Feeling Lost in These Times..

Hard to make sense, gibberish from Donald and his friends, MAYHEM, the young who had to listen, I’m for greatness he said, the aftermath, mental damage of a kind Hitler would have applauded,I’m for you he said, convincing prayer groups to encourage others, feeling lost, the earth burns, It’s not important, well, when you can get on a jet and fly somewhere, why would you care. Amen.

Seeking examples, seeking inspiration, the mind is fragile, it’s easy to cause fear, how so many were convinced to follow, maybe it’s the celebrity thing, the idol Jesus warned against, and now, what, well….

Where to seek a safe refuge; in the words of Jesus, men women, color not important, status unimportant, your treasure is in your heart, fill it with all that is good, and you will have a reservoir of help inside you, amen. You can’t buy love, well…many have tried, the rubbish so many women have to suffer, to satisfy the ego of man.