Freedom, freedom, the song fades out, the play list, it’s on automatic, she is immobile on the bed, hasn’t moved her head for an hour, an assistant comes in regularly to move her, the threat of lesions, it’s her experience, her life, freedom she pleads, her head a minefield, the music keeps her distracted, but it never lasts, more more more, the song intro, she likes the beat, old times, and old tune, those were the days, glad for the distraction, momentary peace in the head…

Freedom, will I ever meet someone who loves me for being me, why do I have to change all the time, these thoughts enter her head while she gets made up, another show as they call it, hours away. What is the choice today, she glances at the box of pills, three of those and she will be her other self. Freedom, to be accepted for who you are, including the pain inside.

She waits for him, what will he want today, the disfigurements, he likes me like this, he likes me like that, what will work the best, she wants to please. The radio comes on, did i push that button, the voice captures her attention. It goes like this…

“the problem with men and women is not that they are men and women, it’s that they have differing emotional needs, it’s been too much one way traffic in favor of the lower love, while totally disregarding their inner spiritual self, they have to give themselves away to be loved, it’s how they framed the world, they presented children as being the property of the Father, when that is formed in the head, men are led to assume, they hold sway over women, hence their aggressive attitude, where does a woman go to find true love, rather than the attitude of a cat walk model, he picked me, when it’s like holding out yourself to be sold..Many even believe and have been told, as shown by society too, that money power and sex is what controls the world, check the newspapers, it’s full of that message…

She continues to dress, money power, that she could do with, the other part, she would like to meet a friend when she goes out, rather than one of those, who have one mind set, the magic between men and women. Freedom, what is it?..

He’s on his way, the Jewish people hear the news, great events are being reported, a messiah has arrived, so the feeling goes, freedom thinks the farmer, amen. She is listening to the audio book, Jesus, what can he do for me, what was he. So she hears a voice, a sweet sound, she begins to relax, she has never heard this before, relax, don’t you know, this life is a journey dear, there is a great reward at the end, what she sighs, freedom. Allow the Spirit that brings the healthy fruit to enter your heart, build up a treasure of good works, the Lord above hears the prayer of the contrite sinner, amen, freedom she sighs at last, amen.

Solomon sighed, the gospels had been shown to be the conduit, that holds the gate open for the sheep to enter into the higher world, live the word, be a living witness to the wonders of God, how to start was the issue for most, so many burdened from their sin, afraid to accept, the reality of their divine potential. A gift from above, peace in the heart, those that endure, will save their life eternal, amen.

The Actors

The court of the Almighty God, the actors are led in, all in chains, their fate decided,the God of Mercy, wants to hear from their lips, their excuses, it’s looking like a long afternoon. You imitated the Spirit, you misled my people, you intentionally led them to harm, you even tried to steal their souls, so what have you to say for yourself, muted silence, eyes dart left and right, no words can defend their actions. …

Solomon sighed, the year 2021, the year 2022, it could have been 2,000 years ago, when does not matter, the consequences are the same. Little wonder, the prophets were sent to each generation, amen. When the curtain comes down, what will be your tale, amen. Are all the signs just accidental?….

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Is it a Mothers World?

Mothers, a woman who gave up her right to be a mother, her life given to the service of others, there are many, women who pass on the opportunity of motherhood, in order to serve others. The feminist applauds, while the woman herself wonders, what if, but the chance passes, she can only wonder, amen. Sacrifice can take many forms, amen. But the Mothers, those who had the opportunity,to be full time,now a luxury,before, well, the world moved on,but mothers remain mothers, is it time, given the heavenly signals,to re think the world, in terms of it being a place, where a mother is seen as a treasure and not an event,as if children are commonplace and replaceable. Questions for the new year, amen.

Sweet Child in Time

The wonder, the open eyes, the hope filled surprise, that amazing moment, when your looking into your own eyes, the wonder of a mother, the hopes of a father, yes, those are mine, those eyes. The arrangement of the habits, she got them from you, that stubbornness, does she remind you of granddad, all those traits, that are recognizable in us.

Imagine this, imagine being created in the image of God, imagine those habits passed on, or traits. all of them. Jesus spoke forgiveness for a variety of reasons, in particular, imagine the harm we pass on, those malicious thoughts, that grudge, the deep seated hatred, do you remember the war, it was over a hundred years old, but the scars remain, even the children are named accordingly.

Treasure Box

In the image of God, in the thoughts, what are we passing on, if we don’t forgive, what you ask. She hears the wrong words, shuts out the news, I only want to hear what is good for me, so she thinks. Jesus explains clearly, how it’s tough, shows us how its tough, but also showed the wonders that could be made real, when trust in the Father is absolute, amen.

So what habits are you passing on then?

Double the Dose

A bad experience, men or women, teacher or authority figure, going to have a chip on my shoulder, it will never happen again; a life spent in misery, amen. One swallow doesn’t make summer, we have all heard this, and one bad person does not represent a country, we have learned this too, so why do so many, allow one person, or one member of a body, turn them away. The press went to town on all those with reputation who fell, and gloated over the tempting news, repeated it, repeats it constantly, twisting the sword, knowing full well, there will be a cue of voices, waiting to have their say, while the fuel of hurt burns. Does anyone want to be reminded of their wrongs, does a society want to be reminded of its wrongs, does anyone need reminding of their faults, knowing that the truth of the Gospels and the Holy Books, have been made real. Our faults, lets keep cleaning up the act, amen. Why?

The King returns home, show me he says, well, what did you do with your time, show me. Imagine the looks on the faces of the subjects; we weren’t expecting you so soon some say, while the King replies, I expect you to be doing your duty, regardless.

The errant priest, loses his flock, acquires habits no one can digest. A sneaky journalist spies a scoop, an award for a breakthrough story. He does a charlie on it, encourages others to write even worse, a fire starts. One black sheep does not make a family, as Jesus would say, be careful with what comes out of your mouth, for you will be judged on every word uttered, amen, kind thoughts, encourage when you can, amen.


The alarm clock, the turn in the bed, that hour already, the mind gets ready, the body next, it’s Monday. Is there milk, the last thing you want, sour cream for the cornflakes, as if life is so easy, no anxieties. Meanwhile in another part of town, the tyrant reads the news, have they reacted as he hoped. The more misery he can direct, the greater the chance of a reaction. In the square in front of the office, the boots make thundering sounds, as hundred of men go through their preparations, they know the boss likes that sound, so intimidating. An old lady watches the screen, can’t believe it, young men mimicking the Nazi force of old, had they ever been there, she is Jewish.

Solomon sighed; there are those trying to rip what remains of the heart out of civilization, encouraged by the clever arguments of nationalism, they them those those others, foreigners, unfit, the list is endless, the aim of the extremists, do as much emotional damage, they’ll eventually react, then they’ll be on our terms, and we will win.

If they ever listened to Jesus, if ever. How those who claim to be of God, can be part of such madness. It was never going to be easy, but the advice from the top, is clear cut. Don’t react, and if hurt, think of those who hurt too, the last thing you need is to do as they do. With the signs pointing to the skies above, of Heavenly intervention, let the haters worry, for the God of all eternity, won’t be patient with them for ever. As they add to the hurt, they only hasten their own demise, persist to the end.

Who’d want to be a fig tree?

Are you sure, the apostles are walking after Jesus, it’s a sunny day, Jesus is on the mission,tired of the lack of faith the followers are showing, questioning everything, for Heaven’s sake, he looks at the sky, where did I get these from, should have used a recruitment agency, well, short cuts,it’s horrible, having every thought questioned, passing a bush,he throws out his hand,grabs a fig,puts it in His mouth, what a bitter taste, darn, You’ll wither for this he says, the apostles assume it’s just a case of wrong side of the bed moment. The following day they are passing that way, the apostles look at the bush, withered to a prune almost, how is that possible they think, meanwhile Jesus turns around, looks at them, are you still disbelieving?

Imagine the power of God, amen, how things change so suddenly. Worth investing the time in getting to the roots,said the old man.

Healing starts inside

It’s great comfort to be able to give solace to those moving on, and moving on is the word, death does not exist, your body fails, time catches up, and as some near the end, there is a feeling of great anxiety, when one senses that their is life, after passing, then, the mind asks, am I prepared for it, amen. The soul is not going to die, and God is the God of the living, not the God of the dead. Those who sow fears, ask yourself, why are they selling it, and why are you buying it, taking it in, adding it to the luggage you already cover, in fact, making it harder on yourself. The wake up moment, death is just an event, your heart feels good, it’s not the end, and you hear that God is merciful, while the baggage you carry is light, reasons to hope, amen. But never forget, you are expected to live a full life, no short cuts allowed.

A thousand new anxieties appear each day, in order to chain you, to your fears. Why do you fear, when you only need to fear God, the one who wants to give you eternal life. How do these fears find a lodging inside you, why does it stick to you, how come you can’t rid yourself of it. The demon is talented when it comes to deception. And there are many who subscribe to that form of behavior that destroys the spirit of others.

Pain in body, trouble breathing, tired, exhausted, lying helpless in a hospital bed perhaps, or a care home, the spirit isn’t exactly flying, the worries that are there, exacerbated by those who remind you of your mortal body, reminding you of death, imagine the Spirit trying to rise in such surroundings, heavy. Imagine your mother or father preparing for a holy visitor, imagine children looking forward to a festival, imagine it,the things that lift the Spirit. Your mother is much more thoughtful than usual when the holy guest arrives, why, the close association with someone divine or with divine closeness, we all react to celebrity.

Your a counselor or healer, you visit those who need your help. The friend you visit opens wide the eyes, delight, ease inside, feeling better. The pain, isn’t so bad, and the ache in the back softens miraculously, if it lasts, that’s practice. However,in this world, pretending is an art form, so many people act their way through life, and we wonder why people become confused.

In a nutshell, when Spirit meets Spirit, everything material is ignored, it has no place in the meeting. However, when you are made to worry, that pain gets a boost. Covid might seem a dangerous fate, but on the other side, it has shown us, that inner space is the choice to provide space, for good deeds into the future, to be stored, safely, amen. Slowing down, allows you to reconfigure inside, amen.

She worries

The voices she hears,it’s as if they reside in her head, am i going crazy she asks. Others who are knowing recognize the confusion, others who are not her friends. The hunter and the prey, she seeks refuge, a place for her mind and heart to dwell. She is afraid to turn off the light. It only gets worse. She is afraid to mention her anxieties to friends. She has seen how others are taken advantage of.

In a coffee shop, her eyes wonder, seeking, there has to be help. After a along abstinence from visiting inside a holy place of worship, she decides to go in, it’s her last option. She berates herself; I must be desperate she sighs. It’s calm in there, a calm silence. Unsure about what to do, she decides to get on her knees. She looks at the statue of Jesus, I’ll pray she tells herself. She passes her worries over to Jesus. There is a tap on her shoulder, she is startled,there is no one around her, she looks at the statue of Jesus again, her heart begins to ease. I can tell you anything,can’t I, she begins to feel unburdened. After a good half hour she stops her petition and smiles, there is a lot in that she says, still smiling.

That night, she chances the darkness, while recalling the day and her attempts to receive help. The voices begin, she is about to fall apart again,but decides instead to ask Jesus to intervene on her behalf. When she begins her quite prayer, the voices disappear. In a nutshell, the demons are rendered mute when it comes to the power of the Spirit from on high, it’s their destruction potentially.

She learns she has a good friend in Jesus, and when she puts her trust in Him, her worries disappear, she worries no more, amen.

Masterpiece in the Sky

He looked up, another sky, beside the road,he is peeing away, outside town, there is a sense of mission and party inside him, he looks at the formation again above him, a visual of a throne, another one, to add to his growing collection. It’s been happening so regularly its no great surprise, the meaning of it, no different than the pope from the ends of the earth, no different from the stories he has been writing,a record of future events, he gets back in the car, wondered who he should consult on the matter,few actually believe, it’s too much for them, to think that all they collect will mean nothing in the end, even if they swear otherwise. A great vision, his hopes are high, this is the beginning of the great change, amen.

Who wants to visit a war zone, it takes a good constitution, the effort of those who toil each day, how far they are removed from the general world. It has to be done. He pulls into the kerb, takes a deep breath, he wonders what he will find. Those who fall down, as all the vulnerable know,are potential victims of those who prey on them, he enters the house. The smile,joy, hope, how sad it feels, to have to drive so far to see to a friend, when there are others minutes away who would never bother,that’s life.

He makes a cup of tea, tries to act normal, can’t get his head around it, they all play the responsible person outlook, but it’s all about themselves, hopefully they will learn. She explains the plans she has, there is optimism in her voice, she is becoming more cheerful, but she will fall into heartbreak, when he has to leave. If they saw that picture, the masterpiece in the sky; at least he as the picture of the men in the clouds, that arrived shortly after that, add in the flying spirit, the image of the 23rd pope too, and more, stuff the prophets of old never saw; he is in awe of his standing with the Most High God.

Tears and years later, they showed for the funeral, they praised her in death,but were not there in life; it reminds him of Jesus and the pharisee’s, there were similar words. Had the changes these last seven years gone unnoticed; he shakes his head, no one will ever forget them, same as that masterpiece in the sky.

Many parts of the planet were suffering the woes of sudden and unexpected changes, to be expected in a world undergoing change, amen.