Justice Monday

(great name for a detective)

Three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen whatever age whatever the reason, we plan for it but do very little about it, it’s being repeated and repeated year after year, it’s the ozone layer of our times, the most pressing issue in the world, the discomfort of young children and how it continues to soar, nothing original I’m afraid, just more calls for volunteers, a situation that is expected to worsen, any wisdom out there, it does not appear so. Children vulnerable to adult vices copying what they see, how fast they cotton on, that’s a smart child. There was a time when children were considered a Godsend, a blessing, more love to give, imagine having to put aside your personal needs for another one, that little bit weaker, that was long ago. Now we have a list of explanations for the child and the role of the adult and society, a lot of dumb people out there who need to have the basics explained to them it seems, all relating to the rearing and wellbeing of the little heart. And all a child wants is to be esteemed and loved, with a little encouragement they’ll work things out. Society has created a series of excuses and future excuses to justify all that is unwell with the rearing of children, more interested in what others are doing, always pointing the finger, it would be worse if they lived over there, that’s the same as telling the child in the bad neighbourhood he’d have more comfort living in Beverly Hills. The madness of it all will bring about the downfall of society, as God Most High has warned, and if you are a suffering child, an enslaved woman, a hungry mother with children to feed, a father without work, a truth chaser, it wont happen soon enough. Is it possible to shut off the flow of love, it seems it is for many, maybe we should try to turn it on again, live in our hearts for awhile before we forget it altogether.  A just idea for a Monday, being honest for awhile, seeing with the eyes of a child, not the type who says, they are not my problem, we are all aware of those types everywhere. God Most listens to the hearts of children, and his ears are buzzing, when will the love flow again, when will they realise they are all gifts, each and every living soul. We build care centres to help those with medical needs, how come we are silent when it’s the child next door, perhaps we have to see blood before we do anything, just as it was all those years ago when they nailed the only great man to a cross, and many great men and women that came after him, dumb is getting pure dumber as they say.



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