8 Billion Persons

That’s a lot of mouths to feed, that’s a lot of rethinking, that’s a large number, and given the environment, changes are much more meaningful, and that’s not just politics. The story of the lady who campaigned for the welfare of women, the problems in the Spiritual business, the women who had large families, wondering where the food will come from, the talk of the priest, as if the inability to feed your family is sacrifice, as if the earth didn’t provide for it, the failure to apply wisdom, but insist upon the old ways, same as when Jesus arrived, and the plot to deny the truth, 8 billion is rather a large number.

The first words from the mouth of Jesus, the girl recovers, feed her, give her bread. The loaves and the fish, feed them, it does not sound as if the notion of food is just a current issue, it has always been an issue. What do they feed the minds with, what sort of compulsions do they breath into people, the needy concoction, it’s all about me, me never figured in the Gospel of Jesus, now shown to be true, delivered.

The woman in the story, Vicky, she has a dream, the fate of women, don’t allow it to pass, Solomon wondered about the issues women face. Raising a child should be trouble enough, but add in the stress that they are surrounded with, the knock on affect, and the mantra of before, things never change, it won’t be repeated again, and as for the men, with an abhorrence to the standing of the female, they are lesser than men some seem to imagine, as if we lived in the prairies of the 1800’s and surrounded by hostiles who were trying to steal them, when the enemy is already within, we gave birth to children, we endure the pain, we take care of them, and we don’t forget, would it not be great if men were so dedicated, rather than having to be brought to the brink, before, well, maybe, well, but, that’s cute, it’s time to rethink the game of life, amen.

The invasion of the space inside, one way of looking at the issue raised, what sort of stress causes such harm, why do we have to raise the issue, did the souls of the earth not recognize the growing issues. Now we have 8 billion souls, prophetic signs, and telling changes, amen.

Solomon sighed, the schemers and the triers. Imagine getting to the pearly gates, the load of your existence with you, this is what you take with you, and allowances for the start you had, some had it easy, there is a parable on this, Abraham and Lazarus, but to get to the finish line, and explain yourself, a thought worth thinking about. Jesus raises the Spirit, amen.


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