Fast forward motion

He looks across the room watches her move, the turn of her head the knowing smile, she’s interested and he is overwhelmed, later that night it begins to unfurl, next morning, she has an appointment she rushes to work, he puts it down to one of those nights, fast forward motion not what it was in the past. She aches for a man who will give her time, but the modern world prevents it well so her friends advise, can’t have it both ways they say this is the way forward, clothes on the floor heaped carelessly just a few i suppose. How love dances the fast track, how people end up in pieces, a little of them here a little of them there, their love spread across the world but the heart going no where.

solomon was reminising, he ate piazza with a friend, just a munch party a movie and a smile, no grave intentions no exras no half glance moments just being there. The fast track world does not have time for the slow romance, it’s the fury of the mayfly and the one night stand. nature teaches us he thought when we allow it time, it’s the story of the butterfly, starts out weird and ugly and ends up the most beautiful of flies, amen.

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