God and His army return to earth, the Heavenly King, Jesus puts it simply. Have you shown mercy, are you compassionate, do you look down on people, have you raised the Spirit, what did you do with your life; what sort of experiences did you fill your life with. Did you give up too easy; did you listen to the words of the Prophets; some of the questions on the lips of many, as the world came to a stop, how is this happening. It points to the time of the great change, what will it be like, when can we expect it; Jesus sighed, be prepared, it’s in your own hands what you do and how you treat others, including the planet we were all gifted.

Solomon sighed; rules never stick, but stories seem to last for ever. Those with talents, those with the means to help their brothers and sisters; how will they fare in the balance sheet of their lives. You will never know the hour or day; the world lock down, is it another final warning, amen.

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