Domestic Freedom

From behind, the ribs, she feels the pain, falls over, he kicks her on the ground, she tries to cover herself, wants to scream, the children, she fears for them, his face flares, he is all red, the intend meaner, he is getting his kicks, has a, then the door bursts in, caught red handed, he looks at the uniforms, we have him cold they say, while she whimpers in a heap, am I saved she thinks.

The charge sheet, the daily rounds, who has been at it, the fear some try to sow, is about to rebound on them, the eternal chief is not surprised, it’s been a long time coming, freedom from domestic violence, and fear ends, good night.

Solomon sighed, what a boat full of news, what a delight, this is wonderful, apart from the heavenly truth, the Gospels shown to be the map of discovery too, proof of Jesus and the Holy words, imagine those who will inflict harm on the Spirit, let the righteous be successful amen.

We need more love cries a voice, the crowd looks around at itself, love, where is it gone, gone shouts another, what shouts the others, Love, only a sneering man laughs in the corner, love he screams, then his voice cracks up and he falls over, a woman shouts, I found it, they look, a light filled Jesus comes down the path, amen.

Following Jesus

The steps, what do we do, how do we follow Jesus. The bus stops, the man gets on board, the trip, he is going to follow Jesus. The tour begins, how is the state of your heart, the voice over the P.A. announces, the man looks around, notices, he is the only one on the bus, so it’s me your talking to. The heart, he thinks of his heart felt deeds, how he thinks of his neighbors, his judging of others, does he, then the ache, do others judge him similarly. The heart passes the test, anxiety eases as he continues on the trip. Following Jesus, how do we get it, do we set up a score card and count our shots, is it that simple, are we too late. The voice over again, do you let scorn and anxiety take you over, does it consume you, the thoughts you have of others, is this your focus point. The man on the bus shakes his head, what’s the meaning of this, I just want to follow Jesus.

No thoughts, the man is speechless, he thinks while the fields pass by, waves to the occasional cow, he is thinking, reflecting, wondering, self examining, the bus driver smiles, at least he is listening. The man can’t think, it’s as if an alien entity has taken over his mind, well, that is the feeling, your life invaded, those thoughts, all self needs, all self desire, all self will, all consuming, it is hard to think of anything else. The bigger this the better that, wish i had this, that too, more, prefer that, looks great, what, the drift from the thoughts of Jesus, how self absorbed we become, sometimes a need but not a way to live a life, unless, well, there are exceptions.

The bus driver getting no response to the prompts, stops the bus at a shop. The man decides to leave the bus, and go on foot, in his dream to follow Jesus. The lesson, a simple one, the seeds and what we water them with, what is it that we want to follow, the image of the man, or the meaning of the teaching, in short, you follow Jesus in your deeds, it’s the action, amen.

Solomon smiled; the gospel of Jesus Christ shown to be true, what does that mean for mankind?

A bed for the night

My head, space, freedom at last, sleep, rescue from the night, a secure place to rest, the stress, how can I explain myself, the inside burns, my limbs ache, and I need to see a friendly face, one whom i can trust, everywhere there are doubts, the niggling anxieties even when it seems right, the stories, some made up, but they frighten people, is it true or not, can I afford to take the chance, will someone, just give me a bed for the night. Solomon sighed, the peace of sleep, the freedom spot, the cares of the world dissolve, the body recovers, daily light,I can face the world. How dark thoughts can control the world.

Solomon was praying peace for the tortured soul, the part of you that tries to remain united to God, the space there is always security, where no doubts exist. The thump at the door, the sudden alert, the anxiety returns; there are masters of anarchy who know how to press the buttons, Solomon was reminding the eternal One, the children need help, cut those of the extreme off from any harm they can do, they fill the world with doubts, while the anxious are shaking their heads, asking, where do we find peace. Peace sighed Solomon; look up at the Sky, see the changes, in God you trust, with God you rest, amen.

Her head on the pillow, she breathes in breathes out, harmony in the heart, no fears, true rest.


Mind thoughts, the phone, the spying, the habits, the taunt, extremism, there are many forms to it, and as souls seek comfort, there are many who are extreme waiting to take advantage, it’s the numbers, the online voice, the more hits the greater the reward, the more extreme their thoughts, the better they feel, but how will such thinkers fare, when it comes to divine intervention, what do their thoughts gain for them; the Ire of God for one thing, harm to the lost, anxiety for the young, disruption of society, their goal.

Solomon sighed, the victory of Jesus came with major benefits, and it’s written, the old books bare this out. so no matter how extreme it may appear, stop, don’t allow your time to be stolen, there are many just causes out there, remain focused, the Spirit from on high, is spreading everywhere, and nothing of man can oppose it, amen. How to make good on your eternal promises, how do you improve your community, do you appease or do you talk up, can you put on one face, that says all the right things, or do you privately enjoy the harm your life creates for others, does anyone understand the consequences.

The gospels are proved true, the words of Jesus, life giving, time to readjust the heart, time to start sowing all that is good seed amen.

Extreme Thinking

Stop, don’t react, listen, ask why the actions of extremist’s upset, what are they trying to gain, reaction, the french presidential elections, the contest, the chaos in eastern Europe, the unity of the EU union, the choice, what sort of life do you want. Solomon read the script, the effort to pull your attention, from topic to topic, the fear in Europe, the return of extreme thought, the building of boundaries, the old fears, trying to pigeon hole those trying to make the changes, did I say that, the use of sound-bytes, the election minded, trying to gauge the atmosphere in the polls, as many new potential leaders take their chances, what does one need to do thought Solomon, where do you find peace.

The usual crisis have been moved aside, what was front page news weeks ago, days ago, relegated, this is the news, this is what attracts the viewers, the mind step, that gave politicians oceans of free advertising, that said, how many votes are given from the point of view of being worn out with the current lot, too many.

Extremism, Jesus faced constant spying when he announced to the Pharisee’s and His Apostles, the changes that were coming, they tried every known trick to catch him out, they paid a friend money to sell him out, in short, Those who put the words of Jesus Christ first, always have to get around the issues; Am I compassionate, Am I charitable, am I able to withstand the storm inside others, can I stay true to the Faith.

Down through the ages, books are burned to insult and keep people ignorant, it’s ongoing, the criticism over what we read, it’s the fashion. In current times, The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been shown to be true, and as with other Revelations, by reading the Holy Books, as seen through the eyes of the Gospels, leads to a fuller understanding of those life giving words. A doctor in the field has to retrain every year, to combat the new technology, and as with revelation, (Jesus in short means, forgiveness, understanding, compassion etc), it’s an opportunity to re think what has been learned, in the context of what is divine assistance, amen, why worry, the world that wants peace seeks peace, amen.


Books, the essential, books, bucks, no matter how you spell it, books, the people of the book, more bucks, books, the banning of books, risque books, books for this, books for that, books, more books, libraries full of them, books, books what are they about, books, did you read that one, books, more books, books burned in the bonfire, more books, we all have a favorite, books, why the books, is there a reason, for all these books, and what are in them, the pause, whats in the books of eternal life, books are they the same, some just excite, free the mind, send you on a trip, books, the way to ease the mind, books, the simple matter, the space inside, while you read them, amen. In world too technological at times, the need for books, read them, use them to concentrate, sacrifice time, use it as a penance if you want, but read them, your mind will be glad of it, and that’s the way to get really relaxed, turn off the stress today, read a book.

Is the mind tired, are you in pain, can’t get over it, the mind gnawing away, rest in the words of a great author, the apostles, John,. by words, listen to the word today, amen. How can you form a relationship with someone, without trying to read about them, the Holy Books.

Leading me to the light

Signs, Jesus heard the apostles complain, there were others who were encouraging others to seek out the Father, teaching, but they were not of them, so they complained to Jesus, who wanting to encourage the ways to the Father, as the more that came to the Father, the better is was for all, he listens to their complaints,

“they are not like us, and etc etc…”

Jesus said to them, these words are in the holy books, so it’s not news, roughly speaking; it’s there for anyone who wants to have a better relationship with the Father, who makes it all possible, same reason, you pick up a book, you want to read what is inside, no brainer here, but to encourage the Mission, to make the world aware of the Father in Heaven, so bringing peace to the world, and a richer harvest, he tells his apostles or early followers, don’t be alarmed, if they are leading others to the ways of the father, it’s fine. Remember, that the early teachers of those times, had a monopoly on matters of faith, they made their living from it., they acquired status, they were looked up to, it was a very lucrative employment, so knowing how human nature can acquire too much ego, he warned them, to take their work seriously, All credit to the Father in Heaven, no one else, don’t try to become tyrants, or don’t mislead, amen.

Conversely, if you encourage others to turn away from the Father in Heaven, or mislead, it’s not wise, and this is said, in particular regarding children, be mindful, amen.

Through the lens of Jesus

A microscope, the scientist admires the creation, the geometry perfect, only seen under the magnifying eye, the perfection, unseen to the naked eye, reveals a much wider dimension, same as the world, as seen through the lens of Jesus. Man made rules, that stifle, promises made that remind, there are few to trust in, the opportunity for mind thieves, to steal from all the broken hearts, their zeal undiminished, waiting for the time, and the return, when a new light will shine upon the world.

Treasure Box

The revelations, point to old times, reminding us, there is a Spirit on High, behind all of this we call life, and the signs sent, a heady reminder, of the choices made, the inner conscience essentially. How does the average believer feel, when the Gospels of Jesus are shown to be real in truth and wisdom, and since all the words of eternal life, the words of Jesus, being living words, you have to act them out daily, or apportion time accordingly, to the needs of others, not just yourself or your family, for it’s in the reaching out, the Spirit is passed out, no wonder the words, The son of man has no resting place, the Spirit is active, and lives not in hate, but in love and space, where it is welcome. How welcoming is your heart then?.

Why words, why poetry, we need inner space, away from the ways of the world, that has a material edge, that can be so blinding; did you see my car, the looks, the envy, the pride, it sounds simple, too simple in fact, but you need time away from the normal worries, amen, so He says, the words eternal, the burden I give is light, it won’t weigh you down, but lifts you up, amen.

Solomon sighed, talk of wars, the angst, fear, lives lost, homes destroyed, a pointer to the times, the sadness of it all, if only they saw through the eyes of Jesus, and believed it, amen. All through His walk on earth, persecution, His death, shameful, and then the signs thereafter, and the joy of the early apostles, He is alive, and so are His words, 2,000 years later, amen.

She reads the words, her heart at ease, the pain in the joints disappear, the daily anxiety lifted, as she thinks of the time, when she was really loved, and not this world, where talk of war and worse in on so many minds, peace for a few moments, lets hope it lasts, amen.

Walking in the Steps of Jesus

Kind, patient, compassionate, forgiving, and not a case of self idolizing either, with all credit to the Holy Father, amen. Why, why does it matter in these times, how can we help ourselves, how can we find peace, and appeal to the Holy heart, especially, with so much confusion, and many wondering, what the current events mean, how can we help ease that feeling inside.

It’s not possessions that you bring on the eternal journey, it’s not pride, it’s the heart, and what you have stored in there. Troubled, as all us sinner are at times, many distracting themselves, how do we ease that pain or feelings of isolation. Kind, start to listen without judging, only God should judge. Compassionate, sincere thoughts that help those that listen to you. Forgiving, why so, the notion is simple, what you can’t forgive it becomes a means for the dark side of you, to vent other feelings of anger, as you try to overcome, the dark thoughts inside you, that others can latch onto, in short, your lack of forgiveness becomes the means for your inner angst, and it spreads. Also, when you forgive, or turn the other cheek, you dampen the effort of those against you, who after a short while, fill with shame, when their efforts to undo you fail, or the response they expect fails to materialize, amen. The best lessons in life come from your failures and failings, while the person who never seems to make mistakes, often falls over, when later in life they are faced with difficult times.

As for the need to love, it’s not a question of preparing for the end, there is no end, so in order to retain a healthy position internally (the errors of others is no credit to your own good deeds, it’s their mistake that’s all, judge yourself by God’s High standards and improve) but as for those that willfully try to bring harm such that, they think they are doing others a favor by bringing judgement to a closer position, that’s trying to be as God and foolish, they should set their goal, so as to encourage others to believe, by the way they live their lives, as how they treat others, outside their own interest group, again, why so?

Since the Gospels of Jesus are true and proven, and as such, the conduit through which revelation should be understood, it’s pertinent to practice the eternal living words. This eases the pressure on the Eternal Holy Heart, that has had to suffer much, so easing that heart, brings about blessings, while asking the Almighty One, to show mercy to the planet, in order for all, to get their house in order, rather than, being one of those, that increases their opinion of themselves, based on the errors of others, amen.

Solomon sighed, there was much going on, and too much confusion, the people needed clarity. To love to the end was a prerequisite condition for those seeking the eternal promise, and loving, was not self love, but love for what the God of Abraham and the holy prophets loved, which was what God wants, love for creation, while hating only what is evil, amen.

The CuldeSac

High pursuits, the chase, the speeding wheels, the turn down the dark alley, fleeing, the approach, the noise, the reverse move, the drive in the lane, slowly, your hiding in the rubbish, breath shaking, the steps get closer, the door of the car closes, the click of the pistol, is it your time, then you suddenly wake up, sigh, the sweat on your face, the deep breath, still there, alive, another day ahead of you, you don’t want to dream like that again, but it wasn’t a dream. The terror, the inability to sleep, how can you find rest, where do you escape to, your not able to do anything on your own, the thought, and then the relief, it was only a nightmare, the hands have feeling, your spine in tingling, your surprise at that, there is supposed to be no feeling there at all, is something happening, the angst turns to joy, it’s going to be alright.

Powerlessness, having no point of view that’s listened to, your opinions, well, fodder really, unless someone ahead of you has need for it, the promotion, always given to those who do the organisation thing,. play by the rules, your inner well being, undermined, soul destroying, is there any relief from this inner tyranny your experiencing. Even the phone is no longer the friend you thought it was, those numbers, you begin to doubt everything, and when your loaded with interests adds, the habits of your phone, it’s no getaway either, as if your life has been planned for you, is there no escape.

The hospital ward, the smell of disinfectant, the leather shoes on the tiles, the clickity clack, the sound a familiar one, the patient waits for the door to open, the mood begins to cheer up, someone who will treat you like a living human being, not someone they are making arrangements for, when the life on this earth ends, no, your Spirit friend treats you like your living, your useful, worthy in other words. Spirit to Spirit, a different dialogue takes place, no thoughts about illness or cure, no whispered words in the ear, no, you are treated like a Spirit, the Spirit that lives for ever, and you respond accordingly, amen.

Those who believe in the Eternal world, are not thinking about passing from this life to another, this is life, today, today matters, today. With choices, we go down culdesac’s, or we chase others down culdesac’s, we get stuck, we have trouble turning around, apologizing, we sometimes prefer to remain stubborn, for any amount of reasons. In short, there is only the teaching that leaves you wanting more, and that is the words of Jesus, living words, why so, because you have to live them, they are alive, and when you speak in terms of that Spirit, you bring with you life, amen. not a culdesac.