Habit Forming

Threat, fear, violence, intimidate, the example, the entertainment, the harm to the Hearts that truly love, crimes against the Holy Spirit of the eternal God, the daggers, those acts that, that continue to pierce, the gnawing, how the hearts bleed, the breathing startles, the horrid reminders of a previous fate, and they do this in the sight of the Holy sentinels that report to the Most High God.

Solomon sighed, why be alarmed, much confusion and chaos was written about a long time ago, unstable leaders, truth near extinct, before the revival and the birth of the new earth, amen. Habits, what is it that they want to encourage, what sort of fear do they have in mind, don’t they know that the Almighty God can turn their schemes on those that plan and carry them out, have they not seen the cloud.

Isaiah wrote about how God wished for all who wanted to be saved and healed, just to turn towards His ways, while Jesus regularly quoted the same Holy Prophet, so those words of Isaiah, ought to be listened to, amen.

Is every act against the Almighty God a needle, a challenge to the divine authority, the Egyptians were stubborn to the end, the roman empire was defiant to the end, and while these Kingdoms have disappeared, the Kingdom that Jesus taught about, is the one and only, and still being discussed today, amen. What habits are you passing on?


Clean hands, lucky to have water, food, the stomach no longer growls, the world on a spending spree, and hopefully charitable too, black Friday, special offers, the rush to purchase, bargains, they are everywhere, maybe we are lazy, maybe we need convenience. The parable of of wedding feast comes to mind, who has the time to attend. Busy doing things, busy looking after this and that, busy getting older, busy planning for it. Time.

What you put in you get out of it, amen, time.

Spirit Rest

Mental work is the hardest of all, requires concentration, ask any student preparing for an exam, trying to focus. If your artistic, its a little easier, thoughts become you work, no day a write off, the ups and downs, all part of the routine.

In praise of Spiritual women, those who try to hold on to the beliefs they have. What is turbulence to them; the over emphasis on the lower spirit, a power that drives so many. The identity of the body, as a parts brigade, rather than as a whole, the man wars started, to satisfy the greed of a few, no thought for the victims, just more pain in the offing. Do those who start wars ever think of the innocent victims, or the lasting legacy they leave behind. Call it baggage, but does it not feel a heavy load, years later, when the reality of divine existence is made real.

How does the Spirit find rest, where is it unchallenged, where can you store your feelings, safe from interference. Can the Spirit from on High, find safety in your habits, amen, the question that needs an answer.


The alarm clock, the turn in the bed, that hour already, the mind gets ready, the body next, it’s Monday. Is there milk, the last thing you want, sour cream for the cornflakes, as if life is so easy, no anxieties. Meanwhile in another part of town, the tyrant reads the news, have they reacted as he hoped. The more misery he can direct, the greater the chance of a reaction. In the square in front of the office, the boots make thundering sounds, as hundred of men go through their preparations, they know the boss likes that sound, so intimidating. An old lady watches the screen, can’t believe it, young men mimicking the Nazi force of old, had they ever been there, she is Jewish.

Solomon sighed; there are those trying to rip what remains of the heart out of civilization, encouraged by the clever arguments of nationalism, they them those those others, foreigners, unfit, the list is endless, the aim of the extremists, do as much emotional damage, they’ll eventually react, then they’ll be on our terms, and we will win.

If they ever listened to Jesus, if ever. How those who claim to be of God, can be part of such madness. It was never going to be easy, but the advice from the top, is clear cut. Don’t react, and if hurt, think of those who hurt too, the last thing you need is to do as they do. With the signs pointing to the skies above, of Heavenly intervention, let the haters worry, for the God of all eternity, won’t be patient with them for ever. As they add to the hurt, they only hasten their own demise, persist to the end.

The Great Rescue

Deliverance from the fear within, how the heart sighs, for so long, the feeling, how can I escape from this, how often do we allow hopelessness to define our station in life, leaving us vulnerable to all sorts of circumstances, and those whose thoughts for us, are not so kind. The young lady is lost, she is nervous, looking around her, a face, someone friendly. The watchers of doom, read her face, they know the scene, they know the commercial value of what they see, it’s there time to get to work. Do we treat everyone as money, or as Jesus would say, how can you serve money and God at the same time, think about it. Another is watching the vulnerable girl, whose intentions are with the most high, she escapes the trap set for her, amen.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

Solomon was recalling earlier times, how the smallest act of kindness can have lasting affects, while acts of continuous harm, can leave another, totally, soulless. Jesus and the story of His times, tells us, that there will be difficulties in life, that’s the way things are, but if you persevere in Faith in the One True God, how your days are made lighter, invisibly so at times.

A man is walking the streets on a freezing night, dressed in rags, going door to door, not seeking charity but a place to sleep. It could be the story of Les miserable s, by victor Hugo, it’s a story told over and over. The man is about to give up, even though he has the money for rest, his appearance puts off many, for many reasons, fears etc. He smells, it’s dirty, it’s hard. Along comes a naive believer, asks the man to come with him, and thinks, well, if it was me there, you’d like someone to take an interest in you.

Years later, the man has a rescue few thought possible, and so the drama begins. From the foundations of what seemed destruction, a new branch is added to the tree of life, and who could imagine that, only the One who gives life to everything, amen. Never give up is the lesson, no matter how difficult it may seem, words used by Jesus, to encourage all, not to be beaten down by the life experience, for what He says is so true; at the end of the Journey, you will look back with gladness, at all the pot holes you managed to avoid, amen. The power from on High, always overcomes the spirit that comes from below, amen.


the only stuff that matters, glad it didn’t happen to me. Beaumarchais the famous french play-write wanted to portray to the queen, Louis’s other half apart from the mistress’s, the misfortune that was the lives of many millions of citizens. Voices were quenched in those days, and opinions led to the Bastille, and that was your fate. The leaders of the day couldn’t stomach reminders of their evil deeds, knowing that their lifestyle was at risk. So old Beaumarchais, wanted them to listen. Luckily Marie Antoinette liked old ‘B’, whom she found very amusing. So to entertain her pals, she got old ‘B’ to write a play for their entertainment. So amusing it was, to see them laughing at themselves when they were watching the play. There is always a way to get heard. And even if there are those who play you like a fool, sometimes they are as clueless as Marie Antoinette’s friends, amen. Stand firm, Heaven is not an abstract place; it’s a condition within, amen.

Gambling Store Fever

The staff, the warnings, the tips, the phone ring tone, the movie, the trap, and the schemes. It’s a set up. How the real stuff has chastened the mighty. The fix it types have no control over the higher power, none at all, it’s just staged to appear as if they do. The Spirit wonders, there is news that is universal, and ought to be known. The huge numbers of signs, that point to old scripture. The fall off in those offering their services to God, the grey haired men who seem lost, what are we going to do. What will our judgement be, amen.

The cloud arrives eight years ago, the request made in utter seriousness. The thought being; they are so addicted to the material we need the assistance of old, signs and more. In that eight year period more signs have appeared than in the previous fifty years. Why so many signs in a short time space; God is a fair judge, and wants all to be made aware, His Children most importantly, of the future changes. And Godly change is here and now; it has never left us. Today there are more eyes looking for the signs, same as those early grail seekers of olden times. They don’t have to look anymore. Are they prepared though. Can your heart hold the hearts of others inside you, is it safe inside you, or do you need a clean up.

women in love

the young girl, she has read the words, Islam is a peace loving world, she believes. She has read the words of Jesus, she has faith, and the almighty God of Abraham approves, this is the faith I am seeking. Against all odds, she holds firm her truth. Why shouldn’t she, she has heard the holy words all her life, and the return of Jesus, is a major part of her faith. The mullah agrees, the time is coming he says. His words reassure her.

In the media, all fears are magnified. The old story; those that have no faith are trying to rubbish her beliefs. Why she asks, her face towards the Sky. I put my trust in you.

The media frenzy intensifies. The worst case scenario is retold and retold, reinforcing the old views. Hate those who are not like us, who spreads such a vision. Only those who do not want the Spirit from above to take root in the hearts of all.

Solomon sighed. There have been many changes. Freedoms have been found, a new way of understanding has taken hold. Who fears God, only the wise,amen.


Hurry up kids. Ma is at the door, she wants her children to have faith. She has seen what faith can do, and in a confused world, where there are many vulnerable souls, she wants her children to have faith,to believe. She knows it’s going to be a struggle, the trappings of life can make a prisoner of anyone.She has seen friends change into fiends, once they acquire, their great thoughts dumped,once they feel secure in themselves. She has seen the same friends fall, time she sighs while looking at her watch, hurry up kids.

The ride to church, the synagogue,or the mosque, the journey made by many millions, is one made, to honor their creator. It’s not hard to impress a child with the wonders of life, it’s difficult to keep it going, given the huge number of distractions. Leaders who flaunt their wealth, rising the ire of many,who feel helpless, you need a safe harbor to negotiate this maze. In times of great need, you know the true man, the empty words and the real ones. Make time for the ways of the Most High,and do it while you have time, amen.

You have to see this?

The friend gives the nod, there is something interesting worth seeing. The addict might think it’s a hit, there are many ways to explain it. The room is small, there is a computer, the friend sits at the controls, pushes a few buttons. The friend feigns interest, moves to have a look. I did not think that was possible,the image is weird, why would try that with an animal.

Twenty years later, those images permeate so many minds. Is it any wonder there are those who want to lose their minds, considering the stuff, that resides inside them.

Making a home for the Holy Spirit to find resting space inside you, ought to be your number one priority, if you intend on enjoying life eternal. Clean the hard disk inside you, amen.