Suffering What, good for me!

You are just being relocated Jones, it’s not that we are getting rid of you, see it our way, you are being moved, an even better job opportunity, won’t you feel great, you will be thanking us afterwards, she smiles through her bleached teeth, her half moon smiles runs as far as her ears, and those nauseating glasses, frame less, all Mr Jones can do is sit there, bite his lip, they are giving him an extra 10% severance, there is nothing he can do, it’s the ultimate breakup, he is going to suffer regardless. Good for me he howls, his arms surround his office bits, pictures of the children, what will he tell the wife, there is a mortgage to pay, and the health cover they have currently is essential, one of the children has permanent bad health, good for me he howls, as he dumps the cardboard box on the back seat and gets into his ford. Suffering is good for me, he slams the car into gear, will I run a red light, too much too much, he calms down. The car is stopped at the corner, waiting for the light to turn green, Jones is all over the place, an old man comes out of a shop, so what, Jones watches him go to the alley, there is a trolley full of his stuff, the old man begins to push it, lame as well, looks like he needs a good nights sleep. Could be me, the lights change, the mood eases, it’s only anger now, cooling as he goes, suffering is good for me, what was she saying, probably had someone to clean her ass all her life…

No good comes out of suffering, well, many would disagree, how many lives have changed in such circumstances. Solomon sighed, what did the early believers feel, when they saw their Leader on the cross, helpless for awhile. Then the signs came, remain patient, and two thousand years later, He is still the one they pray to, how about that! , use my Name he said, the Holy Spirit will come, you just have to believe…the rest is history…



That Hurts!

On time she wakes, presses the button on the side table, the news. My pills, where are they, her first thought, can’t do anything without them, so see thinks. She is hiding demons; not demons inside, but the demons she is actively fighting. Her Spirit is strong, has been known to confront, no one mess’s with her, one strong woman they all say. In the morning no one can see her, the struggle, the weakness, the admitted failure; she drops two morning pills, they will put her on a calm cloud; she is ready to think.

She squeezes her hand, balls it, is the pain gone. She was playing guitar the night before; after there was a long ache, worse than a tooth ache; she wasn’t a talker, she played guitar instead. Her leather trousers are on a heap on the floor; she looks around for another pair of shoes; least she didn’t take home someone. It’s like the mind thing, when you forget, some things she wish she could forget it all; yeah, she had those thoughts, but they never went far, she numbed the demon first. That hurts, it’s her knee, she needs to sleep with it straight, her memory is vague; one thing she knows for sure, Her Spirit must remain strong, and that hurts sometime.

She had it all, another life lost, another star gone. So the pages said, the talent lost. But was it really; didn’t the events give an added energy to her works, as a new generation became aware of her artistic output, and would be influenced accordingly.

No God!

what do you mean, there is no God, what, he was taken back by the comment from the older man, everything he said contradicted the statement, but what he said was not for literal interpretation, wisdom showed itself in many ways, listening sharply was one of them. There, over there, there, she, he, her, him, did they ever see a storm turn around, Solomon had, but it was not a statement, it was the truth. The invisible becomes visible when the spirit is in control, and that pointed to a different world.

Solomon heard the rest of the story; there was a failure in the system many years before, and an opportunity for a great career was put on hold, so the listener supposed. Minutes later the friends parted company, Solomon

explaining to his older friend, how wise he really was, amen.

Solomon’s Battle Royale…

Solomon lost many friends, victims, and his heart bore it, rather than retreat and feel sorry, he swore to His God he’d do something about it, How he wasn’t sure. the experience of being pulled alive from a deadly encounter reassured him, his plans were not far fetched as others would have liked to assume. He’d seen how others had been condemned to a life in mental institutions, saw that it too would happen to him, so he had to wait it out.

In preparation, he sought wisdom,  from as many sources, and wrote it down, in case anything could go wrong. The day the light came through, the heavenly intervention, was the signal, the day the cloud arrived, made it certain. All he did was stay grounded, something he’d prepared for. No overnight pilgrim on the road, his family history of old, going back a generation or two, further persuaded him. The night the Holy Spirit came into his life, as described in Old Scriptures, didn’t faze him, frighten. It put him at ease. He’d the divine promise of help, and that power from above, awakened in hearts, would be the answer to every prayer.

He never let on, always assuming that there were those, active in the destruction of any soul with such potential. If they did not get to him, they’d try to get to those close to him. So he remained distant, until the happenings beganIMG_5757 to re occur with some regularity. He’d to leave all his cares to God Most High. A battle royal was about to begin, as he drew up his list. And the precedent of what happened to others, reassured him. he made the world his neighbour, via the new method of communication, the internet, and if precedent was precedent, they could complain all they liked, but in affect do nothing about it, as Love is the divine sword and Solomon was full of it. amen…

Shrug of the Soldiers

Shrug of the soldiers, what can we do, stand back and watch, tribal war not there call, it’s in the regulations, they don’t have approval for it, Bosnia Rwanda and many other places too, the wonders of the regulations, follow them obey they get promoted on account of them, clap hands pat the back smile, accept the medal and awards, after all you followed the regulations, empathy died when the regulations triumphed, money become the God and only, everyone put a value on everything, soon women were valued and sold, and the process repeated itself across the globe, till all that was left were the regulations, cheer up there’s many in the boat with you, amen.

the regulations don’t include an emotional moment, but they support all who obey the regulations, God Most High is aware of the regulations too, and the treatment dealt out to those who tried to improve the regulations, namely, the long lost men and women, some famous, most of them ordinary and nameless, who made the effort to improve the regulations, amen. Hitler, many state governments, all of them actually, exist because of those who sold out love, and it’s something they ought to amend before the times come full circle, amen

Song of Today

It’s home,

the heart,

it’s love,

it’s a smile,

you share it,

lights my day

raises my mood,

all the way,

could have more,

be happy too.

rest of my days,

sweet lover,

no time to waste,

passed many things,

turned away,

one heart to the next,

yours gives me,

the boomerang affect,

can’t forget`

or get over it,

come on over,

share it with me,



another long day,

mind heavy,

heart loaded,

don’t know why,

much to ponder,

cant forget,

was I right,

made decisions,

had to make,

thought it wise,

even if it hurt,

impulsive perhaps,

sometimes you loose,

sometimes you booze,

trying to ignore,

the hurt inside,

what can i say,

heart is weary,

can’t face it,

it’s the truth

who can say

just another day,

without you


come on home,

door is open,

heart is woken,

bleeding inside,

love waits you,

anything else,

a sweet caress,

time to distress,

relax and love,

share the moment,

smile and cruise,

down time love,

don’t regret,

love never forgets,

remember coffee

remember your smile,

girly cute,

still can recall,

sensous and shy,

easy and wise,

let me be,

only yours,



Wanna Davos (slang new yorka style)

Wanna Davos (New Yorker slang for want to divorce, catching !)


Sounds from the big apple, want a divorce, and words have meaning, and when the davos community meet, guess what they are planning, yes, you got it, your welfare, the last thing on their minds, system maintenance is their reason for being, ensuring the status quo remains unaltered, the continuous abuse of young minds, can’t do anything about it, security, lets continue with the spying, sharing opportunities, wanna davos is worse than divorce, the attendees meet and share, secrets of governments everywhere, the so called world elite, God Most High doesn’t see it that way, God most high is aware, the shield of secrecy has been lifted, horror of horrors facing the Davos Elite, and it’s written in the sky, check out the image, it’s real, rejoice, the new age the new order has arrived, amen. You can’t reason with evil, it’s impossible, you can only change it, here’s a thought, the world is facing oblivion from so many sources, yet the con continues, women more sexualised than ever, more children in distress than ever before, it’s no secret, more people suicidal, more people on prescription mind altering drugs, do we really want more of that, I’d prefer a change of diet, so would the vast majority of people that you meet, unless your part of the Davos Elite, amen. I’ve met the Great Spirit, seen the cloud, have the picture to prove it and much more, no need to be afraid, stand up and love, the power of God rests on the hearts that love, not those that deceive, it’s why heaven is called the hereafter, it’s real too. Even at the eleventh hour you can get it right, so don’t give up, only fear God, and you will be blessed.


The harvest



Is there a good time or a bad time,

Does anyone want it in reality,

The souls waiting those in pain,

The countless hearts restrained,

The prayers of the faithful dead,

Or is it Babylon times again,


Would you prefer the earth to die,

Suffering to continue unabated why,

God has been seen in the sky,

The moon and sun seen together,

The many miraculous events globally,

All points in a very certain direction


Women young girls and many slaves,

The harvest can’t happen fast enough,

It’s a question of numbers unfortunately,

Not the bank account but the suffering,

And it’s tipping the world into despair,

was warned of many years ago


Action action act without worrying,

Appeal to the mercy of God instantly,

Start loving giving and stop blaming,

There is something for everyone,

Eleventh hour is not an hour late,

But you have to act in haste,




God Smiles

God assembles the staff, he’s a great smile on his face, we’ve a special guest arriving shortly he announces, one with grace,  and I have been waiting a very long time to meet him, say hi, face to face, his name is Nelson Mandela, a man undaunted who took so many chances, so I want him given the wine I personally use, not the burgundy we use most of the time, and another thing smiles God, he’s bought the world an extension, I’m going back to the movie theater to watch those old movies I can’t get out of my head. Casablanca weeps God wiping a tear from his eye as the credits end, they don’t makes them like that any more. Popcorn says God might fill you up but it leaves you with a hole in the heart, as well as the head, character takes years to find, Nelson had it, you just need to be patient.Image

Black is Black

Black Day


Captains, queens, industry leaders, media tycoons, international embassy set, gather to stop the momentum, situation is untenable, secret truths being unravelled, where is it coming from. Supreme earthly leader panics, books spaceship and disappears. The ruling class gather, wait for their leader to come round, he’s had the answer for 1000 years, they wait in their plush accommodation, on a far off Caribbean island. He’ll sort it out, don’t worry, lets go and sunbathe smiles a nubile young girl, girl friend of ageing 80 year old tycoon, has a younger sister as well, but she’s guaranteed a job and a career in high finance, once her apprenticeship is served, she loves sunbathing as well, does it nude regularly, she’s only twelve. God Most High yawns, Peter wakes him from a sleep.

They are on that little island boss, still waiting for that other one to arrive, do you want to wait till they are all there requests Peter, an army of angels on standby.

That other thing won’t be arriving, quips God Most High, but I made other arrangements he smiles.

Power is lost on spaceship, devil enters escape capsule, thought you would get me he smiles, and jets off, lands alive on the beach, feet away from the nude nubile child. Daddy is home she smiles.

We thought you’d never get here shouts ageing media tycoon who sits beside her.

Relax child he smiles as he pats her ass, get the chief a vodka.

Peter sees what is going on, immediately informs his God, the one and only, whose watching re runs of an old movie he loves, high noon, it fills him with memories.

They are all there, what next quips Peter.

Outbreak of contagious disease that incapacitates permanently occurs, withers them instantly, leaves them wirey ugly and burning, mentally disturbed unable to sleep, in a living permanent hell, a disease that only affects those who have black souls.

I’ve turned them into a nation of lepers Peter, relax. Black Day for this evil lot  then smiles Peter.

If this doesn’t work, curtains I suppose declares the Lord, whose forever merciful, always hoping they’ll change their ways, the eleventh hour change that Jesus told to everyone, amen.