The 33 Day Pope

The story, a tale of Hollywood intrigue, the reality, such timing, the man who wanted to give back freedom to the soul, not one of those that wanted to dampen the output of the soul, or needed to control, the shepherd is not there to control the sheep, protective, like a loving mother or guardian, the story of Albino Luciani, the humble smiling pope, who had radical thoughts for the day, say the population issues, the strange attitude to normal human relations, and the lack of God in those who were supposedly the servants of God, then dies in strange circumstance, interesting, the story, the results though, seen years later, show the true depth of the man, given the issues facing the world, amen.

It’s not a witch hunt, it’s not a blame game, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s the human folly, trying to delay, the obvious, the stuff we want to put off, the Story of Albino Luciani, is a story worth recalling, the current Pontiff, trying to bring about change, would do well to re read the story, it will give one, an insight, remove many of the prejudices, and allow for greater harmony and understanding in the world.

Solomon sighed, we need to think of the past to understand the now. Jesus is in his home town, they hear news of his abilities, they expect to see the same, he asks, the question is posed in the gospels, now shown to be true in real time, how do you connect to the healing spirit, why does the truth matter, what does the truth do to the spirit inside, what is the meaning of a true confession, how it removes the tension inside, and the freedom thereafter, as the baggage is set aside while the lessons are learned. Jesus fell three times on the way up the hill, it wasn’t automatic, he ate he slept had brothers sisters, was very much like us, and gave entire credit to the Father, never taking the plaudits himself, and gave promises, of the Holy Spirit, and that spirit, where does in find rest, does in not require the truth, amen.

She looks across the room, the party in full swing, she is not there to fill the place, she enjoys making friends, friends, those that like to know people not take advantage of people, it’s more stressful the more material the world becomes, do you love me or like me because you like people or what, in the material world, what is material matters most, who has time for the unseen, the Spiritual well being inside.

Albino Luciani , had radical views in the 1970’s. Jesus was considered a radical, 2,000 years before, mind the gap, what was it that lead many away from the eternal truth. She is ill, her mind is plagued by doubts, the worries, she can’t find rest inside, the crisis, what is it, where do you find that inner peace that finds your sweetest feeling inside, that now is the time and nothing else matters, in the company that does not drag you emotionally.

He takes her out for coffee, does not charge in, the talk is simple, easy, the ego has been set aside, it’s nice to be seen as the person you want to be, no one seeking from you, just enjoying the being you are. She wants more, he is patient, it can wait, she is annoyed, she is used to having it her own way, her mind becomes a wandering machine, all over the place, he watches her, what is inside her, can’t you relax. Stop, she stops, no one talks like this to me, what, stop, do you ever listen he asks. Honest with yourself, the thought, well, the pause.

Solomon sighed,.a lesson, the days of old, there is conflict in the head, the advice, stop, let the moment pass, stop, the thoughts will settle, calm yourself, the tension passes. Jesus advocated turn the other cheek, and while this is upsetting to those who seek revenge or getting easy, the pause in hostilities, eventually leads to peace, mine the gap.

Luciani Albino saw the gap that needed to be filled. Today, there are many who have tried to fill that gap, with their own version of the truth, while ignoring the truth of Jesus Christ.

The spies stopped, this is frantic, they try to listen, to take ownership of what is not there’s. God will settle the accounts, don’t bring the hatred with you, amen. Learn from the mistakes, that lead to the passing of Luciani, and recall, there were those who helped the allies defeat the dark axis, in the time of the second war.