Say No To Extremism

“Whatever the excuse, there should never be room for it, they are those who want you to share their hatred, and the more of them there is

, the safer they feel about it, that’s the simple truth!”

Amo was in the bed, he was listening to his fellow soul, they were having a conversation, a one way think thank, amo doing the listening taking the advice. The friend was a long term associate, they were sharing words, the friend wanting Amo to pass on the longing, as he was shortly on his way to the other world, being proactive, the friend was putting in a last minute request, knowing full well, there would  not be too many moments to ask, as he knew Amo well, he having a certain relationship with God.

They spoke of the exremes some go to, how peace is so easily interfered with, usually it’s a money issue, a certian elite vying for control, Old Amo knew this well, he nods to his friend and smiles. He tries to add a few words of his own, his mouth is dry, talking is not easy as you get old, you will all find this out.

“Sometimes things go wrong in order to get us back on track”

What is that you said Amo, his old friend leans in, he doesn’t want to miss his friends advice, he may not issue many words, but they are always worth listening to.

“We need a shake up sometimes, you know what I mean” the old friend nods, Amo worked every day promoting a world that is favourable to the well being of Spirit, as he beleived hard in the words of Jesus, The Spirit of God resides inside you, you just have to find the space.

“no extremism!” sighs Amo, reinforcing what he already said.

The old friend says his goodbyes, leaves the old folks home, hungry and thirsty, he heads for a nearby cafe, picks the daily read while he waits for his food to be served. The headlines, growth of extremism, just as Amo said, when they wear you out on one argument, they jump to the next, and if they are not getting the response they want, they try all sorts of things.  Amo was a discerning reader, now he is in heaven, and listening like the rest of them, wondering what we are all going to do, immerse oursevles in the usual, or grow the Spirit, Amo’s purpose, amen.

Amo likes music, so does the Spirits, that live all around you…



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