The transformation

In therapy, the mind is not what it is, the continuous glum news, save me, what can transform me. The people pull their thoughts together, there is a national tragedy. The act as one. The mood within is part hope and sad, part joy and despair. The overall feeling, glad it wasn’t me in there. A hand emerges, the body follows, there is a heart beat, the crowd cheers, good news at last.

The anguish so many deal with, that is not recognized. Women and their identity, the youth, we are good for two things, think it out, the lesson is learned young, they are sold and sold, the emotions, somewhat strange, they get used to it, while they look up, wonder, where are you, why does it take so long, those that still manage to hang on ask.

The door opens, the friendly voice. She is gladdened inside, a friend. Ageing is not easy, and the community is not as solid as it was. The friend is full of joy, happy, light, not trying to undo her, there to help and cheer up. Life and the troubles are forgotten for a while. The transformation, I can let myself relax awhile.

Lovers meet, the chemical changes, the energy of lightness. Jesus enters the temple, what is he going to say, it’s always enlightening. The need to listen not a strain, the only ones who oppose him, those that want you to cling to the old ways, not the transformation you feel.


Peace Awards

News Flash… the protesters are at the wall, the soldiers are not stopping them, the wall is down, there is a new feeling on the ground, old friends who haven’t seen each other for years, embrace, they hug, the women weep, we are one again, while the soldiers wipe tears from their eyes, a new beginning for humanity, the hawks complain, why didn’t the Russian leader intervene, this is unprecedented… so the story goes, the years of isolation end, the story continues, today, a rather different mind set, the day also, a reminder of previous times, when the notorious death camp was attempting, the beginning of the end of the Jewish population, the gypsy population and all those they felt were different to them…

What would the prophets ask, some would point to the apostles, who complained, to Jesus, when they saw others do as they did, point others towards the eternal truth. (The gospels are proved true in these days, and that’s not a peace tip, it’s called, guess who is in charge).

Jesus complains to them, stop this bickering among yourselves, the harvest workers have always been scarce, and if worried about being contradicted, count all the types of flowers there are, imagine yourself among them, what sort would you pick for yourself, well. A small hand is raised, can we choose the color we like, or do we all have to have the same…

“The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize to Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, president of the Soviet Union, for his leading role in the peace process which today characterizes important parts of the international community

The survivors, all of us, but those closest to the hurt, don’t forget, there were many with differences to the then regime of terror, who also suffered, many trying to change the direction of the then war, but the survivors, they recall the horror, it happened, the recall a painful memory, why why why, the question on many minds.

Solomon saw the mass of immigration trails, many fleeing regimes, many seeking release from constant enforced thinking, the refugees, the great acts of courage some leaders have taken, the German chancellor, Mrs Merkel being a leading light, she drops the barriers and invites in, over a million, while the hawks, who live on conflict anxiety, swore she’d have trouble, there were none, just teething problems, while the EU space, remained a haven, where does the modern human being find space in all of this, I’m confused says many, who would not be, last week it was environmental stress and the hope that the leaders of the world nations would finally act, children and their anxieties, news stories, have to deal with this lack of doing as far as peace is concerned, surely we have learned, they said that after each great conflict, the current situation, to some, biblical prophecy, to others, a step towards our own destruction (death is the train station that leads to the eternal connection).

Testosterone fueled, hero worshiped, pride at stake, words harsh, no call for peace, the extremists enjoy the moment, they have at last got a chance to imitate all those war games they have being dieting on for years, (they forgot there is “G-D”), the rush of blood, two sides of opinion, while the ordinary folk are forced to duck and dive, amen.

Then Gorbachev emerges, October 1989, change that is dynamic, a bridge between the East and the West, great hope, the spirit moving, the feeling, There is someone up there watching all this.

Solomon sighed, the prayer, don’t forget the peace makers. There was an Iron curtain, there is no Iron curtain today, why allow the triumph of that era be wiped out, by today’s tragedy. The skies opened each time there was great need, Allied war support, the weather, so many examples, as for those who try to take control of G-‘d’s planet, you are seriously undermining yourselves, Moses and the 23,000 come to mind, set aside your vanities, show respect for love and peace, (Jesus has words for this and what you ought to do), he also has advice for those who attempt to import dark thoughts into fertile minds, serious warnings, do we listen to them at a time when all that Gospel stuff is true, or wish we had done different, knowing that, eternity lasts for ever, in short, it’s hot down there and the water carrier has not been seen for ages, amen. Does geography teach you anything, well, I’d prefer to live there, says the young girls who are drained from being measured by the pleasure they give or others can achieve, etc etc… do angels..

No, they smile with delight knowing that others are getting a great joy from their presence?.

She sleeps in a car

He sleeps outdoors, the voice, the voices, always trying to get his ear, space, he is warning us, that space, where is there freedom, why the outsider, why, why, of course it’s a pointer, to who owns it all, the Almighty. She needs her space, no fear, the terror of violence, what fools would do such knowing that the power of Almighty God is present, what are they thinking, they can escape such things, as Isaiah says, read it if you want to find out, but the patience of the Eternal one reaches a point when a clean out is the remedy, amen.

The step down, she is a mark, has prospects, there is money to be had and more, the effort to trap her spirit, she is worn down, tired, nowhere to go, she obeys, the degrading behavior she has to endure, the ALMIGHTY fully aware of it, while the believers wonder, why is it taking so long to fix this, then Ezekiel intervenes, it’s for the sake of the world to come, you mean, the new space says another hopeful voice, yes replies the voice, a new space.

Meanwhile in Rome, they wonder about the future candidates for the top job, the Spirit asks, recall the past mistakes, this is your earthly journey your on, wait for the next leg. The dark spirit falls off a chair, what, the legs taken from under, the Almighty does not need another dose of their logic, they can listen they can learn, plotting at these heights is a waste of time, and it’s a long long long way down.

She wakes, the car smells, in the open, she tries to reconfigure her life, whom do you turn to. She danced for them all, they know she knows, they are afraid of what she can reveal, they, even the news stories, that appear to give carpet cover to all that is wrong. He lifts the underlay, festooned with all sorts of stuff, a feast for some.

To whom does she turn, she considers the moment, whom can you trust, who cares about one woman in trouble.

The seer’s, are they like the pharisee’s of old, they fail to recognize the eternal signs, amen.

For those of faith, recall the words of Jesus, to suffer on account of the One is gold in Heaven, and eternity, amen.

Luciani The Great

Not that lucky luciano, the other, not that unconnected either, considering that the luciani without the “O” was bumped off during the night, 33 odd years ago, but timely is the matter, the lessons he left behind, this chosen servant of the Almighty, and how his reforms back then, would have had such an affect one would think, if they had then been implemented, that’s the news, amen. Reformers, zealots, thieves, dissenters, cheats, the usurped, the list is long, and the progress that we call progress, has brought us to the tip of the iceberg, the ease of use of drugs, the break-up of family life, the community that has broken down, the irreverence for the Almighty, and the stress mother nature has had to endure, this is just a cheap account of the current situation, even though, there are green stems of hope sown in places, still the question is what if?

Who sold out the Pope, who sold out, who was bribed, why were they bribed, why was Latin america so dominated by an extreme right wing think tank, why the slurs against certain countries, why have women had to stress that much, and why do men complain when women toughen up, and say they have had enough, even if it costs them their core nature of nurture at times, the quest for survival, amen, how in these times, the Gospel of Jesus has been shown to be 100% true, what is the fate of those who stand against G-D’s Holy People, do they think they can succeed, or did they think they could succeed, amen.

The original kindness that was an every day affair, the common greeting, the welcome that was a given, the community issues dealt with, without the usual angst, now it’s a crime to complain, there are those on the other side who go for the jugular at the first chance, as if to say, how dare you for an opinion, and the others, the by standers who watch, wondering which horse to back once the race commences, what sort of world do you want?

Eight Billion Reasons, what was the population in the early seventies, can the world live like it did in the past, given the pressure on resources, the need to slow greater now, while more children scream to be fed, well, the economist in his cosy office, or the intellectual in hiding, might cling to issuing great advice, but the advice that has lead us to this great conundrum, well, it’s the emperor’s clothes syndrome, they are naked for ideas when it comes to recovery, amen, allow the new ideas in, amen.

Treasure Box

The word is the power, according to the Gospel of John, and the flow is vital, and since there are those, who interfere in the normal thinking and the use of wisdom that flows from it, as Luciani would say, if at the keyboards, change is not just the weather forecast, it’s the future, amen.

Solomon wrote, the rescue was written a long while back, the issues identified, the runway identified, the troubles identified, another luciani, had the second effort to avert the rescue, not been a second attempt to thwart the will of the Almighty, amen, when the issues going forward were clear to the prophets, amen. Or worse, men trying to act like as if they were of G-D, the truth probably, let them continue with the clean up, amen, while the people of the Almighty enjoy their time, amen.

The Great Signs

How do you explain, the times are now, great signs for some years now. Clouds, appearances, great events, prophecy, the demand for changes, the new number, a first for the race, the amount of changes, great things are happening, don’t allow your faith to be shaken much, tribulations, and miracles, the end and the commencement of the new era, what sort of person do you intend being, now that heaven speaks to us all, amen.

Well, is that sort of habit, do i need to empty the closet, what should i retain, those strange interests, do i need to encourage them am i safer in a crowd, do i hide well, the reality, there is a God, forget the deceivers, it’s real, so how should I handle the signs, amen.

Solomon sighed, Ezekiel, the prophets, the Talmud, the holy books, all of them, the number 8, the next time we examine the number, maybe our personal habits will have calmed, maybe we will slow down, after all, in times of old, the work was manual, apart from the scribes and those like them, the physical energy burned off, the meaning of exercise, the need for it, the tired evenings, natural, the preparation for the festivals, they were not every weekend, people had to travel, there was safety in the cities, now, that the rhythm of life has altered, the 24/7 world of progress, has pushed the world to the verge, in short speak, time to get back on the road with all four tires, amen.

The 33 Day Pope

The story, a tale of Hollywood intrigue, the reality, such timing, the man who wanted to give back freedom to the soul, not one of those that wanted to dampen the output of the soul, or needed to control, the shepherd is not there to control the sheep, protective, like a loving mother or guardian, the story of Albino Luciani, the humble smiling pope, who had radical thoughts for the day, say the population issues, the strange attitude to normal human relations, and the lack of God in those who were supposedly the servants of God, then dies in strange circumstance, interesting, the story, the results though, seen years later, show the true depth of the man, given the issues facing the world, amen.

It’s not a witch hunt, it’s not a blame game, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s the human folly, trying to delay, the obvious, the stuff we want to put off, the Story of Albino Luciani, is a story worth recalling, the current Pontiff, trying to bring about change, would do well to re read the story, it will give one, an insight, remove many of the prejudices, and allow for greater harmony and understanding in the world.

Solomon sighed, we need to think of the past to understand the now. Jesus is in his home town, they hear news of his abilities, they expect to see the same, he asks, the question is posed in the gospels, now shown to be true in real time, how do you connect to the healing spirit, why does the truth matter, what does the truth do to the spirit inside, what is the meaning of a true confession, how it removes the tension inside, and the freedom thereafter, as the baggage is set aside while the lessons are learned. Jesus fell three times on the way up the hill, it wasn’t automatic, he ate he slept had brothers sisters, was very much like us, and gave entire credit to the Father, never taking the plaudits himself, and gave promises, of the Holy Spirit, and that spirit, where does in find rest, does in not require the truth, amen.

She looks across the room, the party in full swing, she is not there to fill the place, she enjoys making friends, friends, those that like to know people not take advantage of people, it’s more stressful the more material the world becomes, do you love me or like me because you like people or what, in the material world, what is material matters most, who has time for the unseen, the Spiritual well being inside.

Albino Luciani , had radical views in the 1970’s. Jesus was considered a radical, 2,000 years before, mind the gap, what was it that lead many away from the eternal truth. She is ill, her mind is plagued by doubts, the worries, she can’t find rest inside, the crisis, what is it, where do you find that inner peace that finds your sweetest feeling inside, that now is the time and nothing else matters, in the company that does not drag you emotionally.

He takes her out for coffee, does not charge in, the talk is simple, easy, the ego has been set aside, it’s nice to be seen as the person you want to be, no one seeking from you, just enjoying the being you are. She wants more, he is patient, it can wait, she is annoyed, she is used to having it her own way, her mind becomes a wandering machine, all over the place, he watches her, what is inside her, can’t you relax. Stop, she stops, no one talks like this to me, what, stop, do you ever listen he asks. Honest with yourself, the thought, well, the pause.

Solomon sighed,.a lesson, the days of old, there is conflict in the head, the advice, stop, let the moment pass, stop, the thoughts will settle, calm yourself, the tension passes. Jesus advocated turn the other cheek, and while this is upsetting to those who seek revenge or getting easy, the pause in hostilities, eventually leads to peace, mine the gap.

Luciani Albino saw the gap that needed to be filled. Today, there are many who have tried to fill that gap, with their own version of the truth, while ignoring the truth of Jesus Christ.

The spies stopped, this is frantic, they try to listen, to take ownership of what is not there’s. God will settle the accounts, don’t bring the hatred with you, amen. Learn from the mistakes, that lead to the passing of Luciani, and recall, there were those who helped the allies defeat the dark axis, in the time of the second war.

Bringing Glory To the One

The life lesson, the words of Jesus, the savior of the world, in times of doubt, what is it that is important, what in life matters, do you value your reputation with men, or do you worry about your relationship with the Almighty. Jesus issues strong words; those that were leading the flock at the time, they were going astray, had taken a view, that was going to lead the people astray, so he makes the appeal, think of the Eternal Destination, words of wisdom, Fear Only God, amen.

The issue of the day, the world needs intervention, the hearts must unite, the need to think as one, who can provide the wisdom to make this a reality, is it those who divide people or connect, the lesson is simple, The Almighty rescues His people, amen.

November Memories

The recall, the story, the lesson, thinking of those that lay the path, memories. The laughing stock, no, it’s humor, fun, just a day, the writer recalls, those days, the car that broke down, those that sabotaged the jalopy, the meetings missed, the near misses, the strange events, we all love a good laugh, these wintry nights, the spring is not far off, the growth offensive, when Mother Nature comes to life, in the meantime, a chance to reflect, put down strategies for the coming season.

Solomon sighed, a close memory, the story of despair that was not despairing, the tenacity of the souls, how they are remembered, as are those other souls, many feeling lost, thinking of them, it’s easy to forget, but then again, maybe, just maybe, that’s why we need the dark so as to recognize the real light.

A parable of sorts, imagine the Eternal Fisherman, out on the seas, he comes home, the catch is fine, leaves the fishing to others, and after awhile he returns to the seas, not as it is supposed to be, so he sets them top work, those that interrupted the Spirit, or to put it mildly, those that put their talents into the material only and forgot about the talent giver. Solomon asks, how would you deal with the situation. How many have used the divine connection to overcome the minds of others, a typical case, a politician who gains the trust of the masses, and then when power gets to the core, deserts them for the material gain he frowned upon, a common ailment, ailment meaning, there is always a cure.

To this issue, the writer puts down the idea, of the lake of despair, not that it’s a lake of despair, it’s only a despair when it comes to cleaning up the mess, so how do you put words on it. There is talk of the prophets on the news, a strange affair, almost comedy, a wolf dressed as a lamb, the barrier is waiting, it’s a common theme. But the Great One in the story, hands a fishing rod to those who abused their talents, and points them to the pit of despair, their ambiguity caused, asks them to fish out the harm.

Everyone knows of such occasions, no one is ignorant of betrayals, and while their causes are masked in many different ways, the threads are there, there is the power of God that is permanent, not that we ignore the other reality, while at the same time, the gospel truth is played out. So as the great teacher says, get to your roots. Where do you come from,. recall what the old prophets say, whatever about the teachers of those laws, don’t worry if they don’t follow them, accidents happen all the time, just don’t get there too fast, limit the harm, learn what happened to others. In short, think of Abraham.

Years have passed, but the memory remains, that life helping events, and the choices that changed the world, the weather report on the day it mattered, there are many such events. The bag was stashed under the stairs, the clothes were added with time, the help was there when needed, it was her way of life, some great memories, amen. Did they really put all those people in there and torch the place, it happened, in places, let the call of the heart, be one you can dream sweetly with, amen.

November Reminder

Fast, the spiritual anxiety, we are supposed to be helping them, the sights and the signs, who will be facing the Boss next, what excuse will they provide. I told you, the old man is weary, the day of departure is near, the mother load of experience going up with him, a response no doubt below, what will we do.

The picture appeared, it was a cloud shouts another, what do I care, sneers another, his thoughts on the afternoon joy, this talk of God, it’s a career he joined for, not to serve, what.

The flash of wind, the rattle of the windows, they steady their thoughts. This story, how were we to know asks another, a voice is heard, that’s a question Jesus posed 2,000 years ago, panic descends upon them, we have to let the people know. In Rome, their are startling revelations, a new calm, no more of having to act the pious, they begin to tell the truth again, amen.