The healer wakes, light is showing, the curtain slightly off, a bar of sun runs through the room, five minutes the healer says, then time to get up. Stretch, thought, the day, what’s in store, the to do list, a run through of what is basic, before the serious business of healing. The kitchen side board is cleared, the area cleaned, the mixture assembled, the cake, so many ingredients, once together and in the right oven, the results are assured. The cook prepares the cooking tray, greases the base, the implements are cleaned a few times, after each use, the cook is busy until the area is cleaned again, while the cake matures in the oven. Two hours later, the oven door opens, a plume of smoke escapes, along with the sweet aromas of cooked fruits, a prick with a needle, ten minutes more. Three hours later, the cake is sliced while the tea is poured, then everyone digs in, the cook just smiles.

Healing sighed Solomon, you need to be prepared. You would not attend a wedding looking like a tramp, in the same manner, when you seek healing, you must prepare and believe from the start, amen.


A daunting Thought…

The eyes on the screen, the wrestlers tumble around the ring, the watcher watches how they watch, the children, immersing themselves in the action, stamping on cushions, balling their fists, some as young as three, while the older ones cheer on, how great this is. A man in a mask boasts, about the thrashing he is going to give another, the ones watching, listen closely, an add break, more adult fun. What is it I am watching, what is happening to the minds.

The watcher leaves, his duty done, he hears a child getting scolded for imitating what he saw on TV, he bites his lip, imitation happens. And what has occupied the minds these last twenty years?. A daunting question, did anyone really want to answer that one?

Masterpiece in the Sky

He looked up, another sky, beside the road,he is peeing away, outside town, there is a sense of mission and party inside him, he looks at the formation again above him, a visual of a throne, another one, to add to his growing collection. It’s been happening so regularly its no great surprise, the meaning of it, no different than the pope from the ends of the earth, no different from the stories he has been writing,a record of future events, he gets back in the car, wondered who he should consult on the matter,few actually believe, it’s too much for them, to think that all they collect will mean nothing in the end, even if they swear otherwise. A great vision, his hopes are high, this is the beginning of the great change, amen.

Who wants to visit a war zone, it takes a good constitution, the effort of those who toil each day, how far they are removed from the general world. It has to be done. He pulls into the kerb, takes a deep breath, he wonders what he will find. Those who fall down, as all the vulnerable know,are potential victims of those who prey on them, he enters the house. The smile,joy, hope, how sad it feels, to have to drive so far to see to a friend, when there are others minutes away who would never bother,that’s life.

He makes a cup of tea, tries to act normal, can’t get his head around it, they all play the responsible person outlook, but it’s all about themselves, hopefully they will learn. She explains the plans she has, there is optimism in her voice, she is becoming more cheerful, but she will fall into heartbreak, when he has to leave. If they saw that picture, the masterpiece in the sky; at least he as the picture of the men in the clouds, that arrived shortly after that, add in the flying spirit, the image of the 23rd pope too, and more, stuff the prophets of old never saw; he is in awe of his standing with the Most High God.

Tears and years later, they showed for the funeral, they praised her in death,but were not there in life; it reminds him of Jesus and the pharisee’s, there were similar words. Had the changes these last seven years gone unnoticed; he shakes his head, no one will ever forget them, same as that masterpiece in the sky.

Many parts of the planet were suffering the woes of sudden and unexpected changes, to be expected in a world undergoing change, amen.

A Mother’s Despair

Desperate for her child’s safety, is there any place safe anymore, is there?. She looks up at the Sky, and says, did I raise her for this. She is just one of many millions. She despairs, while others boast about their wealth,teasing anyone within hearing distance. The mothers sigh, what am I supposed to believe. Leaders everywhere, stash as much as they can off shore, shoring up for their futures, sad fools, had they not seen the signs everywhere. Not surprisingly, those that report the news,never mention the prophecies of old,afraid they will upset the viewers. How much more can they take, they only see their lands on fire, while the planet heats up. What Mother wouldn’t feel despairing.

Millions willingly sacrifice, so many you can’t count, no accountants for this, kindness is not part of their job description. But there was a time when there was working hearts, but now they are few. An elderly holy man sighs; will there be any faith left when the return happens,and right it is, that he should wonder. He shares the mother’s despair.

Light, the Spirit of God, the names of the prophets, on some lips, hurry up Lord they pray, we can’t take anymore. The Lord through his Holy Prophets, has warned, times such as these must happen,while the weeds are separated from the harvest, amen, do not despair mothers.

Those who live the libertarian lifestyle, avarice, selfishness, and all that is base, have a hold in positions of power, but have no power, when faced with the power of God,and this is there time,to be judged. One word, can turn them into baffling fools. So Mothers, do not despair.

The arc of the covenant…

Under man’d, short of equipment, frightened, the Israelite army walks onto the battle ground. A vastly superior army is ready to slaughter them. DON’T LET BIAS CONTROL YOU, THIS IS WRITTEN ANCIENT HISTORY AND A LESSON TO ALL.

The arc of the covenant, the tabernacle of the Almighty, accompanies the Israelite army. The rest is history. When the power of God is with you, what is there to fear.

The covid crisis changed lives, but it also came with blessings unseen, until the crisis became manageable.Space inside which isn’t a wasteland of poor choices is priceless, when it comes to finding a lodging space, for the Holy Spirit to dwell. Pharaoh all those years ago, had to go through many forms of plagues, before they set God’s first chosen people free. In short, produce the fruit that nourishes and encourages Holy guests, amen.