Half Moon

The progress of the soul, the meeting, the result guaranteed, so it seems, there is something missing, the parts don’t fit, the results are changed, what has happened, it’s only half the story. The words are dressed up, the appeal is the usual one, trying to make sense, of what, if it was fraud from the beginning, what do they expect, the more and the mores, why be smart, the machine loads up the words, it sounds like Beckett in a rant, the math equation, is there a program to follow this, read the Holy Books.

The notion that this is a following thought, imagine the head getting a clean out, the sound is not as crisp, there is a simple solution, you need to clean, the response to the healer, you are getting ready for change, the new visitor, the Holy Spirit, wants to work inside you, not the doubts you bring along, but the space you need to accommodate the new friend. Why would Jesus say the same about healing, it’s written to remind all, there is that Spirit of the eternal about, find the Spiritual gifts, they have purposes.

The prophet sighs, the words used in the Holy Books, leave room for error, people are misled, some by choice, some by accident, the option is there, and the stories or secrets of heaven are told in a way, that makes them everlasting, free from the rules of men, that are made to appear to be of The Almighty, amen.


Methadone, illegal drug use, and future political moves

The lady has to come up with a policy on the use of drugs in society, a very hard task to deal with, the issue a local and a global one, there are so many varieties, so many concoctions, so many plants, mushrooms etc, some shown to be very good medically, some the use of they are still trying to figure out, while the policy the lady has to address, the illegal market, fails to recognize, the legal remedies, that have their own side affects, a very thorny issue. we need pain relief in context, we need to relax in context, and we need to be able to set aside our worries to free our minds, it’s not all black and white, and a very rounded interpretation is needed. International women’s day, the time is now, for society to deal with the issues, rather than blame a few, for the crime of corruption, that leads us to this discussion.

Anyway, there are papers on the money interests in the provision of “therapies”, that need to be addressed, as they say, money plays the greatest role in the story, even if the addict is often the one blamed. Follow the link, it will open the mind to perhaps new ways to tackle the issue, amen.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2683216/ Canadian Health Report

In Afghanistan, for less than 1% of the cost of the invasion, that lead to the destruction of that country and the problems since, mostly suffered by women co-incidentally, the total poppy trade could have been purchased and used for whatever medical purpose etc..The legal drug trade in derivative drugs related to this issue, is many times greater than the original problem. lets say, we need some stuff, and that’s a given, pain relief etc,, but who monitors the output of the legal drugs associated with this issue, what’s the value, and ask, why is so little spoken of it.

the link in the blog might help open the mind, and provide a wider thought on the issue. Or perhaps, help identify where the excess product is going and how it is used. The use of those drugs, such as antibooze, do they stop addiction or help you deal with it, it appears to be the same answer, but the critical thought, how is addiction dealt with in the first place, amen. Do we need to widen the scope of the inquiry, just a thought to work with, amen.

Transgender Issues

The identity crisis, the effort to profess your position, your unhappiness with the way identity is defined, the places where you can express yourself, the issue of transgender, is far bigger than the anxieties of a young person as regards their orientation, it’s crisis time, as regards, who am I, where do i stand in a world that is changing so quickly, can I be myself at last.

The options, the fate of the considerate, those who are not overly wired, those who are patient, or those who have been given the time to discuss their true convictions, the world is speed, the buzz, the chemical impact, the fizzled thoughts, the added confusion, a thousand opinions, can anyone say it simply. The tide has gone out, the water will be back, patience.

The options, well, if you are this way, this is your manual of instruction, others in that interest area, man or woman, woman, man, the open heart looks, not impressed at times, the stuff they follow, where they are leading us, the input of the new content, the on line media, no standard to rely upon, hoping what your reading can be relied upon. The struggle to be real is not easy in the circumstance.

I just want to have my own relationship, I’m not that or that, the arguments go on, how would the prophet see them. Stop, the identities, so many to choose, the first car, now there are endless types, and what appeared to be a godsend is now going electric to save the planet, with time, understanding changes. The research comes in, it’s time, then the change. The signs arrive from on high, signs, no one notices, until there is a change of some kind, and this relates to early prophesy, how help and the right actions were impressed on the people by the prophets sent to guide the people.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

I’m from this country, your that, you pray on this day, I eat this, the way we conduct our lives, traditions mostly, then Jesus explains, how these differences are normal, as when he gave advice on eating with those who did things differently, you did not insult the one providing the nourishment’s, you ate with thankfulness, and if you believed, your behavior would tell the story, amen.

What is the issue, it’s not who you are, it’s how you are towards others, how you behave towards them, it’s written 2,000 years ago. The problem is, man made customs have entered the food chain as if the customs came from above. How could they be interpreted to be of the Almighty, amen. The laws enforced to prove a point, what point you ask?, in the current times, the gospel of Jesus, has been shown to be true, and compassion, understanding etc, is all laid out in the gospel, that gives a wider meaning to the ways, others pass on the faith, amen.

May your habits be, those that encourage compassion and decency in human behavior and respect for the Eternal Spirit from on high, amen. Don’t poison your community. When Moses came back from the mountain, with the approval of the Eternal God, those who were waiting, some turned to their old ways. Worshiping the idol, putting it first. 23,000 drop dead, the Israelite praised the almighty, amen.

Life is the gift, what do we fill it with, and what plans do we have for life eternal, what steps have we taken on it, amen.

27th Word

The remembrance date, the genocide, the war, do we really need them, the thought of past horrors, the effort to save the national reputation, the meaning of the times.

The war stopper sighs, what if, the arms and legs of all those taken in the current conflicts, were used to help those limbless, now that science has found a way of re connecting lost limbs, a thoughtful moment, the hair is shaved, faces clean, a point to another time, the bodies line up, each awaiting their turn, surely this is a transition nothing more. The lesson, why do neighbors turn on their own in times of severe depression, what allows it, what has been learned. Do we have to account for the past.

The 27th, the anniversary moment, 80 years since, its’ not a long time, as old as grand dad, like yesterday, do we need to be reminded where it went.

The prophet sighs, what if, the soul is on a journey, and has to wade through many human states, all the anxieties, all the troubles, the inconvenience, what if, it’s all a test, that suffering you perceive to be forever, will end, the journey continues after you pass from the body, another set of challenges to overcome, or, those that speak up for you, the hidden truth that only the Most High knows about, the legacy of the hope you have sown.

The 27th moment, there is a long list of artists who passed at that age, it’s well noted, and it also reminds the writer, of the day the cloud arrived, the 27th of the 7th, a few years ago, so there has to be meaning.

Lets reflect on peace, amen.

The Sound of Music

Who am I, the story, the great love affair, the notion of service, the morning papers, the Italian Nun, who becomes a star, the connections, the reflection, the world cup in Qatar, football in the desert, the page turns back, Moses and the promised land, the rights of man, the many questions, the teasing, the tension, then the world cup goal, when the record is corrected, baled out of course, could there be a better way of saying, Who Am I, what am I doing here, where do I belong, then the small girl in the Bedouin tent, asking her Father, Papa, when is the change going to come, he too progressive, but having to live, like those early light people, under the radar of Heaven, freedom and security, in the hands of the Prophet Moses, if that is what you call the leader, and all descended from Abraham. It’s not a simple answer, and questions need to be addressed, but the words are on many lips, what is the world I can live in, then the environmental cost, well, another issue, more inclusive, could we sort out that one first.

My rights, I was born this way, the three hands instead of two, the doctor is astonished, how is this possible. The later years, the move away from the so called norm as it’s known, the new norm, how we address today, yesterday history. Could we move faster, the pushers of rights, do they consider the rights of others in their thinking, or is it a case, this is ours, when ours only exists become of the others, a man and his wife, not a woman and her husband, who comes first. The issue is pressing, the arguments continue, the effort to assault under disguise, those who disagree with you, how kind, the world cup, the reality of green pasture, huge stadiums, the outcries of the rights lawyers, well, is it not better to bring the issue to the light, when all laundry is on show.

So Sister Maria, becomes the sweet heart of the prince, his children find a father who has rekindled that earlier love, while the reputation of the Great Higher God, rises, not that the music does it alone, but the story, the children get the mother they need, not a dutiful woman, who is a servant of her husband for life. So Who am I.

The picture of the cloud is a real one, have no doubts, amen.

Imagine this, the power of the Holy Mother, imagine, the use of the words, some to define purity, maybe, they are used to display the notion of pure love, but got lost in their meaning, well…Imagine the children who have had to grow up with a mother tied to the house, freedoms restricted, pennies counted, her spirit overtaken, a servant, whom those around her assume to be the role of the woman in this life, amen, Holy Holy Holy, amen, and then wonder whom to imitate, knowing it is wrong, who would not be confused, amen. Who Am I?

Fear of War or Fear of God

Is the threat of war the real fear, or is it the threat of judgement. Solomon sighed, there was much being said and not said. The thought of having your affairs investigated from on high, was a startling thought, for those who tried to control the minds of so many. While the half truths only compounded the situation. The signs though, were from ancient scriptures, as written by the prophets. Does anyone take them seriously. amen