Schemers screamers well intentioned idiots guru types new age poet celebrity twit, the race the chase the pay off the reward the applause and your soul, did you sell it today for a price, did you turn your back on your neighbor, did you pretend to seek help when you were only seeking to harm, did you help your needy neighbor did you hear her alarm call.

solomon was ramping up the appeal the visit from the Holy Spirit was more than a warning. The demon was in hiding, doing what the cowardly always do, they hide behind laws or regulations letting others do the ordering, solomon was having none of it, this was a spiritual war and there was going to be an outcome, not another pass off to another depressed generation, the buck stopped here and he was demanding answers.

THE ONE TRUE LOVING GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH WAS POURING OUT THE GREAT SPIRIT, AND REVEALING EVERYTHING, AMEN….solomon encountered the Spirit, followed by many events after, it was important people of all persuasions knew the truth, those that caused evil and schemed could be guaranteed a visit, those that held to the truth, would be encouraged, you are not alone, and that was the void in so many hearts, amen.

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