Flowing Water


Fresh spring water flows effortlessly down the mountain side, sweet to taste and thirst quenching, locals seeing the picture build a little dam, a side pool that fills with cold fresh water in summer, a pool into which it is safe to swim and sit, some complain that it is interfering with the flow, how dare anyone attempt to interrupt the waters flow, critics and zealots old teachers and their supporters, they have the resources they dampen the protesters, you will never find a job around here, they throw their shawls over their shoulders walk menacingly away… the spirit, the Holy Spirit was flowing, and it was part of the divine plan to let it flow, Jesus goes from town to town aware of the threat but keeps on doing it anyway, he was the flowing spirit in that he passed it on. but as ever, there were those intent on obstructing the way.

Solomon wondered, he had been reading about ancient civilizations and the Holy Men who had come their way, always to guide and inform, directing them. Men though, well, they tried to control the outcome of events, power over come them, and the spirit just flowed away, amen. still, these ancient structures exist all over the world, amen, they were telling the world a story, of a celestial world, the same world that directed the three wise men over 2,100 years ago, and that my friends is real, amen.

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