Trust in The Almighty God, Amen

Leonard Cohen, revered songster, the last days of his life, the words in the book, the Flame, his words, how at the end of this leg of the journey, days before his passing, his complete faith, the calm in his words, and the thought he has, as he gets older, it’s in the words, amen.

The story of his life, the journey, the first lesson, the Spanish guitar, his first guitar lesson, the story of his life, and the passion he had, and undiminished Faith in the Most High God, leave it to the one.

The people of America face the election, their choices confusing, the anxiety that is spread, the doubts, how the evangelicals try to use the political device, to further their ways, what words would Jesus put on it, an interesting point of view.

Compassion, see the truth in the heart, don’t let hatred be your guiding light, don’t allow the bias sown to become you, step back, and see the bigger picture, what is it that unites you, or if in doubt, listen to Leonard, amen.

The old man comes out of retirement, an accounting deviation, then produces, the cream of his work, leads the world, his concerts, so unbelievable, darn says Leonard, the time of my retirement has not ended, he is on the road again.


News of Wars, strange leaders, confused thinkers, ..

Don’t be anxious, just be aware, this is the story of Ezekiel, an old testament prophet, servant of God, in conversation with the angel Aerial, news such as these, are reminders, the world is not the place so many feel fearful in anymore, it is becoming a place, where only fear of God will exist, amen.

Solomon sighed, the struggle of the early believers, news of Jesus Christ, the awakening of the soul, new meaning in the Islamic tradition, the early believers, those of the real light, all coming to the conclusion, it’s the same eternal God they worship, so don’t give up. A day is the same as a thousand years to the Almighty God, so practice what is life giving, amen.

The Children of The Almighty, come in many shapes and colors.

Collection of words

Inside, good feeling, words, they send you somewhere, bill, who do i owe this time, the bell, what time is it, the words, great to the mood, poison to another, mood, words, the birthday, presents, well being, me, words,all about myself, words, the feeling, putting words on it, words, did i arrange them, words, do i really feel them, the meaning, the luster, deep seated, so deep, the words, words, the power of them.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the Gospel of John, and the living words of Jesus, amen


There are so many ways to describe beauty; to some it’s the reflection in the mirror, how perfect we feel when compared to others, there are many ways of seeing it. But do we take into consideration the inner beauty, that goes deeper than mere physical aspects. It’s easy to throw out comments, but as soon as trouble arrives, a different version of ourselves arrives, in a nutshell, we like our comfort zones, and don’t like those who remind us of our failings; Jesus made this clear when he came upon the earth; He reminded the Spiritual leaders of the day, how they gave attention to those that were wealthy in preference to those that needed help. They praised the material world over the Spiritual, so Jesus told them.

Solomon sighed; we all have failings. Our world pushes the perfect figure, the perfect life, political correct thought too, but is any of it real, or just the way we have been led, amen. Imagine the reality, that one day all will face. A perfect day, the visit to the doctor, the diagnosis, the change in plans, the new expectations, a new life ahead. All the so called problems are no longer problems, what is important changes overnight, and all you are left with, is your conscience. To find beauty in those times, is priceless. Given the changes going on, it was wise to set aside time, regarding your relationship with the Almighty God, amen.

Why disasters happen…

A question many ask; why did God allow this and that happen. The Spirit, is lacking, our compassion is non existent, while the Most High God wants all to be saved, how do you turn people, souls in other words, back to the path. God is the eternal Father. The God of the living not the dead, as the Heavenly Spirit is eternal. Disasters happen, we show compassion, a true believer has trials, while those who have no compassion, appear to sail on, this isn’t fair you say, but the words of Jesus make it clear. Those first now will be last, while those who suffer oppression, and hold onto their faith, have eternal happiness to look forward too, while, we don’t need to go there. Even the scriptures tell us; they ignored the ways of the Most High God,and that’s that. Why do God’s people suffer, amen.