Albino Luciani

The 33 day pope, the reasons, perhaps pointed, referring to another, at 33 years, who made the world think of the world above. God acts in mysterious ways, and when it comes to change, usually sends the reminder, like the tax returns, you better see the accountant, as to what the bill is going to be.

Solomon sighed; there are those who seek to subvert, the ways of the evil ones. Getting the boxing term right, when the other fellow has a longer reach, you need to get in close to change the result, it’s not all bad news, but the ways of change or those that claim to be changing, can often be misleading, like the story, the real identity comes to mind, often too late, so the story goes. Perhaps, there were those who were encouraged to serve, same as those that go into marriage, for fear of saying no, or being unable to say no.

The world is at the point of population rush, the need to curb the produce, its not an effort to curb the spirit, despite what some may think. The victim in all of this, is Mother Nature, who had to extend herself in order to provide for her children, the lack of resources, leading to ways that were perhaps not good for the long term, same as those who pick the words from the holy books while ignoring the entire, it can lead to much that seems correct but is in fact misleading.

Now, as we look back, at the characters, it’s easy to see abhorrence in some parts, while making hero’s out of those, with no heart in them altogether, may we be guided by the Holy Spirit, and not the material spirit, that can be so absorbing, that we forget about God entirely, amen.

Solomon sighed, he recalls the day, the cloud appeared, and how the world had changed ever since, as if we are ever alone, amen.



The head has no space, the crown explodes, the depths of despair, is there a cure. That feeling, no space in the head, how it deforms our thinking, leaving us rudderless, at the mercy of those around us. She thinks, where do you find space. Her illness is getting worse, space, to heal, just have the mind, to trust in the Almighty and the tools you are given. The more you think good of others, is a great first step. Migraine, when the head does not have worry, the pain eases. She needs love, not pity.

Solomon was laughing loud. The butterfly came back to life, who, what when. Then he recalls the story of Jesus. They only wanted to touch his cloak, to feel that loving energy. What’s the issue some ask. In olden times, sexual activity was the by product of love, it was not the love. In the modern world, the love that many seek, is based on the self, not in the giving. Great examples in time, he watches the world famous leader, push his wife in her chair, their tenderness on view. It wasn’t the case of what you can do for me, it’s why do you love me, amen.

In short, you can’t love God unless you love what the Almighty created, amen.

It’s getting late, the time to go home. She is in the company of a friend. There is nothing to be concerned about, when with a real friend, amen.

Friends in November

The fallen, the brave, those that open their heart to the world, the brave men and women, who stood up to tyranny, are never forgotten. In the book of Ezekiel, the prophet is told this, the visit from the angel, Aerial, and much of what was written, has come to pass, the good souls, all souls, they are not forgotten.

Solomon sighed, today, the actions of today, can assist those gone ahead, as the old prophets prayed.

An old friend passes in difficult conditions, an open heart, her deeds mighty, her troubles, many visited on her, by some demons, she is remembered today, May the good Samaritans of the world, take this in heart, your good deeds are not forgotten, think of Esther, how she came to the assistance of her people, saved her people.

Those that assist the angels, those people they meet along the way, think of the reward waiting for you, amen.

The New Environmentals

The whale is on a new diet, fresh cod, but the addition of that stuff, plastic is upsetting the stomach, making the whale anxious. The children have changed their diet, back to the old stuff, fiber is fashionable at last, less of the sugary stuff. A TV show is on, the man with the crown on his head, that’s Prince Charles says the older person, who is that with him asks the boy, i don’t believe it says the father, that’s Al Gore, an environmentalist. The two heads are banging out ideas, on how to correct the imbalance in nature, as Charlie calls it. Al smiles, it’s easy for you to be patient Charles, living in such comfort and never having to worry about the elections or those trying to deny the truth. Charlie smiles, patience, was I not by my mother’s side all my life, waiting to prove my point, the environment. Al laughs out loud.

The father goes to switch off the TV, does not like the politic. His son calls to him will you stop he says. He does not vote for us, the father says. The boy drops his head, the environment belongs to us dad, he gets up and leaves the room, amen.

Into my head….

Where did they come from, the aliens, he shakes his head, the thoughts that plague my mind, how do i get rid of them, a foreign entity has entered my air space, and it’s doing me in, the only respite, when i go off track, or change my mindset, then i find peace, what is happening to my airspace. Air traffic control, what is going on, the noise in the head, how do i clear the space. The controller replies, we got you, over, here is what to do. The thoughts in our head, what do we do with them.

Filling the void as Gaga sang, the amount of drama we are indulged with daily, the comments, the crisis, the flattering thoughts, it gets very buzzy in there. Who is real, is this the way I think.

The gap that has to be filled, the need for space when in the middle of a migraine, the thudding of the head, the sheer torture, it’s doing me in, stop, you just have to think, how do you provide space inside, or what sort of stuff do you want to recall later. Stories, books, the words of Jesus, think it through, the only real worry, the thought of the Eternal world. What,

In this world of daily crisis, the emotions pulled left and right, we need stabilizing thoughts, that lead us to the lightness we need to feel in the head. He loves me, she smiles, they think well of me, I’m doing something good, I am reading or listening to engaging stories, in short, I’m allowing healthy thoughts to surround me, that’s what I keep on doing, and I’m getting better everyday, as for fear of the next life, I only need to fear the Almighty, these fears we are drenched in, they are all in the head, relax.

Feeling loved, the head is on the pillow, sweet thoughts come into the zone, the weight and the dread has disappeared, it feels good to be me, amen.

Through the lens of Jesus

A microscope, the scientist admires the creation, the geometry perfect, only seen under the magnifying eye, the perfection, unseen to the naked eye, reveals a much wider dimension, same as the world, as seen through the lens of Jesus. Man made rules, that stifle, promises made that remind, there are few to trust in, the opportunity for mind thieves, to steal from all the broken hearts, their zeal undiminished, waiting for the time, and the return, when a new light will shine upon the world.

Treasure Box

The revelations, point to old times, reminding us, there is a Spirit on High, behind all of this we call life, and the signs sent, a heady reminder, of the choices made, the inner conscience essentially. How does the average believer feel, when the Gospels of Jesus are shown to be real in truth and wisdom, and since all the words of eternal life, the words of Jesus, being living words, you have to act them out daily, or apportion time accordingly, to the needs of others, not just yourself or your family, for it’s in the reaching out, the Spirit is passed out, no wonder the words, The son of man has no resting place, the Spirit is active, and lives not in hate, but in love and space, where it is welcome. How welcoming is your heart then?.

Why words, why poetry, we need inner space, away from the ways of the world, that has a material edge, that can be so blinding; did you see my car, the looks, the envy, the pride, it sounds simple, too simple in fact, but you need time away from the normal worries, amen, so He says, the words eternal, the burden I give is light, it won’t weigh you down, but lifts you up, amen.

Solomon sighed, talk of wars, the angst, fear, lives lost, homes destroyed, a pointer to the times, the sadness of it all, if only they saw through the eyes of Jesus, and believed it, amen. All through His walk on earth, persecution, His death, shameful, and then the signs thereafter, and the joy of the early apostles, He is alive, and so are His words, 2,000 years later, amen.

She reads the words, her heart at ease, the pain in the joints disappear, the daily anxiety lifted, as she thinks of the time, when she was really loved, and not this world, where talk of war and worse in on so many minds, peace for a few moments, lets hope it lasts, amen.


Man using fear to control the environment, hardly welcoming, but these are the rules the penitent says, stuff he read in a manual, do you encourage the loving spirit, do your children witness intimidation at home, is living severe, the welcome, Jesus was sought out, invited to enter the life, and now that we know, that Jesus and his teaching brings peace, should we not try to imitate that feeling.

Solomon sighed, there was a lot of depression among some women who lived under the threat of religion, and were treated like the chattels of men, possessions in other words. Solomon wondered if those who read about the life of Jesus and what he taught had really listened hard to his words. Even the book of revelations had words of great meaning. There are those who lives make them worthy, there are those who will ill treat others, there are those who will continue being evil minded, in a nutshell,there are many types of humans, and not all want to believe. Remain in your best towards the Almighty God, for he judges everyone by the same standard, and as for those who oppress you,remember, they will be judged accordingly, don’t worry, fear only God,amen.

Recall the words of warning Jesus gives to all in positions of authority, their added responsibilities towards those they shepherd, it wasn’t written to discourage anyone from being ambitious; just be just in how you deal with those under you,there are consequences, in a nutshell,don’t dare drown the Spirit,it’s Holy Ground, amen.

The Needy Princess

That feeling, wanting to speak up but having no one to listen to, well no one who will really listen, not those who dismiss your emotions, another one they say, as if it’s all their empathy rolled into one word, them. The patience isn’t earned, it’s practice, the listening is earned, its practice, it’s what we do most, that we become. Aloof in the castle, so few around, the dreams, your not allowed have them, you have a duty, you feel taken, predisposed to a way of life, that has always been destructive, its like being part of a criminal world, you just can’t leave it, so you become, the needy princess.

In the beginning you get what you want, there is nothing you can’t have, intuition, you can have what you want now, the patience others have annoys you, you will never be like that, why should you wait.

The needy people, the button, the response, the thrill, another like me button hit, the feel good, same as any addict, you want more. From the time you wake, the day is a cake filling, the morning the sponge, the evening the sponge, in the middle, the events of the day, which you will revolve in your head later, how did you fill the day. A clean bed, says the homeless man, a dry pair of shoes, asks the orphan, just breakfast shouts another, so one by one, they set out to make sure it happens or hoping it will happen, we are all needy.

Solomon sighed; he was watching the dreams pour down the street, every hand every leg, all of them going about the needs of the day, some busy, some hoping to meet a friend, some hoping to find a smile, some just glad to be able to work. The dreams that pass you everyday, the rucksack on the back, the wandering eye, the small head on it’s way from school, wondering about the shop, wondering if they will afford a shop, the rustle of coins, never enough, the long trudge home, then the beginning of a new dream.

Many people were suffering from mental un wellness, trying to cope, so much going on, too much for them to handle, getting depressed or hiding it, afraid to appear weak, how do you handle it, how can you cope, the daily barrage, can’t even get out of bed. As for the idle mind, there is nothing to free yourself from worry, and the med’s only tire you out. How do you handle it, there has to be a way.

Everyone needs a back up plan, a source that never lets you down. It could be a long term project that you have had on your mind, that you give time to, when your confused, or about to be; just the space for a time out without worrying. In olden times, children had many hobbies. A child without friends is very lonely, and it shows. Solomon was reading the article, mental health awareness week, how so much harm is locked hidden inside us. He read some, then thought about the words he spoke with a friend. How the demon plays with our idle minds he said, then thinking about it, he imagined Jesus, encountering the demon, who offers him control of the world, provided, Jesus worship the demon, which of course he couldn’t, no matter how attractive the offer.

In tough times, hold onto your inner being, amen. Think of the gladness of those who lived in ancient times and encountered Jesus, first time around, how their hearts still glow, amen.


There are so many ways to describe beauty; to some it’s the reflection in the mirror, how perfect we feel when compared to others, there are many ways of seeing it. But do we take into consideration the inner beauty, that goes deeper than mere physical aspects. It’s easy to throw out comments, but as soon as trouble arrives, a different version of ourselves arrives, in a nutshell, we like our comfort zones, and don’t like those who remind us of our failings; Jesus made this clear when he came upon the earth; He reminded the Spiritual leaders of the day, how they gave attention to those that were wealthy in preference to those that needed help. They praised the material world over the Spiritual, so Jesus told them.

Solomon sighed; we all have failings. Our world pushes the perfect figure, the perfect life, political correct thought too, but is any of it real, or just the way we have been led, amen. Imagine the reality, that one day all will face. A perfect day, the visit to the doctor, the diagnosis, the change in plans, the new expectations, a new life ahead. All the so called problems are no longer problems, what is important changes overnight, and all you are left with, is your conscience. To find beauty in those times, is priceless. Given the changes going on, it was wise to set aside time, regarding your relationship with the Almighty God, amen.

Squeeze into that dress…ah

No, the zipper snaps too, sweat runs down her face,make up is getting ruined, she can’t remember if she is man or woman, she is just annoyed, fuming, another trip to the gym, she adds a note to the fridge board, no sweeties without a good work out, she has it posted on her bathroom wall, reminders, too much comfort food. Finally she gives up; she wriggles out of the dress, takes a deep breath, just then her man passes by the door, spots her before the mirror, you look worked up dear he says {to be politically correct it could be a man or a binary as they say}, it’s just a story.

An hour later, a hard knock on the door, a local political activist wants to share an opinion. Can you fix a zip she asks, no he says, she rapidly closes the door. Back up the stairs, there is a size twelve in the press somewhere. She hunts for it, where did I leave you she says out loud. Were you talking dear her man says, in his regular suit. She is vexed,his tone of voice, she hates the way he announces bad news,with glee. Back to the press,where is the dress, by passing the mirror,she catches herself, make up she pleads, before collapsing on the bed.

Solomon sighed, more thought and we might get somewhere, amen.