Let Mother Be Mother

Mother’s Do


Mother’s do it .

all the time,

they never give up

never on love,

it’s why we need them,

more of them around,

couldn’t imagine them,

plotting to revolt,

were making it hard,

for them to be mothers,

the work only they do,

 nurture, esteem,

wash and clean,

prepare and console,

love without borders.

that sets us free,

in the silly season ahead,

Christmas is about sharing,

 whole thing about love,

it’s  giving that  works,

 mothers do it 365,

sometimes we don’t respect  enough,

 guess it’s a debt ,

everyone living person will never repay,

if every day was mother’s day,

only in a fairy tale my son,

well mother’s make it mothers day,

every day year round,

why can’t the rest of us,

do as mother’s do,


2 thoughts on “Let Mother Be Mother

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