Abraham’s Journey

So it all began, a trek through the desert, he led his flock, in awe of God, his people were fed, his flock thrived, was tested by God, four thousand years later, he is still recalled, a man who outlived everyone, was faithful. What would he make of those, who murdered innocent children, what would he think of their faith, questions he would answer too easily, amen.

It had happened many times, in so many places, the blood of the innocent fell. The grief in the heart of so many, what is it all about, what encourages such evil, imagine it, no faith of God ever encourages violence, the very opposite in fact, forgive them taught Jesus, and put them to shame, their deeds will catch up with them, while my people will have eternal life.

whatever the faith, whatever the starting point, some wisdom’s were unimpeachable, and the simple truth of it was impossible to knock, when you learn to forgive you take the energy out of the evil impulse. Solomon was learning, one thing was certain, evil needed us to get angry and to hate in order for it to live. Abraham kneels to offer his child, amen.

In earning the trust of God Most High, he crossed the bridge, amen.


The Standing Rock

Making a stand, at standing rock, sounds appropriate, the Sioux Tribes home stand, they stole their land, they mined their resources, forced them into pockets, and now they want the water, well, don’t you think they had enough. The fracking world is going crazy, pumping poison into the earth, trying to soak up whatever mineral is left, while stealing from those who believe in the sacred, what can’t be produced by man, the spiritual feeling. Another dose of cash, cover up the cracks, spin a few good tales, put a value on it, wrap the number around a stock, then lobby, who is in your pocket, it’s certainly not the Sioux, who are making a stand at standing rock. What is plentiful is deemed valuable, what is priceless can’t be sold, neither can it be bought, can’t be traded, can be seriously damaged. Solomon wondered, did they realize that Mother Earth just might live among them.  He’d seen storms turn around, there is a God up there, one day they’d figure it out, amen.


Light as a feather she floats through the crowd,

Her smile infectious as light a a breeze,

Smiling she sits down her body is all a glow,

As wishful as a fairy she’s god childlike eyes,

Her humour lifts everyone but she doesn’t know why,

Beauty never thrusts it’s just in her eyes,

Butterfly lady why don’t we she just smiles,

Carried away her heart just flies and flies,

No one can capture the heart that simple glows,

To be around beauty just a moment i supposeImage


covering up

Cover up,

can’t say that,

you’ll lose your job,

 tweet like everyone else,

numbers matter people don’t,

your bank account or mine,

 nobody says stop,

only the young

who haven’t been bought,

few that never gave up,

is your radar switched on,

radar being your  heart,

 intentions can forget that,

turn you paranoid probably,

thinking about it.

 all covered up,

 like an abandoned mine,

 secrets they rant on about,

 had your fill of cover up,

hope so,