The Wanted

Rolling the waves of love,

can sweep you anywhere,

sometimes off your feet,

heady heights that place you with stars,

the downward spiral when it falls,

never give up life is a long tale,

heart is meant to be growing,

not an object of desire but a living feeling,

that is meant for all,

in between we are beaten down,

the news and the views the sleazy storm,

the apathy of the intelligencia,

and the way they beat us all down,

the fickle and sold out types,

using feelings to undermine all,

it’s the way of life 

they so often repeat,

the constant beat  is  mantra,

 steal it some one will want it,

 not the plan God Most High wanted,

but it’s so hard to avoid,

particularly when the talented sold out

the sleazy grin of the cheating father,

the presents he gives,

the love he stole,

the wife unwanted,

a bearer of children and little else,

 she puts up with it,

cause children need her, well,

heaven is real

 God doesn’t cheat,

particularly if your one of the wanted. 

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