I Am

Joe Biden, the new Leader of Israel, the Mexican hope, the deliverer of Hope, Pope Francis, The Russian President, I am, all these people, I am a Thought, she dances before the mirror, relaxed, a good nights sleep, ready to face the world, I can be anybody, the mantra she repeats, the newspaper on the side table, it slips to the ground, a page exposes itself, like, she sighs, i had a few of those nights too, but where is your head gone, the Icy Cap on the glacier is missing, and it appears to be getting worse, clear eyesight, she reads without lenses, what, am I in a day dream, she stops, the face before the mirror, I better do something about it, she decides to become Mother Nature instead. She changes her dress, something more restrained.

The notion enters her head. Green or blue, should have bought the other one, before the mirror, she thinks, The story goes like this. Mother Nature, the Spirit of God, the seven Spirits of God, Wisdom, the rescue plan, it’s a working model, the options, it all comes down to cost. Nuclear testing, what has been the cost to the environment, who has been heating up the oceans, where are the real hot spots, what nations are accountable, time to ask the difficult questions.

So who are those who poisoned the earth with their nuclear dreams, well, the experts say, and the cancer patient knows, that radiation is toxic, and destroys, so who are the countries that have tested their nuclear devices in the Sea of all places. What has been the cost. You can dump sewage and hope for the tide to take it away, you can travel to places, where certain matters are allowed, but no where else, but when the interest spreads, and the same intent reaches home, it’s usually a case of instant alarm, not some spin doctor pointing to a war zone, while trying to hide their own S…T?.

Do they ever ask the neighboring country what they think about, in war time scenarios. Or more pointedly, do they ask those with resources their advice, the same as a child will approach a parent, knowing they will be granted some request, do the honest people ever get asked their opinion, well, rarely, cause they are honest. So who Am I today, the sycophant, the opinion generator that tries to please, or just a person who offers truth, amen. Well Uncle did pay the bills, so we have to listen to him?… Mother Nature is surrounded by leaking toxic drums of nuclear waste, and swimming in it, the fish she used to see, are halved in number and size, and she needs a dramatic intervention, the children, all children, like to swim in the sea. So Who Am I?.

Solomon sighs, great wonders appear in the Sky, the divine intervention, in short, the proof everyone needs recalling, there is a Heaven, after all, relax. Let those with soul work to amend, get down to the task, and let God’s people enjoy the spectacle. The strange reversal of story, you don’t have to imagine it. Picture the Spielberg Movie, Schindler hosing down the cattle trucks, laden with people, no room to piss or shit, for days held in such atrocious conditions, beasts for the slaughter were treated better, while the oppressors looked on, laughing at his efforts, a waste of time to them, pitiable fellow..The ocean clean up continues, as does those who work on anxiety development, no shortage of opportunities, amen. The Month of November, the time to recall the souls…pray for the lost too..


The New Confirmation and Communion

Solomon sighed, it was turning about, the Titanic on it’s second voyage, the iceberg missed again, like that space rock that shaved the earth. A new form of confirmation and communion.

Let it be the Parents who take the pledge before God, they being the ones used to the fibre food as they call it, rather than putting robes on children, amen.

How many would love to see that?

In Rome, there is delight, at last, a view that helps alienate the extreme thinkers, amen.

You are not supposed to be miserable, your made to be happy, amen.


Books, the essential, books, bucks, no matter how you spell it, books, the people of the book, more bucks, books, the banning of books, risque books, books for this, books for that, books, more books, libraries full of them, books, books what are they about, books, did you read that one, books, more books, books burned in the bonfire, more books, we all have a favorite, books, why the books, is there a reason, for all these books, and what are in them, the pause, whats in the books of eternal life, books are they the same, some just excite, free the mind, send you on a trip, books, the way to ease the mind, books, the simple matter, the space inside, while you read them, amen. In world too technological at times, the need for books, read them, use them to concentrate, sacrifice time, use it as a penance if you want, but read them, your mind will be glad of it, and that’s the way to get really relaxed, turn off the stress today, read a book.

Is the mind tired, are you in pain, can’t get over it, the mind gnawing away, rest in the words of a great author, the apostles, John,. by words, listen to the word today, amen. How can you form a relationship with someone, without trying to read about them, the Holy Books.

Time for Love, Time Above

Away from the greasy thoughts that stick to our palms, the sweaty anxiety, that state, the worries, rise up your heart, reach up, make a new beginning, the slow tingle of newness is on the way, and it’s wonderful, no more self worth examinations, no more far off considerations, no more waiting for change, feel the world around you, the universal changes, then consider the well being of children, and how they deal with this tempest.

Why do disasters arrive, what does it do inside, what happens when we feel empathy, we start to change inside. Questions are asked, and faith is tested, its like going through the ring with a professional, you have to know yourself. Love in all areas of uncertainty, when it’s real, is a sanctuary. Inside the home, the door shuts, safety and feel good. Let us all remember, those in great need, the refugee, that could be us, you or me, a friend, someone you once loved, lets hope, that those most vulnerable, will be saved from those, whose effort it is, to undermine the well being of others while gaining influence over them, enslaving them. Think Love, of the Heavenly Kind, and create the space inside and keep it, amen.

Light, be light then, amen. Imagine, think, why did the early prophets pray for those gone ahead of them, think this out, amen. The living Spirit.

King Lear

How evil interferes with Godly intentions, or deeds that are life giving and Spirit enhancing, the pain that is unleashed and felt generations later. The resentment sown into hearts, the way those who hold the Spirit of God as treasure in their hearts, become neon targets, because of the way they shine. The demon uses all the devises possible, in short, the hatred inside, which gives us insight into why things go wrong. Someone close to you is targeted, the pain you feel,same as that of a mother who loses her child or has some great tragedy incurred. Malfeasance is intentional harm, misfeasance is unintended. Or put another way, when it’s a stranger who inflicts the harm, you can easily get over it, when it’s someone close to you, the cut is so much deeper. Imagine the pain Jesus Christ felt, forced to carry the cross, the jeering crowd, so he wasn’t a prophet of God they huffed, same as those who gloat, when those with strong social standing, are reduced in stature, how their small hearts fill up with all the wrong stuff, how dark those hearts, amen.

Solomon was taking example from the past, and the lessons written, not just stories,but real lessons, same as Jesus did, when he used parables to explain the ways to the Holy Father; how lost we’d become, if we didn’t have these sources of help, and then consider this, as a wise man once said; History is written by the victors, amen, and it’s never the truth. The balanced view; maybe old shaky wrote those stories, to secretly remind us, to read between the lines. Well considering the deviousness of the demon and that army of well resourced supporters, the proverbial Eagles Lair, high in the mountains, away from all threats, who can touch us up there.

But don’t allow the bad stuff drown you internally. Those who take pleasure or any joy in the fall of others, will have to answer to the highest power in the universe, reputation or not, it’s the same for everyone, apart from those taken directly into the heavenly realms,amen. Jesus tells his followers to forgive, not once, not twice, but many times, because if you can’t forgive, what is it you carry inside you, or pass on to others, it’s the law of physics, amen, the rock being, well, if you need to know that, you got reading to do, amen.

So many souls have had to deal with enormous grief and pain, how can you survive it they say, it’s too much, impossible the apostles say. Then Jesus says, when you have the help of God, nothing is impossible,amen, never give up,eternal life with the living God is the greatest of all rewards, read Ezra the prophet, he explains the seven joys, awaiting the souls, that return to their Heavenly home, be part of that team, start loving today, ignore those who sow hate,their fate is fixed, amen.


the beginning, the gift, the beginning the spirit, the rebellion of the people,we don’t need God,the disasters, the beginning again, the rebellion again, the disasters, amen. This story of rebellion is told in ancient times, then the call of the prophet, before the return, before history repeats itself, we have no time for those things, and we have more freedom too, away with God, then disasters. The world has been one long roller coaster ride, in terms of it’s relationship with the Father Eternal. Sounds unsettling, this see saw approach, happy then wanting more, the fall, then happy, then still wanting more.

While this action has been going on, the souls have been maturing, the numbers of righteous dead, growing, until, as the prophets tell us, it reaches the tipping point. With the signs of the times indicating ancient prophetic warnings, what sort of people should we be, amen.

women Jesus and today….

Did Jesus put women into a subcategory, lesser than men, hardly. Why is it important today; well the signs tell us, something new is happening overhead. In some places,there is a dearth of Spirit, and this lacking, is forcing many to focus on the material. Your dying, the doctor has given you a warning, make preparations for the future, get you life in order. Usually good advice,but in times of divine changes, is there some new preparations needed, in order to welcome the Spirit from above into your life. Those old arguments about the existence of God have been solved; there is too much proof, too many signs, even the small children are aware of this. So what does this mean to those men who argue, that women play lesser roles in life; We don’t live in ancient times, we live in modern times. How would Jesus view our attitudes towards women and girls, would there be advice worth listening to, amen.

The link that connects all the major religions is the life of Jesus. It’s not a question of stating, that our Jesus lives in the ritual, this is how we do it, or that Jesus is present in this or that, that is confusion. Jesus stated simply; God is Spirit, and that is the Spirit space you have to provide, inside you. Since God can’t live in hate, or immoral hearts, it puts the emphasis, on us, to prepare that space ourselves; can that sort of love survive and thrive inside you?.

To conclude, a new earth and a new heaven, is the outcome, following the great return. How many places or hearts can host that Spirit from above. If women are treated as lesser people, what does that say to God’s Spirit, welcome or unwelcome, the choice is yours. Solomon sighed; hopes are high, there is a bar room fever in many hearts, this is going to happen they say, the signs, the arrivals of Heavenly angels, those from above that is, not those who gladly fool anyone; It’s the moment they don’t want to contemplate; maybe that is why we read so little of this in the media; who are they afraid of you wonder, amen.

The Father Struggles

A trek through the jungle, not an expedition or extreme sport, the difficulties people put in their way, calling it sport, while others struggle to escape real life tyranny, that is no extreme sport, but a daily reality. The ooh’s and aah’s, exactly, their choice, but reality is somewhat different. The image of the party of migrants, trekking through wild jungle, children on the back’s of their father’s, if they are lucky, all of them praying; just get us to a safe destination, nothing more. Please.

The expression on the faces, the strain in children’s eyes, the painful reminder, of how life really is, for many on the planet, while the few stash as much off shore, is hard to stomach. The images of the jungle,dense, untapped, families seeking a way across the border, risking it all, could there be another way of interpreting the dire images.

The father’s struggle could be many things. Trying to make up for time not being there, failure to curb a habit, failure to encourage enough, failure to spot the potential others saw, failure to believe in them all. The Father’s struggle, the struggle through the problems of life, are mirrored in the struggle of the father, who is trying to bring his children to freedom, it’s the struggle of those of the Spirit, trying to survive in a material driven world, an awesome struggle it seems, as desperate as the father, carrying his son through the merciless jungle, to safety.

Holding onto the Spirit, requires vigilance. But Jesus tells us; struggle to the end, it will be worth it. Solomon sighed, he had seen the Spirit, the clouds, halo’s, and more. Have no doubts, hasn’t the last five years been five years of epic change, amen.


Domination, controlling, power, the wayward child tries to make sense of it, and God Most High is listening, My world my word, the despair, confusion, as the prophet wrote, global hero’s, creating the next pandemic, or have they to be told every time. Increase in the vulnerable, the forecast for mind substances, expected to reach epic, now that it’s on every street. Pretty cool, feeding those who don’t need it, global hero’s, the shit mixes easily. Scientist creates new cocktail, just add an extra ingredient, call it something new, they love the next craze, fashion of the mind.


Record amounts of everything chemical, and there is confusion in so called places of learning, why does it happen. Fires, floods, it’s totally unnatural, like those chemical concoctions. Conspiracy theories,do you want to hear the latest, another one. The mind can’t absorb the changes,and Mother Earth is at breaking point, hadn’t they noticed, these global hero’s.

Solomon smiled, he had a late night, this world he sighed, and the young children starting out. Didn’t they wonder at the signs, why hadn’t any spiritual leader in situ spoken up yet. He saw extracts from the opinion of everyone it seemed, delving into the ancient past, the online world, well, if they get bored, they could get easy access to the next chemical hit. Offending God and the planet earth is bad enough, creating millions of vulnerable daily, there was a limit, and the hearts were piling up. The pressure cooker syndrome; turn it down he urged, before it’s too late.


The light, the light, He thought he was dying but he was only waking up. Faces, welcome, how do you explain it, the truth, how do you explain the dance of the Spirit, how do you teach young hearts, who can ride along in your heart. What’s in there, lose the guilt, it will only weigh you down, do something about it, change your ways.

The tiny baby with the knowing eyes, he knows he is getting used to this world, can read the anger in those close to him, tries to cheer them up, just a baby, the first cries, those in attendance, sigh, new life, nine months of growth, you’d think it would be enough for anyone, making an imitation of yourself, yes, an imitation, and those habits that took you over, where would you get a gift with such substance, yourself.

Floods in many places, fires, strange leaders, unstable, the word that would describe it all. Written a long time ago, recall what the prophet did, he prayed for his people, the good neighbor, new hearts he pleaded, and now, 2,800 years later, there is quite a coincidence.

Find you faith, get to the core of yourself, as Jesus says all those years ago, the 11th hour promise, the workers in the vineyard, it’s put in writing to help us. Prepare the space inside you,for the Spirit of God to exist, amen, live and see through you, amen.