New Year Revolutions

gym rota and diet, mirror is tired, grab the toothpaste, squeeze it awhile, mess it up, you needs a new you, sort it out, gargle with bourbon, doesn’t it smell great,

, join the French legion, least you’ll see the world, buy a one way ticket, forget about coming back, waste money on dumb stuff, buy your neighbors

a drink,

reinvent yourself, do it quietly, might upset your friends, Old, using a wheelchair, checking  the time, every second minute, children late again, with the visit,

times you were there, dinner ready for them, now you wait and wait, getting agitated and annoyed, can’t move fast enough, can hardly move at all

amazed the entire lot, will be good enough, book into a most expensive hotel, rest was temporary as fate, again they planned, to sort you out, tired and drawn, you eventually gave in, had their pound of flesh,

no one has it easy, amen.

Isn’t hindsight a great thing!

Jesus was a rebel too

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