Unnatural desires….

Can you think of something else she says. He gives her the eye, does she expect me to respond to that. Her head is immersed in her phone, his comment glib sounding. I was about to say, can you hold that thought she says,while she rapidly fingers her phone, getting another comment away. He waits patiently for her to finish. Unnatural desires he says, can you think of anything else she repeats, to her, all men want lower level love, along with natural desires. He walks to the door, I’m leaving he says. You can’t she says, her voice soft and wanting, she tweaks her legs, well she says, as if that will keep him. He lingers at the door, thinks for ten seconds and slams the door. Outside now, he breathes fresh air. Freak he says under his breath.I Heard that she shouts. He is moved by her comment. They get on well when together. But that device she is addicted to, those unnatural desires, amen.

Solomon sighed; in other times,friendships were made over time. Now it’s a mixture of fear and hurry up, before someone else does. How huge expectations were usually accompanied by great struggle; now it’s who captures your imagination, and quickly, amen.

The Father Struggles

A trek through the jungle, not an expedition or extreme sport, the difficulties people put in their way, calling it sport, while others struggle to escape real life tyranny, that is no extreme sport, but a daily reality. The ooh’s and aah’s, exactly, their choice, but reality is somewhat different. The image of the party of migrants, trekking through wild jungle, children on the back’s of their father’s, if they are lucky, all of them praying; just get us to a safe destination, nothing more. Please.

The expression on the faces, the strain in children’s eyes, the painful reminder, of how life really is, for many on the planet, while the few stash as much off shore, is hard to stomach. The images of the jungle,dense, untapped, families seeking a way across the border, risking it all, could there be another way of interpreting the dire images.

The father’s struggle could be many things. Trying to make up for time not being there, failure to curb a habit, failure to encourage enough, failure to spot the potential others saw, failure to believe in them all. The Father’s struggle, the struggle through the problems of life, are mirrored in the struggle of the father, who is trying to bring his children to freedom, it’s the struggle of those of the Spirit, trying to survive in a material driven world, an awesome struggle it seems, as desperate as the father, carrying his son through the merciless jungle, to safety.

Holding onto the Spirit, requires vigilance. But Jesus tells us; struggle to the end, it will be worth it. Solomon sighed, he had seen the Spirit, the clouds, halo’s, and more. Have no doubts, hasn’t the last five years been five years of epic change, amen.

women in love

the young girl, she has read the words, Islam is a peace loving world, she believes. She has read the words of Jesus, she has faith, and the almighty God of Abraham approves, this is the faith I am seeking. Against all odds, she holds firm her truth. Why shouldn’t she, she has heard the holy words all her life, and the return of Jesus, is a major part of her faith. The mullah agrees, the time is coming he says. His words reassure her.

In the media, all fears are magnified. The old story; those that have no faith are trying to rubbish her beliefs. Why she asks, her face towards the Sky. I put my trust in you.

The media frenzy intensifies. The worst case scenario is retold and retold, reinforcing the old views. Hate those who are not like us, who spreads such a vision. Only those who do not want the Spirit from above to take root in the hearts of all.

Solomon sighed. There have been many changes. Freedoms have been found, a new way of understanding has taken hold. Who fears God, only the wise,amen.

hot summer nights….

twisting in the bed, water, heat, how can I live with this. The four seasons. There was a time, the weather beat, regular, the slow down, the thaw, the warmth, the cooling autumn, it worked. Clean water, how we took it for granted. The thoughts in the head, wondering, will this stop, chaos and change, the result of global warming and the exploitative nature of man.

The mind needs be at peace. You can’t live unless there is. In the deserts of Tigray, and countless other places hot summer nights, a daily experience. Access to water a must. Can’t sleep, alone in the heat, mind chasing away a thousand thoughts. Going through the library of experience, so this is what happened. Give me peace you ask, where, the destination, choices.

So you care, while others try to ignore the awful horror; we did this to ourselves. No extreme condition, no dictator could have done this, even if there are those who would rather target the individual rather than the cause; a habit picked up from the spin masters and those they worked for, the habits we chose to pass on. Is there an answer?

The prophets tell us, when we think we are in charge, how we forget how we got there. Eaten bread is soon forgotten. And Jesus being the bread of life, his words nourishing, his words of advice, life changing. Not enough of that influence in those places where decisions are made. The pharaoh mindset of those addicted to power and themselves. We don’t need anyone, their common response; well God does not exist to them.

Summer heat, summer hot, Jesus was able to cure the spiritual thirst.

The Light Inside…

He is flattered, the compliments, the heart moves, we all need to feel good inside. He has light inside him, they say he is blessed, he is well thought of, but he knows where the light comes from, the One True God, he accepts the good intentions, affirmations, that re affirm his believe in the One above.

Treasure Box

The lesson, it’s easy have your head turned. He watches the sway of the body, he watches, the way a soccer supporter watches a game. It’s automatic, his reactions. Our habits frame us inside. What version of yourself do you want to exhibit. In these times of global change, what habits do you have to jettison, for the divine spirit to find a home inside you, amen.

You are born again, in a nutshell, as you prepare for the eternal world, there are parts of you that need refurbishing, other habits that need, thrashing. amen.


Domination, controlling, power, the wayward child tries to make sense of it, and God Most High is listening, My world my word, the despair, confusion, as the prophet wrote, global hero’s, creating the next pandemic, or have they to be told every time. Increase in the vulnerable, the forecast for mind substances, expected to reach epic, now that it’s on every street. Pretty cool, feeding those who don’t need it, global hero’s, the shit mixes easily. Scientist creates new cocktail, just add an extra ingredient, call it something new, they love the next craze, fashion of the mind.


Record amounts of everything chemical, and there is confusion in so called places of learning, why does it happen. Fires, floods, it’s totally unnatural, like those chemical concoctions. Conspiracy theories,do you want to hear the latest, another one. The mind can’t absorb the changes,and Mother Earth is at breaking point, hadn’t they noticed, these global hero’s.

Solomon smiled, he had a late night, this world he sighed, and the young children starting out. Didn’t they wonder at the signs, why hadn’t any spiritual leader in situ spoken up yet. He saw extracts from the opinion of everyone it seemed, delving into the ancient past, the online world, well, if they get bored, they could get easy access to the next chemical hit. Offending God and the planet earth is bad enough, creating millions of vulnerable daily, there was a limit, and the hearts were piling up. The pressure cooker syndrome; turn it down he urged, before it’s too late.

Push the buttons

The trolls find a target, filled with hate, they call themselves concerned, when the see the signs from above, they quake inside,there is a lot of that stuff, the hatred the trolls hope to create, is now imploding on them, ad it’s only worse it will get. The blame, they blame God, they blame anyone or anything, just an argument to justify their ways. push the buttons, how Spirit is destroyed, how more hearts make it home, now the Most High is pushing the buttons,game up for the trolls, amen.

Solomon encountered the Spirit, the wonder of the whirl, only birds could move like that. Who would try to annoy the light that is connected to the Heavens, pure madness, think before you press the buttons, amen.

Healing Nations

So many voices, talk of wars, unrepentant losers, guns in every home, the poorest finally had enough too, their very existence, a lesson in endurance, there will always be the poor some say, but when policies devised on foreign shores become their life model, no one thinks of the innocent victims when fighting a war,they never have, and now, when the planet needs everyone to contribute to the healing of nations, how is it possible, where will the will come from, or will it be, for yourself until the end, and see what happens then, have many given up entirely.

Heat few can live with, weather changes no one can measure or plan for, water wars, they have always been going on, it’s why the great cities are built on rivers, water is not a choice, ignore the half news filling the heads and the lack of trust in everything it has caused, the doubts continually raised, should there be another effort same as the covid lock down, that gets the focus on planet saving issues rather than on empire building issues. Germany after world war two, the old currency worthless, then hear the echo of Liam Neeson, when he acts the part of oscar schindler, as he pleads for his wealthy friends to do more, then picture the suitcases of bank notes, billions, days before of value, today, toilet paper, the choices.

How do you create compassion; where do you start, it’s usually a role model of some sort, like that person, why is there less of those people in the world, and then you think, there was more compassion then, more Spirit at work across more sectors of life, then you imagine, the little changes, the steps, the monetization of everything, the feeling of being a number, then the death inside of Spirit. For Compassion to exist, there has to be God Love, amen.

Healing nations, the TV anchor wonders, where next, the crisis, in all directions. If you thought Donald Trump emptied the closet while in the big office, it appears now, that the world, including Mother Nature, is venting its rage at the tiniest incident, like tinder waiting to be set alight. So how do you heal nations?

Jesus and Miracles

It’s not news, everyone knows, the testimonies have lasted over 2,000 years, and in recent times, we have revelations, that point to the power, in a time chaos, not unusual. Jesus tells his followers, the troubles those who follow him will have to endure. Why didn’t he perform more of his “stuff”, in his home places. Lack of faith in those who are supposed to trust in Him, denied him the opportunity to do wonders. AS He says,credit to the father and don’t make idols out of life. In simple terms, because the Spirit that He has in Him, comes from the Father, out of this world in a nutshell, He only had to feel the heart and the emotion moves the Spirit within. It’s the warmth you feel, when in that company. Jesus knew it well. Faith is a gift He said, amen.

Immigration and Us All

National leaders, strong men, wielding power, well using threatening behavior,it used to be the bad guys in the movies,but the hem got shorter, the lawyer was crooked, the politician had a tasty girlfriend, new gifts plentiful, the private schooling, the costs, more burden for the oppressed politician, bank roll, we need more, lots more, more, even more, when he thinks of money he gets lost in the numbers, the building projects get bigger,the publicity machine in full gear, even an architecture prize, who can believe it, even the lawyer is shocked, he’s now a politician too,the trappings too much to resist. and they have been stealing ever since, from everyone else.

Understanding immigration, it didn’t begin by accident, usually third world tyranny that got support from the west, so why not head west, at once there,we will feel protected. The risks of staying put, same as waiting for Godot, you have to make the moves yourself. And if you are waiting,think as if your going to be successful, it will lift your boat,same as learning how to say thanks in another language, you will get thanked for being polite,even if others treat you harshly.

So men on the moon, or is it mars, Jupiter, whatever the planet, keep it simple, with all those people on the move, all the green spaces, surely, the so called brains of the world,can figure out such a simple task, immigration centers that treat everyone humanely, a good start,before those dark roots go grey even white, a good news story to tell the grandchildren and wife, perhaps, a new life?