amen. To be precise;making room for that Holy Spirit, is the best advice you are likely to receive, amen.


In the beginning, it was simple, social distractions were minimal, then as time passed, our laws and customs developed, along with our confusion. Now we have a world, where many are totally confused, many rational people acting very strangely indeed, as evidenced by the news, and the uttering’s of some. Children pick up the habits they are around,and when there is little guidance, confusion reigns, this is well known. But Most importantly, whatever way you love or who you love, it’s perhaps that this is an opportunity for people to unite in loving fellowship, rather than in personal fellowship, meaning, acceptance of our differences.

Never forget, there has been the color bar, which many are working on, the gender war, women and their second class status in the minds of some, religions that scorn the active woman preacher, men only for so long, it’s changing too, then you wonder, how did I come to think this way, who influenced me, add in the love of the ego, and those encouraging too much that way to love, which isn’t healthy without balance, add in the protesting nature of young people getting their influences from strangers online, many of them malicious minded as all the bullying can prove, ask a school principal, then, your own position in that great mess, further emphasized by the natural environment and it’s potential collapse without drastic consumption changes, who wouldn’t be confused, and seeking solace, amen. Finally, the survivor gene, that forces us to change internally, amen.

When children are small, you give them milk, they grow, they eat more fibre, and with more and more children reared without the full parental allotment as they say, important in the context of how we were made, all those chemicals in the diet too, too much sugar, over emphasis on sexual matters, when too young, who wouldn’t be confused,even trying to work it out, the combinations, a new input ever other week, what was easy, once, birthing, the record number of women needing fertility treatment, etc etc.. who can make sense of it, amen.

Treasure Box

Samples of Reality…

Real moments, so much is man made fantasy, the weekend is coming, the distant outlook, rarely today,today, well, today is just today, sampling reality. The warnings of Spirit, was it ever more starkly put, by Jesus himself. In his own town, Jesus doesn’t perform any miracles,the reason he says, the lack of faith. It’s like an electric cable,it’s able to carry the electric power, it’s tested, it’s double checked for safety,but if there is no power connection,all you can do is look at it, nothing is going to change until you power up, or in human terms, you need to have belief, and belief is only true in actions,amen.

To conclude, those who undermine the Spiritual well being, can never be of God, so don’t be surprised, if you come up with dissent, as the prophet Ezra pointed out, through discourse with the angel Ariel, faith is not as real as spoken of, and Jesus says, not everyone who calls me lord knows me, or the Father.

Samples of reality, we are given many stark reminders, some horrible to contemplate, in the prophecies of old, reminders, there is a battle of Spirit ongoing in every human heart, the odds of you overcoming this battle, is close to zero if there is no belief in you, and as said by Jesus, there has to be room for Spirit, otherwise, you are a container ship at sea, top sided with empty containers, appearing to go somewhere but going nowhere, but you still look like a ship, amen, lessons in reality, amen. Wherever you finally dock, there will still be nothing on the ship.

The Fast Man

Schemers, to keep it going, the cash train,the horse will win Friday, enough for a wedge, going to the shop love, sneaks upstairs, he will need his mobile to place the gamble, has it all figured out, on his third wife, partner they call it, whatever, he clicks the button, i’ll buy her flowers Saturday, has it all worked out, and a few bob for the children,maintenance,why don’t they teach you that in school, next time he’ll remember to get a second phone. On his way back from the shop he crashes into a van, no insurance, he gets a fine and a divorce, the fast man.


The amount of machinery around the bed, it’s hard to see what is behind it, then the smell, that clean feeling, sterile, pure clean, the nurse beside the bed, the rustle of the book she is reading, aloud, as if the woman in the bed can hear, even though she hasn’t been able to talk for years, seeing that she is in a coma.. The angel watches the intercourse between the visitors and the room. There are an inordinate amount of holy relics in the room, obvious to all, the woman in the bed is thought of as being spiritual. What if her inner thoughts could be funneled, used elsewhere.

What creates inner harmony, that feeling of well being. You don’t need a cult to remind you, that you need to take care of yourself, and that putting yourself first is the way to go, that’s how the lost are lost, they believe it’s all about themselves.

Einsteins, genius, great minds, powerful hearts, inspired, their lives, imagine them all being born again, in the talents that are disbursed, and blessings, that only the light inspires.

The signal is picked up, the Spirit leaves the body, taking with it, many great blessings, all waiting to be distributed, to others chosen to receive them. as the saying goes, the more accidents you have, the greater the premium you have to pay, amen. Imagine the heart beating, and with every beat,sending out a pulse, to another heart, that takes the beat, and moves it along, until it covers the earth, just think about it, the hidden gifts inside us, amen.

Solomon sighed, many feared a return to old fears, the bullying that was daily, the fear their children had to face, apart from trying to focus on a good education. Dear Father in Heaven, many are calling out in this confused world, where old fears simmer, deliver us they pray, from those who harm our children, please. Solomon reread the words, he had enough written to mine the Atlantic from any harm, but what good am I or anyone else, if I ignore the need at home. The log in the eye parable, it all comes back to Jesus, amen.