Christmas humbug some say, commerce, business, too much, it’s not about what you do, it’s not about you, it’s a gift for children, that’s the reality, not a pagan festival, not an adult party, it’s children who are supposed to benefit, and love is the main beneficiary, and when we buy gifts for others, big children, we add to the joy, we give love a life, mother’s a rest, basically it’s love on steroids time, and it’s God Given, not a religious gift, not a conquest, not a local authority, not anything human, it’s divinely inspired, to recreate the love of the creator on earth, thereby, weakening the impact of evil, the dark energy spirit menace that threatens everyone’s existence. Imagine a world where children are put first, and Christmas is that time of the year, amen. It’s a time of less of the self and more of others, basically it’s the growth time for love.

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