Speedy Gonzalez and the tale of Penny Buttons

The lion cage, Speedy wakes up, what am I doing here, the lion, amused, this guy is not paying the rent, lets see what he has to say for himself, Speedy is watching the moves of the King, he is maybe a fan of the Cartoon times, when Speedy was a sort of king, for the children of the world. Yes, there was that time, it’s easy to forget, it wasn’t all power and money, even if we became over influenced as they say. Your Mother can’t afford the tortilla, what does she expect you to eat, grass?. Speedy is a cultured mouse, he is also a messenger, a reason to apply oneself to the lessons of old, it”s not the line in the sand, we want to forget sometimes, but to forget the peace that existed, that’s the call of all the cultures these last ten thousand years, the great Hope from across the sea, the early conquistadors considered at the time, to be related to such thinking.

Speedy is on a mission, there are calls every night, where did our peace go, how are we to survive in the new world, if all we do is fight, and get angry, what can we do,. the appeals go out, the alert of Mother Nature too, the animals need a break, the human kindness needs nurture, the small ones are taking on habits that are old, some depressed before their time, others, too fast, what is going on. The lion has a little thorn in its paw, it’s been annoying him for days, the mouse spots the anxiety, the king is licking at his paw, speedy calls out, his sombrero in hand, he bows before the king, perhaps I can help amigo, the King looks at the mouse, perhaps you can. The thorn is plucked from between the toes, the King lets out a loud anguish of joy, ah, that is so much better. Is there anything i can do for you the King says, his little friend now a friend, no longer an uninvited guest.

Speedy looks around the cage, no signs of a lady, he looks at the King. There is this great child queen, she is in the jungle, lost, looking for a way home, the maker of heaven and earth, they want her to find peace and someone to rule with, the chances of finding a mate is proving near impossible, and the prospects of planet earth depend upon a happy ending. So Speedy goes on, extending the story, nervous, unsure about how the king will deal with the issue, but glad for the time, he is still alive in the Kings domain.

What can I do asks the King, amazed that a small creature can be so insightful, he is not sure about the story, but the way he tells the tale, he knows that this speedy, is no ordinary mouse, he thinks on his feet. Are you a trained barrister asks the King. Speedy looks around, spots a coffee bean, no, but my mother makes great coffee, the King laughs, a comedian too, not a bad sort to have around.

A week goes by, the two become friends. Speedy explains, how the future of so many children were stolen from them, by those who were supposed to be helping them, they in fact, helping themselves with the help of some bribes, extra tortillas and stuff. The Lion king listens, yes, they are trying to make amends in many places, not all humans are the same in other words, but children need an environment to grow up in, not grow too old in, in short, the computer can do a lot, but character and emotional help is a lesson for the day, amen.

Speedy explains, that in the early times of TV, it was easy to spot the good from the bad, but it is not so clear anymore, the issues are clouded, what is there to do. The lion king is aware, the safe spaces of old have disappeared, the need to rebuild this trust, which is what inner security is, is now a central issue in the lives of so many. He listens while the mouse explains his vision of the future. The Lion King asks the big question, how many children are there in the world today, he has a plan in mind, amen.

Meanwhile the queen is pensive, she is adult in nature, Godly in heart, there is much anxiety about, what is real, who she can trust, they are odd, what is this, she sent speedy off months ago to kind the lion king, he is still away, she is wondering if ever he’ll be back. The story is nearing the end of the chapter, her charges are almost asleep, except for one little creature, penny buttons, are you still listening. …

Solomon sighed, the words of the prophets, the pen, that connects to the heart, the years of answered requests, the fate of the earth, is the fate of children, the vision of the great escape awhile ago, the escape then, still the reality, he thinks of time past, how what was can be again, patience. amen.


The Tip

Kindness in the right places is never forgotten, the parable of the widow in the temple, the effort, she is the lady, the mother who struggles, they give and give, Jesus reminds us, the words written for eternal purposes.

In the story, there is no need to remember by rota, word for word, it’s the meaning that remains, that inspires the action, not the fear of forgetting them, which can create a fear, perhaps it’s why those who have different skill sets, find it difficult in, the, we are all the same routine in our learning, and as time has shown, we need to widen our approach, in order to understand, the caring we need to continue with, as time and mother nature needs continuing support, the small habits, that need the daily practice, the meeting with those we ease our thoughts with, depending on your position, in short talk, the bird that flies at the heights, needs more time of the wing issue, in short talk, maintenance is very important, than those lower down, the eagle preens most of the time…

The mind too, needs to relax, thoughts fly, all too often, we substitute, it’s a short term game, which many have to deal with, your young, you learn, the tips that you accumulated are more important, when you have the mind to deal and understand them later, it’s the issue of Jesus, when he talks to his apostles, the milk before the fiber, a good breakfast too, why the body needs less of the first as it grows older, amen.

In the healthy practice of comedy, the issue of laughter raises it’s head, she is tired going to bed, the mind is weary, some want to watch the dark stuff, the others want to watch a story or movie, that makes them tired laughing, the angst or the weight of the day, forgotten, in sleep, like wine, our thoughts can mature, make the thoughts good ones before you sleep, it’s the value of prayer. Conversations with the Almighty made clearer. Don’t, for those with anxiety over “formal religion”, ( many easily put off) is a cue that many pass on to others, Jesus however, reminds us, not be be affected by the people telling the story to you, but to read for yourself, the life giving words, (listen) and reminds those who put off people, the spiritual leaders of those days, not to confuse the children, by adding to the words, same as the warnings of John in the Gospel revelations. It’s not to alarm you, that a test is on the way, its to advise you, that the day will come, and it’s in the daily living, that you show your form, on the track, for some, in your vocations, life itself being one. Read…

Don’t forget to be good to yourself, the vessel has to be maintained as they say, amen.

Solomon sighed, the living words of Jesus in practice, are truly living words, it’s the practice of them. In the temple, you are telling others your looking for salvation too, not looking for business, amen.

Junior goes to sleep, hears a kind bedtime story, no one is hiding in the dark, there is lightness in the heart, no frightening thoughts, the sleep is easy thereafter, the lids come down slowly, the sigh, then sweet sleepy thoughts. For those in difficulties, education, a good light, there is time to practice the good habits, wake up!.


There is the universe, there are continents, there are countries, and there is God Most High. Some folks are confused still, at some of the ancient teachings. Snake oil salesmen who sell gospel, need to read this, as God takes offence, at those who mislead His people.

Jesus wanted to put into the minds and hearts of all who listened to him, the need to put The Heavenly Father first, when it came to love, more important than family, sisters, brothers, you Have to put the God of Love first. Why is this so; Love does not exist in a person, it’s an action, it’s putting the Love of Him, who made it all possible first.

In our modern version of love, the possessor of another, can be overwhelmed when the relationship turns sour, and as stated, those scorned in love, can be very destructive. Putting God first, takes the strain from the person, and puts love into the category of action. In a nutshell, you can’t love God without loving what He created. And since God is love, and shows in many active ways, you can see how arguments or fall outs between believers, should be easy to solve. When you try to own what you can never possess but enjoy and encourage, the mindset changes, amen.