Prisoners of the Heart

Awestruck, young hearts, their wonder, the innocent thoughts they have, eager to learn, wondering, the same excitement you feel when about to take a trip. A father listens, the child responds patiently, the conversation develops, the education continues. How we learn.

How the great teachers have that sense of wonder, they are not using the ego, just common sense, no fat reputations. Solomon was and is a regular reader of the parables, there being so much meaning in them. He tries to imagine those around the greatest teacher of all, eating the words that come out of his mouth, and hungry for more, as the teacher explains to them their meaning. He did not leave them confused, but explained what the stories mean. It’s easy to imagine them as children, soaking up the words, wanting it to go on.

Prisoners of the heart live on love, same way the Spirit thrives on good deeds. How empty the feeling when love is withdrawn, or the thought of it, it can drive people insane. Jesus in his way, went further, telling them, many who felt oppressed at the time, from living under roman rule, that the Love of God is eternal, why allow your hearts to dim, when you follow the way, your life will be filled with love. So quite those tears, amen.

Solomon heard the stories, saw the traps that are set to enslave the people, met those who usurped the spirit, those in debt to systems, those who were afraid to live, and how the combined fears, drained the love out of so many hearts; it hurts to care, why should we bother, it’s easier not to feel, we can get out own fix, we are not prisoners of the heart.

She swears never to love again, all she has is memories of feeling low, and she is not going there again. She swears this to friends, they all think her tough, but when she encounters the Spirit, it’s something that words can’t explain, like love itself, amen, she becomes a prisoner of the heart. Solomon sighed; without love what is there in life.