Orlando Murder Spree

Solomon read the news report, the details vague the outcome savage, blood on the dance floor, a new nail in the coffin of hate, as politicians and others rush to judge, the act of a mad man nothing more, same as that pilot on the Lufthansa flight, driven into the mountain then disappeared, the world was fraught with dangers, so the report seemed to say, no safe place for certain individuals.

Across the Mediterranean a mother flee’s, it’s a rickety boat and she’s hopeful, the cost of remaining home slavery, she takes her chances and flee’s, she’s a brother in Germany others further afield, the boat starts to lurch, the passengers begin to panic, the boat keels over and the boat disappears, the plight of the many millions forced into this, a report on a boring old U.N desk, soon forgotten

How we re act to tragedy, in a world stunted in love, where the real stuff is rare, is usually an out pouring of grief. Understanding that there was much that was wrong ,was a far better approach than blaming someone, then letting it all happen again, amen. The demons never encourage forgiveness, always push the very opposite, encouraging the fear everywhere, amen.

The world was in need of healing and forgiveness, and so Solomon hoped, the Orlando tragedy would be a watershed moment, not another reason violent reaction, as those of the evil minded had hoped, amen.


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