Addict Central

Darn, the buzzer goes, the alarm clock buzzes, who could be at the door, she clambers out of bed, bumps into the chair, what time is it, she wipes her eyes, clearing, the buzzer goes again, I’m coming she shouts, she knows the voice; frantic words are muttered outside, you have a ten o’clock and you are behind, she fumbles with the lock. The door opens, she retreats to the kitchen, the kettle is set to work, her assistant is done up to the nines, darn, she looks better than me. She opens the press, where are the pain killers, she has a brain rush, you need to order more of these, she holds up the noisy container, two or three loose tablets left. Then she thinks to herself, the sleepers, they are getting low too

, and there could be an emergency, she dismisses the thought, the time she dropped the container on the bathroom floor, and how sticky they were when she tried to pick them up. What about the anxiety stuff she thinks. Her assistant says nothing for a few minutes, she has been through it before, addict central.


Young Turk

Hair greased, slicked back, he is not attitude, he does not recognize authority, not of the human kind, his goal is heavenly, has seen his home village destroyed, the pain and trauma, the cheap words of world leaders, after every atrocity,  they have been saying the same thing for years, pass the book, let the next set of leaders take the chance, see how long will they last, meanwhile plan for retirement, and a comfy living, while observing the harm, from all their inaction. Did Jesus say the same, words are great, prayers too, but without love in actions to support, what were you anyway, an empty vessel, a lot of noise and nothing else, as for those long winded applauded speeches, just yellow paper now, faded as the dreams were, the hopes raised that never flew. The Young Turk does not intend to suffer that fate. He is patient, he intends no harm, and will do his thing, he does not want to loose the heavenly connections, that is what has been happening, these last fifty years. The Young Turk has ideas of his own, prays it straight, and when he does, the help always arrives, no fool him.

So many refugees on the move, so many trying to find a home, clean water, it used to be all over the place, why did we have to pour poison into the water; well, the child in rags playing in the rubble, forever hopeful. Solomon sighed, may the schemes of extremism and those who plan such things, implode of the extremists, amen. can’t we just accept we are different at times, amen.

Solomon sighed, he told the health professional a few details of Life in the Spirit, the struggle between the material and eternal life. Well, it’s not easy being a believer sometimes; it puts an onus on you.

No Arguments Today….

They don’t wash their hands before they eat, common sense really, they don’t wash their hands often enough we ought to say, Solomon was taking a journey in Time, way back. The habits we acquire, the niceties we build into our lives, how we behave when the going is good, how we can change when it appears to go wrong. Peace and calm is fine to look at, the sweet words of a counsellor or preacher, so refined and polite, perfect manners, a complete picture, just an image, a still life in a moving ocean.

Solomon read the story of old, the parable Jesus told, the ritual washing, the preparation of food, the prayers before eating, the thanks to God for all that is provided. Jesus was reminding his followers, that going throuhg your routine, was not the answer, but just a way of getting you into the zone, the warm up before the game begins, the stretching exercises if you will. When you pray to God or are aware of the divine influence around you, you need to be ready and able, how can you do the exam if you have not studied, how can you know God until you begin to listen.

Many wanted to fast track into the zone, they don’t like to wait. No arguments please, but there is no fast track to being loving, you are or you are not. There is no fast track to being compassionate, you are or you are not. There are no short cuts. Jesus reminded the followers; you have to get the basics right; and simply this, If you don’t love your fellow men and women how can you love me who made them, no argument please.

She sits up in her bed, starts to read her book, it’s a Holy Book. In the few moments she is in the zone, she forgets her troubles, her pain disolves. She is in the world of the Spirit. Strange as it seems, the first visitor she has, brings her back to her worries, are you all right dear. Solomon sighed, it’s odd how your pains can ease when your Spirit in on the rise, no arguments please, just smile.


Pass On The Blessings

Well, it’s a simple as it was said all those years ago, and it’s seen in the faces of those who age happily, and have a smile on them while they are passing. There is a light inside them, just as said by Jesus, let the light shine, it’s the power to heal and do so many other things. It’s that easy. We create space inside, the good stuff finds rest, the opposite to that the material wants, consumption, it’s as simple as that. No surprise when they call that wasting disease consumption, smile, the blessings are being passed on, amen. You just have to believe it, really that is.

Harry the Potter

Amo, what does He mean when he uses words such as potter, and stuff, it’s rather confusing, the request of a small child. Amo drifts back to his school days, he is having a recall while lying in bed in his care home. The thoughts on his mind when he faces the divine one, it’s like preparing for an exam, and Amo has high expectations.. A teacher all his life. He tries to remember the answer he gave that day. The child had one of the harry potter books in his hands, was there a connection he could make.

Amo thinks, don’t pretend if you don’t know the answer, and if it’s an educated guess admit it. Amo is tired of the so called global experts, and their expert opinions, it hasn’t worked, caused huge global problems, these so called expert opinions. A bit like Brexit and the United Kingdom, a huge bonus for every country but the United Kingdom, so much for expert opinion.

The potter fashions the clay, creates the vessel that holds liquids or foods, enables us to sit down and eat together. Without a vessel to hold water, think how difficult it would be. The Child nods, easy to understand that. So when it goes wrong sighs Amo, what does the potter do, say when it begins to leak. The child nods, that’s easy the little boy says. He makes a new one. Amo’s face widens into a grin, a wise little vessel this one is. Amo continues.

The clay can be refashioned too, when it gets out of shape he says and needs to be adjusted. You mean when it’s been made asks the Child. Amo sighs, God does not make mistakes, he wants to get it right. How about this he says smiling. The times when you know you done wrong and allow someone else to take the blame, how do you feel about it after, The child sighs, tears in it’s eyes, you feel bad, and you try to avoid them, don’t you, he says.

Amo is trying to connect the thinking of the Child to wisdom, there is no one solution. In his mind he recalls the teaching of Jesus, the faults that are passed on when we can’t forgive, and the resentment it causes later, and the harm passed on.  That would be one reason for refashioning the clay, apart from the destruction of the message it was supposed to carry… One way of putting it, enough for one day he sighs, the class is over, he is back in his bed in the care home, but smiles at the memory of long ago, seeds well sown, he’ll pass that test all right.


Word Power

It’s amazing sighed Amo, the old gitter is being helped onto the toilet, he can hardly walk, but it doesn’t matter so long as he gets there, least he can sit normally, word power he says, how words can shock us or inspire us, frighten us, warm our hearts, constrict us, start a fire in us, simple words. The ears are always open to words, we are programmed to hear them. so long as we are allowed, that’s why there are those that restrict us, words, we don’t want that said, it will only upset our plans, the big reputation at risk, afraid to hear them, and what others might think, the framing of words, an art form. What do you mean Amo asks the nurse, while helping him clean his ass. Words he sighs, it’s how we understand the world, we can’t do without them, how else can we communicate.

Solomon sighed, the way reputation is guarded, how voices are silenced, words usually. The only reputation worth having was one of the Spirit, the Spirit that enlightens, not the Spirit that darkens, words again, how we use them. The first words in the ancient scriptures, the word became alive, and the world was created, by Great Spirit, the light, word power again.

Those checking their bank accounts ought to do a check on their Spiritual well being, the words they use, the sentiment in the heart, were they merciful, did they try to achieve at any cost, did they undermine love in order to get what they wanted, did they blame others for their own lacking, a few words he sighed would sort it all out, word power again, same as a good prayer, amen.


If Spirit is the communication tool that is eternal, wasn’t it time to get practice at it, given all the recent changes…

Letting the secrets flow…

Having troubles, demons around, had enough, want to do something about it, “Joe the Slink” wears a sly grin, a member of the green mafia, an Irish outfit, he is passing on advice to a new member, there is the sense of desperation for anyone who wants to join, so Joe wants to impress the new member, give him a signing on present, same way they give you a bonus when you sign on for war, well, unless your medicated how else are you supposed to kill someone, you have to fill the head, get rooted as they say.

Man of poor reputation, throws the goodwill, gifts, suddenly, he’s all right. Joe the slink is no different, we wants the new recruit to have a happy first day, so he asks the new Member, “Sean, is there anything we can do for you he says”. The boy smiles, they are the words he wanted to hear.

“My Mother wants to get rid of demons and she says all you have to do is pray in the Name of Jesus, for someone good to pray for it, and your prayer is held, can you do that Mr Slink, please!”

Joe has got a dilemma, the kid is asking him to commit suicide.

The boy goes home, his head down, sad faced, Joe wasn’t able to pray for it, what will he tell his Mother, I failed.

“I told you they were all the same didn’t I!”



Being There


Edge of Heaven, ecstasy to some, within touching distance, moisture

On a glass, a breath you take, could be a smile, eyes of love, heart jumps

Suddenly, lips meet, suddenly its bliss, lasts all night, then it’s gone,

Dreaming is over, back to work again,   but you’ve been filled, the

Strength is within, heart is content, no longer chasing, amen.

The day you realize that what was written thousands of years ago, has more relevance today, you begin to get a picture of the wisdom that is woven into everyday events. Too much sugar, leads to ill health, too much sun leads to drought, too little giving creates a closed heart, the occasional struggle, the means to develop character. In a world where everyone wants their hearts desire, think how unrealistic it is, without a little effort or pain.

Solomon was reflecting on the weekend. There were those seeking peaceful outcomes, closed societies trying to reform, and then there were the demons waiting in the long grass, awaiting the opportunity to unbalance it all. So he prayed, enable the peace makers, amen.

If you want to get to know someone, you usually read what was written about them. Solomon could not stress it often enough; there is great wisdom in the old scriptures, and the answer to all our problems, all of them, are written for us to unearth, amen. Not word by word, but by reading it as if it was poetry, with an open heart, not a closed mind, as many encourage us to think.

customs last stand

Were taking your land, your water rights, your mines, your minds, we think little of your women, uneducated, with this paper I own all that,, the mountains too, sounds like your living in third world Africa, third world Africa,  nothing third world about Africa except for slavery,  the way they treat women and girls, some places not all. Hey man, our customs you’re talking about, she wants to be circumcised, can’t you see it in her face. What’s she wearing that for then, can’t you see her eyes. Wont go there, but you must love the way women and girls are so respected the world over. It’s been like this, it’s always been like this, get used to it, well have a sex change and become a woman, see how it feels to be looked up and down for starters. The world laughs aloud, it’s always been like that, men love booty, and women love giving to men. If I give it to him he might buy me a new washing machine, is that a machine for Washington, you know, to clean that polluted concrete mess, get rid of the dog shit that is always hanging around. I wish.

Custom, it used to be custom to do many horrible things, garroting for starters, been torn limb from limb, drawn and quartered, I don’t mean dawn and quarters, I mean being stretched till your limbs are pulled out of their sockets, it used to be custom. It was also custom to have a slave or three. Some of us got over customs thankfully, I don’t think those customized ever get over it, but not all of us it seems have to endure it, customs. But going back to stealing, your land, water, wealth, and women, used to be custom too. It still is, so long as you use a lawyer. The devil chuckles. Wont be chuckling for long, hell waits for him and time is close to up, a frying you will go. It happened to the red Indians of north America, now they own casino’s instead. Customs, how many families have to provide a dowry to get a daughter hitched, too many. But nothing compares to the way, the settlers in the great country stole the land of the natives. Pure theft, no other way of calling it, was no mistake either, deliberate and intentional, very well planned. There you are, imagine, little boy, wife and father, teepee on the hill, all happily sitting by the stream, a disney moment i’d say, the one you go to everyday to wash and fetch water from, since you were a child, and suddenly along comes a dude on a horse, with a posse for security, they think you might get upset with the news you see, they’d have used a counselling service if it was today, he hands you a piece of paper, tells you to leave, the stream is not yours, your attorney didn’t put in a claim on time, call the American bar they make the rules, sounds a little off to me. God certainly didn’t plan this outcome for the Indian tribes of the United States or elsewhere, and he certainly didn’t excuse it lightly. What’s in a contract, never matches your heart, your only feeding division. If you manipulate public opinion because it’s good for the developing economy, then you’re endorsing the tactics of adult Hitler and company, good for the economy too in the beginning, but not at the end of the war, can’t deny that. And the end is getting closer by the day.

Sitting on an island, chilling as they say, you see a boat in the distance, you wave as they sail towards your island, guests you assume, you prepare a party, people. Years later they own the ground you stand on, island is theirs. They encourage all and sundry to come over and stay too, actively, land of opportunity they say. They don’t tell you that they stole it all. They just worked hard at it, and the stuff they had, was all legal, they’d paper to prove it, wow, was it realty that easy, everyone should have a lawyer. Sounds familiar I’d say, even today.

In the context of today, sun and moon in sky, dow jones at record highs, women easier to get a handle on, buy them cheaper too, hour, half hour, daily rate, or weekend, and children available to those in the know, record amounts of savings, in the hands of a few, nuclear ability growing as we speak, it’s only a question of when not why, before the whole thing blows up, don’t you think. What goes up must come down, what blows up takes us with it too. As a story, the human race has not distinguished itself. They’ve acted like spoiled children, in particular the spoilt child. Want more of that, no longer want to hold that, but if we had that. What’s the army doing by the way, they could use some exercise. Take out the map chuck, there there there, oil diamonds and gold, those are the places we need to go. Have we friends over there, I’d say they need democracy, chuckle in the background, the only democracy is heaven, everyone gets equal treatment there. Years later, social minded countries, become tyrant havens, but they are our friends, and their oil is ours as they say. Local populations ignored, education not important, they never had it I hear them say, until they starve in large numbers, until they get those guns we threw away. Oops, sounds like the story of many places on the planet, and oops, we can’t use the excuse of the bible, for wanting to go visit them over there, internet I’m afraid. Investing in terror abroad is a recipe for disaster at home I’d say. But we gave them bibles, be reasonable, gave them syphilis too, diseases of all sorts, stole their native wealth, did it legally, still theft, and someone someday, is going to come looking for it all back, and most likely, they will come to get it back, to the good old U.S.A.

Imagine this, I’m on my way to my cousins wedding, the event of the year, myself and thirty relatives, drone operator, twenty something geek in silicon valley, top secret, asks his superiors, what’s that, a bus I say, has to be could be a terror group the superior says, just to be sure we better blow them up, cause the superior is having a bad day. A week later the pentagon, is that not a devilish marker by the way, used to be, makes a statement to CNN, one of our drones blew up a wedding party by mistake, apologies to all involved, and monetary compensation will be paid as well, next the weather. What if, and it’s the question no one wants the answer to, what if, those on the bus, were held in regard, by God most high, what if I say. Do you think a knowing God, is going to rest and do nothing at all. The bible tells us, we reap what we sow. Sow hatred expect the worst to happen, and this is not a warning, it’s the bible, it’s the word of God most high. I just thought I ought to make you all aware of it, the great one is very alive, and is watching us night and day. Wake up America, please, and start to make amends, before the matter is taken out of your hands. The sun and moon appearing on the sky together, numbers of biblical reference in the news, the truth undermined everywhere, pornography and technology dominate the child, don’t you think the good lord is going to do something about it, and very soon. I think so, and I’ve seen the unbelievable and so has many others too. Pour me a JD chuck, before we blow up that truck, aye aye captain, that’s an order soldier. Meanwhile, in a little tent far far away, a holyman smiles as a father enters the tent with a child, eleven years old no more, she about to be circumcised, trembles in fear. At least they sedate a horse before they castrate it. It’s purer if she feels pain, the holyman says. customs, religion is dominated by them. i think it’s time we moved a little away, from them. can’t eat meat, don’t smile on the street, pray to the west, wash the bowl before you eat, in that certain way. meanwhile, far far away

 another custom is carried out I’d say, cutting off the bits around the vulva down there, oouch. Look at it this way, she could have been on the bus, customs last stand