is knowing that God is in control and not your ego!

anger in the boardrooms of the world…..

he’s never purchased any of our stock….

Wisdom on a Tuesday,

we run out of palm oil,

lets burn down the amazon,

you can’t be serious,


lets face it dudes,

when Pop gets home,

it’s going to get hot,

might as well get experience,

something to get used to,



Temptation of Christ

thinking of others, less of yourself, ImageLent, Ramadan, the desert, the temptation of Jesus, the need to exercise, wisdom. Why do people bother, what’s the point, what’s in it for you, can I re schedule, why do we pray together, why is there a temple, what’s our function, what’s our reason for being, do we exist to serve ourselves, are we hear to rear children, question, after question, we could go on for ever, questioning, and get nowhere, mental ping pong players. In a nutshell, Jesus went to the desert, to prepare, contact his father, and then return, away from people he had less distractions, he became more certain of his reason for being. We are all tempted, overcoming temptation, that’s what’s important. Corrupt politicians and leaders have proved this, in the damage they do, cause the were tempted. As followers of God, we are increasing our soul power, re assuring ourselves, we are not trying to beat the clock, Lent is exercise for the heart and soul, it’s really that smile, and when the heart is under pressure, or the soul is on the chopping board, many can’t withstand the temptation, they give in. Practicing self denial, less violence, less issues with one self, more thought for others, winner all right, amen.


Light as a feather she floats through the crowd,

Her smile infectious as light a a breeze,

Smiling she sits down her body is all a glow,

As wishful as a fairy she’s god childlike eyes,

Her humour lifts everyone but she doesn’t know why,

Beauty never thrusts it’s just in her eyes,

Butterfly lady why don’t we she just smiles,

Carried away her heart just flies and flies,

No one can capture the heart that simple glows,

To be around beauty just a moment i supposeImage


Conflict Homes

Mothers seek comfort zones away from their conflict homes,

shelter for their dreams their children and love,

many in a hurry with no place to go,

they accept the advice of strangers hoping

 often into conflict zones for they are never know

the evil one has a network that works on every shore,

he’s also a believer well that is what were told,

along the streets of great cities you’ll meet conflict mothers,

who have arrived on your doors  no place else to go,

they put up with whatever feeds  gives them hope and more,

often it’s another brothel in Paris  or a boutique in Amsterdam,

 at least in these prison cells they only deal with one man,

the oldest profession in the world they say

the oldest confession in the world I say,

such truths are poured out the way the beer flows all night,

in these new found comfort homes time to change the mindset

and perhaps use a little insight,

or do we really want to remember the old days in Pompeii.

God Most High has been spotted in the sky,

just pointing to the old truth,

not the one about the oldest profession or that arrogant confession,

but you understand fully what I mean,


Robin the Hood

Something going on over there, send some planes in sir, we have plenty of spares, munitions industry can’t believe their luck, Swiss bank accounts swinging again, I thought they were going to do something about that, transparency they call it, it’s a drink you take, makes you forget everything, not another whistle blower, more ravenous that those termite invasions experienced in New York, do you think, pension fund gets in on the act, finance required for the democratic republic, lions share of the peoples resources, wasn’t there’s anyway we found it, like someone raiding your handbag, new form exploration beginners look, hedge funds can’t get near the action, all of them foaming at the mouth, white stuff pouring out, there has to be an angle, can’t we bribe anyone there, the Russians they got in first, oil copper gold diamonds just doesn’tImage matter, I want some of it screams the mafia kings, don’t we own the pension fund senor, the pilfering goes on, stealing using lawyers opinions for safe keeping, parade of vultures of the human kind, and this is what they offer thinks God looking on, what a surprise they be receiving if they don’t remedy this instantly, free will perhaps I was too generous with them, private jet full of war zone business men drops from the sky, going down screams the arms dealer I didn’t deserve this, neither did the mineral rich countries turned into business, destroying hope innocence love and everything good with it, pity they never think in advance before they rob you, well there was only ever one Robin Hood.

all about me

Me, me, what about me, my life, my love, my performance last night, my oh my, this my thing can last a life time, my oh my, my God, my children, my pension, never my environment, my oh my, when it’s called being responsible, my doesn’t enter the equation, my, why that, my, never thought of that, my, and when my, becomes all about me, it usually means the end of me, there is no me when it comes to loving, yes, you got it, no room for me in the rules of love, my oh my, what will me do, when it’s all about me, meaning life, it shrinks, you end up needing a shrink, great if your self obsessed and can afford it, great if you’re a salesman, absolutely insane, if it’s love you need, cause if it’s all about me, there is nothing left for anyone else, cause you spend all you time, thinking about me, amen. God shares  loves encourages and provides, in the most wonderful ways, if he thought about me, I don’t assume, I’m certain, none of our world would ever have existed, room for thought about me, as they say, aaah, what about me, me just got lost, and two became one, love wins every time. Check the image in the sky, it’s about us all, not me!Image

The Heavenly Gardener

Hatred sowed is hatred reaped, love sown is love renewed, the eternal gardener is busy, plucking the tall weeds, undermining evil intention everywhere, many have been deceived, there is no reason to fear, many plans thwarted so sharply, it’s just the beginning, peace is growing,  the great deceiver singled out, the plans conceived in ruins, the coterie of control agents, been targeted the world over, demons being singled out, fiery future awaits them, let them suffer in their minds, no more brain washing, time to understand fate, it’s over demon worshippers, your days are going to end in hell, a day that will never end, amen, faith the size of a mustard seed, how hard it is to imagine, just have to believe, so says the Great One,  written many years ago, and God Most High never lies, time to love freely again, nothing to worry about there, let go of your fears, amen.Image

Bull in Court


Two sides to a story

Two outcomes usually

What happens

When the judge

Understands both sides

Sees both deceptions clearly,

One honest man

Who does he believe

The honest one

What about the judge

What side is he on

Both sides pay his wages

Does he see fairly

Or the money he’s on

Tough choices ahead

Money wins probably

Welcome to your world

Ball is in your court,

Decide wisely,

Man in the sky

Watching very closely


It’s estimated that between 5-8% of all prison inmates are totally innocent globally, figure could be higher, much higher in politically motivated court cases, and these people are being held, because of prejudice, same way as Hurricane Carter.


Original Nelson


Nelson Mandela, Original.


It was a long recovery, getting over all the rage, but he made it to the other side and lived to tell the tale, it began with a feeling that this can’t be good for the soul, the way they treated his brothers and the way they fuelled a hate, relentless in his passion he ventured on and planned the extension, beatings murder terror and fear the weapons they used against him, life eventually catching up on him wasn’t one of his fears, never worried about his personal protection strong beyond all fears, used all the tools at his disposal from across all frontiers of the globe, cried freedom from the top of his voice it could be heard everywhere, 

gathering momentum he began to experience the wonderful energy of love, the strength of faith that enlivens can only come from God, he laboured on cutting down the oppression leaving a path others could find, he moved on and pushed faced punishment and personal risk it went on for years, took chances angels would never think of because of their fears, if it’s my fate he said it’s my faith and he decides in the sky, managed to get to the other side waved the flag of freedom sent the world a wonderful sign to see, his name was Nelson Mandela and he was a very special sort of man, found it in his heart to forgive and forget all those brutal scenes, practised the words of God each day and let go of all his fears, he had faith his spirit and love, amen, now he’s up there in Heaven and I hear him ringing those bells,  Oh Nelson,

welcome to your new home smiles God then handles him the forgiveness bell, Nelson smiles, can I  ring the bell, the way a young child would, always with a smile, ain’t it good to have memories that everyone can share, the original plan of God, amen.


Years later, God is perplexed, Nelson is at his table with a list of matters to be set right, God answers, forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive forgive, forgive, writes God opposite every entry Nelson Made, then smiles, remember what I TOLD YOU IN PRISON, FORGIVE BEGINS AT THE TOP and works it’s way down, it’s the lawyers who set the rules at the bottom hoping that no one makes it up, Elvis is giving guitar lessons in the sun room, why don’t you learn a few Jimmy Hendrix numbers they get me going too, You mean he’s in there too, along with, God pauses, calls saint Peter over, Peter, who do we have playing in the orchestra tonight, Russian symphony, French, German, we have all sorts of musical orchestra’s here, what is nelson interested in, beatle mania I can’t believe it is it really him, he spots George Harrison, Nelson shouts, my sweet lord can you sing that one for me, he held me up for years.

Nelson realised your never alone in a world with God, you just have to believe it, whether it be the light, a person, a great spirit, or a passing lord. Nelson buts in again, God is welcoming the new arrivals, giving them new spirits and a happiness that will be eternal, they are children on their first day at school full of hope and joyful, they spot Nelson, who runs over to St.Peter, what are they doing with they are following after me, Peter laughs, smiles over at God, they all want to see how your doing they bring wishes from many of your friends, amen.Image



A baby laughs, gurgles a word, everyone smiles, how great is that, the emotion released, mother beams inside, heart moves a little further, child is you, gets a little older, notices a thing or two, mother and father part, there’s an emptiness inside, little one is very hurt, starts to compensate, understands how to hate, becomes absorbed inside, waits at the door, one day he hopes, just like before, heart still waiting, much older now, still a child, robbed of an inheritance, of love denied. Divorce is great for society, in particular children, the lengths we go to, to hold on to love, and the excuses we use, to throw it all away.