The Focus

He turned on the radio, his head was a dredge, mowed over, his sleep wayward, but satisfying, not more of it, one of those days, where am I, is everyone on the make. he’d an appointment, wasn’t sure, that muddled, least he thought he had an appointment. so wasn’t that muddled after all. He was breathing. Being honest, he wondered if his hungry neighbor’s need for a filling breakfast was more important than the maybe interview, he was focussed, it was the interview, if he had one. a fast phone call, had just enough credit,Two-tailed Swallowtail (1 of 1)-3 bloga shriek, what, you mean i do, well, how, well, he looked at his watch, damn, there went the breakfast, do we always leave the needy behind, are they too slow for us, whatever, drive for God sakes, the driver was a foreign national, the meter wasn’t running, one of those, yeah, usually the meter thing was pressed, this was a cash job, he did a deal, fine, all smiles, he was on his way to be interviewed by a gentle soul, he’d his head full of reasons, they called it job support he called it something else, the car pulls up, he jumps out, the rain begins to stop, in the door, hi he smiled, i’ve an interview, about to look up, about to frown, then saw a beautiful smile, how did that happen, must focus more often he sighed.



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